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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

14. Seperations

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Chapter 14


Los Angeles, California...

" Stop or I will fucking shoot." Detective Goya shouted out to the massive man hauling ass in front of her.. He kept going, no surprise there.

Sighing as she watched him hop a fence, she shouldered her firearm and took off after him. Bastard.

Jumping the fence, she landed on the other side gracefully, then sprinted off after him. He just had to run. They all had to run. Just like they were all innocent. She was weary of this shit. She had been working homicide for six years and it felt like a hundred. She had seen more shit than she cared to remember. The world was filled with horrible people who did horrible things. The worse thing she had ever seen had been seven years ago in Virginia. She would never forget the mutilated corpse of the woman, nor the dead eyes of her teenage daughter.

She had been fresh out of the Academy when she and her partner at the time had gotten an anonymous call about an assault in progress. Now how the person calling had known an assault was going on in that old farmhouse, out in the middle of no where, was just one of the many puzzling pieces to that puzzle that had never been solved. The images from that night haunted her for years. She had nightmares every night for two years after.

Seeing her suspect run in into an alley, she decided she had enough of this shit. Running one block over, she darted into the alleyway at full speed. Up ahead she saw the opening that connected both alley's together. If he had not veered of course she should meet him where it connected. A second before she got to the opening he ran out full speed ahead. Oh fuck no you don't...

Increasing her speed, she dove and tackled him to the ground. They both landed with a thump as theyhit the hard concrete. He immediately started trying to buck her off of him. She raised her elbow and swung , hitting him in his gut. Holding both of his hands in one of hers. She paused for a moment to get her breath.

Flipping him over, her knee settled on the middle of his back, his arms jerked behind him painfully. She was pissed. The motherfucker had made her chase him.

" You have the right to remain silent asshole. If you open that fucking mouth anything that comes out of it will most definitely be held against you." Before she could continue, he sputtered out

" Fuck you bitch." although it was muffled by the mouth full of concrete he was currently eating, she heard every word. She tightened the cuffs on him as tight as she could for that little comment.

" Yea, Yea...nothing I have not heard before David. Why did you run? I just had a few questions. You got something to hide dip shit?" she asked pulling them both up onto their feet. Grabbing her radio from her side pocket she called for a car.

" I ain't hidin' nothin." David replied defensively.

" Mmmmhmm...so why did you run?" she asked as she walked him back out to the street to await the squad car.

" Because...I wasn't sure what you was there for. I got scared. I ain't did nothin' man" he said "Can't you loosen the cuffs...that shit hurts.." he whined

" Sorry, David. No can do. What do you know about the disappearance of Maria Salvatore?" she asked

" I ain't never heard of her." he simply said. She knew he was lying. She had a nose for it.

" Uh huh...right.." she would have continued but the black and white had appeared along with her colleague, Detective Jones.

Shaking his head and grinning at her, he watched as the patrolman took the suspect from her and loaded him in the back of his car.

" So Nitika, how did it go? Get him to grow a conscious and confess?" he asked walking over to her.

She hated it when he used her full name. She preferred to go by Nik, it was easier for the pale faces to say.

" Well Matt, no confession, but he is probably sporting some bruised ribs." she said walking over to his car. " Give me a ride back to my girl?" she asked, batting thick lashes and puppy dog eyes at him.

Chuckling he motioned for her to get in. " You know the Captain wants to see you. Something about some cases in Seattle." he told her as he pulled into traffic.

She grimaced. She was constantly getting request for her assistance on various cases. She was known to get her " man" or "woman" as the case might sometimes be. But she had never been asked to go as far as Seattle. Plus she had the Salvatore murder case pending. She couldn't just leave.

" Well he will have to loan out someone else. I have the Salvatore case still pending. I'm pretty close" she told him as he pulled up next to her 1969 Dodge Charger. She loved her baby. It was metallic blue with black leather interior. She had spent a lot of money restoring her.

" Well, I think your going to find that the captain has pulled you off all of your pending cases. Apparently some weird shit is going on in Washington." Matt told her as she got out and headed to her car.

Waving to him she headed to the station. Just fucking great...

She had seen enough weird shit in her life. Pulling into the station twenty minutes later, she attempted to clean the dirt from her black slacks. She looked down at her heels and realized they had been scuffed in her tussle with David, the asshole. She was pissed. They were $200 hundred dollar shoes. That little fucker, she should go and kick the shit out of him now.

Walking into the homicide department, she ignored the calls from some of her fellow detectives and marched straight to her captains closed door.

Without knocking she opened the door, catching him eating a sub unaware. She slammed the door and walked over to his desk.

" What the hell Shawn? You are pulling me off my cases to go help out Seattle. Why cant you send Jones or hell even O'Leary. Why me?" she asked leaning over his desk.

He looked at her for a moment, sandwich poised halfway to his mouth. " Do you mind?" he asked her, eyeing the almost non existent space between them.

Taking a hint she smirked at him and sat in the chair in front of his desk. Propping her five inch heels on his desk, she sat back and waited.

He eyed her shoes, deciding whether it was worth the hassle to get her to remove them or not. Deciding fuck it it wasn't, he laid his sub down and leaned back into his own chair.

"Nik, Seattle brass have contacted me. They have some pretty gruesome shit going on up there. They heard through the grapevine that one of my detectives had seen the type of shit they are dealing with." he said.

" What could I have possible seen that another detective hasn't? Hell I have only been in homicide six years. Any number of those guys out there have twice that much time in." she said resting her hands on the back of her neck.

He sighed. " Nik, they have found ten bodies all in different locations. Some have been mutilated. All of them have been drained completely of blood. The victims have nothing in common except large areas of torn skin. The guys there are at a complete loss. The captain their heard that you experienced something similar seven years ago in Virginia, so they requested your assistance. Of course your arrest record is also quite impressive."

Nik sat there quietly. She did not have a good feeling about this. She had hoped to never see anything like Virginia again. It still haunted her.

" Shawn, I was just a rookie back then. As matter of fact, it was one of the first calls I had ever been on. Besides, I was only the first on the scene. I did not handle the investigation. Why not call in the detectives that actually worked the case?" she asked. Really she did not understand why she was being asked. She was simply the first on the scene. She had found the teenage girl huddled and shaking in the closet. Once homicide got there, she simply became a road block for the media that had descended like fucking vultures.

" Trust me, they went to them. Turns out everyone having anything to do with that case, is no longer with us. Both of the lead detectives were found murdered within two months of each other. Both had been, surprise...surprise...drained of their blood." he told her.

Wow...huh...she didn't know that. " Anyone else related to the case, the lab guys, the coroner, hell even the social worker assigned to the daughter's case, seems to have a bad case of amnesia. Not one of them can recall anything about the case...period. I mean didn't you find it odd how the media seemed to swarm this story at first, then suddenly you heard nothing about it?" he asked incredulously.

No she had not realized. Any and everything having to do with that case she had did her best to stay away from. It was only three months later that she transferred to LA and she had been here ever since.

" You seem to be the only one left that still has a memory of it happening at all. It's odd that I have been

in law enforcement for over thirty years and don't seem to remember hearing anything about what is clearly stated in your file. I would have heard about something this gruesome." he said shaking his head disgustedly.

He would have heard. It was curious to her that it was there on paper, but no one seemed to remember it at all. How is that possible? She could not seem to forget. It was very odd and it sent chills down her spine for some reason. Now she had to go. Her curiosity was peaked.

After getting a few more details from the captain, she headed to her apartment to get packed. She would be leaving in the morning.

Back in Forks...

Charlie Swan tipped his bottle and swallowed the rest of the whiskey. He had been drinking since he got home last night. He was sure he was pretty wasted. The memory of his daughter's face filled with hate and disgust had been playing over and over in his mind.

Logically he knew he had done the right thing. But the father in him was sick to his stomach. He had just handed his daughter to a bunch of bloodsucking vampires so that she could be turned into one of them. His mind was having trouble wrapping itself around the shit he had learned just 24 hours ago.

He could not believe that the sweet , kind and shy person he knew to be his daughter, did not exist. How could she have hidden this from him so thoroughly? In the last few months he had seen so much of Renee in her. But he believed all those years ago that she would need her mother more. So he had let her go. Now there was a possibility that she would turn into a crazed supernatural creature hell bent on revenge.

How was he supposed to process this? He knew he needed to get it together. He had to come up with some sort of explanation for her disappearance. Thank God she had already graduated.

He had to call Renee. Fuck...what would he say? He had never felt so alone in his life.

Just as he was about open another bottle he heard a knock on the door.

Stumbling in is drunkenness, he headed to the door. Opening it, he looked through his bleary eyes to find Susie standing there.

" Oh, Charlie..." she said sympathy in her voice. She pushed her way in, turning him back into the living room.

Sitting him down on the couch, she took in his appearance. She was glad she came. Cat had called her this morning after Paul had left to meet up with the pack. She was concerned about Charlie and asked her if she thought it would be okay for her to go and check on him. Sue smiled at her through the phone. She had planned on taking the morning off and heading over there to check on him.

She was touched that Cat had thought of him. It wasn't everyday that you had to hand your child over to a bunch of mythical creatures. No matter how much Bella had been despised by everyone, she was still his daughter. Sue did not know if she would been able to to what he did. Even though it had to be done. There was no other way. She hoped letting her go did not turn around and bite them on the ass later.

" You stay here while I fix some coffee. No you don't need anymore of that Charlie Swan." she said taking the newly opened bottle of whiskey from him

He did not fight her about it. " I let her go Susie...How does a father do that to his own child?" he sobbed out.

Sue had never seen Charlie show much emotion in all the years she knew him. He was not one for emotional breakdowns, but it wasn't everyday you give your child up. She felt a pang in her heart.

" I know Charlie and you are not alone. I'm not going anywhere. You did what you felt you had to." she said. She knew her words were lame but really what could she say? She was at a loss for the first time in a while as to what to say to comfort him.

" You stay put while I get that coffee." she told him squeezing his shoulder.

She was headed into the kitchen when she heard a knock on the door. Opening it she wasn't surprised to see Cat on the doorstep. She had told her she would check on Charlie, but she knew Cat needed to help to.

" I know you said you would be coming by, but I just had to. Is he okay?" she asked looking past her into the house.

" Well he's a little sloshed at the moment, I was just heading in to make a strong pot of coffee. Why don't you go on in the living room and see if you cant get his mind off things for a bit." Sue told her leading her to the living room and a drunken Charlie.

Leaving her with him, she headed back to the kitchen. After a few minutes she heard muffled voices.

Cat walked in and took a look at Charlie and her heart broke. Charlie looked so beat down. She had been up and down all night worrying about him. Paul tried to comfort her, but she couldn't shake the feeling that he needed someone to be there for him. After getting directions from Paul and sending him on is way, she had called Sue.

You would think after Sue told her she was headed over to see him she would have settled down a little.

But no, she couldn't. So she just got in her car and came straight over.

" Hey Charlie...I hope you don't mind that I stopped by, I thought maybe you could use some company." she told him sitting next to him on the couch.

His eyes met hers and she saw the unshed tears there. She felt herself tearing up. God how awful for him. Bella may have been one of the most despicable human she had ever met, but she was his daughter and you did not just quit loving your child because they didn't turn out the way you would have liked.

" I'm a horrible father...I let her go. I did not even try and find another way. What does that say about me?" he slurred out. His tears breaking through. He was openly sobbing now and Cat thought her heart would brake into.

She pulled him into her arms an let him cry. They sat there for a while, both of them openly crying. Sue had came in at one point and left two mugs of coffee and returned to the kitchen to make some calls.

Charlie pulled away after a while and mumbled an embarrassed "sorry" before wiping his face with his large hands.

Clearing her own tears away, Cat told him not to worry about it.

" Sometimes you just need to get it the fuck out, ya know" she said trying to lighten the mood. He smiled at her. It didn't reach his eyes though.

" Your a good girl Catarina. Thank you for coming over. " he said taking the cup of coffee from her.

Drinking it down he tried to stand and wobbled.

Whoa, easy there chief. Let me help you." she told him. Wrapping one arm around his waist she guided him out of the living room.

" Where are we headed?" she asked.

" I need to take a shower. If you could just help me upstairs to the bathroom I can take it from there." he told her.

She managed to get him to the bathroom door with little issue. However she was concerned about him being in their alone in his condition. All they needed was for him to fall in the shower and him gash his head open or something. Just as she was trying to figure out how to make sure he was safe without her having to go in there with him, she heard footsteps on the stairs.

She looked up and saw Jake standing on the landing. The relief must have shown on her face because he chuckled.

" Don't worry, I got it from here. " he told her heading into the bathroom and Charlie.

Walking downstairs and into the kitchen she saw that Sue was busy cooking some breakfast. She noticed Kim coming out of the laundry room.

" Hey I did not know you were here." Cat told her giving her a hug. Kim was good people. Sh really liked her a lot.

Kim hugged her back tightly. " We take care of our own and Charlie is ours" she said simply.

" I was worried for him all night. I thought Paul was going to go nuts getting up and down with me. I just hate this so much for him. She may have been a total nightmare, but she was his. " Cat said going over to see if she could help Sue with breakfast.

" It's true she wasn't the most pleasant person around, but she is still Charlie's only daughter." Sue said shooing her away. " We just need to be here for him through this. He will not be alone." she finished firmly.

Kim and Cat looked at each other. Sue's voice held love and affection when she spoke of Charlie. No he wouldn't be alone they both thought with small smiles.

Setting the table, Cat heard Jake and a now semi sober Charlie heading downstairs. He looked much better. His eyes were still bloodshot, but he looked more alert.

" Breakfast is ready guys, dig in." Sue said. She sat beside Charlie, while Kim and Cat sat on each side of Jake. They sat in silence. It wasn't uncomfortable though.

After a few minutes Charlie cleared his throat and said " I need to pack up Bella's room. I cant stand for all of her stuff to be sitting there like that. Can ….would you all mind helping me with that? I just don't think I can do it by myself." he finished quietly.

Sue reached over and patted his hand. " Charlie you don't even have to ask. You are family. You are not alone in any of this. We will all be here when you need us." she said soothingly. The rest of the table noticed she did not remove her hand from his as she continued to eat. Sharing small smiles with each other, Kim and Cat got up to take care of the dishes.

Sam and the pack met up at his house. Much to the packs dismay. It was so not comfortable here any longer and now that they had other options, this was not their first choice. But it was a small meeting ans shouldn't take long.

Everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Emily was bustling around feeding them breakfast. She was in her element. She loved it when the pack came to their home. It made her feel like a queen. Although not many of them talked with her much. She listened in on their conversation.

" So we are here to decide if we are going to except the leeches help." Sam started.

Paul shifted. He needed to tell Sam about the Peter situation. He wished Cat was here, but after her

worry last night, she felt she needed to check on Charlie.

" Sam, there are some things that happened while we were meeting with the leeches last night." Paul said. Sam motioned for him to continue.

So he began the story Cat had told him. The entire pack growled at the thought of a leech being able to get into his home. They remained silent after that allowing Paul to finish his story.

They sat in silence when he had finished. Sam was thoughtful. He knew they needed help. He just hated asking leeches for it. He had to put his pride aside and make the best choice for his people. He hated being the alpha at times. So much laid on his shoulders. Sometimes he did not know if he was making the right choices.

" Jake, what do you think man?" he asked the rightful alpha. He wanted him to start making more decisions. Whether he wanted it or not, his wolf would at some point demand his place. He knew right now that Jake was not ready, which is the only reason he had not made the transition. Of course Sam would step aside. He had no desire to remain their leader. His wolf did not feel the need to take that on permanently. He was alpha only because he had phased first. Nothing more.

" Sam, I think we should let them offer their assistance. After all they are part of the reason we are dealing with this at all. Besides the blond leech with scars did not seem too bad. And if he has the experience that he says he does we could use it." he said finally. Sam had been thinking along the same lines.

" What about the human drinkers?" Jared asked.

" He told Cat they would feed out of the area. He also told her they feed on the scum of society, rapists, murderers etc..." Paul informed them.

" How would they know who was a rapist or a murderer?" Quil asked.

" Apparently he has a gift of some kind." Paul said shrugging.

A thought came to Sam.

" Paul you don't think his intentions with Cat are suspect do you? I mean he says she is the exact copy of the woman he loved when he was human. What does he want with her?" he asked a growling Paul.

Paul did not like the thought of this leech thinking he had any claim on his mate. He would tear him apart before he let him get anywhere near her again.

" I don't know, but if we let them help he will be letting us know his intentions." Paul snarled out.

Sam nodded agreeing. There was no way a bloodsucker would take his sister. He would rather die than let that happen.

Emily had been listening intently. She could not believe they were just going to take that bitches word about the vampires. She could have aligned herself with them before she even came here.

" Sam,why are you taking the word of someone you barely know? For all you know she could be betraying all of you with these leeches." Emily said disgustedly.

The whole pack got still. Sam was pissed. Paul was vibrating in anger.

" Emily this is not your concern. You should not be listening in on conversations that don't really concern you." he said through his teeth. This of course enraged her.

" What do you mean this doesn't concern me? Of course it does. I am the head female of this pack and whatever happens within the pack is my business. I don't trust that little bitch and neither should any of you." she spat out to them.

The whole entire pack stood quickly, knocking their chairs down as they did. Their teeth were bared, loud snarls came from deep within them. Paul was shaking so bad, that he had the whole table shaking from his hands resting on it. He was trying to remain calm. Bitch she maybe, but Emily was still an imprint and he and his wolf were at war with each other. His wolf was chomping and snarling to be let loose on her for talking about his mate so disparagingly, but the man in him was fighting it. He would not hurt an imprint no matter how awful she was.

Sam knew he needed to calm this shit down, or he would be fighting a whole pack of wolves to keep Emily from being hurt. Even though he despised her completely, he could not ignore the imprint bond welling up in him to protect her.

Emily stood their shocked at the anger and hate on all of the packs faces. What the hell?

" You better keep your mouth shut Emily. Your treading on thin ice bitch" Leah spat out at her.

" Oh shut up Leah, Just get over it already. Sam is mine and there is nothing you can do about it." Emily sneered to her.

Before anyone could react, Leah had jumped over the table and had Emily by her throat. Sam reacted as any mate would he launched himself at Leah, although deep inside he was hating it, and grabbed her by her hair hard. The rest of the pack came forward then. Jake grabbed Sam throwing him back against the wall, while Jared and Paul got a rage filled Leah off of Emily. They held her to them as she fought. Twisting her body at inhuman angles to try and get free of them.

They really wanted to let her have a go at Emily, Lord knows she had earned the right to do so over the past few years. Emily was way out of line. She knew it too. So did Sam. Looking over to Sam they saw his shame for attacking the woman he still loved. They knew he could not help it. The imprint would have allowed know less. The fact that he had plastered himself to the wall to keep from charging Leah again, spoke volumes about his feelings for her.

Jake towered over Emily. His anger was in check barely. But he had to take control of this situation. Sam was not able to. He could sense his mortification over attacking Leah. It would be a while before he would forgive himself for it.

" Emily Young, you are banned from any and all pack activities. You have verbally attacked two of our members." Jake said in his alpha voice. Every wolf there cringed under the weight of it. Even Sam.

" What...you cant do that...your not the alpha...how dare you talk to me in such a way. Sam tell him he can't do that." Emily screeched.

Sam would not even look at her. He was so lost in his despair of attacking Leah, he could think of nothing else.

Jake turned back to look at her when Sam remained silent. " You have your answer."

" I'm fine let me go. The bitch isn't worth the guilt I would have for killing her." Leah said in a steely voice.

Paul and Jared both let her go. The whole pack and Emily watched as she walked over to where Sam sat. He had his face in his hands.

Squatting down beside him, she forced his hands away from his face. Making him look at her, she looked him in the eyes and said " I understand and I forgive you. Now cut this shit out and let's get on with it." she said. She has never been one for mushy.

Sam stared at her in disbelief. This is the first time she had ever willingly spoken to him. He saw the sincerity in her eyes and the love. God how he wished things could be different. He gave her a smile and pulled her into a hug. She stiffened at first then relaxed as he held her for a moment. Remembering the feeling of being in his arms was exquisite. She felt whole again, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Emily seeing all of this started screeching. No one could really understand what she was saying. But they got the gist of it.

Sam and Leah pulled away. Leah stood and held her hand out to help him up. Standing he looked one last time at Leah before turning to his living nightmare.

" Emily, I am moving out for a while. I can no longer stand to be around you. I will maintain some contact to appease the imprint. But other than that I don't want to see you for a while. Things have not been right from the beginning. I cant have you verbally attacking my brothers or my sister. She has done nothing to you and I will not have it. Do you understand me?" He said harshly.

Emily sat there in shock. How could her Sam do this? The imprint was fool proof. He should never be able to leave her.

" Sam you cant leave me. You have to do what I want. This is not what I want." she screeched at him. He winced at the high pitch sound, as did all the other wolves.

The pack were stunned. They shouldn't have been though. They knew things were not right with them. They were happy to see Sam take a stand for once.

" Yes I can and I am. At the moment I don't care what you want. You can stay in the house." he told her turning away heading to their bedroom to pack his clothes. He did not know how he was able to do this. He had tried before, but the pain had been to much in his chest. He wondered if his newly formed bond with his sister had anything to do with it. His chest did not ache at all right now. He felt nothing but relief.

After listening to Emily beg and plead, he was finally out of the house. He had loaded his truck and stood there contemplating where he would go.

Paul came over from where he and the pack had stood waiting for him.

" Listen man, you can stay with Cat & I. I know she would love it and it would give y'all an opportunity to get to know each other better." he told him clapping him on the shoulder.

Sam looked uncertain. He did not want to just suddenly intrude upon their life.

" Are you sure she wont mind? I don't want to push myself into her life if she is not ready.: Sam told him.

" Trust me on this. She will be so fucking happy. Come on, lets get you settled, then we need to head to work. Never a dull moment around here." Paul said laughing as he walked to his truck.

" Hey guys I am heading over to Charlie's. Sue called and said he was loaded. Cat is there, but they need someone of the male persuasion to help him get in the shower." Jake said smirking.

The guys just looked at each other shocked. The Police Chief tanked. They could not picture it. Poor Charlie.

" When we get to your house, I need to call Japser and let him know we are in and to set up training times." Sam told Paul and the pack.

They all got in their vehicles and took off, each heading to their respective jobs and or school.