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Not a shy girl

This is a one shot for bella not being so shy. Please review.


1. Chapter 1

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                          Bella's POV  I walked in the new boring school. At my last school I was the most popular girl in school. All the boys loved me even though I was a klutz. My boyfriend, Matt, gave me a goodbye necklace. I really didn't love him. I only dated him because he was the most popular boy in school. All my " friends" were jealous of me. They only hung out me because I was popular.    "Hello dear, how may I help you?" the old lady behind the desk asked. "Yes, I'm new here and I need my paper work." I said. "my name is Bella Swan."She went through a stack of papers and pulled out a file with my name on it. "Here you go. Have all your teachers sign this slip  and turn it in at the end of the day." she handed me the file. I smiled and walked away. My first class was trig. Woohoo. "Hi, I'm Jessica Stanley and you are?" she asked. Jessica has brown curly hair. And as far as I can tell, she's going to be really annoying. "I'm Bella Swan." I smiled. She smiled backed and looked back at the front. This was going to be a fun school, not. Lunch time came by in a flash. Across the room sat 5 very good looking people. I should be sitting with them instead of these losers. The one  with bronze hair looks like he's single. Before I could even get up the bell rang for the next class. Oh well maybe he's in one of my classes.  "what's your next class?" mike asked.  "I have biology." I looked at my schedule. "Me too, I can walk you there." he smiled. I hope this kid would get a clue! I was not interested in him.I was interested in Edward Cullen. Jessica told me his name after lunch. He looked so mysterious. He wasn't very muscular but oh we'll. He was still hot. When we walked in the classroom, I handed the teacher my paper and took my spot. I sat right next to Edward Cullen! This was going to be perfect. I could accidentally drop my books and he would probably get them. As I walked to my desk I caught Mike starring at me. When I was almost to my seat, I "accidentally" dropped my books. But instead of Edward getting them, it was Mike. He handed my books with a flirty smile. I shot him a death glare and took my seat.