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The Best Part

What's better than Edward with icing?

This is for the cupcake challenge hope u like it

1. Chapter 1

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The Best Part

As I took the freshly baked cupcakes out of the oven, part of the pan grazed my arm. “ Shoot!” I said under my breath and put the pan down quickly and closed the oven.

As I walked over to the sink to inspect the damage, a concerned voice said,

“ Bella, are you ok?”

I didn’t even have to glance over my shoulder to know where that velvety voice was coming from. “ I’m fine Edward. It’s just a small burn,” I said irritably only because I hated to be constantly reminded of his perfection and my clumsy humanness.

I started to run cold water over my arm as Edward, undoubtedly catching my tone asked, “ What’s wrong and what are you making?”

“ Nothing is wrong Edward,” my voice softening, “ I just hate to look stupid in front of you. And these,” I said gesturing at a couple dozen cupcakes waiting to be iced, “ are for Charlie. He has had a tough week at work, so I thought he would enjoy some baked goods. The rest are for the other officers in the station.” I started getting out bowls and scooping vanilla icing into the bowls. Next, I added different food coloring to get a rainbow of colors. Throughout this process Edward was sitting at the kitchen table transfixed. I looked over at him and smiled, “ What? I’m icing the cupcakes.”

He came over behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “ I’ve never seen you like this. You look so…I can’t really describe it, but you look so angelic when you cook.”

I blushed scarlet as his words and continued mixing the coloring into the icing. “ I never knew you liked it so much,” I said casually. He rested his head on my shoulder and stared.

After a few silent minutes he let go of me and leaned against the counter, his arms crossed across his chest in a way that made his muscles bulge underneath his shirt. Quietly he asked, “ What do they taste like? ”

Wrenching my eyes away from his chest I replied, “ You’ve never had a cupcake? ”

“ No, not that I can remember. ”

“ Well…” I stalled trying to find the best way to describe them, “ They taste like cake but better because they are usually decorated and… I don’t know, something about them is just better. They do have more icing which is always the best part.” I took a finger and scooped up a little bit of icing and tasted it slowly. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I looked up at him and saw his eyes smoldering. I took my finger out of my mouth as a deep blush spread over my face.

He laughed loudly, the penetrating look still in his eyes, “ You don’t know just how alluring you are do you? ”

The blush remained as I continued trying to frost the cupcakes. Edward walked purposefully back towards me and my breath caught in my chest as he started kissing and nibbling my neck.

“ Now this is delicious,” he whispered. My whole body relaxed and I melted at his touch. I dropped my knife and just enjoyed the feeling of his lips on the back of my neck. It sent little shivers of pleasure down my spine and unconsciously I sighed. Edward spun me around so I was facing him and as I leaned forward to meet his kiss he laughed. I opened my eyes startled, but instead of kissing me he had a dollop of icing on his finger. I half-smiled surprised with his un-vampire like behavior and wondered why he would possibly want to eat it. Then, in a way that made me hold my breath, he lowered his finger and held it an inch away from my lips. He raised his eyebrows, as if in challenge, and I raised my own eyebrows making sure he was thinking what I was thinking. After a brief hesitation and a stroke of surprising bravery, I leaned forward and enclosed my mouth on his finger licking the icing off of it. My tongue flicked and swirled around his finger even after all the icing was gone. Very slowly, he drew his finger away and just before it was completely gone I kissed the very tip. I raised my eyebrows again to see what he made of my response to his challenge, but before I could speak, his mouth had closed on mine and was kissing me with such vigor that I almost fainted. Not wanting it to end I restrained myself form throwing my arms around him, but kissed him back with almost as much passion.

After a few glorious minutes, he pulled away breathing heavily and smiling at me said, “ I think you’re right. The icing really is the best part.”