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masens read breaking dawn

Bella goes back to the past and reads breaking dawn to edwards parents and edward this is kinda like a peview I will do more if people start reading it doing one chapter a week and if people start reading it I will also do another story about what they do next thanks for reading please review oh and I just put it on adult just to be safe but I think it should be rated teen. Hope you like the story I promise there will be more once people review thanks for reading

All goes to stephenie meyer I will wright more on Friday the 13 because that is when I get to use a computer instid of my phone my fingers are starting to hurt sorry hope you will like the story once I start wrighting more thanks for reading promise to have at less the whole first chapter by the end of the week every week i will do a chapter

1. engaged

Rating 5/5   Word Count 228   Review this Chapter

Knock knock went the door. i stumbled out of bed still seelpy heading down stairs. who would be up this late at night. i open the door to find the most beautiful girl in the world and was kinda bumbed when i saw the big ring on her thired left finger.

"may i come in edward" her vocie sound like bells.

"yeah and how do you know my name and what is your name"

"you will now in time by reading this book i know it sounds weird but trust me you wont think it is a wast of time"

"okkkk?" is she crazy or something.

"mom ,dad we have a visture"

"coming dear be right down"

mom and dad got down in about 5 min later and was shock to see a girl about my age here alone.

"well hi dear what are you doing here this late at night'

"well i need you to lisen to this book it infuls your son i just wanted you to know he is going to be find in the future i know it sounds weired but i also called carlisle as well sence it infuls him to i think her well be happy to know he finds someone too"

just as she said that there was a knock on the door. she went over there and opened it.