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It's about Fang, Magic and , Anger

Wizard meet the real magical creature and stuck in life with them, what happen when she fall for one of them ?


1. Prologue

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She just a little girl, with 2 younger brothers, named Diar

And she was attend at hogwart school, she was best friend with the trio and one of ravenclaw’s boy named demian,

it’s all begin when the voldemort killed her mother at the final war, and now she has no one to live with, since her father did not recognize her because she was a wizard, and it’s her last year .

Dee:”bye, harry, Hermione, ron”

Trio:”bye, Dee”

Then they all got off the train, Hermione was picked by her parent ,and so is ron, and dee have no idea where she will go,

Demian:”so dee, im so sorry about your parent”

Dee:”nah, its okay”

Demian:”so where’d you go?”

Dee:”my home,”

Demian:”come on-“

But then dee’s owl fly over her

Dee:”a mail?? From who?”

Then she open it

Dear, Diar

How’s it going ? im so sorry about your mother, but you are a strong girl right? You can handle it

By the way, im at your home, and im with your brother, you’re not alone, dee. And when you got here ,I will leave you, because I have life, and your uncle wants you to live with him and her daughter, so you’ll never be alone

From your 2nd mother

Molly Weasley

Demian:”second mother?”

Dee:”hahah, she’s my mother’s bestfriend, but why not Arthur tell me, he’s here?”

Demian:”I don’t know, well let’s go home then”

Then demian and dee got home together they were live not far from each other

At home

Molly:”dee, welcome, so as I said I will leave you, But tomorrow you’ll fly to forks, your uncle send you this ticket with your brother, okay?”

Dee:”okay, good bye, say my miss to ron”

Molly:”okay. Take care of yourself and your brother”

Dee:”okay, bye, thank you” I smile