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Too Far

The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.

Read it and enjoy. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

6. Chapter 6

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I mulled over my game plan as he drove way too fast back to the Cullen's home. He seemed slightly distracted as he stared ahead, eyes focused on the road. I knew he was thinking about today, and about what we had discussed earlier. We had only grazed the surface of the Vampire Bella issue, but already it was absorbing his attention.

I sighed quietly and leaned my head back onto my seat, closing my eyes gently. He hadn't loosened his hold on my hand since we got in the car, and I absentmindedly stroked his hand as it rested perfectly in mine. It was freezing cold, and rock hard, but more comforting than a warm, soft hand could ever be. That is what I would be like, when he changed me-inhumanly cold and strong. I thought about it behind my eyelids as the car sped down the tiny highway. I imagined a year from now, ten years from now, when Edward and I could finally be complete together, safe from danger, free of physical boundaries. I drifted softly into the dream-world of our future unknowingly.

I saw a gorgeous girl -no, woman- standing next to Edward, gazing lovingly into his eyes. I felt a spark of anger and jealously before I realized that she was me. Her beautiful pale skin shimmered faintly in the sunlight and her chocolate brown hair cascaded smoothly past her shoulders. I stared in awe at this creation... she rivaled Rosalie, whom I regarded as the most beautiful female creature I had ever seen. She looked nothing like me, but at the same time she was undoubtedly me... my nose, my lips... just perfected. Vampire Bella reached up and stroked Edward's face, and he gazed just as lovingly back down into her eyes. I gaped at the rest of her body. Wow, I thought, I definitely don't look that fit and curvy now. I could almost feel the sensual beauty radiating off of my future self. I watched her eyes, a beautiful topaz, as they locked quietly with my dark human ones. She smiled... I smiled. She turned and kissed Edward, and my heart skipped a beat as I watched him kiss eagerly back, unafraid of breaking her. No inhibitions. His hand slowly moved from her back towards her perfectly toned stomach and I felt guilty watching as fingers trailed upwards...

I woke unexpectedly out of my reverie as Edward's cold hard hand gently squeezed my own frail human one.

"Are you okay?" he spoke urgently, as I opened my eyes to his concerned gaze. He wiped a tear from my cheek. "You were crying...."

"Oh... I hadn't realized." The overwhelming beauty of my future self, and the jealously I couldn't help as I watched him kiss her with such passion that he's never shown me, must have shaken me deeper than I'd realized. Now, more than ever, I realized I was ready to be a vampire.

"Was it a bad dream? You weren't asleep for long..." He searched my face carefully, anxious to know if I was alright.

"No," I answered honestly. "It wasn't a bad dream... not at all...." He waited expectantly for my next words. "It was... interesting." I knew not to tell him about the dream. If he knew I dreamt about our future and it made me cry, he would expect the worst. "I'm okay. I promise," I added. He searched my face for anymore signs of distress, and then kissed my hand. I inwardly sighed in relief, glad that he didn't press it. Damn me and my emotions, I thought to myself, cursing my unintentional tears. He sighed lightly, blowing his breath towards my face, and spoke quietly.

"I was frightened. I only left you for a few minutes, and I come back out to tears running down your face." I glanced outside to and noticed we were parked in the driveway of his house.

"You've finished your errands," I stated. I must've been asleep for longer than I'd thought. I wondered vaguely what exactly his errands were, and wished I had been awake to see.

"Yes," he said simply, staring out the window. If I hadn't been carefully trained in his body language I would have missed the subtle secret behind his voice. He turned and gazed again into my face, doubling checking one last time that I wasn't going to emotionally combust. "You're sure you're up to today? If you'd like to go back home and lay down I'd be glad to-" I cut him off before he could continue further.

"Edward. It was just a few tears; I didn't even realize I was doing it. Let's just go to the clearing and forget about it." I kissed his hand that still held protectively onto mine, and gave him an encouraging smile.

"Alright..." he succumbed. "Well, I picked you up some lunch on the way here." He handed me a bag of fast food that he had been holding in his other hand. Before I knew it I had unwrapped the food and started to scarf it down, forgetting he was watching me eat. I guess I was hungrier than I realized because I was finished in minutes. He chuckled lightly and I glanced sheepishly up from the empty wrapper.

"Well, now I'm sure you're okay... you've never looked so happy to see food before." I felt a blush warming my cheeks. His perfect lips lifted up into my favorite crooked smile, making my knees weak. "Let's get this day started...are you ready?"

"You have no idea," I answered enthusiastically, giving him a hearty kiss on the cheek. He smiled in response and before I knew it he had removed me from the car and onto his back, and we were speeding down the road that would lead us to the clearing.

"What were your errands?" I wondered aloud as the rushing air flew past my face, making my eyes water. I shut them tight and waited for his answer.

"I checked with Alice to make sure we were safe today, and then I picked up something." His pace never tired and his voice never faltered as he ran.

I decided to tempt his careful composure as I bent my head to his ear and whispered, "What did you pick up?" I placed a careful kiss on his jaw and rested my cheek against his own, knowing the affect my warmth had on him. I could be tempting when I wanted to be.

His breath hitched just a little, but he answered nonetheless. "Just something that I needed to keep close is all. You'll see it... eventually."

Comforted, I accepted his answer and instead focused on his hair falling into my face. I buried my face into it and breathed in his scent. I filled my mind with it, and I began to lose sense of time. I seemed to lose track of time whenever I was with him. It was as if no matter how much time we spent together, it was never enough. Gradually, he began to slow and ahead I could see the light shining through the trees. We were finally at the clearing. Finally ready to start our day together, alone, with no errands. Finally we could discuss our future without interruptions. I smiled in anticipation as he gently lifted me off his back and we walked hand in hand towards our haven.