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Before she Jumped



3. Chapter 3

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She is running. The other woman is running after her. She is faster, and is going to catch up. Not just yet, though. She's waiting for us to avenge. She wants a fight. She has a body slung over her shoulder, it is a werewolf. An important one, especially to the slower girl.

I stop for a moment, and look around. I forgot where I was at. Oh, I am at home, in me and Jasper's room. Jasper is right across from me, and he can see the horrified expression on my face.

"Darlin', what's wrong?" He asked, rusing to my side. I just shake my head, and dive into the future once again.

The girl is on the ground, obviously in pain. The woman steps into view, bends down, and turns the other girls' head towards her. The woman smiles, but the girl weeps. She knows she's gonna die; it's written all over her face. The woman bends down.

I know where this is going, so I stop. I can't watch.

"Please, Alice," Jasper pleads. "Tell me whats wrong."

If I could cry, I would be. But instead, fierce dry sobs shake my whole body. I shake my head again- I won't be able to say it. Jasper rushes out of the room. A few seconds later, he is back, with Carlisle trailing close behind.

"Alice, honey, tell us whats wrong. You are worrying us. Is it Edward? Esme? Emmet? Rosalie? Jasper?" Carlisle asks. It is almost funny how he said all of those names how he did, but I coudn't laugh.

"Bella........" And that was all I needed to say, before Carlisle sped out of the room, and Jasper came to my side to comfort me.


Carlisle POV

"Okay, i'm already a fraction of the way there. See you later......" I heard over the reciever of the phone.

"Okay, Edward. Go as fast as you can. Alice is on her way- she said if you get to go, she get's to go." I said. The line went dead. I put the cellphone on the kitchen countertop.

What if it's already to late? I thought. Alice doesn't know when these things happen, most of the time.

Alice's POV

I met Edward halfway there. He looked absolutely panicked, so I didn't even try to comfort him like I usually would. He was staring strait ahead. To pass the time while running-and so Edward couldn't see my worst casanario thoughts- I counted how long we were running. 42,654 seconds later, I have another vision. Stopping, I let myself into the future.

The slow girl is now in a mysterious looking house, and is obviosly in agony. She is wrenching around trying to put out the flames that are burning her insides due to the venom, with no luck. She keeps saying something, almost like a mantra, because every time she says it, she visually relaxes. Finally, she yells it out, because the pain becomes to much for just muttering. "EDWARD!!!!" Her back arches upward as she says it, trying in anyway to dull the pain. But there is nothing she can do.

When I come back to the present, I am on Edwards back.

"We couldn't stop, so I just.........." He trailed off, concentrating. You know, I have been scared of Edward before, but right now he sounded absolutely murderous. He growled, reading my mind for the vision I just had. "So," he started, "does that mean that we're be there in time? Before Victoria k-k-k-" He couldn't say it, but the unspoken word was floating in the air: kill.....

"Yes. But, if you don't put me down, we will be slower!" He sat me down quikly, never stopping. I felt bad for lying to Edward. She wasn't going to live, really. She would be a vampire. That is not alive.