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Before she Jumped



2. Fire

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Suddenly, something bright appeared on the surface of the water. A flame? But, a flame in the middle of the water- no, that didn't make any sense.

"Jake!?!" i yelled, hope overwhelming my body.

The fire swayed with the weak wind, but my yelling made no difference.

The tears started coming faster, and- almost as a response- the pain in my back just got worse.

"Hello?!?" i yelled even louder, startling even myself because of how panicked i sounded.

There was a forceful gust of wind.

The "fire" turned towards me at a startling speed. This was not fire. It could be compared to fire- dangerous, deadly, fearful- but i would rather be burnt a thousand times then face this.

Victoria. My worst nightmare- literrally. She had starred in my dreams as many times as my angel, sometimes at the same time. They were all basically the same- Victoria coming towards me in her inexplainably beautiful feline stance, my angel watching with smile on his face, like he's enjoying me being ripped part.....torchured.....

Finally, my trance broke as I noticed she was moving forward, towards the shore.

Wait, she can't be holding anything, could she?

But she was. She was holding him. Not......Edward.........-no. She was holding my best friend; my mechanic; my protector; my everything. Even from all the way up where I was, I could see the glistening water reflecting off of his russet skin. He was flung over her shoulder, like he weighed nothing. Yeah, right.

"No!!!" I screamed.

She turned towards me.


I jumped up, and ran. I didn't even know I could run that fast- especially without tripping.

Did she recognize me? Of course she did. She probably smelt me too. She knew it was me. I'm gonna die.

I'm gonna die.

"No you aren't!"

That stopped me dead on my tracks. That voice was my angel's, not mine.

"Just keep running." He reminded me. I nodded, and ran.