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Too Far

The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.

Read it and enjoy. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

8. Chapter 8

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I lay near the edge of the forest crying at my own stupidity and the painful ache I had brought upon myself when I sat up. I wiped my sniffling nose and brushed the hair away that was sticking to my face. What was I doing? I had spent a good five minutes sure that Edward had left me because I was a selfish whiney brat when I realized the truth. I was being ridiculous. I really, truly was. Of course he didn't leave me. He loved me. He said so himself... I managed a muffled laugh at myself.

But then... why did he walk away from me and leave me crying alone in the meadow? I had a flashback to Renee, crying in her bedroom when she and Phil had had their first real fight. I had tried to comfort her, rubbing her back as she sobbed into her pillow, but she had shrugged off my help and asked to just be left alone. She had been so sure that it was the end of their relationship... just as I had feared that Edward would leave me.

Oh, no. I was becoming my mother. One fight and she thought it was over. I knew better...

I shot up, and glanced wildly around the forest edge, searching for a shimmer of his pale skin. He couldn't have gone far, I realized. Sure, we had just had our first big fight, but he would never leave me alone in the forest. Ever. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I trudged into the forest, wiping my nose and drying my eyes one last time before I began my search. I didn't have to walk far. About twenty feet into the dense trees, I saw my angel leaning against a tree, eyes closed and arms crossed. I knew he was aware of my presence.

"Edward." No response. He stood as still and beautiful as a statue, once again ignoring me. I grimaced at the lack of reaction, but I deserved it. I had started this fight, against his warnings, and I would finish it.

"Edward, I'm sorry." His eyes opened, focused on my face. I took a cautionary step towards him, hesitant to startle him... as if I could startle a vampire. Of course, however, my human faults ruined the moment once again. I managed to trip on an invisible twig and saw the ground coming faster towards my face each millisecond. And suddenly, I was in his arms.

I looked up breathlessly into his face and was taken by surprise. His beautiful sideways smile shone down just for me and I felt my knees go weak.

"I'm sorry, too." His eyes took on a serious tone and bored into mine. "I shouldn't have left you like that. It was... wrong. I get a little overly sensitive when I'm in an argument.... You should ask Carlisle, no one in the family has fought with me in fifty years, except Alice a few months ago when she had the vision about you. But I really shouldn't have..." He was rambling. He looked flustered and worried, as if waiting for me to accept his apology.

"Edward?" He stopped rambling and focused his attention completely on my face, trying to read my answer before I spoke it.

"It's okay, really. It's my fault. I was being a stubborn idiot... I think it runs in the family. I shouldn't have picked a fight... I'm truly sorry." I smiled in encouragement, but before I could get another word out, I felt my heart stop.

His lips moved softly against mine, almost apologetically, as if asking for forgiveness. I felt a chill shiver through my body that had nothing to do with his cold body's close proximity. I felt like crying again, but out of happiness, not pain. As if he could sense this, he pulled away. His hands cupped my face and he stared into my eyes with a look that made my stomach jump.

"Can you forgive me?" He whispered, as if he didn't know the answer. I responded by snaking my arms around his neck as my body leaned closer to his. This kiss was deeper, and quicker, and I felt my heart speed up exponentially. Suddenly I felt something rough on my back and I realized he had pinned me between his body and a tree. He really should know better by now. My hands began to roam away from his neck and snaked down to his torso. His kisses paused but then he resumed with as much intensity. If this is make-up kissing, well, I could only imagine the rest of making-up involved. I blushed at the thought and he pulled away once again, resting his cheek against my own.

"So warm. So wonderful. Bella, I'm so sorry about our fight. Can I make it up to you?" My mind raced once again to off-limits thoughts and my breath caught in my throat. Maybe he would finally remove some of the boundaries that he had set in our relationship. I nodded in agreement against his cheek and suddenly I felt the air brushing quickly against my face as he carried me in his arms through the forest.

Well, not quite what I was expecting, but it would have to do. We sped through the forest, as the clouds began to roll over once again, creating a blanketed sky. The drizzly, grey Forks was beginning to return, and I was surprised at the comfort I felt. We arrived back at his car and he turned up the heater.

"Edward, where are we going now?"

"Back to my place. I feel terrible about upsetting you today. I promise to never make you cry again, my love."

Poor boy. Glorious, beautiful, dangerous, amazing boy. He really felt guilty for our fight today. I smiled in encouragement.

"I know, Edward. I know." I interlocked our fingers as he drove silently back to his house. His perfect fingers, so strong and comforting, calmed my nerves. I sat in anticipation as he pulled into the driveway.

How was he going to make it up to me? My mind ran wild with expectations. And I guess I was about to find out...