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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

10. Crossroads

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Hey guys...this chapter is pretty long. I just could not seem to shut up. :)

I want to thank everyone for your reviews. The next chapter will be out soon. Let me know what you guys think.

I don't own any of the characters except Cat...


Chapter 10

Jake's House That Same Night...

Jake did not know what to do. Bella was worse than she was the first time the leech left her. Add this mind fuck shit and it was all he could do not to loose it and phase in his living room. She kept blaming Cat for Edward's death. He could not understand how she could still be feeling anything over him after all she had learned. He did not know what to do about Charlie either. He had called and ok'd it for Bella to stay here for a couple of nights.

But Bella had to get it together. They had to come up with a viable story as to how Edward had died.

She would not even talk about it. She just kept saying that it was all Cat's fault. If she had not showed up here, then everything would have been fine.

Billy and Jake just looked at each other in disbelief. What the fuck.

" Bella, did you not hear what he was found guilty of? He admitted it and so did Alice. I cant believe you still have any feelings for him other than disgust. He was a cold blooded murderer. The very worst kind of monster. He enjoyed torturing and raping women. What the hell could you still be mourning over? " Billy told her after a couple of hours of listening to her wallowing in misery. He was sick and tired of this shit. He knew Jake loved her but enough was enough. She was not even his imprint.

Bella looked at him with hatred in her eyes. " You don't know anything, Billy. I loved him more than anything and those stupid fucking wolves took him away because of that cheap slut. If she would not have come here, my Edward would still be here. I hate her and I hate all of you."

Both Jake and Billy were stunned. Jake could not believe this was the same girl he had known all his life. He had finally reached his end with her. He couldn't do it anymore. He had nothing left to give her, she had taken it all already. He had an obligation to his pack. He would one day be chief and alpha and he could not let this continue. With a heavy heart he turned to face her.

" Bella, I am calling your father to come and pick you up. You need to get yourself together. I don't want you back on the reservation. Do you understand?" He asked her.

She stopped crying and was looking to him in disbelief. She had never thought he would turn from her. He was HER Jake and had always stood by her.

" Jake...I...what...you can't so this. I need you now more than ever. How am I supposed to get through this without you?" she said, her sobs starting again. He couldn't send her away.

Sighing heavily, he shook his head. Was she for real?

"Bella I don't know. At this moment I don't care. I am sick and tired of your fucked up attitude. Catarina had nothing to do with getting Edward or Alice killed. They were both sick and twisted fucks. They both deserved to die. If I am being honest with you, they should have been made to suffer a hell of a lot more than they were. You should be bowing down and kissing Cat's ass for showing you the real Edward. What kind of human being accepts some fucked up shit like rape and torture?" he was practically yelling at her now.

He had finally lost it. He just could not understand how she could be so blasé about what that stupid fucking leech did.

She sat there in stunned silence. She could not believe he was talking to her this way. Couldn't he see how hurt she was? She was the one that had been wronged here.

" I cant believe you Jacob Black. I thought you were my friend. How can you condone such a horrible thing? " she replied standing up and walking towards him.

He started to back up. He did not want her touching him. He was seriously scared he might phase and hurt her. The level of disgust he felt for her right now was so intense, he knew she could see it on his face.

" I have been wronged by those fucking pieces of shit you call a pack. How dare you try to kick me out of La Push. If anyone should go it should be that pack whore." Bella replied seething.

They were unaware that Sam had walked in the door. He had come to talk to Jake about what the Cullen's had told him earlier today regarding Bella. He had heard most of the conversation and to say he was livid was an understatement. After all they had done for her. Selfish bitch.

He growled out angrily. Jake, Billy and Bella all whipped their heads around towards him. Bella cringed back by the look he was directing at her. She went to move over by Jake, he wouldn't let Sam hurt her. She was surprised when he moved over to stand beside Sam. She looked between them and then over at Billy, who was looking at her with such disappointment and anger. What the hell is wrong with them? Why were they turning on her? It was HER soul mate that had been killed.

" Why are all of you being this way to me?" she said tearing up again. Jake could never turn from her when she cried. So she turned it on extra heavy.

Jake rolling his eyes, looked to his father " Dad, can you get Charlie over here?" he asked.

" Sam I think we have to tell Charlie about the legends. I don't want Bella here anymore and he needs to be made aware of what is going on. The Cullen's can deal with her from here on out." he told him.

" I just talked with the head leech. The red head is after Bella. They killed her mate last year and she is hell bent on revenge." Sam told him still glowering at the leech lover. He had at one time had a soft spot for her. He had been the one to find her in the woods when Edward had left her the first time. But after hearing her talk about his brothers and his newly found sister in such a derogatory way, he had no such feelings left in him for her.

Bella was listening to their conversation. Now Jake would have to keep her around. She was after all safer here than anywhere else. She knew her Jake still wanted her around. She smiled to herself.

" Well. This is their issue. They brought that shit here. They can deal with it. She will be going to Forks and she will not be staying here any longer. We will of course keep up patrols on our side of the line for the safety of our people, but we will no longer go out of our way to protect Bella Swan. She has become someone that the pack will recognize no longer." Jake said. The alpha timbre vibrating in his voice.

Sam's head bowed in respect. He knew this moment would come. Even though Jake had not taken over the full Alpha position, he could still feel the edict down in his bones. Only the true alpha could make Sam's wolf submit in respect.

" Jake how can you dismiss me this way? I thought you loved me." Bella screamed at him in anger.

In a dis passioned voice, Jake told her " The girl I loved does not exist anymore. Your father will be told about everything and you will go back to Forks. You will not come here again. After this night, I no longer recognize you as more than the daughter of a true friend of the tribe." Jake told her authoritatively.

Sam was a little stunned. He never thought this day would come. But he was glad of it. Bella Swan was nothing but poison to his people. She needed to go and join her leech family.

Billy had come in during their conversation. He had called to Charlie to get over here. He was shocked as well in his son's decision. But he knew it was for the best. He only hoped his friendship with Charlie would survive this.

Bella sat slumped down in disbelief. She could not believe this was happening. Never in her wildest dreams would she have ever thought Jake would have turned on her. Yea, so she had used him from time to time. So what. He knew she did not see him as anything other than a friend. It wasn't her fault he let himself be hurt by her time and time again. She had only offered him friendship. He had accepted it. He had always put her needs before anyone's including the pack. She would never forgive him for treating her this way.

" I think I hear Charlie now." Billy said from the kitchen doorway. Sam and Jake stood on the wall opposite of the couch where Bella now sat. Sam walked over and opened the door for Charlie.

Charlie walked in and looked around in confusion. Seeing his daughter he went over to her and sat down.

" Bella, honey are you ok?" he asked concern for her in his voice. She looked as she had been crying.

When she did not answer him only continued looking at her hands in her lap, he turned to his best friend of more than thirty years.

" Whats going on B illy?" he asked.

Billy rolled himself over to settle by his friend. He was not looking forward to this.

" Charlie there are some things that I have had to keep from you over the years. Not by choice, but by tribal law. No outsiders are usually privy to this information, but well..things have changed and you need to be told" he began.

He was interrupted by Charlie asking " What does this have to do with Bella?"

" If you will save your questions for after I have finished, we will get through this much easier." he replied.

Charlie agreed with a nod of his head.

So began the telling of the legends to Charlie Swan. He listened without expression. Occasionally when his daughter's part in all of it came to light, his gaze would settle on her. She had not acknowledged him once since he had come in.

Billy continued on until he came to the present circumstances. Sam had at that point decided to add in the other piece of information he had learned from the Cullen's.

" Billy, thats not all. While talking to the Cullen's today about the red head, they informed me of another issue. This one is much more problematic than the one we now face." Sam told him, gaining the attention of not only Billy, but Jake and Charlie as well. The only reaction from Bella was of a slight twitching of her hands. Otherwise she remained silent and void of type of emotion.

Charlie was wondering what the hell could be worse than what he had already learned.

" What could possibly be more problematic than what is going on now?" he asked incredulously.

" It seems when Bella went to save the leech in Italy, they gave her two options. One was to be turned into a vampire. If she did not want that, then they required her death. There are laws in the vampire community. It seems as if the Cullen's should not have been playing around with a human to begin with. It is strictly forbidden unless they plan on turning them at some point." Sam finished.

Charlie was suddenly furious. Not at Sam, no he was pissed at the Cullen's for ever approaching his daughter. He was pissed at his daughter for carrying on with them even after she found out what they were. He was pissed at his best friend for not telling him about all of this sooner, as he might have been able to put a stop to it to begin with. Finally he was pissed at himself for being such a horrible father. How could his child be involved with something like this without him knowing about it? He had failed her so much more than he ever thought he had.

" But I don't want that now. Why would I when Edward has been taken from me?" Bella whined out.

Charlie looked at her like she was nuts. What the hell is wrong with his child? Just as he was about to speak, Sam addressed his daughter.

" Bella, regardless of the circumstances now, this is something that you agreed to. They could come here to check on you and that would put many many lives in danger. Carlisle tells me they are the worst of the worst. They have members of their guard that have special powers. This is not just about you anymore. I will not have them coming here and killing hundreds of innocent people because of a decision you made." Sam growled out.

" So you are just washing your hands of me then? What the leech lover is expendable now? You know what, everything was fine until your sister" she sneered this out " came here. You all would have formed an army to fight for me. Consequences be damned." she finished looking every bit as ugly as they had all come to see her as.

Charlie was in shock. What that fucking Cullen did to that poor girls mother was heinous, and her having to watch. Here his daughter stands condemning her because she wanted justice for it.

" Isabella, you sit your ass down and shut the hell up. I have heard enough out of you. Say one more word and I will tear your ass up. Eighteen years old or not I am still your father and will not hesitate to tan your hide until you cant sit down ever again." he told her meaning every word. Supernatural be damned. His child was acting like a selfish brat and he was done with her attitude.

Bella was completely shocked. Her father had never talked to her this way. What is wrong with everyone? They all were against her.

" Now Sam, I want to meet with the Cullen's. If my daughter made an agreement with these head vamps then she will honor it. I will not have innocent lives lost because of her bad choices." he stated firmly. He loved his daughter, but he could not justify saving her at the cost of hundreds of lives. At least as a vampire she would still be alive.

" Dad you cant seriously be thinking about turning me over to become a vampire. I thought you loved me." she asked her dad. She could not believe this. She did not want to become a vampire now. She had no one to spend eternity with any longer. She couldn't believe her dad would let this happen.

" I do love you. You are my daughter. However you made these choices and now you will have to live with the consequences of your choice. I would rather see you a vampire than see you dead. And I most certainly will not stand by and let innocent people give their lives because of your own stupidity." He told her.

Billy, Sam and Jake were shocked. Charlie had just only found out about the supernatural and here he was giving his ok to hand Bella over to the Cullen's to become a bloodsucking leech. Wow...just wow...

Bella turned to Jake, surely he would not let this happen. He would rather die than see her as a leech. Obviously her own father could give a damn about her.

" Jake please you cant let them do this." she implored him. Jake only shook his head at her, not looking at her.

She sat there in disbelief. Then the anger started. This was all that bitches fault. She would get hers. Bella would make sure of it.

" Charlie I can probably arrange a meeting for tomorrow night. The pack will have to be there seeing as I don't trust them. They will be in wolf form. We will meet them in a clearing we use for this type of thing. Will this be a problem for you?" Sam asked not believing this whole entire conversation. He was made to keep people safe from vampires, not hand them over on a silver platter.

" Thats fine with me. I would like to meet your sister as well, if that's ok" he asked unsure if that would be a welcome thing or not. Considering his daughter's behavior towards her he wasn't so sure.

Sam paused a moment. Would that be ok? He wouldn't presume to accept on her behalf. Paul would of course have to agree.

" I can ask her and her mate Charlie. I don't know. None of us are to happy with the way your daughter has treated her. But I would definitely not take that decision away from her. She would have my ass." Sam said chuckling. Jake and Billy chuckled as well. Boy would she ever.

Bella could not believe this. " So her choices are protected, but mine are not?" she jumped up. How dare them.

Charlie jumped up and grabbed her arm roughly. " No your choices were made by you and you alone without a single thought about anyone else's feelings on the matter. Your choice was made when you aligned yourself with fucking vampires. Forsaking your family, forsaking your own life. Take your ass out to the cruiser and wait for me. I am sick of the sight of you right now." he said roughly shaking her arm. He wanted to shake out whatever demon now lived inside of his daughter. He had never laid a hand on her before, not even a childhood spanking. But now he wanted to knock some sense into her. He felt shamed.

He pushed her towards the door. " You better be in the car when I get out there or there will be hell to pay." he said through clenched teeth.

When she walked out, Billy came over to him and patted his arm.

" I'm sorry old friend. I don't know what has gotten into her. She is not the same Bella we knew." he said trying to comfort him.

" You should have told me Billy. I might could have stopped this whole situation from happening. I am so mad at you right now. But I have to deal with my daughter right now. But you and I will be having a long talk. What if this had been Jake?" Charlie said turning and walking out the door.

Jake, Billy and Sam sat their in silence long after they left. Each of them beating themselves up over the situation. They all wondered how they could have done things differently and had a better outcome.

The next morning...

Cat woke up to Paul nuzzling her neck. She smiled without opening her eyes.

"Mmmmmmm...baby...don't stop" she said playfully.

He nipped her neck with his teeth hearing her gasp he grinned. What a way to wake up. With his girl in his arms. Feeling all soft and warm, the scent of wildflowers and honeysuckle swirling around him.

Last night had been epic for him. He had never made love to a woman before. The act itself was always a means to a pleasurable end. His pleasurable end. Don't get him wrong he made sure the woman he was with was satisfied.

With his girl it was so much more than just a physical release. He wanted to feel every single emotion she felt and he did. When she moaned out because of something he was doing with his tongue, he wanted to wrap himself around the emotion behind the sound. He wanted her to reach deep inside of him and feel what pleasing her did for him. It completed him in such a way, that if he was stranded out in the desert without water, just the sound of her pleasure would quench his thirst.

He was turning into such a pussy, but he could care less. She did this to him. She had somehow reached inside of him where his darkness laid and slowly siphoned it out. Where there was once unadulterated rage, peace now resided. He was so happy. But most of all he was at peace for the first time in his long miserable life.

Turning her head to stare into her eyes, he was struck again how beautiful she was. Her eyes, the ones that reminded him of the color of the ocean when Billy and Harry had taken him and the guys deep sea fishing. The deeper they went out in the boat, the deeper blue the water became. They were limitless depths. It had him craving to find out how far down you could go in them. There were mysteries still to be unraveled behind those gorgeous eyes, but he figured he had the rest of his life to discover them.

Smiling up at him, she could see that he was in deep thought about something. She wondered what he was thinking.

" What are you thinking about so heavily baby?" she whispered out.

Stroking his thumb along her plump bottom lip he just shook his head and gently smiled at her.

Leaning down he kissed her mouth sweetly.

After a few more moments of sweet words and kisses, he rolled over groaning, not wanting to get up. But they were already a little behind at the Weber's and they had another job that started next week.

Stretching his sleepy form, he stood up letting the sheet fall back to the bed. She watched his naked backside as he walked to the bathroom. Damn thats a fine ass...

Looking over his shoulder at her before he went into the bathroom, she saw him smirk knowingly at her. She took his pillow and threw it at him. Which caused him to chuckle as he headed in to take a shower.

She laid back on the bed with a shit eating grin. He was an arrogant ass. But he was her arrogant ass.

She laid there mentally compiling a list of things she needed to get done today.

She needed to talk to Sue about a job. If she wasn't hiring she would go into Forks and see about something there.

She also needed to take her car to Jake's garage. It was making a funny noise. She wasn't surprised, she had driven it across the country after all. Paul had said he would take a look at it for her, but she had told him that he had to work and she did not want him to have to worry with it when he got home. The only thing she wanted him to worry with after work was done, was her. Having told him that he agreed Jake's was the best place. Besides, she wanted to help bring in any business she could to Jake and the guys. They were after all her family now.

Paul tried to give her his credit card, but she had nixed that idea. She had money saved. She wasn't rich by any means, but she had enough saved until she could find another job. She just did not feel comfortable taking his money.

She knew if they were to have a life together that she would have to get over this. They had only just begun and she wasn't ready to go there yet.

Stretching her limbs, she smiled as she thought of their lovemaking last night. He was such a wonderful man. To have such a rough exterior, he was all mush inside. At least when it came to her.

She was finding out how wonderfully complicated he was. She had never felt more cherished and revered as she did last night as he made love to her. He coaxed orgasm after orgasm from her body with such ease. His skills as a lover were unparalleled. She did not want to think how he gained those skills. It would just get her riled up. But she couldn't help but thank the spirits for his experience.

Getting out of bed, she heard the shower turn off. She headed towards the bathroom hoping to catch a sneak peak of that fine ass body.

He was just getting out as she came in. Water dripping off his chest and falling down his abs, had her drooling. Grabbing a towel she walked over to him. She felt his eyes on her as she started drying him off. She started with his chest and then moved over to his huge arms. He just stood there not saying anything. Looking up she brought the towel to his neck, he bent down so she could reach his hair.

After his hair was dry, she motioned for him to turn around. She dried off his back and ass then down his legs. Turning back around he stood motionless as she dried the rest of his front. When she got to his now half hard dick, she raised her eyes to his and dropped to her knees. Never taking her eyes from his she lowered and took him in her mouth, bringing her hands around to the back of his thighs, she thrust his entire length into her hot, wet mouth.

" Fuck" he hissed out.

She continued to work him, trying to swallow his whole length into her throat. Reaching up, she grabbed his hands and put them on her head. She stopped all movement and looked into his eyes.

She wanted him to set the pace. She wanted him to fuck her mouth. Shit...Shit...Shit... He wasn't going to last.

Grabbing handfuls of her hair, he started thrusting into her mouth. She moaned around him, he could smell her arousal in the air.

" Fuck baby...you like me fucking your mouth with my cock?" he gritted out.

All she could do was moan around him. Which caused him to quicken his thrusts. He noticed her hand reach down between her legs and he growled out. She was fucking playing with herself.

" Thats right baby...touch yourself. Fuck...your so sexy..." he panted out feeling the tell tell signs of his orgasm swiftly approaching.

" Cum with me baby..." he urged, not going to last long.

She sped her fingers up to push her over. She needed more. She needed...oh...yes...

Paul sensing her growing need, reached down and pinched her nipple. She cried out around his cock, coming undone. He followed shortly after with a few hard thrust and her name roaring from his lips.

Standing there panting he looked down at her. She was drinking him dry. After he had given her all he had to give, she started licking him from head to tip cleaning him.

He reached down and pulled her up into a frenzied kiss.

" What did I do to deserve that?" he asked softly.

Leaning into his massive chest, she sighed " You've been a good boy" she replied playfully.

After seeing Paul off to work with breakfast and a searing kiss, she headed upstairs to shower and dress.

First thing she needed to do was head over to the diner and talk with Sue. She hoped she had an opening. Even if it was part time. She really did not want to have to go into Forks or worse yet, Port Angeles.

Sue had told her she did have a part time shift available. She would work mornings and lunch, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, alternating Saturday's. The diner wasn't open on Sunday's so she would have that day off every week. She would start the following Monday. Today was Wednesday, so she had almost a full week to get settled in good.

Happy about finding work, even if was just part time, she headed over to Blacks Automotive.

She pulled up in front of one of the three bays and got out. Embry saw her first and headed out to greet her with a tight hug.

" Hey Ms. Cat, how are you today?" he asked setting her down.

She smiled at him, " I am great. I actually need one of you guys to take a look at my car. It is making a funny noise."

Embry looked over the '59 Chevy Impala. It was a classic, but it needed some TLC. The body was good, the convertible top was in great condition. That was not always the case with this old of a car. It was a worn red color. He went around to look inside and noticed the seats and dash were all in really good condition. From what he could tell, it ascetically it only needed a new paint job.

" Pop the hood for me" he told her walking around to the front. She did as she was asked and walked around to join him.

" You know I love this car. It's a classic. The body and interior are in pretty good shape. It just needs a new paint job. The engine looks good too. Have you had any work done on it recently?" he asked checking a few things.

" Yes, a year ago I had a new transmission put in. up until that point everything had been original. I service pretty regular, but I don't understand the knocking sound when I turn" she said.

" Do you mind if I take her for a spin?" he asked

Handing him her keys was her answer.

" You can go on in the shop. There is a waiting area there. Jake is in their. Maybe you can cheer him up. He's been moody as hell all day. My guess is it has something to do with a girl." he said cheekily getting into her car and driving off.

She walked into the waiting area, no one was at the front counter.

She noticed a set of doors leading to what she thought might be an office.

" Jake, are you in here?" she called out.

A few seconds later, he came barreling through the doors with a half hearted grin on his face. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes. The tension on his sweet face. She knew who was responsible. That fucking bitch.

He came over and pulled her into a hug. " How are you chi ca" he asked

Hugging him back fiercely she responded " Better than you, looks like."

Pulling away she looked into his eyes. " Do you want to talk about it? Do I need to go kick some ass? Just tell me who and where the hell to find them and I'm on it." she told him, not joking at all.

He smiled down at her. Loving her protectiveness. It made him feel warm inside. She was looking out for him. He liked it.

" I'm ok...just a bunch of shit, but it's handled now I guess" he replied sounding resigned.

She pulled him over to the row of plastic chairs and made him sit. She took the seat beside him.

" Talk to me Jake. I don't like seeing you like this. You should always be smiling. You have a great smile." she said patting his hand. She felt so protective of him. She barely knew him, but she would go to the mat for him any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.

Sighing he put his hand over the top of hers. He told her what had happened last night with Bella and her father.

Seeing the battle between Jake the man and Jake the wolf was so sad. On one hand the man side of him is saying she needs to face the music. She had after all made these choices. Too bad that she has changed her mind now. The protector in him. The wolf who hated any lose of life to his enemy in any way regardless of the situation, was fighting to keep not only her safe, but his people as well. It's what he was made for after all.

She hated he had to go through this shit. She knew there was really no right or wrong answer for him. It was all jumbled inside.

" Jake, I know you are fighting with your wolf right now. It's understandable. He was brought forth in you to protect all human life. That means spoiled brats as well." she said trying to coax a smile. It worked. This smile reached his eyes, small though it may be.

" I also know the man in you love's who she used to be. You have probably been holding out hope that she would come to her senses and be the Bella that you fell in love with again, right?" she asked softly.

He looked up sheepishly and nodded. She put her arm around him and pulled him close.

" That is perfectly normal and nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Any one in your position would be hoping for the same thing. I know I would." she told him

" That girl has allowed herself to be put into situations that are not of this world. I know the mind reader screwed with her mind, but from what I understand it wasn't until after Italy that he started doing that. He probably started doing that then, because he felt his hold on her slipping away. Any woman, I don't care who they are, would be rethinking things after having been left in the woods like yesterday's trash." She stopped for a moment.

He was looking at her intently. He had thought this himself. She had become more needy of the leech once they were back from Italy.

" But Jake, her actions were her own before that. From what I understand about this thrall crap, it might made her more focused and addicted to him and his needs, but it cant change your personality. It cant change the very essence of who you actually are. So you quit thinking that it is all his fault for her sudden attitude change. My guess is she has always been this way, she just got really good at hiding it." she told him.

Jake sat there and thought back over all the time he had spent with her, He had not noticed at the time, but he now saw little things she would say, that gave him a hint that she was not really who she portrayed herself to be. Snarky comments about the guys and Leah. It was so subtle and he had been so starry-eyed over her, he could see now how he had missed a lot of warning signs.

He felt like a fool. He had been so lovestruck by her, that he had subconsciously overlooked the very obvious flaws in her personality. Her spite and selfishness. Those two traits alone disgusted him beyond measure. He himself was a naturally caring and loving person. He accepted people at face value. That was part of the problem here. She presented herself in the way she felt he needed to see her in order for her to gain the most out of him. What a fucking bitch. Although he could not blame her totally, he fell for it hook, line and sinker. He was such an idiot.

" Hey, don't be to hard on yourself about not seeing it. When we are in love, especially our first love, we overlook a lot of things. My guess is she has been able to "play" people for a while now. I mean didn't you say her own father had been shocked by her attitude as well?" she asked him. She did not want him to beat himself up over that skitch. She took advantage of a very young and impressionable boy.

That pissed her off so bad, she was tempted to find out where she lived so she could give her beat her ass for fucking with him.

" You know your right. I have been so blind. I had this idea of her in my head and no matter what would not let it go." he said quietly.

" Hey it's ok. Your young Jake. You have so many things to experience. Besides you have yet to meet your imprint. How fun is that going to be?" she said, thinking about what she told Leah and the guys yesterday about Bella possibly being Jake's imprint. God she hoped not. She hoped like hell she was wrong.

" As far as her becoming a vampire, well it sucks, but she willingly put herself in that position. If you guys tried to hide her it sounds like a major war would go down. I think you are doing the right thing. Really I do. It was her choice to begin with. Just because she suddenly changed her mind, well that's for her to sort out." She said firmly.

" You tell your wolf to settle down in there." she said nudging his shoulder. He smiled and hugged her to him. She was awesome and just the person he needed to talk to. She said the shit that no one wanted to say. But he knew she cared about him. He felt it. Maybe it was being apart of the pack magic. But he didn't think so. It was just her. She was special. She had been through hell and that was just what they knew about. She had come out on the other side free of all the bullshit burdens most people would be left with. Paul was a very lucky man.

Just then Embry came in the door. He looked over at Jake, seeing the relaxed smile on his face, he mouthed thank you to Cat. He did not know what she said or did, but Jake already seemed much lighter than before. In Fact the whole room felt lighter. He was very grateful. He hated seeing his friend hurt.

" So what is the damage, my furry friend?" Cat asked standing.

Embry just laughed and told her " Well, you need a new front axle. I will have to order it and hopefully I can find one. But I don't think you should be driving it until I can get it fixed for you." he told her.

Well her mood just plummeted a bit. No car. How would she get around. Granted La Push wasn't that big, but damn when she wanted to go she went.

Seeing her dejected face Jake jumped in " You know Paul has another vehicle. I know he would love for you to drive it until your gets done" he said walking over to them.

Cat bit her lip. She had no choice. " Be careful with her ok? She and I have been through a lot. As soon as I have enough money saved I want you guys to give her a new paint job. Candy apple red." she said following Jake and Embry outside to her car.

When Jake saw her car he whistled. She was a beauty. Vintage cars were his thing.

" Wow, love your car." he said walking around looking at this and that.

" Yeah I know. I won her in a game of poker against some drunk asshole who did not want to take no for an answer." she said proudly.

She loved her car. She loved the way she got it even more.

" What happened?" Embry asked

" Well I worked at this bar in San Antonio, Texas and this guy would come in and sit at the bar. He just sat there not talking to anyone, just drinking. He was just one of those guys that gave you the creeps ya know? Any way, one night he got hands y, I had to put him down. He had a ..." she tried to say, but Jake interrupted her.

" What do you mean you had to put him down?" he asked

" You know I put him down. I grabbed his hand that was on my ass and snapped his wrist. Then when he yelled out in pain I hit his larynx. When he went to grab his throat, I kneed him in his balls. " she replied matter of fact. By this time Jake and Embry were rolling with laughter. She shook her head at them. Boys...

" Okay...so how did that get you the car?" Jake said through his chuckles. He could so see her doing that. He couldn't wait to phase with Paul tonight.

" Well we had to call his son to come and get him. After the son's wife left with his father, he stayed behind to have a drink. He thought it was funny too. Apparently his dad was a dedicated perv. Anyway, we talked for a good while as he continued to down whiskey sours. He told me his dad had a '59 Chevy Impala and if I could beat him at poker it was mine. So I took him up on it and here we are. Honestly I felt bad at first taking it from him. But I realized he wasn't as drunk as he let on. You see his father was a very public official and he was worried that I might give him bad press. So I guess it was a payoff of sorts. I didn't care. I did not recognize him at the time. He was just another drunk asshole who thought he could put his hands on me." she said

" Well...I'm glad you kicked his ass and took his car." Embry told her giving her a hug.

" Yea, I bet he thinks twice about doing that to someone else." Jake added.

" I need to call Paul about his car. I have some more errands to run." she said pulling her cell phone out of her purse.

It rang a few times and then she heard his deep sexy voice.

" Kitty cat..." he breathed out.

The guys heard and started chuckling. She rolled her eyes at them. Silly boys.

" Hey big guy...I'm at the garage with Jake and Embry." she stopped when she saw Embry motioning for her to give him the phone. She handed it over and started talking to Jake tuning out their conversation.

" Yea...Yea...I will...Are you sure? Okay...it's your funeral man." Em finished handing the phone back to Cat. She looked at him funny. What was that about?

" Hey baby." she said

" So they need to keep your car a few days. Looks like you need a ride huh?" he said teasing her.

" No I was thinking of hitching. You know show some leg, maybe a little cleavage." she was cut off by his loud growls. The guys walked away chuckling at their banter.

" I don't think so little girl..." He growled out. She smiled into the phone. She loved it when his possessive side came out.

" Jake is going to bring you by here to pick up the keys to the mustang, okay baby" he told her.

Mustang...Hmmmm she might enjoy this...

" Okay, I will see you in a bit." she told him before blowing him a kiss and hanging up.

When they pulled up at Paul's job site, she saw a crew of about five guys working all around. She recognized Jared who was standing on a ladder. When they pulled up he turned and starting grinning.

They got out of Jake's truck and started for the house. Jared met them and pulled Cat into a bone crushing hug.

" Can't breathe...Jarhead" she sputtered out. He laughed setting her down.

" Hey Jared man, who is the hottie?" one of the guys on their crew asked. Is eyes roaming her body hungrily. She had on shorts, a t-shirt and some flip flops. But the way he was eye fucking her, she felt as if she were naked.

Jared and Jake stared the guy down, growling low. They did not like that at all. The guy must not have had a lot going up stairs, because he kept on.

" Come on man, what? are you both doing her?" That last part was cut off when Paul came out of nowhere and picked the guy up by his throat ,his feet dangling in the air.

" You don't look at her...you don't talk about her...you don't even think about her...you got me mother fucker." he said shaking him roughly. She had never seen him so feral. Rage was rolling off of him in waves. She should have been scared, but she wasn't. What she was, was fucking wet as hell. Damn...pissed Paul was sexy as hell.

Jared and Jake had rushed over to free the poor guy from Paul's iron clad grip. The guy was turning purple, his feet were twitching. She felt like she was watching a hanging on some old western.

Jake and Jared couldn't get him off. She saw Sam rushing out of the house to assist them. It took all three of them and a " Hey big guy" from her to get him to release him.

She completely forgot about the guy gasping for much needed air, as Paul stalked over to her as if she were his prey. His eyes had changed slightly and she knew his wolf was at the surface. She held her ground, body quivering, her arousal leaking down her legs.

Reaching her he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder caveman style and headed across the street to the woods. When they were a ways in, he pulled her off his shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist.

" Mine" he growled out before his mouth attacked hers in a frenzy. She let his tongue dominate hers freely. He thrust his hips into hers, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

" Baby I need you to pull your shorts off." he told her in steely voice. He wouldn't be able to do it without ripping them from her body.

He sat her down and she did as he asked. She was so turned on she couldn't do anything else. He had undone his pants just enough to get his dick out Once her shorts were off he picked her up and thrust his cock into her dripping wet heat.

They both cried out in ecstasy. Thrusting into her harder than he ever had, all she could do was hold on. This was a claiming, plain and simple.

" Mine...Mine..." he kept saying over and over.

" yours..." she agreed.

He hungrily attacked her neck, nipping and grazing over his mark. This set her off into orbit. She came so hard white spots clouded her vision. He sank his teeth once again into his mark as he roared out his release.

Licking the fresh bite mark, he noticed she had gone completely still. He pulled her head back to look at her face. Her eyes were closed, her breathe coming out in pants.

" I'm okay... just need a minute." she murmured.

He held her close. " I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked her

" Hurt...definitely not...that was...well I don't know what that was, but I demand a repeat performance again really soon." she told him opening her eyes to stare into his gray orbs..

A slow, sexy smile graced his full lips. " You got it little girl."

They both put their clothes back to rights and started heading out of the woods. She looked over at him and smirked " Thanks for not ripping my clothes off "

He threw his head back and laughed. In that moment she would have to say that he looked so beautiful.

Walking back to the Weber house, he noticed the smirks of his guys. Some where chuckling. Sam was looking over Cat with a sharp eye. Checking for injuries maybe? Paul narrowed his eyes at him. Like he would hurt his girl. Sam shrugged and walked up to Cat, pulling her into a gentle hug. She hugged him back and pecked his cheek.

" I'm okay big brother." she said.

Sam was glowing with pleasure with her acknowledgement of their ties. He squeezed her again tightly.

Paul watched Mark slowly walk toward them, his head hung down in shame. You could see Paul's hand print around his neck, but other than that he looked none the worse for wear.

" Paul man, I'm so sorry. I had no idea she was your girl." he stuttered out.

" Don't let that shit happen again. I'm not the only one you need to apologize too." Paul told him keeping him locked in his steely gaze.

Turning to Cat, Mark hung his head unable to meet her eyes.

" I'm really sorry ma'am. I was way out of line." he said barely above a whisper.

Cat took him in for a moment. " Mark, was it?" she asked him. He nodded keeping his eyes on his shoes.

" First off, my eyes are up here." she said. He jerked his head up locking onto her eyes.

" There should be no time at all that talking to a woman or talking about a woman like that is okay. Just because my boyfriend nearly choked you out, should not be the only reason you are apologizing. But I accept." she told him.

" So baby..where are these keys? I have errands to run still ." she turned to Paul, effectively dismissing the ass hat.

Mark left feeling like an ass. She seemed like a cool chick and he had to act like a dumb ass.

Paul smirked at her. She was something else. She forgave him and said fuck you in the same breath.

" Here...you can drive a stick right?" he asked.

Cat put her hands on her hips and glared at him " What do you think"

He looked down at his little hell cat. " Sorry...sorry...just checking" he said pulling her into a kiss.

" I'm going to go. Oh yeah, I got a job at the diner. " she told him excitedly.

" That's great baby. When do you start?" he asked

" Monday. It's only a few days week, but at least I will have something to do, ya know?" she told him.

" Good, I'm glad you don't have to go into Port Angeles for work." he said. He looked over her shoulder and noticed Sam approaching them.

" Paul we need to have a pack meeting tonight before you and Jake have patrol. I told Jake to let Quil and Embry know. I will call the Clearwater's if you can get in touch with Brady and Collin?" he asked coming to stand in front of them.

" That's fine. What time and where? " Paul replied.

" Well I was hoping you and Cat would not mind having it at your place." he said looking at Cat sheepishly.

" I don't have a problem with it. Is everything ok with Emily?" Paul asked. We usually had them at their house. Something was up.

" No she's fine. I just think it would be best if we started having the meeting' somewhere else." he answered. You could tell he did not want to talk about it.

" Sam that's fine. Why don't you plan it around dinner time and you guys can eat with us. We can have them at Paul's " she was interrupted by the clearing of Paul's throat. She looked up at him in question, he just gave her a pointed look. Shaking her head at him and smiling, she continued " As I was saying, we can have them at OUR house from now on."

" Thanks. We will meet up there at around six. Will that be enough time for you to prepare dinner?" Sam asked her.

" Yep that's fine. I will see you then. Oh and Sam, you can invite Emily if you want okay?" she said. Even though she could not stand the hoochie, she did not want to make Sam feel as if he had to chose between them.

Looking shocked he replied " Um...No...I thought maybe after everyone left tonight that you and I could have our talk." he said. There was no way he was bringing Emily around Cat. He knew she would start a bunch of shit. Besides he really wanted to spend some time with her by himself.

Smiling at him, Cat told him that was fine.

Jake was waiting in the truck for her. Once she was in and Paul had reached around and put her seatbelt on for her, she asked him where Old Quil lived.

" He lives not to far from Jake. He can show you. Why?" he asked curious.

" I just have some things to talk with him about." she said

Quirking an eyebrow at her in question " Is something wrong? Has something happened?"

" No...nothing like that. I just need to ask him some questions about the legends. No big deal. I'll talk to you later about it." she said looking pointedly at Jake. She did not want to discuss what she had in mind with an audience.

Catching her drift, he leaned in and kissed her bye.