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Embry's Crazy Imprint

Embry Call never thought he would Imprint. Neither did he want to, but that all changed with Joanna Uley was born. The daughter of his alpha Sam Uley. Now Embry has an imprint, but is it all that easy. He has to wait for her grow, watch her go though all the hard times of life, and he has to watch her be around another boys that she could fall in love with. Read how imprinting made this carefree wolf become a loving big brother, a protecter, a friend, and maybe a lover.


1. My Imprint.

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3rd pov

The whole pack but Embry was waiting in the hosptial for Sam to come out and tell them the great noise. Sam and Emily where having there first child togother. This was a big deal in the pack for a baby to be born and they where all hoping for a boy since no one knew what the sex was. Since this was Emily and Sam's first child they wanted to be surpised. The whole packed waited and after three long hours of them waiting Sam came to them.

''Guys come on and meet the new thing,'' most people would find the word ''thing'' cruel when refurring to your child but not Sam. It was just a saying he used not ment to be in a ugly or hurtful way. ''Gosh I am so glad that is done with,'' he sigh with a sigh thinking of the long labor he went through with Emily.

''What is it,'' Paul asked praying it was a boy.

''Well come on in and see,'' he open the door to there room. Emily was laying in bed holding the precious thing that her and Sam had made. ''They wanted to see.'' Emily smiled over joyed.

''Every one this is Joanna,'' all of the guys faces dropped. The didn't get the little boy they wanted. ''I know you all wanted a boy but me and Sam didn't give it to you. If it makes you boys feel better we are all going to call her Joey.''

''I think she is perfect,'' Leah said showing a smile. This shocked the pack because she never smiled ever since all of the crap she has been though. ''Emily can I hold her,'' Emily didn't even think twice she just handed her over. Leah was was jelous of this Emily for being able to have this beautiful child. Even though she wouldn't show it. ''She looks just like you Emily.'' This was true. Everything about her showed her mother. From her beautiful of the face, the hair, but there was one thing different. Her eyes. She had Sam's big brown eyes.

''Man I was sure it was going to be a boy,'' Paul said leaning on Sam's shoulder. ''Good luck raising a girl.''

''Guys are no easier to raise,'' he said looking around. ''Where is Embry?''

''He is on partol,'' Quil said holding Claire up to she her knew cousin. ''See her Claire?'' Claire was Emily two year old neice and the imprintee of Quil. Since she was so young Quil job was to be her big brother, but when she gets older if she was and she most likely will he will be more to her. He was always with her every day, and that was the way he was happest.

''She's a dolly,'' Claire said making every one laugh. ''My dolly.''

''No claire that is your baby cousin Joey,'' Emily said sitting up alittle even though it was alittle hard. ''Dang that C-section,'' she touched her belly. ''That cut me like a christmas ham,'' she said making every one laugh. ''Hey don't laugh you didn't get through it.''

After hours of the pack getting a chance with Joey they left. Paul and Jared where going on double dates with there imprintees. Quil to take Claire home since she fell asleep when she missed her nap. Leah to do whatever Leah does, and then Jake to go and see Bella. He and Bella had been getting really close lately and maybe there was a future there togother since he had imprinted on her but will not tell her yet. Sam and Emily had to stay for one more night before they could take there baby home. The whole time Emily was finding it very hard to hold her daughter since Sam would not put her down for a second. He couldn't get over how beautiful his little girl was. Her full head of black hair, deep brown eyes, and her smile that she had. He took his eyes off her when he heard a knock at the door. ''Come in,'' he said looking back his daughter running his finger across her cheek making her smile.

''Hey,'' Embry voice sang walking in. He looked a miss from being on partol. He had on his normal clothes only he had a shirt on for once. ''Paul told me you had alittle girl,'' he smiled showing his white teeth. His hair was all wet from being out in the rain, and he smelled of the woods. He made his way over to Sam and looked down at the little baby with her eyes closed. ''Cute,'' was all he could really say. He didn't really think much of babies since he had never really been around them. After looking at her small face he wanted to see if he could make her eyes open. He took one of his fingers and went down her face touching her soft cheeks. Joey's eyes open and Embry locked eyes with her.

His world ended. His world was not about him any more, but all about her. Gravity wasn't holding him to the ground any more she was. A baby not even born two days ago. How could a baby be his imprint. He had a girlfriend Lily, but she was nothing to him any more. Now he felt like Sam did when he had to break Leah's heart. When Sam imprinted he felt bad that he had to hurt Leah but if he would have stayed with her he would not love her. It was better just to end it then to be with someone he didn't love and Leah knew that to. ''Not cute beautiful,'' he said smiling down at his imprint and she smiled back. Sam knew right off the top of his head what happen. But he was not angery at all, but more of okay with it. He knew that Embry was the perfect guy with his little girl, and he liked that idea of her finding her soulmate. The man of her dreams that will love her, and take care of her, but why did it have to be so soon.

''Oh my God,'' Emily said sitting up. She knew that look any where. Sam did the same thing when he laid eyes on her. Embry Call had just imprinted on her daughter. She had not even had her daughter for two days and now she would have to give her up. Not now of course she knew that, but one day. ''I can't believe-.''

''I am sorry,'' Embry said in a worried voice cutting her off. He was not really scaried of Emily but more of his alpa Sam. Would Sam kick him out, would Sam beat the heck out of him, or worse try to kill him. ''Sam you know I didn't-''

''I know you didn't,'' his calm voice said. Embry was shocked that he was so calm after he imprinted on his daughter. ''I am not mad. If anyone knews you can't help imprinting it would be me. Emily you can't be mad at him,'' he said breaking is look on Embry and breaking it over to Emily. ''I know your mad but you know if he had a choice he would not have done it.''

''I know,'' she said looking up at Embry. ''What about Lily?''

''I have to end it,'' he sigh. The last thing Embry wanted was to hurt her but his love for Lily was gone. ''The last thing I want is to hurt her, but-,'' he cut off thinking of the words to say. He wanted to get this right the first time. ''If she would give me on good reason to leave I would be gone in a heart beat. But she hasn't done anything wrong at all, but she will be able to tell that I don't love her like that any more,'' he said taking little Joey in his arms. ''But right now my love for Joey is like Quil's is for Claire. Just though I would throw that out so you don't think I am a freak or anything.''

''We don't.''

''Thanks Emi,'' he held Joey up alittle holding onto her head. There eyes both met and Joey gave him a smile. ''Gosh she likes me already,'' Sam and Emily laughed. ''I can see us being good friends Joey.''

Embry's Pov

Alot of things where going through my mind. How was I to do this in a nice way. How is breaking up with a girl ever easy. Its even worse when you know that she is deeply in love with you and you have to hurt there heart. After thinking for like 20 minutes in my truck I finally decided to get out and walking up to her door. Lilly lived with her mother and she was an only child. Lily was very beautiful girl. She had big blue eyes, long brown hair that ran down her back, and very skinny. Her voice was very soft like summer rain and she never raised it over a whisper. The best thing about Lily in my opinion is her loving ways. She had been heart broken so many times and now I the man that promised to be with her forever was breaking her heart.

''Embry,'' her sweet voice said opening the door with a smile. ''What are you doing here,'' she said giving me a kiss. Just like I thought nothing. Before I imprinted kissing her felt great, but now I don't feel anything, and in a way I felt like I was betraying little Joey. Why I didn't understand. ''Would you like to come in?''

''Can I talk to you outside,'' I pulled her hand out the door before she could answer. ''There is something that needs to be said.'' My eyes couldn't met with her's at all. ''Lily there is something I need to tell you.''

''Embry,'' Lily took my hand and just from hearing her voice I knew she wanted me took look at her. I gave Lily her wish. ''What is wrong? Did something happen? Do you need help with anything? I can help you?'' All of her questions went swimming in my head and I didn't have an answer for most of them.

''You can't help me with this prolbem. Lily I really like you alot but-.''

''YOUR BREAKING UP WITH ME,'' Her voiced yelled. It shocked me and scaried me alittle, because I had never heard her this loud before. ''Did I do something wrong,'' The tears that where rolling down her face broke my heart. I placed my hands on her face wipping the tears away with my thumbs.

''You did nothing wrong Lily. If anyone did it was me.''

''If you cheated I will forgive you.''

''Lily I didn't cheat on you.'' Unless imprinting counts as cheating. Which I don't think it does. ''It's just that-.''

''Oh gosh I should have known,'' she said pulling at her hair alittle. ''Your hair is always prefect, you never wear a shirt, and you hang out with guys and-.''

''I'm not gay,'' I told her alittle freaked out that she thought I was. ''Good lord. Why would you think that?''

''Sorry,'' Even in her pain she would still say sorry was a big shock. ''You don't love me any more then?''

''Lily,'' Why was breaking up so hard? And since she is crazying it makes it all worse. Her red eyes that burned from the salt of her tears was making me want to hold her and comfort her. ''I'm sorry but its not going to work.''

''I will change. Be anything you want me to be. Please Embry,''

''This is all I can say to you. I am not your true soul mate.'' I shrugged thinking about my soul mate being a baby in the hosptial right now in little baby blanket. ''I found that out today. There is so one out there for you. I promise there is, but its not me.'' I rubbed down her arm. ''Your a great girl and your going to find the right one I know it,'' I gave her a warm hearted smiled.

''Is there anything that can be done to change your mind,'' She was looking for hope that there was. ''Please tell me there is alittle.''

''I'm sorry there is not,'' she nodded her head wipping her tears away. ''And don't think that I did this to hurt you, because that is far from the truth.''

''Then what is the reason?''

''I know this is the oldest saying in the book, but the truth is its not you but me,'' she looked at me like I was idiot. ''I promise it is.''

''Whatever,'' she rolled her eyes and walked back to her door and slam the door in my face.

I quess I did desire that.