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It's about Fang, Magic and , Anger

Wizard meet the real magical creature and stuck in life with them, what happen when she fall for one of them ?


2. Ready To Go

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(Dee POV)

Its 6 in the morning

The flight was at 12, well im a early bird,

I started pack all my thing, then my brother’s , I took adam to shower and and prepare him

Adam: dwee??

Me : what sweetie?

Adam : when mowwmmy’s cowme howme? (when mommy’s comes home?)

I was hurt to hear that question, knowing my mom not gonna back life

Me: well adam, there’s something in this world that we can’t keep forever, but you will see mommy soon

I pick up my own homemade pancake and give it to adam, it’s a little burned because I don’t know how long it baked so it’s burned a little

Adam: owkay, dee I want cereal for breakfast

Me: I thought you like my pancake

Adam: after seeing the cake I lost the appetite

Me: excuse me adam!!!!!

He just shrug innocent, then I gave his untaste cereal , after we have our breakfast in silent, nick’s cries brake the silence, I run upstair and pick him a back, then I took him to bath and give him a milk

It’s 11 am already, I must get ready to the airport, so I called demian for help

<Phone’s convo>

Me: demian where are you?

Demian: apartment

Me: can you do me a favor??

Demian: anything for you my love

Me: ohh shut up you already, ahahah well im getting ready to the airport, can you get your ass up here so you can be a gentle man to take care of my bag??

Demian: okay okay ,

Me: ok

(a while silence)

Demian: your welcome

Me: oh right im sorry ,, thank you my prince

End of convo

After a while of waiting, demian showed up, then we got to airport , its pretty hard to know im leaving demian behind

Me: demian, you are the best of the best if the best of the best- cut by dame(demian’s nick name)

Dame: I know you do, dee

Me: well I have to go, but just so you know I love you my friend

Dame: I Love you too dee

He hugged me tightly till I barely can breath, after a while he let go of me

Then I got to the airplane with a litte help from the airhostess

7 hour flight was soo long , and finally I landed to forks airport and I saw