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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

12. The Cullen Crypt

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Hey guys... Just a short chapter to see where our neighborhood vampires are at with all that has happened. Thanks again for all your reviews. My husband loves reading them too. :):):)

The Cullen Crypt

Chapter 12

The Cullen house was silent as it had been for the past few day's. Every member of the family was still reeling from the events that had taken place just a few short days ago.

Jasper sat in the room had once shared with his wife of over sixty years. A wife that he obviously never really knew. He couldn't fathom how he had missed her true character. He was an empath for fuck's sake. He had been so grateful all those years ago when she had met him in that diner. She had come into his life at a time when he desperately needed something to hold onto. Up until that point his world had been filled with nothing but death and carnage for over a century.

Led by a sadistic bitch, who took pleasure in having him unleash the demon inside. Alice had offered him a new start. He had taken it without so much as a second thought. That 's how desperate he had been.

His brother and progeny Peter had tried to warn him many times over the years that she was manipulating him. But he just wouldn't listen. He had found some measure of peace with the Animal diet the Cullen's lived on and he did not want to give that up.

He had known they were not true mates, but he did not care. He had some semblance of a life and would sacrifice much to keep it. Even the chance of him finding his true mate. He had loved Alice. No doubt about that. Over the years that love had waned, but he still held fast.

He just had no idea how she could have deceived him so thoroughly and for so long. Maybe in his quest to ride out his immortal life in peace and quiet had caused him to over look the signs of her derangement.

Shaking his head he walked over to look out the window. He had no idea what he was going to do now. He did not want to stay with the Cullen's that much he knew. He had only been close to Rose and Emmett. Carlisle and Esme were a little to Ward and Mrs. Cleaver for him. He supposed he could go visit his brother and his wife for a while until he figured out what he wanted to do.

As if he knew (and he probably did) his brother's name appeared on his now ringing cell phone.

Smiling he answered.

" Hey fucker..." he greeted him.

" Major, I hear y'all have had quite the cluster fuck over there in Spoons." came his brother's slow Texas drawl.

" That's a fucking understatement. How much do you know?" he asked. Peter just knew shit. He supposed it was his gift. But his brother did not think so. He couldn't call on it at will, so he just considered it a glitch in his brain. The thing is Peter has never been wrong. Ever. Which is why Japser was kicking his own ass right now about the Alice debacle.

" All in good time brother. Char and I will be there by tonight. You will need us. The wolves are going to call for a meeting. Bella's father will be there. He knows everything." he said. Cryptic much?

Sighing Jasper let all his questions fall away. He knew he would not be getting answers now.

" I'll see you tonight brother." Peter said then hung up.

Jasper stared at the phone for a moment. Charlie knew everything huh? Well that was not good. Something must have happened for the wolves to tell him. They were almost as secretive as our kind in revealing their true nature.

Bella Swan. He did not know how that was going to go. On one hand Edward was dead and he couldn't imagine her wanting to be immortal now. On the other, she had foolishly rushed off with his wife to save the bastard from the Volturi, bringing attention to her knowledge of our kind.

He thought the whole scene was a pathetic waste of time. But Alice was determined to save him. He had no idea that her plan was to involve Bella. Not that he cared one way or the other. The girl had serious issues. She was not what she portrayed to the rest of them at all. He had felt her underlying deceit and manipulation. Her and Edward had been perfect for each other. Both were spoiled, selfish and spiteful individuals. He had tried to warn the family about her when he first suspected her true nature, but none of them, except Rosalie and Emmett believed him. They had sensed something off about her as well and neither of them had any powers. So it stands to reason that the others knew and just chose to overlook it for the sake of their golden boy. Disgusting.

They saw her as this sweet, innocent and kind person. It was all bullshit. He had not cared enough about her to try and convince them. Now it seems something was afoot with her.

He heard Rose and Emmett approach his room. He told them to come in before they could knock.

Walking in they sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to turn around. He looked over at them with a raised eyebrow.

" Jasper, we have to talk. Carlisle and Esme just went for a hunt. So we should have some privacy." Rose said.

" What's up?" He asked coming over to sit on the opposite side of his king sized bed. He didn't know why he had a bed. It's not like he slept and Alice and him had not had sex in decades. He always got his pleasure elsewhere.

" Carlisle got a call from the wolves. They want to meet tonight. They are bringing Charlie and Bella with them. They were pretty cryptic. But I have a bad feeling about all of this." Rose said anxiously.

" We need a plan" Emmett added.

" Peter just called. Him and Char will be here tonight. He sounded pretty cryptic too. He said I would need him here." Jasper told them.

Rose and Emmett became more anxious at this news. They trusted Peter's "feelings" almost as much as he did. The other Cullen's had thought him and Charlotte were barbaric and looked down on them because they fed from humans.

" Listen guys, I will not be around much longer. But I do want to find out what exactly is going on here. Plus we owe it to the wolves to take care of that red headed bitch. They did not asked to have this brought to their front door. Now that she is aware of their existence, she will not go quietly, even if Bella was no longer in the equation. I cant stay here with Maw and Paw Brady any longer. I was only here because I felt I owed it to Alice, but now ….all bets are off." he told them.

He did not think they would stay either. Even though Carlisle was both of their sire's, they had come to dislike him intensely over the years.

The human facade he had worked so hard to perfect, could not deter from his naturally snobbish nature. Rose once told him that she felt like the only reason he had changed her was because of her beauty and her familial ties to the royal family. If she had not thrown such a fit about him changing Emmett for her, he would have not even spared him a glance. Emmett was a farmers son. His place in society had been that of the working class. Completely below Carlisle. Japser mused that the only reason he let him into his little coven was because of his reputation. He was known as the God Of War. Most feared him. He believed was building his own powerful coven. He had a mind reader, a seer and an empath that was feared and respected throughout the vampire community. He also felt like the only reason Carlisle allowed Bella to penetrate their ranks was because he thought she would become a powerful shield of sorts. Edward could never read her and Alice could not always see her. Although Jasper's power had worked on her. Strange.

The compassion and love he was known for, was total bullshit. He was an aristocrat through and through. He could give a damn about saving a life, unless it benefited him in some way. Every hospital he had worked at, he had such prestige and respect. Two things he craved obsessively.

Coming out of his mental ramblings he saw that Rose and Emmett were having a silent conversation with their eyes. Finally nodding to each other they turned to face him.

Emmett spoke first. " Jasper man, We aren't staying either. Your right though. We need to help eliminate this problem with Victoria. We are part of why she is here, as stupid as we were helping that sick fucker out. As far as Bella goes, well I say that is Carlsile and Esme problem not ours."

Rose shook her head agreeing. Neither of them liked Bella at all.

" Well we will go and meet with the wolves and see what they have to say. I have a feeling that Bella will be unloaded on us sooner than we think. So we need to find different accommodations. I will not be in the same house with her." Rose said, sneering the last part.

" I think I hear Carlisle and Esme heading this way. Just stick close to me tonight." Japser said getting up and heading out for a hunt himself.