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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

13. Meeting Strangers & Bye Bye Bella...for now

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Meeting Stranger's & Bye Bye Bella...for now

Chapter 13

After Sam left, Cat finished cleaning the kitchen and headed upstairs. She took a shower and put on sleep short set. The house was so quiet after all the earlier bantering. She walked around the house thinking of what she would like to do to give it a little of a woman's touch. Paul had told her last night he wanted her to add or change anything she wanted. His argument was that she was the lady of his house and it should reflect both of them.

She found herself standing in front of the old piano in the guest room. Sitting down she started playing. She loved Adel. So she played " Make You Feel My Love". Singing softly she got caught up in the music. She had an okay voice. Often times the owner of whatever bar she worked at indulged her, and let her belt out a few songs.

She was so caught up in the genius that was Adel, she didn't not hear the door creak open. Nor did she hear the silent footsteps making their way into the room.

After she had played the last key, she sat there a moment. She was so lost in thought, she didn't hear the

clearing of someone's throat at first. The sound came again and she jumped in surprise.

Turning she saw a man standing near the door. She gasped in surprise or fear, she didn't know which.

He was staring intently at her. She immediately noticed his crimson eyes. Vampire...human drinking vampire. Shit...not again...

Feeling her fear rising, she stood up and stepped back towards the wall. Terror spreading through her in massive waves. She had been in this scenario before. She knew how it ended.

What the fuck...How did he get in here...she thought, fighting down the panic.

" You have a beautiful voice" he told her. She detected a southern accent. Texas maybe.

" Um...what are you doing in here?" she stuttered out. Her fear was threatening to overwhelm her. She gripped her hands in front of her to try and calm the shaking.

He held his hand out in a submissive gesture. He could hear the fear in her voice. He didn't blame her really. Not after all she had endured.

" I am not here to hurt you." he said in a soothing voice.

She didn't believe him. He was a leech for fucks sake. All they knew how to do was hurt. How did he get through the pack?

" Really, I am not gonna hurt you. Calm down." he said stepping back.

" That's easy for you to say. In this situation I am at the bottom of the food chain." she said wearily.

" I am a friend of Jasper's. I need to talk with you. I promise I wont hurt you. There is nothing about you that I find appetizing in the least." his eyes roamed over her body " well not in the food sense any way." he said smirking.

If he meant to calm her with that statement, it had the opposite effect. She knew all too well how he could hurt her. She had seen it first hand.

Realizing what he said and knowing her past, he almost kicked his own ass. That really calmed herdown ass wipe. Mentally berating himself, he tried a different approach.

" Listen, my name is Peter Whitlock. Jasper is my sire. I came here because the situation with Victoria is going to be more than your wolves can handle. She is gathering a newborn army. Probably fifteen to twenty or more. They are going to need help with her." he said " Jasper and I have experience with this type of thing." he told her, stuffing his hands in his pocket. Trying to appear non threatening.

" I'm sure you know the pack is meeting with the Cullen's, you could have approached them." she told him. Why come here and scare the shit out of me? " she asked angrily.

He smirked at her. He was pretty good looking with his scruffy blond hair and muscular body. The red eyes were disconcerting. Of course they were all good looking.

" You are the only one who will get the other's to listen. I know that the wolves want Bella Swan out of here, and I don't blame them. The girl is poison. However that will leave your pack at a disadvantage sending the Cullen's away. They don't have enough experience to handle what is coming their way. Jasper has decided to take care of the red head before she can cause much damage. I am his second and will help him in whatever capacity he needs." he told her. His eyes pleading with her to believe him.

She studied him a moment. She still did not trust him. But she felt she had to listen for the pack's sake.

She would be devastated if any of them were hurt or worse.

She sat down on the floor and watched as he did the same. He looked like a cowboy in his worn jeans and boots.

" Okay, I'm listening." she said.

" You know when I first saw you in my head, I had to seek out my wife for some relief." he said grinning at her.

She rolled her eyes at him. Fighting the urge to chuckle. He was a charmer.

" Well I'm glad I could help you with that." she said dryly.

He threw his head back and laughed. She was a minx. Too bad she was mated to a wolf. He and Char could have fun with her.

" I know shit sometimes. I don't consider it a gift. I just seem to know when shit is going down. A few weeks ago I got a picture of you in my mind. You were quite the distraction. I mean your fucking sexy as hell. So you can imagine what was going through my mind. I thought I was gonna have to ditch my Char. You invaded my every thought." he pause for a moment, then in a lower tone " I saw everything Catarina. The horrible death of your mother, the foster families. Mr. Brook's" he stopped and stared at her meaningfully.

She shifted slightly. Feeling a little uncomfortable. She did not like that at all. She had not even told Paul about all of that.

" Okay, so that means what exactly? You knowing about that shit doesn't negate it happening. What does that have to do with this Victoria chick? " she asked him.

He studied her for a moment. She was definitely eye candy. Another time and place, he would have had her screaming his name in ecstasy. But alas, it was not meant to be. He secretly had a crush on her. He had seen a lot of her fucked up life. The last family she had been sent to, well let's just say he would being having fun with Mr. Brooks. The sick bastard.

" It means that I don't want the red head around trying to fuck with you. Trust me when I say that if she got a whiff of you, well Bella Swan would be a faint memory." he told her eye fucking her beautiful breasts. She had Char beat in that area. He had to get a hold of himself. He was here for a reason.

" The Cullen's will leave with Bella as requested. That takes care of the Volturi problem, for now. That leaves the red headed bitch. She will not go quietly. Since she has discovered the wolves, she will not disregard them just because Bella is no longer in the equation. She will come and she will come with many newborns." he told her.

" Newborns? What the fuck is that?" she asked images of newborn babies floating through her mind.

" It's not what you think." he said grinning at her. " Vampires are considered newborns for their first year. They are driven by their instincts. They have absolutely no control. By the time she gets here there will be about twenty of them. Without proper training, your wolves will not be prepared. They are young and have only brought down a few of my kind. They will need help." he told her running his hand through his hair.

" Why do you care? I mean the wolves are your naturally enemy. Would it not make you happy to see them destroyed?" she asked not understanding why he would bother to help them.

" If they were destroyed, you would be destroyed. I cant allow that." he said looking into her deep blue familiar eyes

" Why would you care about me?" she whispered

" Because you are special. Because if something happened to you all the forces, good or bad on this earth would not be safe from my wrath." he said viciously.

She was officially confused. What the fuck?

" I don't understand. You know nothing about me. How could you feel that strongly about me?" she asked him.

" I was in the confederate army before being meeting and being changed by Jasper. During one of my scouting expeditions, I came across a tribe of Apache's in what is now known as New Mexico. I had been injured in a skirmish with a few deserters and was pretty close to death when I reached their camp." he told her. " Most of the tribe were very weary of me. I was a white man after all and could not be trusted. The chief Cochise, decided that he would allow his daughter to tend to me."

Cat sat there listening, completely captivated. She loved stories of her people. To think that this man, this vampire, had met some of her people so long ago. Well it was mind boggling to her. The things he must have seen in his life.

" Her name was Ela. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She tended to my wounds day after day. I got to know her. She knew some English, so we were able to communicate. Over time we fell in love." he said getting lost in thoughts of his first love. He had been ready to give up all for her.

Cat had an idea of where this was going. Watching him mentally brace himself, she knew this tale would not have a happy ending.

" Unfortunately back then and I would wager now as well, interracial relationships were frowned upon.

It was a very serious crime and in some cases resulted in death. When her father found out about us, he demanded I go before the rest of the tribe caught on. He loved his daughter more than anything. She was all he had. His wife had been raped and killed by some white settlers that had come through." the pain etched on his stone face was unmistakable.

" I could not leave her. She was everything to me. I begged her to runaway with me. She refused. She would not dishonor her father by running. She had a warrior's heart. She made me go. She begged me to go. She was frightened they would kill me. In the end I had no choice. I had to leave." he finished quietly. He could still see her beautiful face, tears falling from eyes, as he left.

" Two years later I was turned and sent into hell. I never saw her again, until a few weeks ago. I started seeing visions of my Ela." he said looking at her intently.

No way...you've got to be kidding me...

" You are her exact replica in every way. To say I was stunned when I first had the visions would be an understatement. Even though I knew I would find you here in this room, at this time, and on this day, I was still shocked to see a living, breathing replica of my Ela." he told her.

She was still shocked. " So that would indicate that your Ela was one of my ancestors." she muttered out.

" It would seem so, sugar. You have her heart and her strength from what I have seen. That is why you are special to me. I will not allow anything or anyone to harm you in anyway." he stated.

" Jasper is trying to convince the wolves to let us help. They will have a problem with me and my mate because we are human drinkers. Regardless of whether or not they okay it, I will be around and I will be helping to eliminate the red head." he said fiercely.

" Although it would be better if they would allow us all to work together. That is the only way there will be no loss of life on our side."

She thought over what he had said. She still didn't trust him fully, but she could not let the pack go into this blindly. They needed the help. With her mind made up, she stood up.

" So what do I need to do?" she asked him.

Standing up as well, he grinned at her. He knew she would accept this. She was already fiercely loyal to this pack of dogs. She would want them to have every advantage they could.

" Whenever your mate gets back from the meeting you need to tell him everything I have said. You will be the only one your brother will listen to. When they have decided have them call Jasper's cell. We will meet up to discuss strategy and to train." he said walking over to the window. He opened it and turned to her.

" Maybe if this all goes well, you might could spend sometime with me?" he asked feeling unsure of himself. Something he very rarely ever was. " I would very much like to talk with you some more."

Cat was not sure. She would have to discuss it with Paul. She felt a little better about him, but he was still a vampire, a human drinking vampire. Which reminded her.

" What about your feeding habits? You can not feed here." she told him as he crouched in the open window sill ready to jump down.

" We wont feed anywhere near here. We will go to Seattle or something. We feed from the dregs of society. Rapists, murderers...you get my drift. We wont take innocent human lives." he said before dropping down. She saw him blur into the forest.

Shutting the window, she stared into the night thinking on all he had told her. She could not believe that he had been in love with one of her ancestors when he was human. The fact that she looked exactly like his Ela, was disconcerting to say the least. What did he want from her? Was he trying to re establish some sort of connection to his lost love? This was all very bizarre. She did not know what to think about it.

At The Meeting

The wolves came in to the clearing, all but Sam were in wolf form. Charlie, Billy Bella and Old Quil stood behind Sam, with the wolf pack flanking them.

Charlie had his hand on his daughter's shoulder either to comfort him or her, he wasn't sure. He could not believe that he was about to hand his daughter over to a bunch of vampires to turn into one of them.

There was no other way. He could not in good conscience allow her bad choices to bring down death and destruction upon innocent lives. He loved her. She was his daughter. But he was caught between a rock and hard place.

He felt like Abraham in biblical times, when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. He doubted God would intercede on her behalf in this situation. They were after all dealing with mythical beings.

Waiting on the leeches to come, Paul allowed his mind to wander to his girl. He wondered what she was doing right now. On their way hear he had felt a twinge of fear in the bond. But as quick as it had come, it went away. He shook it off to her maybe sleeping and having a nightmare. She had told him of her nightmares. So far though, he had not witnessed her having one.

He supposed it was having him close by every night. Their bond would give her comfort and allow her to rest peacefully. He had never slept better than he had in the last week. He knew it was having his imprint wrapped in his arms that allowed him to sleep soundly. His thoughts strayed to the night before. Images flickered in his head of a naked and withering Cat.

The pack had caught the images Paul had been projecting before he could shut it off.

Fucking pack mind...Paul though angry that he allowed them to see his girl like that.

Quil and Embry were chuckling.

Damn man, keep going... Quil said

I wouldn't go there Quil...Jared butted in before Paul could kick his ass.

I'm sorry man...but damn....Quil said in awe. Paul let out a feral growl, teeth showing.

Jared internally rolled his eyes, Stupid pup...

Quil shut the fuck up and get in the game here. Paul calm down...Jake said bringing them back to the ordeal at hand.

Snapping to attention with one last warning growl from Paul, the wolves watched as the Cullen's came into view. There were only five of them now. The pack noticed that three of them seemed to stand apart from the leader and his mate. That was very telling. Apparently there was dissension in the ranks.

Sam stepped forward with the elders following. Charlie guiding Bella forward to await her fate.

Bella could not believe this was happening. Her own father and who she thought were her friends leading her to the slaughter like a lamb. Sure, she had chosen this life initially, but without Edward it did not seem so appealing anymore. She couldn't believe her perfect Edward was gone. She knew what he had done had been bad, but it was obviously something he felt he needed to do. She did not blame him for trying to find some sort of pleasure out of his lonely existence. Even if it ended someone's life. He was after all a vampire. What did everyone expect.

" What can we do for you Sam?" Carlisle asked getting to the point. He hated having to consult with these dogs on anything. It couldn't be helped though. They did live in the area and the dogs were their natural enemies. Made to kill their kind. He definitely did not want to start a war with them. They could kill them all. Well maybe except Jasper.

Mmmmm...Jasper had been acting funny since Alice had been put to death. He had chalked it up to losing his mate, but seeing him standing apart from him and Esme had him concerned. He could not allow him to leave the family. He offered protection to him, just in reputation alone. No other vampire thought twice about messed with his coven because Jasper was there. He wondered why Emmett and Rosalie were standing with him. Something was going on and he would get to the bottom of it once they were back home.

" Carlisle, after our conversation regarding the rulers of your kind, the tribe has made the decision to turn Bella Swan over to you. Her father is to hand her over. We do not wish for there to be a war with your rulers. Too many innocent lives would suffer if they were to come here." Sam said, standing tall and firm. This was bittersweet to him. Handing over a human life to a vampire. Even if he could not stand this particular human life.

Carlisle's brow burrowed in confusion. He did not understand. They could have done this once Victoria was caught and they were ready to leave this town.

" Surely this can wait until we have disposed of Victoria. The Volturi wont check on her for a while." he said to the alpha.

Behind him Sam felt Bella starting to struggle in her father's grip. He turned and leveled her with a glare. She stopped struggling but called out to the Cullen's.

" Carlisle, I do not want this any longer. Without Edward what would be the point?" she said. Her voice pleading with the vampire to get her out of this.

He looked at her in shock. Get out of it. There was no way. If she did not change, his life, the life of his mate would be forfeit. No she had to be changed, she wanted this before and just because Edward was no longer here did not mean anything to him. Besides she was going to be a very powerful shield. He needed her in his coven.

" Bella dear...I am sorry, but the opportunity to make this choice has long past. You gave the kings your word you would be turned and that is how it has to be." he said in a placating voice.

Her eyes widened and she screeched out " I only went there to save your son's life. The least you could do is return the favor."

He was taken aback by her response. He looked around and saw no one , save his mate was surprised by her outburst.

" Bella, that is not how a lady behaves. You need to calm down." Esme said in her motherly tone.

Rose who was standing slightly behind Emmett and Jasper rolled her eyes. Esme was a true Step-ford wife. She lived in an imaginary world where everything was full of rainbows and unicorns. Rose truly thought she was unhinged. She did throw herself off of a cliff. Surely she suffered some brain trauma that Carlisle's venom did not heal.

" Oh shut up Esme. I am not your daughter." Bella said before turning to Carlisle " I refuse to be changed. You said you would never change anyone that did not want it. I am telling you now I do not want this. You will just have to deal with your kings on your own." she spat out to him.

" That's enough Bella. You have already made this decision. The pack is handing you over to The Cullen's and that is it." Sam told her in a cold voice. He turned to a shocked and angry Carlisle.

" We will not require your assistance with the red head. We want you and your out of Washington by Friday. You will take Bella Swan with you. You have her father's approval for this, as well as the pack." He told him.

" But...how do you propose to deal with her on your own? She is very dangerous. Before Alice died she had a vision of her creating a newborn army. You will need our help. We wish to right the wrong we have done here." Carlisle said. He could not leave this situation like this. He wanted to be able to come back here at some point in the future.

" As I said before we will deal with it on our own. If any of your family is is caught coming back here, we will consider that a sign of aggression and will attack. There will be no more formal meetings with you." Sam responded. His tone of voice letting Carlisle know that if he continued to pursue this, he would not like the outcome. They wanted them gone for good. Regardless of the army coming this way.

" Fine we will go." Carlsile said sadly. " Chief Swan I am sorry to have to take your only child away from you in this manner. If there was another way I promise you I would spare her human life." he said to Charlie.

Charlie could smell a bullshitter pretty well. His line of work allowed him to sniff out a crock of shit when he heard it.

" Carlisle, If your son had stayed away from daughter to begin with, we would not be here. You as his leader or whatever, should have seen to it. I am handing her over only because I will not stand by and watch innocent people be slaughtered because she chose to associate with unsavory characters." he walked Bella over to Carlisle. He turned to face her. She was sobbing. His eyes teared up. She maybe a selfish brat, but she was his daughter and he loved her with a father's heart. This was so hard on him. But it had to be done. At least he had the comfort of her living on forever. As he thought that Sue's words from earlier came back to him. He sincerely hope she would not turn out that way. But as the pack had said earlier, what choice did they have? They were all taking a huge gamble and were praying that their worst fears would not come true. Only time would tell.

" Bella, I love you and maybe one day you will understand why this has to happen. I hope that you will straighten yourself out and become the person I always thought you to be. Good bye sweetheart." he said laying a kiss on her forehead. She jerked away from him angrily.

" You can go to hell " she sneered out to him. She turned and walked over to where Carlisle and Esme stood. Turning to face the pack, she smiled a sinister smile.

" I wont forget this. I will be repeating this as a mantra over and over while I am burning." she wickedly laughed. " Oh and Paul?" she said to the silver wolf who had tensed." Your precious imprint will be the first one I drain." she said laughing. He lurched forward to attack her. Jared and Jake rammed into him.

Now is not the time...

Really, then when is the time, after she kills my mate? Paul snarled out pushing on Jake and Jared to get to the spawn of Satan.

" Sam I assure you we will let her do no such thing. You have nothing to worry about. We will make sure." Carlisle said. He turned to Bella and gave her a warning look. She just continued to laugh. Was she mentally unstable? How had he not known this? This did not bode well for her as a vampire.

" The other option is to kill her now. None of us want to be a party to that. So I really hope you can get this under control. If she comes here she will die." Sam said. He was worried. A deranged Bella Swan hell bent on vengeance was not a good thing.

" If she were to be killed now, this would cause Aro, one of the kings, to come here. He considers her already to be part of our world. She must be changed. It would not bode well for any of us if she were not." Carlisle said. He really did not care about the girls life per say. But what he said was true. Aro knew of her gift. He prized her above anything else right now. If the wolves were to kill her before she had changed, well he would consider that as an act of war.

Sam looked to the elders, who nodded at him. They had no choice. If she stayed human, they would come. If they killed her they would come. The only way to keep the heads of the vampire race and their very powerful guard away from here was to let her be changed. They could always kill her after if she became a real threat to them. Sighing at the fucked up situation they were in, he replied to Carlisle.

" Then take her and go. We wish to be informed when she is changed. She is not to come back here. She will be killed on sight." Sam said looking at Charlie. He almost forgot how hard this must be for him. He did not know if he could hand his child over to a bunch of leeches.

Charlie felt Sam's gaze and looked over. He just nodded slightly. Letting him know he was okay.

But he wasn't. Not really.

" We will take our leave then." Carlsile said grabbing a still cackling Bella and blurring off into the woods with his mate right behind him.

The other three vamps had stayed silent and still throughout this whole exchange. Sam turned to them and wondered what the hell they wanted. He had made it clear, he wanted them gone.

" Yes." he said looking at them. He motioned for Charlie to head back towards the elders. The wolves automatically came up on his flanks. Their stance was one of start something and we will rip some shit off.

" Listen this army that is coming is nothing to mess with. She will have about twenty or so. Newborns are completely savage and ruled by their instincts. I have experience in this area. I would like to work with y'all on this. It would be us and two more. As it stands right now, you will be outnumbered badly. Fighting newborns is totally different than anything your pack has seen." the blond one with scars told him.

" Honestly I don't trust your coven any longer, not after everything that has gone down." Sam said

Jasper nodded his head. Rose and Emmett remained quiet. It would not be easy to convince the pack of their desire to help. They certainly did not blame them after Alice and Edwards shit. If they did not step in, it would be a bloodbath. They needed help and hopefully their pride would not get in the way of that

" While I understand your distrust, I assure you that the three of us are planning on splitting from the Cullen's. We do not wish to associate with them any longer. I implore you to at least think of this. It could mean the difference in many lives be saved." Jasper responded. He respected the alpha. Lord knows he had his hands full with a bunch of young wolves.

He wondered where Peter had gone off to. They had come into town and he immediately said he had something to take care of. He trusted his second to know what he was doing, so he had not asked any questions. He left Char at the only hotel in Forks.

Jasper did not think it would be a good idea for his brother and his brother's wife to come to this meeting. They were human drinkers. Even though they only drank from low life scum, the wolves would not care about that initially. Al; they would see was red eyes and this situation would get even more fucked than it already was.

Rose, Emmett and himself had all packed their belongings before the meeting and stashed them at the hotel with Char. This way they would not have to go back to the Cullen house for anything.

It was a good thing they did for Bell's sake. After her display earlier, he probably would have snapped her neck had he had to be around her for any length of time. Her threatening one of the wolves mates was probably the stupidest shit he had seen in a while. He hoped like hell that through her transformation she would lose her memories, otherwise she would be a danger to the people of La Push.

Normally he would not care. He certainly did not understand why he felt so protective of them. He did not know any of them well at all. He just had this feeling in him that was shouting at him to protect.

Turning his attention back to the alpha he awaited his answer.

Sam did not know what to do at this point. He really needed to talk this over with the pack. He did not want to lead them into a massacre. But he also did not trust the Cullen's. Even though the blond had said they were splitting from them, he was still leary.

" I need to meet with my pack and discuss this. How do I get in touch with you?" he asked finally.

Jasper breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was going to consider it. Although if he decided against it, Jasper would fight anyway. It was better if they could all work together though. After giving him his contact information the headed back to the hotel.

The wolves took off with the elders and Charlie. They decided to meet up in the morning to discuss the situation. Everyone would just have to be late for school and work. This was more important.

The pack mind was busy with the events of the night. All of them concerned about Bella's parting word's to them. In her current state, she would be extremely dangerous as a vampire. But what could they do? It was a damned if you do Damned if you don't situation.

Jake's mind was running rampant with guilt for bringing her into their lives to begin with. He was so worried about Cat. She did not deserve any of this and he felt like it was all his fault.

Shut that sit down right now Jake. She fooled all of us for a time. I'm just glad you recognized it before it was to late. Besides I would rather deal with one bat shit crazy leech than a whole army of leeches with special powers. Cat will be fine. I will not let anything happen to her...Paul said running beside him through the thick growth of the forest.

The rest of the pack agreed with Paul and told Jake so. It wasn't his fault. They would all protect her with their life. She was theirs.

Splitting off and heading to their respective homes, Paul pushed himself wanting to get to his girl. He had promised her untold pleasure when he got home.

He reached his back yard and was assaulted with the scent of a leech. Instantly on guard he ran into the house not bothering with his shorts.

" Cat...baby...where are you..." he said terror in his voice. Searching frantically, his heart jumping out of his chest he ran upstairs and saw her coming out of the bedroom. He ran to her and pulled her into his arms, his eyes darting around looking for the threat.

" I smell leech. Are you ok? Was there one hear? Are you hurt?" he said frantically looking her over, his hands running all along her body checking for injuries.

Cat understood immediately. He smelled Peter. She was surprised she had not smelled him when he came up like she did the Cullen's. Maybe she had been to lost in thought.

" Baby, I'm okay...I am not hurt...I promise.." she told him soothingly. He started calming a little.

" Why do I smell leech in the house?" he asked her holding her tight to him. He could not lose her. He would not make it.

" Paul we need to talk. I need you to remain calm though okay?" she said leading him into their bedroom to sit on the bed.

" What is it" he asked anxiously.

So she told him everything.. She told him all about Peter coming into the house and scaring the shit out of her. This pissed him off to no end. How did that mother fucker get in here. After calming him down she told him Peter and Ela's story and how she was an exact replica of his first love. She finished with the information about the newborns.

Paul sat there and stared at her. What the fuck?

" But why did he not come to the meeting with the other leeches. Why come to you?" he asked. Surely this Peter did not have some kind of vampire love going for his girl because she looked like someone he had been with when he was human. He hated it for him. Cat was his and he would be damned if anyone or anything would take her from him.

" He said that I would be the only one that y'all would listen too. That my need for the pack to come back safe and sound from this battle would ensure my help in convincing you and Sam. I don't know baby. He seemed sincere. I don't trust him of course. He is a leech after all. But what if what he says is true? You guys could be slaughtered. I cant lose you Paul. I wont make it. Sam either, I just found him." she said getting upset at the thought.

He held her tightly whispering words of comfort to calm her.

" You wont lose me little girl. I promise. Three of the Cullen clan has broken away from the leader and his mate. They want to help. This Peter must be the one of the other's he was talking about. I can understand them not coming to the meeting. We would have taken one look at their eyes and attacked and asked questions later." Paul said kissing her lightly.

Cat sunk into his embrace enjoying his warmth. Since Peter showed up, she had a chill and could not get warm. He rubbed her back soothingly relaxing her further. When she had calmed completely she got up and pulled him into the bathroom.

They quickly undressed and got in the shower. He started washing her body gently. His gentle touches turned more aggressive as her arousal permeated the air. Picking her up and pushing her against the shower wall he thrust into her quickly. She cried out as he penetrated her deeply. His thrusts reaching deeper than he had ever been before Holding onto his shoulders, her nails dug into his skin leaving marks. She met him thrust for thrust as he moved inside of her deeper and deeper.

Leaning down he took her breast into his mouth sucking hungrily. She moaned loudly. He continued his assault on her breasts as his hips met hers. She felt his balls slapping her ass. She was screaming out unintelligible words.

" Oh God baby...deeper...harder...you fill so fucking good ." she gasped out.

Her words spurred him on. He thrusts became more frenzied, he would not last long.

" That's right baby...ride my cock. So fucking tight and wet..." he grunted out. She became crazy at his words. She moved her over him faster, her hips bucking wildly.

Sensing her approaching orgasm, he reached one hand down and flicked her clit bringing her to completion, just as he yelled out her name spilling his hot seed into her tight hole.

Panting for breath he held her to him, his hips thrusting gently, bringing them both down from their bliss.

" God baby...I did not think it could get any better. Fuck...you make me want to devour you." he told her laying soft kisses on her nose, her eyes, her lips.

Smiling at his ministrations, she hugged him tighter to her. She loved him. There was no denying it.

" Paul, I love you so much. I understand if you don't feel that way for me. That's okay. It doesn't change anything for me. I just had to tell you before my heart burst." she told him. He had become still at her admission. She continued to stroke his back as her words sunk in.

He pulled away from her and looked into her beautiful eyes. They were shining with so much love that he gasped.

" I love you too...little girl...more than anything or anyone. I am so happy you feel the same." he told her softly.