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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

11. Pack Decisons

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Hey guys...Thanks for all the great reviews. This being my first fic, I look forward to reading what you guys think. Yall have all been really supportive.

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Chapter 11
Pack Decisions

She headed over to Old Quil's after Jake dropped her at Paul's for the mustang.

She loved it. It was a '69 model, black and so beautiful. Paul and her seemed to share a love for classic cars. The supple cream leather interior had been restored to perfection. She was almost too scared to drive it. What if she damaged it somehow?

Pulling up to an older cottage looking home, she parked and headed to the door. She could tell the house had probably been one of the first one's built here. Still it was well taken care of and the yard was immaculate.

Knocking on the door, she smiled at a surprised Quil Sr.

" Well hello Catarina. What brings you by here today?" he asked her while motioning her to come in.

She walked in the house and looked around for a moment before answering.

" Well I was interested in the history and legends of the tribe. I figured you might be able to help me with that." she said eyeing a picture of a beautiful dark haired woman on the mantle place. This must have been his wife, his imprint. He had told her a little about her the night of the bonfire.

Quil Sr. noticing her looking at his beloved Marianne's picture and said " That is Marianne."

Cat smiled gently at him, hearing the longing in his voice.

" She was absolutely beautiful. No wonder you were so smitten." she said teasing him.

He smiled as he ushered her to his worn sofa. Once she was seated he took his seat in his arm chair across from her.

" So you are interested in learning of your new family?" he asked.

" Yes, I ...well...I recall my mother sharing legends of my own people and I hate that I don't know more about them. I have always been interested in the history and culture of my people." she told him. This was part of the reason she had come here. She did not know how he would react to her looking into ways for Sam to break his imprint. She decided she would keep that to herself at this time. No use causing an uproar if nothing came of it.

He nodded his head as if to agree that he too had such interests. " Well I have the tribal journals that were passed from council to council. I'm afraid the council of past times did not keep as detailed accounts of some legends as they probably should have. For instance when the protectors came about, we only had the barest of information to be able to help the young men. It was difficult to say the least. Sam was our guinea pig so to speak. The council and I could explain the old legends easily enough, but when it came to intricate details we were useless." Quil Sr. told her, his face showing how helpless he probably felt at the time.

" I am sure you all did the best you could with what you had to work with" she told him .

After a moment of silent thought, she asked " What about now? Are the protectors keeping logs or journal's of everything they experience? It would certainly be beneficial as you have seen yourself for future pack members." He looked at her.

" You know we had never thought to have them do that. To supposedly be such old wise men, we have not been very smart." he told her shaking his head. Her lips twitched.

" Don't be so hard on yourself. Perhaps with everything going on, something as small as that got overlooked." she told him with a grin.

He chortled loudly. She was a sassy little thing. He liked her. She was the most genuine person he had met in a long time. She was a breath of fresh air. Most importantly she would keep Paul on his toes. Lord knows that boy needed a firm hand.

" Well would it be possible for me to borrow the old journals for a few days? I would really love to read about your history." she asked

" I don't see why not. Just be careful with them. Some of them are very old. " he told her.

" By the way, the pack will be at the house tonight for dinner, would you like to join us? I am sure that at least one of the council should be present tonight." she asked him.

" Sam beat you to it little one, he called right before you got here. It seems Billy, Sue and Charlie Swan will be coming along as well." he said. He did not sound to happy about the latter being there. After what Jake had told her this morning, she knew why Charlie Swan would be present.

" Do you and Chief Swan have issues?" she asked trying to be nosy.

" No, not at all. Charlie is a good friend. Have known him for thirty years or more." he replied

" So why the long face when you mentioned him being there?" she asked curious.

" Well apparently Charlie has been told the truth of the protectors. No outsider should know of this. Not that I think he will blather it around town. I guess I am just an old fool who holds to tradition way to much." he said.

" I don't think your an old fool. I completely understand your stand on the matter. I would agree with you, however his daughter seems to be smack dab in the middle of all of this and that alone should earn him the right to have that knowledge." she said quietly.

" Don't get lippy, little one." he told her smiling to let her know he was teasing. She giggled.

He retrieved the old journals for her and was walking her to the door when she turned and asked him what his favorite desert was.

Smiling he replied " I love a good German Chocolate cake."

" Well I might just surprise you with one. See you tonight." she said waving.

She decided to drive into Port Angeles. She doubted Forks had what she was looking for. She would stop and pick up ingredients for chili and cornbread since she had to feed a pack of starving wolves. She knew how much Paul could eat and tonight she would have the whole pack plus some to feed. She needed something that would go along way.

She found an office supply store and picked up thirteen journals for the pack and imprints.

She would hand them out tonight. She thought it a great idea for them to write about there experiences. She included the imprints in this, because they were just as much a part of the pack as the wolves. Their experiences could help future imprintee's to adjust easier to the life of a wolf's mate.

After she picked up the food she would need, she headed home to get the chili started and to straighten the house a little.

She called Paul and asked him to tell Jared to invite Kim over as well. Since Sam had declined Emily's invitation (much to her delight) she would just give him her journal when he came over later.

After her shower she had changed into a pair of yoga pants and tank top, choosing to wear her fluffy pink flip flop house shoes for comfort.

She had both pots of chili simmering on the stove and two huge pans of cornbread warming in the oven when she heard the front door open. She knew it was Paul, so she turned around with a welcoming smile.

"Hey honey..." she said as she walked towards him.

Paul took her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly.

" I missed you babe. All I could think about after you left was that tight ass of yours in my hands as I pounded into you." he said huskily, laying kisses her along her jawline. She looked so hot standing in his kitchen with that tight little tank top on, her breast straining against the material. Not to mention the hot as fuck little pink slippers that accented her red painted toes. She had her hair in a low pony tail and pulled to the side, showing her mark for all to see. His wolf was happy. He was happy. This is what he wanted everyday of his life.

She pulled away from his mouth breathing heavily.

" No way big guy...We have guests coming over in less than an hour. Go shower while I finish up in here. Oh here" she said reaching in the refrigerator and grabbing him a beer. Popping the top she handed it to him.

" Thanks babe...I'll be down in a few." he said as he walked out of the kitchen and started upstairs to their room.

Turning back to the cake she was icing, she sighed in contentment. She knew she was falling in love with him. It scared the shit out of her. Not because she thought he would hurt her intentionally. He was too good for that. She knew he would always be there for her and she also knew that he would never look at another woman or have any desire to be with another woman.

She guessed what scared her the most is that with all of these feelings, she felt out of control. Which is something she vowed never to let herself be again. She hated having no control of the nightly rape and abuse she endured from her foster father. He was a sick and sadistic man. He used her body as his own personal play ground. He took advantage of the fact that she had no one to give a shit about her. No one to turn to. When she left on her eighteenth birthday, she made a promise to herself to never let another soul have that much control over her.

But here she sat. Living with a man she barely knew. On the verge of giving her heart and soul to him completely. Because Paul deserved nothing less than everything she had to give. They really needed to talk. She was not one to run from things that were not in her comfort zone. She always faced life and whatever it had to throw at her head on.

That is what she would do. She would set him down and tell him all of her fears. She would tell him everything that had gone on in her life since her mother died.

Finally she would tell how much she loved him. How much she wanted to make him happy and be everything he needed her to be.

With that settled in her mind she went to set the table.

Paul got out of the shower and dried off. He walked into their room and pulled on some cargo shorts and a t-shirt. The clothes would come off after the meeting when he left for patrol, but he was sure the pack would not appreciate him walking around naked. He was pretty sure his girl would be okay with it though.

Smiling at that thought, he turned and noticed the tribes old journal's sitting on the bed. Hmmm...wonder what she is doing with those...

Walking downstairs to the kitchen he heard the phone ring. He picked up the extension in the kitchen.

" Hello" he said while looking into the dining room for Cat. She was setting the table. She had turned when he spoke.

" Hey Paul...it's Billy...Look I know you probably wont like tis, but Charlie is going to have to bring Bella with him tonight to the meeting. He doesn't want her left alone right now." Billy nervously told him. Charlie had called and asked despite her being banned, could he make an exception just for tonight. Wearily he approached Jake about it. Jake was not to keen on it, but agreed as long as it was for just tonight. After tonight, she would never be allowed here again. He also stated that he would have to get Paul and Cat's ok though. If they were against it, then it was a no go.

Paul was silent for a moment. Shit...he did not want that she witch in is house. Especially with the way she had treated Cat.

Cat noticing Paul's formerly relaxed state had stiffened, walked over to him and laid her hand on his arm.

" What is it baby?" she asked running her hand up and down his arm soothingly.

" Hang on Billy." Paul said pulling the phone away from his ear.

" Baby, Charlie Swan is coming over tonight for dinner and the meeting and he doesn't want to leave Bella by herself for that long. He wants to bring her here." he said watching her face.

She stared at him.

" I thought Jake had banned her from here." she said.

" He did and after tonight she is. Charlie is scared to leave her alone right now. While I don't care about her at all, I do care about Charlie. He has been a good friend to me over the years. But if you don't want the bitch here, she wont be here." he told her.

" Honey, it's not a big deal. Let the girl come. I could care less." she said dismissively.

Shaking his head at her he smiled and leaned down for a quick kiss.

" Billy, it's fine." he simply said. Cat was right it wasn't a big deal. If she got out of line with anybody, well she would just have to deal with what came from that.

A short while later, the pack started arriving along with the elders. Paul got the guys a beer and settled in the living room with them, while Cat, Kim and Leah were finishing up in the kitchen.

He heard them laughing and he smiled loving that his girl fit in so easily with his family. He had the game turned on and everyone was just sitting around talking when there was a knock at the door. Ahhh...Charlie and Bella were here.

Cat beat him to the door. Pulling it open she smiled kindly at Charlie and gave a simple nod to Bella. She looked awful. Her hair looked as if it had not been washed in a while. There were dark circles under her eyes. There seem to be a permanent scowl frozen on her face. Paul could not believe how far down she had let herself go.

" hi. You must be Chief Swan. I'm Catarina Uley, it's a pleasure to meet you sir." Cat said holding her hand out for him to grab. Charlie was dazzled by the beautiful woman who answered the door. He shook her hand gently.

" Please call me Charlie. It's nice to meet you as well. Thanks for having us over." he said with a nod in his daughter's direction. Translation: Thanks for letting me bring my bitch of a daughter.

" No big deal. Please come in. Can I get you something to drink?" she said standing aside so they could both come in. Charlie greeted Paul and shook his hand.

" I'll have a beer if you got it." Charlie replied. Cat turned to Bella.

" Bella, would you like something to drink?" she asked in a neutral voice.

" No" she replied with disdain in her voice. Cat ignored it though and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer for Charlie.

When she had left the room, Charlie turned to face his daughter with a silent warning. She rolled her eyes and walked into the living room.

" Paul, that's quite the looker you got there. You seem more settled. I'm happy for you son." Charlie said patting him on the back.

" Thanks chief. She is something else." he said grinning widely. Proud of his woman. Proud of how she handles herself in every way.

" Here ya go Charlie. I hope you like Dos Equis." she said offering him a kind smile. Charlie seemed like good people. Too bad his daughter did not get more of his personality.

" I like it just fine. Thank you" he told her taking a long sip.

" Well why don't you guys head on in the living room while the ladies finish up with dinner." she suggested.

Cat returned to the kitchen and the girls.

" I cant believe how awful she looks." Kim said.

" It's a bit much if you ask me." Cat retorted cutting the cornbread and placing it on a huge platter.

" What do you mean?" Kim came over to help her. Leah just sat on the island. She was no good in the kitchen and she wasn't going to pretend to be. Cat smacked her hand when she reached for a piece of the cornbread. She growled at her playfully. Cat just laughed at her.

" Well, it's a little over the top, don't you think?" Cat said returning to the question at hand. Leah just snorted. Cat grinned at her.

" The girl has serious issues. She is what you would call a drama whore. She loves it. Especially when it revolves around her." Cat stopped talking for a moment " You know her father seems very sweet. It's hard for me to imagine that he spawned her."

" Charlie is great. One of the best guys around. Her mom is a little flaky. She took Bella and up and left him out of the blue. It really tore him up. I don't think he has been with a woman since." Leah put her two cents in.

" Hey, where is your mom? She should be here." Cat said suddenly.

" I guess she's at home." Leah said shrugging.

Cat walked over and picked up the phone, then handed it to Leah. " Call her." was all she said.

Kim finished putting the rest of the bread on the platter and went to put it on the table. She and Cat both grabbed each side of the big pot of chili and laid it on the table as well.

" Goodness girl did you get a big enough pot? " she joked to Cat.

" I know right? Feeding all of these people is like feeding a small country. I have another smaller pot made up as well. I am going to pack some for Old Quil to take home." she told her walking back into the kitchen.

Leah had just ended her call when they walked in.

" She'll be here in a minute." she said shortly.

" Hey I noticed Emily wasn't here." Kim said leaning against the island beside Leah.

Cat jumped up on the counter sitting cross legged. " I invited her, but Sam declined the invitation. He asked to speak with me after everyone had gone home." she shrugged " I think he just did not want her here. I don't know him well enough to have an opinion. But my gut feeling is that he can't stand her. If he could break the imprint I bet he would." she said giving Leah a sly glance.

Leah catching her look said around a mouth full of cornbread " What?"

Kim and Cat looked at each other and busted out laughing.

In the living room, the guys were all talking. It had been a bit awkward when Bella had first come in. She had tried talking to Jake but he just ignored her. She probably would have continued badgering him if Charlie and Paul had not come in. Charlie sent her a look. She closed her mouth and went to sit in the corner. Where she has been ever since, not saying a word.

Most of the pack were shocked with her appearance. They had never seen her so unkempt. They continued talking ignoring her scathing looks.

Of course Quil was the first to notice Emily wasn't there. " Where's Emily?"

A few of the wolves got quiet for a moment. They knew all was not right in the world of Emily.

Sam cleared his throat and stated. " She wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home."

Really she had thrown a huge fit when he told her he was going to be at Paul's. She demanded he not go. He told her it was a pack meeting, she lost it. All pack meetings had always been in their home. She yelled at him for allowing his bastard sister to come in and wreck everything. He lost it then. He stalked over to her, which had her backing away in fear. He told her never to talk about his sister in that way again. The blow up ended with him telling her the pack had taken a vote on where to have the meeting and they had preferred Paul's house.

And it was true. All of them may not have known exactly what was going on with him and his imprint, but they had recognized that something was not right. They had told him that they had felt uncomfortable coming there for a few months now. He had not known that or else he would have relocated their meetings sooner.

" Oh, too bad." Quil said then resumed talking to Embry.

Paul and Jared looked to Sam. They knew him the best. He mouthed "later".

" Paul I haven't been here since you remodeled . It looks great." Charlie said looking around.

" Yeah, it's finally finished. Cat told me it needed a woman's touch. So I will leave that to her." he replied.

" She seems like a fine woman. I'm glad to see you settled son." Charlie told him.

" Yea, I was thinking today when Catarina came by the house, that it was a good thing she's your imprint. You need a firm hand boy." Old Quil said.

The guys snickered.

" I do have to say, the spirits got it right where she is concerned. She's great Paul, really." Jared said.

Paul basked in their praise of his imprint. She was all they said and more. He thanked the spirits that his brother's seemed to really connect with her. It seemed they connected with her more than the other imprints. Hell even Leah had fallen under her spell. He loved watching the two of them together. He believed they were sisters not by blood, but by heart and soul. When Leah had torn the head off of the seer leech and brought it over to Cat, he understood what exactly that meant. Leah was offering her soul sister an offering of sorts. She was saying, I am a part of you as you are a part of me. I will honor our bond and protect you and it with all that I am. Cat understood her offering at once. By accepting the head dripping with venom, she accepted their bond. They would be forever tied together through their souls.

" Paul man, I cant wait to phase with you tonight. Cat told Em and I the story of how she got her car. It's bad ass man." Jake said chuckling at the memory.

Bella stared at him, her anger growing by leaps and bounds with every word uttered about that bitch.

Jake would not even acknowledge her presence. She did not even want to come here. Her dad forced her to come. He also warned her to keep her mouth shut if nothing nice could come out of it. So she sat silently in the rocking chair in the corner. But when Jake started talking about that bitch like he was friends with her she had had enough.

" Jake you cant be friends with that slut. She is nothing but trash. Has she turned you against me too?" she snarled out.

Paul jumped up and headed towards her. The while pack pulled him back as Charlie stalked over to her and jerked her up by the arm.

" You apologize right now. You don't come into someones home and insult them. You were not raised that way. What the hell is wrong with you." he said, so angry spit he was almost turning purple.

Paul was struggling in his brother's grip. " You dare come into my home, into her home, where she so graciously invited you and say such things, you self absorbed little bitch." he roared out. His wolf was wanting blood. He did not care that it was a girl who weighed no more than a hundred pounds. She had in his mind attacked his mate.

Leah hearing every word, told Cat she needed to get in the living room before Paul killed the leech lover.

They rushed in their and took in the scene. Half the pack was straining really hard to hold onto Paul, who was shaking so much, Cat was surprised he had not phased. Charlie was gripping a wide eyed Bella. The elders were moved out of the way by the few pack members that were not trying to restrain Paul.

She rushed over to Paul. First things first, calm the 200 plus pound wolf.

" Cat no, he is not stable right now." Sam told her. Fearful she would get hurt. He had never seen Paul so worked up. He was surprised he had not phased yet. His own anger was simmering below the surface. He had a feeling most of the pack was angry. They would probably need to go on a run once Paul calmed down enough to move outside.

Cat hearing the fear in Sam's voice, turned to him and rubbed his back.

" It will be okay. I promise. Now let me through." she said firmly.

Reluctantly he moved aside. He watched as she approached Paul with absolutely no fear. He looked around and noticed everyone was watching as well.

" Paul, baby...it's okay...I'm okay and I'm right here. You need to calm down big guy." she said as she stroked his jaw. He stared into her eyes and she had to admit seeing the rage of the wolf in his gray depths had her shivering and not in a bad way.

He slowly Started to calm down.

" Thats right baby. Calm down. You cant be phasing in here. You'll ruin the carpet. Besides are you even potty trained." she joked trying to lighten the moment.

It worked. Several of the guys and started chuckling. Charlie and the elders joined in along with Leah and Kim.

Paul just grinned at her. " Probably not, but how fun would it be to teach me." he said pulling her into his arms and breathing in her scent. After a few moments, Cat turned to Bella.

When she reached her, she rared back and slapped the shit out of her. Bella's head whipped to the side with the force of the hit. She instantly reached up and grabbed her face. She gasped.

" How dare you touch me you..." SMACK. Cat's hand striking before she could finish her sentence. Bella now had both hands on her throbbing face.

The room was silent. Most everyone was in shock. Old Quil was grinning like a mad man. This was definitely better than being at home watching TV.

Paul watched his little girl with lust in his eyes. She was so going to get it when he got back from patrol.

Bella's hands had dropped from her face. You could see the hand prints on each side.

" You stupid bi..." SMACK. SMACK.

This time it was both sides at once. Cat looked into the hate filled eyes of Bella Swan daring her to open her mouth one more fucking time. She has had it with this twit. She had upset her Paul and turned a pleasant gathering of friends into more of her drama. She was sick of it. If she had to slap her every time she opened her mouth, she would.

" Are you finished with your tantrum?" Cat asked a seething and humiliated Bella.

Bella looked around the room to her father. He was just staring at her stoically. Jake was looking at her with such anger, she almost cringed. Everyone had the same expression, anger and disgust. She had no allies here. Not even her own father.

Instead of answering her question, she clamped her lips together tightly.

Charlie had released his daughter when Cat had started walking towards them. He went and stood by Billy. He would not interfere in this. His daughter had been way out of line. He caught some movement out of the corner of his eye and looked to see Susie standing in the entry watching the whole scene. He wondered how long she had been there.

Cat seeing her strain to keep quiet, spoke with steel in her voice.

" You are here for one reason only. And that is to discuss the world of shit you have not just brought upon yourself, but your father as well. No one here is going to coddle you. No one here is going to listen to that acid tongue of yours. While you are here tonight, you will keep your mouth shut. If you so much as make a peep, I will do more than smack you. Do you understand me?" Cat finished. She was angry, so angry. She did not like to get this angry. She was a mild mannered person by nature. But this little bitch had almost caused her man to hurt her, by her thoughtless words. Even though he hated Bella Swan, he would have felt horrid if he had hurt her or worse yet, killed her if he had phased.

When Bella did not answer her. Cat grabbed her arm pulling her so close that their noses were almost touching.

" I said...Do. You. Understand. Me?" she gritted out slowly. Enunciating each word.

Bella felt fear for the second time that night. The first was when Paul had started charging her. This was the second. She nodded her head quickly.

" Good. Now dinner is ready." Cat said as she walked out of the room. She had to cool down. Her head was throbbing with the intensity of her anger.

She ended up in her bathroom cooling her heated face with a wet rag. She breathed deeply calming herself down. She did not notice Paul standing in the doorway at first. When she finally saw him out of the corner of her eye, she jumped.

" Shit baby you scared the shit at me." she said clutching her chest. He smiled at her shaking his head.

" I'm sorry little girl. Are you alright?" he asked concern all over is face. She smiled at him. He was so attentive.

" Sure..big guy. I hate getting that angry. The little twit." she told him opening the medicine cabinet and looking for some Advil.

" That was a side of you I have never seen before." he said stalking towards her hungrily. She started backing up, bumping into the sink.

His lips met hers in a hungry kiss. His tongue probed her hot mouth with such intensity. She moaned deeply, entwining her hands into his silky locks and tugging roughly. He groaned loudly at the feeling.

After a few more minutes of their heavy make out session, they pulled apart panting. Leaning into each other, foreheads touching, they stared into each others eyes.

" We need to get back to our guests." she whispered softly. He kissed her lips lightly once more and pulled her out the bathroom.

When they entered the dining room, everyone looked up from stuffing their faces. Cat laughed at the scene.

" Geez guys, hungry much?" she said as she sat next to Paul, who sat at the head of the massive table.

" This is so good. Thanks for having us over." Seth said with a mouthful of food. She noticed Sue sitting between him and Leah. She had not seen her come in. She gave her a welcoming smile, getting one in return. Her gaze fell on Leah, who looked at her with concern. She simply nodded at her. Letting her know she was okay. She gave an acknowledging smile back.

After everyone was done eating and the dishes cleared from the table, everyone sat back down to get on with the pack meeting.

Sam started the meeting. Catching everyone up. He told of what had happened last night and what Charlie had said regarding Bella turning into a vampire. Most of the pack were looking at Charlie in shock.

But they did not say anything. Cat felt that they would have been more vocal about it had Bella not been in the room. Jake continued to eat without pause. Seemingly not concerned . Cat knew was though. But he did seem lighter somehow, so maybe their talk had helped him.

" So we are to let the Cold Ones have the girl?" Old Quil asked. She knew he probably did not feel good about any of this, just like most everybody here. But what other choice did they have really? Leave her to the path that she chose or risk hundreds of lives?

" Charlie have you considered Bella's attitude and demeanor? " Sue spoke for the first time.

" What do you mean Susie?" Charlie asked. Cat saw his gaze soften when he looked at her. She looked to Leah to see if she noticed it. She apparently had if the small smile on her face was any indication. She turned to Cat and gave a small nod. Translation: Operation get Sue and Charlie together.

" Giving all that power and strength to someone who seems to have such hatred and anger, not to mention, no remorse or humility. I'm not sure that would be such a good idea. She obviously has an unfounded hatred for Catarina. I'm sure that she sees everyone sitting here at this table her enemy, because we have not defended her horrid behavior. Consider Jacob for a moment. He has banned her from the reservation and rightly so. However, I am sure in her mind he has betrayed her in some way.

Charlie looked lost in thought as he turned towards his daughter, who was at that moment staring daggers at Sue.

" So what your saying is bad person, bad vampire." Paul said breaking the silence.

Sue smiled at him " Exactly"

Paul looked over at Bella. She was glaring at Sue. He let out a low growl that had her snapping her head around and looking at him. He saw fear come into her eyes. His wolf howled in pleasure. He felt Cat's hand on his thigh. He turned and she shook her head.

" So what are we supposed to do?" Brady asked.

" Yea, I mean we cant let her turn into a revenge seeking leech. We'll have the red head all over again. Besides who's to say she wont hunt innocent people down and torture them or something like that. She isn't exactly the nicest person." Collin added in.

" You can not just talk about me as if I were not here." Bella jumped up and shouted. Cat raised up slowly, her eyes on her. Bella noticing this sat down quickly and closed her mouth.

" Bella you may speak on your own behalf, if you can do so in a mature manner. If you can not, you will keep your trap shut. There will be no screaming at anyone." Cat told her with narrowed eyes.

Once Cat sat back down, Billy turned to Bella and asked " Bella, do you have something you want to say?"

Bella turned her eyes to Cat, then looked down at the table. " I do not want to become a vampire. I have no reason to anymore. I don't see why the pack can't look after me like they have always done. Everyone here acts like this is all my fault. I have done nothing. So I led Jake on a bit. I had to. I needed him when Edward left me. He made me feel better. What is so wrong with that. If it wasn't for ….her ( she pointed to Cat) I would still be with Edward. Since she has been here everyone has turned there backs on me." she finished sobbing out the last part.

Everyone just looked at her in disgust. Jake was shaking with rage for her casual reference of breaking his heart. Cat just shook her head. Charlie could not believe he had fathered this girl sitting beside him. He was ashamed and embarrassed to call her his daughter. He let his head fall to into his hands. Sue got up and went around to comfort him. Poor Charlie.

" The pack WONT look after you like we have in the past because you have betrayed one of our own more times than I can count. Because we are not your personal body guards who come when you call. Because I would rather keep a leech safe than to have anything to do with you." easy going Seth spat out to her.

Mouths dropped open in disbelief. He had always been her biggest supporter.

" I agree" Collin and Brady said at the same time.

" Me too" Embry said looking at her with contempt. She had just admitted to playing with his best
friends feelings. She could go rot for all he cared.

" Me as well" Quil said for the same reason as Em.

" Count me in on that" Jared said hugging a disgusted Kim to him tightly.

" Everyone here knows how I feel." Leah said

That left Sam, Jake and Paul.

" I will not protect the life of Bella Swan." Paul said grabbing my hand. Cat knew it was hard for him, for all of them. It was in there very nature to protect.

Sam sighed " Neither will I"

Everyone looked to Jake. He stared at Bella with an unreadable expression. She pleaded with him using her eyes. The very same way she always got what she wanted from him. But Jake did not see that Bella anymore. He felt nothing. The final nail in the coffin for him was her earlier statement about using him. It had effectively killed all he had ever had for her.

Staring her in the eyes, he simply said " Get out" then he dismissed her from his mind. Billy relaxed his shoulders.

She stared at him, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Sam interrupted the silence " We will meet with the Cullen's tonight as planned. We will tell them they are to take Bella and leave this area. She or they are no longer welcome. If they do turn her and she comes back here in our lifetime, she will be torn to pieces and set on fire. As far as the red head goes we will handle that when the time comes. The Cullen's and Bella will need to be gone in two days time." he said to the group in his alpha voice making it all official. Bella just sat there sobbing.

Charlie had tears slowly running down his cheeks. They had started when he heard each member of the pack refuse to aid his daughter. He knew it had come to this, but to hear the hatred and disgust they all held for his daughter made him sad. Sad because his daughter elicited such responses in people.

" We will meet back here at midnight and then head out to meet with he Cullen's. Charlie are you still coming with us?" Sam asked.

Charlie nodded.

A while later everyone had left except Sam. Paul headed out for patrol after a heated kiss and a promise of pleasure later.

Sam helped her clean the kitchen up and they retired to the living room to have their talk. She sat on one end of the couch with her legs out in front of her. Sam sat at the other end of the couch with her feet in his lap.

" Crazy night huh?" he commented.

" You could say that" she replied smirking.

He chuckled.

" I am sorry about the first night I met you. When I moved in front of Emily to protect her. I know it seemed as if I was drawing some kind of boundary between us. That wasn't the case at all. I ….just reacted. I was in shock meeting you. Someone that could be my sister. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I might have sister, much less meet her. I want you to know that I am happy to have you in my life. The imprint bond I have with Emily, I found out can not over ride our familial bond. I want to get to know you and build a relationship with you. In what ever capacity you want." he finished. She could tell he was nervous. He kept running his hand through his hair.

" Sam, I would love to have you in my life. I, like you, have never imagined having a family outside of my mom. After she died things were tough. I had only myself to count on. I have to be honest with you.

I am not really fond of Emily. I know she is in your life and I will try my best to deal with her, but I want you to know a head of time that I don't ever see her and I seeing eye to eye on anything." she told him. She really did want to have a relationship with him. From what she could tell in the shirt time she had known him, he was a good man with a big heart.

" Cat, I am not in love with Emily. I am with her because the imprint does not let me be too far away from her. I love only one woman and that will never change." he whispered out.

She knew it. Just like she knew Leah still loved him. " Leah" she stated.

He looked at her in surprise.

" Come on, you don't think those little longing glances you too give have gone unnoticed do ya?" She said teasing him. " Don't worry. I'm pretty sure it's not so obvious to everybody. I just happen to be exceptionally observant."

He smiled, he at least knew that much about her.

" I want to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest with me" she said getting serious.

Noting her serious tone he nodded for her to continue.

" If there was a way to break the imprint, would you want it?" she asked eyeing him.

Hell ya of course he would, he thought to himself. To be away from Emily Young, God what a dream.

"Absolutely I would. But I don't think there is a way." he said sadly coming back to reality.

" Well I don't know about that. I am looking into it for you. I am not promising anything, but I really feel like this needs to happen. You are not happy or at peace I can tell. I want that for you. I want you to be with the woman you love." she told him softly.

He smiled and pulled her to him by her long legs. He just sat there and held her to him. Loving her scent. Feeling at home for the first time in, well, ever. This was his sister, his blood. She was beautiful in every way. He did not need a blood test to tell him they were related. He felt it deep down inside.

She snuggled into him. Her brother. Hers...She was happy. She felt their bond growing between them. She knew it would all work out. He would get his happily ever after, she would see to it.

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