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Too Far

The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.

Read it and enjoy. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

2. Chapter 2

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"I love you," he managed to whisper before the door opened unexpectedly quickly and Charlie stepped onto the porch.

"1:00 on the nose. Did you two have a good time?" asked Charlie, eyeing Edward's arm around my waist, supporting me. Obviously he didn't appreciate the close proximity.

"Yes, Dad, it was great." Edward's fingers lingered on my arm as I hobbled in the door, my heart still fluttering from Edward's proclamation. "Good night, Edward. Thanks for a wonderful evening. I'll see you later?" I made eye contact and asked the question with my eyes, knowing he'd understand.

"Definitely," he nodded ever so slightly, affirming my hopes. Edward would be up in my room when I got there. "Good night, Bella. Thanks for allowing her to go, sir. Night, Chief Swan." He nodded towards Charlie and stepped gracefully back into the night as Charlie closed the door.

"Nice enough boy, no doubt," he muttered halfway to himself. "So you had a good time?" He glanced through the window shades to watch Edward leave.

I inwardly rolled my eyes. "Yes, Dad. It really was great. Edward is such a gentleman; he helped me dance the whole night. I'm so glad I went." Charlie seemed pleased by my answer, so he sighed gently and pulled me into a side hug.

"I'm glad, Bells. Now, go get some sleep, you've had a long day." He led me to the stairs and then he turned and began to head towards to the kitchen. There must have been a late night game on.

"Night, Dad," I called down from the stairs once I had managed the climb. Then I turned and unsuccessfully tried to hide the excitement as I entered my room. Just as I'd hoped, Edward was there, in the rocking chair in the corner of my room, rocking gently.

"Well, that was fast," he chuckled silently as I hobbled over to him. I glanced out the window, but his car was gone. He'd already driven it home and ran back to my house. I smiled inwardly. Vampires and their speed, I chuckled. He grabbed my hand and helped me over to the bed. I pulled the covers back but then I realized something.

"Um... I still need to change. Can you, uh, go stand in the corner or something until I tell you to turn around?" He laughed softly and nodded, heading towards the rocking chair again. "Thanks." I hastily pulled off my shorts and found my pajama bottoms at the foot of the bed. I was amazed at my own coordination when I managed to stay upright while pulling the fabric over my cast. "Okay, I'm good." He turned his head slightly and smirked. He'd noticed my lack of clumsiness as well.

"Wow, Bella. Usually moving that fast merits a large bruise at best. I'm impressed... somehow the cast makes you less clumsy." He smirked lovingly, fully enjoying being able to tease me.

"Har-har. You know, I could just make you leave if you're going to be rude," I threatened emptily. He raised his eyebrow teasingly.

"If you insist," he drawled, sauntering over to the window. I panicked.

"No!" I shouted, probably a little too loudly considering Charlie was directly downstairs. He paused, one foot poised in the air, ready to leave. "I was kidding, gosh." I smiled warmly. "Come sit." I patted the bed next to me. He smiled mischievously, following my orders.

"If you insist," he repeated. He sat down and I felt his strong, cold arm wrap effortlessly around my shoulder and a cool breeze blew my way, rich with his scent. Oh, how I loved this boy. I sighed unconsciously, and my heartbeat no doubt began to speed up. I was sure he could hear my pulse racing and I wondered if that would make withholding his vampire instincts difficult. "Bella," he whispered, "I am so glad you game with me tonight." He paused, anticipating his next words. "I know dances aren't your favorite thing, but thanks for doing this... for me." He smiled encouragingly, letting me know that he was truly appreciative of my sacrifice. Although, it turned out to not be much of a sacrifice at all.

"I'd do anything for you," I reminded him, laying my head on his chest. I listened vainly for the heartbeat I knew I wouldn't hear -- the consequences of being a vampire. I felt his lips gently press onto the top of my hair and he hugged me ever so slightly closer. I felt my chance to find answers about tonight; about why he wouldn't change me. "Edward," I began, "I love you... I would die for you. You know this, right?" I felt him smile in my hair and sigh ever so slightly.

"Bella, please... let's not talk about this anymore tonight." I turned my head and looked into his liquid topaz eyes. I would give my world to simply stare into those depths forever. He looked back at me, just as intensely, no doubt wondering why I wanted so badly to become like him. He still didn't think he was worthy of my affection. Ridiculous, I thought, glad that I was the only person whose mind he couldn't read. If anything, I was unworthy of his love. However, I could sense he was right - tonight was not the night for this argument.

"All right," I gave in, but not too easily. "Another time," I suggested. He smiled my favorite sideways smile for the second time tonight. I felt my heart flutter and my knees go weak, even though I was already sitting down. Damn, he's good. I don't know how long we sat there, holding each other close and reminiscing about the night's events. After a while, I began to yawn.

"Looks like it is bed time for the human," Edward suggested, gently pulling out of my embrace. I gave him one last look and lay down under the covers, more tired than I had realized. He cuddled next to me over the covers and whispered against the hollow under my ear.

"Do you want me to stay?"

"Always," I answered, hugging myself closer to his body and embracing the welcoming sleep. "You better be here when I wake up." I felt him smile softly and kiss my neck one last time before I closed my eyes and let sleep over take me.

"Good night, my love," he whispered into the darkness. That night, I dreamt of him for another night in a row.