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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

15. You Smell My What?

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Sorry I haven't updated as I usually do. Life gets in the way. I am sure most of you can relate to that. Thanks for all of your reviews.

Also, I have had some readers put off by the account of Cat's mother's death in Chapter 5. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but this is a story about vampire and wolves. Her death had to be descriptive in order for the reader to understand the type of shit she has been through. Also to understand the sickness that is Edward's mind.

This is why I rated it M. There will be more violence and gore in my story and I will be very descriptive of it. So if that offends you this may not be the right story for you. Again thanks for all your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I have already started on the next chapter. So I should have it out soon.

You Smell My What?

Chapter 15

It had been a few weeks since the wolves had joined with the leeches to train and plan for the newborn army that was headed towards Forks. So far they had been getting along okay. Somewhat.

Paul as promised, made Peter tell him his intention's with his mate. Peter had assured him that he only wanted to look after his Ela's family. Although Paul and Sam were distrusting at first they eventually came to some sort of agreement. While they weren't best friends with each other, both groups were working well with each other.

Cat had not seen Peter since the night he had come into their home and scared the shit out of her. She wanted to keep it that way. She was still leery to be in any vamps presence. Paul assured her she did not have to meet with him, despite Peter's pleas. She just was not ready for something like that.

Besides what would they say to each other. She may look like her great great whatever, but she was not. A part of her wanted to know more about her family from long ago. But a bigger part of her wanted to stay away from anything having to do with bloodsuckers.

Charlie started dating Sue and seemed to be forgiving himself for sending his daughter away. When he started feeling over run with guilt, the pack and imprints would shut that shit down. Cat had an especially soft spot for him. In fact he had joined them for dinner almost every night since she had went to his house. When he wasn't at Sue's of course.. He was a good and kind man, with a great sense of right and wrong. She had grown to respect and love him. She was so happy for him and Sue. They were perfect for each other.

Leah had told Cat they were getting pretty serious, with Charlie staying over some nights. Leah was definitely happy about the new situation. She really liked Charlie, always had. If her mother could not be with her father, then he was the next best thing in her book.

Sam and Leah's relationship had changed as well. They seemed to be more at ease with each other and you could find them taking walks along the beach when they were not working, training or patrolling.

Cat watched all of this from afar, as she continued to search the histories for a way to break Sam's imprint. She desperately wanted him to be as happy as she was.

Emily was not keeping quiet, however. She had shown up at Cat's house the next morning after "Sam's defection" from her. She knocked on their door screaming at Cat to giver her "her" Sam back.

Cat had stood there in stunned amusement. Emily really had a screw loose. Cat was about to tell her to get lost when Sam appeared at the door, Paul not far behind him.

They had heard her screeching as they were getting ready to head into work.

After telling her in no uncertain terms to never come here again. He would see her only to appease the imprint bond. She left in tears and frustration. Blaming Cat for the whole situation. Of course she would blame Cat. Hasn't that been norm for everyone since she had gotten here. First Bella and now Emily.

When she had come home from Charlie's all those weeks ago, she was so happy to find out that Sam would be staying with them.

They had grown closer every day. Long talks about their father had opened the flood gates for both of them. They still did not know whether they wanted to try and find him. They both felt for the most part that is was best to just leave it alone.

The days passed as Cat settled into her new life. She liked her job at Clearwater's diner. The people were nice and she loved talking to the customers. The whole of La Push had been in at one time or another, to meet the woman who had supposedly tamed the resident man whore. She found it funny how they would look at her with awe in their eyes. Surely he had not been that bad? They looked at her as if she had saved the world from Armageddon. Ridiculous.

One day she had mentioned it Paul. He of course did not find it funny. He really thought she would be upset with all the women he had been with. But surprisingly she took it all in stride. She told him she did not care where he had put his henry before her, she loved him and she knew he loved her and that was all she gave a shit about. He thanked the great spirits for the gift he had been given in his imprint.

Most women would have a problem being constantly confronted by their man's past. But not Cat. In fact she enjoyed letting them know where they fit in the whole scheme of things, on the rare occasion one of his ex bed mates had dared tried to antagonize her. Leah just egged her on. Kim was not far behind.

Life was pretty good. The pack had never been closer. Paul and Cat's place had become the hang out for most of them. Whether it be for a meal or just simple companionship for each other. They all felt at home there. They seem to gravitate towards Cat especially. They felt the love that she had for each of them. To Brady & Collin she had become a second mother. Theirs had passed away five years ago, leaving them to live with their aging grandmother.

Jake and Cat had become good friends. He had come to think of her as another sister, as did most of the pack.

Life was pretty good and it was a nice change after the rough start she had when she first came here. She knew it would not last forever, but for now she choses to enjoy the moment.

Since Paul and her had admitted their feelings, they were closer than ever. That did not mean they didn't have issues. They had a huge fight over Cat's car. She had been so mad when she had gone to pick up her car. As she went to pay Embry, he told her that the bill had been taken care of. If that didn't set her off, the fact that Paul had paid to have it painted as well sent her into orbit.

To say the shit hit the fan whenever Paul and Sam got home from work that night, would be an understatement. Sam had ducked into his room to avoid her wrath. Paul just stood there as she listening as she yelled at him. He knew she would be mad when he paid for the repairs on her car. But he did not give a shit. It was his job to take care of her, whether she liked it or not. He told her all of this after she had ceased her rant. Of course that set her off again.

They eventually quit fighting and started fucking. Best way ever to end an argument. Sam was of course mortified when he heard the sounds of their coupling coming from the living room. It's like they forgot he was in the house or maybe they just did not give a damn. He believed it to be the latter. He simply jumped out of his window and headed into the forest, phasing for a run.

Today was Friday and Cat was headed to the station to take Charlie some lunch. This had been something of a routine for them for a while now. After she got off work, she would have Sue make a plate for him and she would then head to the station. She had taken it as her own personal mission to make sure he was eating properly.

Charlie of course was enjoying every moment of it. While she could not replace Bella, Cat had taken up a place in his heart that allowed him some measure of comfort. He knew her and Sam's father had not been there for either of them. He liked to think he filled some part of her that had been empty due to her father not being around. Whatever it was he was at peace most of the time now. The pack would not let him blame himself for very long. They included him in all of their activities. Hell he ate most nights either at Sue's or Cat's.

He was at the moment talking with a detective Goya. She had come in from Seattle a while ago. It seems that Seattle is having a splurge of murders. All of them with one thing in common, they had been drained of all their blood.

Now Charlie knew this was the work of a vampire. Obviously he could not tell the detective that. She had come down because they had found some old blood in a warehouse. After having run tests on it, they concluded that it came from a young man from Forks, by the name of Riley Byers.

Charlie remembered the case. He had looked for the missing boy for well over a year. He had been a student at the University of Washington in Seattle. He had come home for the weekend and ended up missing. His parents had immediately contacted Chief Swan. There were no leads. If was if he had vanished off the face of the earth. Charlie now convinced his disappearance had something to do with the vampire the pack had been chasing, the one that wanted Bella.

Of course he could say none of this to the incredibly attractive detective sitting across from him at his desk.

" Detective your more than welcome to look at all my case files for the Byers case. Although there isn't much there. It was like he vanished." Charlie told her.

Nik tried to hold in her frustration. She had been on a whirlwind since she has first stepped foot into Washington almost three weeks ago. The killings had been similar to that of the Virginia homicide with one difference, none of the victims had been brutally raped. They had just recently found another five bodies in a warehouse on the outskirts of Seattle. They had all been drained of their blood.

What was interesting was that they had found some older blood in the same warehouse. She got excited when they had gotten a hit on it. Riley Byers from Forks Washington. She headed to Forks feeling lighter than she had in weeks. Hoping that this would lead to something...anything...

On the three hour drive she contemplated how Riley's blood could be in the same warehouse as the five victims. Was he responsible? Was he a victim himself? Questions and more questions whirled through her mind as she came into Forks. Following the directions from her nav system, she pulled into the parking lot of the Forks PD. She loved small towns. She had come from a small reservation in Colorado. She missed the feeling of community. Growing up there she had been raised by her tribes customs and traditions. She like most teenagers could not wait to get out. As she grew older she realized how much she missed the small town life. Living in a major city like LA, made it almost impossible to get close to anyone.

Walking through the door, she asked the officer at the front desk to speak to Chief Swan. Showing him her badge and giving her name, she sat down in one of the plastic chairs and waited.

Two hours later, her earlier mood had almost vanished. The chief couldn't tell her anymore than she already knew

Damn it...They had no leads...no DNA and fifteen bodies that had all been drained of their blood. What the hell had they done with all that blood? If she did not know better she would say a vampire was on the loose. Oh yeah, she could see her marching into Seattle telling the lead detective that he had a blood thirsty vampire on the loose. She laughed internally.

Standing and holding her hand out for the chief to shake " Well chief, I appreciate your time. Would you mind if I got copies of this?" she asked holding up the folder on the Byers kid.

" Not at all Detective Goya. I will have Margaret make some copies for you. You can wait in here or out in the lobby." he said heading out the door to get Margaret. She decided to wait in the lobby. She had had enough of small offices for a while.

Sitting back down in the chair she abandoned earlier, she noticed the desk Sargent eyeing her. Mentally rolling her eyes she picked up a magazine from the small plastic table beside her.

She heard the door open and someone walk in.

" Hey Miss Cat. The chief will be right out. What did he get for lunch today?" the desk Sargent asked.

Cat still had not looked up from her magazine. She was reading an article about Brangelina's newest addition to the family. Nothing like trash mags to keep your mind busy.

" Well Ray, I brought him steak of course. Have you ever seen him eat anything else? I brought you and the guys some of Sue's apple pie to." the throaty voice answered. Cat glanced up and noticed a tall native woman reaching into the enormous bag she carried. Handing Ray the apple pie, she turned to take a seat.

" Ill just wait here." she told him over her shoulder. Ray did not respond, he was too busy munching down on the pie she had brought.

Cat got a look of her face and she gasped. It couldn't be. She looked older, but there was no mistaking those deep blue eyes. She looked almost exactly like her mother had.

It may have been seven years ago, but Nik did not forget one detail about the terrorized young girl she had found huddled and shaking in her closet.

Having heard her gasp, the woman looked into her eyes with a questioning glance.

" Hi I'm Nitika Goya." she said holding her hand out to the girl.

Cat shook her hand. She had feeling that she should know this woman. She did not look familiar at all, it was just a feeling.

" Do I know you" she asked straight to the point.

" No, I don't guess you would remember me. But I never forgot you." Nik replied. How odd was it that she had found the girl who's mother had been brutally raped and murdered, then drained of her blood, while she was trying to solve a series of murders where the victims had all been drained of their blood?

It was very curious.

" Forgot me? Where did we meet before?" Cat asked confused. Who the hell was this woman?

" Catarina Longshadow Uley. Mother, Lola Longshadow. I was one of the first responding officers when the call came in for an assault at 2445 Skyhope Dr., Manassas, Virginia. Seven years ago." she replied watching the girls face tense at the mention of her mother. She internally winced at her blasé tone of voice.

Cat pulled in air as she fought the memories of that night. Fuck...of all days.

" Well I don't remember you. I'm sure you can understand why. Is there a reason your here in Forks? Is this about my mother's case?" she asked getting it together. Obviously this woman was not here to inform her that they had caught her mother's killer. No her mate had done that. She smiled at the thought of Paul. God she loved him.

" No actually I am working on a series of murders in the Seattle area. I had a lead that brought me here. It is curious to me that I find you here. The murders in Seattle have a common thread with your mother's case." Nik said watching her face carefully. The girl scrunched her brow in confusion.

" Really, what is that?" Cat asked. What could they possibly have in common with the gruesome murder of her mother.

" They have all been drained of blood." the woman told her, watching for her reaction. She did not have one. At least on the outside. She had learned long ago how to keep her features impassive, while internally she was freaking out. She knew who or what was causing all the deaths in Seattle. But she couldn't tell this detective that. Shit she needed to get home to Paul and let him and Sam know what she heard. Charlie probably knows more.

" So you think it is the same killer from all those years ago?" Cat asked perfectly calm.

Nik was disappointed she did not get more of a reaction than she did. Her gut was telling her that Catarina knew more than she was letting on.

" I doubt it. The absence of any blood is the only similarity. But it is curious don't you think?" she asked.

"Hmmm." Cat responded absently, her mind already miles away. She needed to get home.

Nik did not get a chance to talk with her further. Chief Swan came out with the copied file in his hand.

" Detective, here is your copies. If there is anything I can help you with let me know." he said handing her the file and his card. He turned and saw Cat sitting there with a large bag.

" Ahh...lunch is here. How are you today Catarina?" Charlie asked walking over to her.

" Hey Charlie. I'm good. I brought you some goodies from Sue. I think she may have a surprise for you in here." she told him standing and holding the bag up.

He blushed slightly and ducked his head at the mention of Sue. Cat grinned. He took the bag from her and looked to Nik.

" Are you driving back to Seattle this afternoon?" he asked

" I was but I think I'm going to hang around a day or two. I would like to talk with Riley's parents. There address should be in the file right?" she asked. There was no way she was heading back now. She had a feeling that whatever was happening in Seattle, this woman was in the know. Her gut was telling her to stay put and she had never not listened.

" Yes it should all be in the file. There is a hotel about a mile from here. Like I said if you need anything let me know. Cat are you staying today?" he asked.

" No I have to head over to the Johnson's with lunch for the guys. They aid they were going to work through lunch to get done today, but I know they will be starving." she told him while she gathered her purse and started for the door. " But I will see you at dinner right?"

" Wouldn't miss it." he told her.

As she pulled up to the Johnson's plantation style house, she looked around for Paul and or Sam. They must have been inside. She only saw Jared and the rest of the crew milling around the yard.

Grabbing their lunches, she got out and walked towards the front door.

" hey guys. I've got lunch. I hope Philly Cheese subs are okay." she said handing them out as the guys came over.

" From Sue's?" Mark asked as her unwrapped his sub. Shaking her head, she heard him groan. Clearwater Diner was loved by many.

" Thanks Cat, Sam and Paul are inside. They had some rewiring to do in the attic." Jared told her giving her a kiss on the cheek as she passed.

Walking into the beautiful home she admired the hard wood floors as she took her shoes off. This place was not one you felt comfortable stomping around in. All the furniture was pristine white. She would be scared to even sit down. They must not have kids, she thought as she headed towards the staircase.

" Paul? Sam? Where are you guys?" climbing the stairs as she called out to them.

Paul met her at the top with a big grin and a glint of lust in his eye. She rolled her eyes at him before leaning in for a searing kiss.

" Hey baby...I thought I would bring lunch by for y'all. I know you said you were going to work through lunch, but I also know you have to be starving." her voice was muffled by his chest. She pressed into him and inhaled his scent, just as he did her.

" No I'm glad you did. I'm starving. Sam's still in the attic. Come on up." he said dragging her along behind him.

Once they reached the attic, she looked around at all the antiques they had stored up here and wished she could go through and look at her leisure. She loved attics stuffed with items from times past.

" Hey sis..." Sam said hugging her to him as he placed a kiss to her cheek. She heard in inhale her scent just as Paul had done moments ago. He had told her that her scent comforted him. It had more power to calm him than Emily's did. He did not understand how that could be. She told him to talk with one of the elders about it.

Although she thought that it was because Sam or his wolf had not completely accepted the imprint bond. But she was definitely not going to bring that up to him. He rarely mentioned Emily anymore. He would still stop by and see her only when the ache got to be so intense he could barely function.

" Hey brother bear, how is your day?" she asked him as he released her.

" Busy. We are almost done though. Which is good, because we need to get started on the job over at Forks High School. I swear we have more business than we can handle at the moment." he told her rubbing the back of his neck. He sounded put out, but she knew Paul and him were excited about the business coming there way. They had worked hard to build it up over the last few years and people were starting to notice. They were good at what they did and they got it done in half the time and cost that their competitors did.

" That is a good problem to have bubby..." she said teasing him with one of the nicknames she had come up for him. He hated it. Every time she said it, he would cringe like he was doing now. She just chuckled. Paul joined in.

" I went by the station to take Charlie his lunch and I ran into someone." she told them suddenly serious.

Paul and Sam both were instantly on alert. All manner of people or things crossing their minds.

She noticed their tense stance and rolled her eyes at both of them. " I said someone not something, relax." she said rubbing both of their arms. They both calmed down.

" It was a Detective from Seattle. Apparently there are a lot of killings going on up their. She was one of the officer's that first responded to the 911 call about my mother seven years ago. She recognized me right off. Although how I don't know. I was only 16 at the time. Surely I have changed quite a bit since then?" she trailed off getting lost ion thought.

Paul grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He knew that thinking of that time was hard for her. Although if you did not know her you would never know it. She could lock her emotions down in the blink of an eye. But Paul knew. Not because of the bond, he knew because he knew her.

" Are you okay baby? Did she say anything to upset you?" He asked while he rubbed his hands up and down her back soothingly.

" I'm okay really. It just caught me off guard. She told me that the victims had one thing in common with my mothers murder. She said they had all been drained of blood. She thought it was , what was the word she used...oh yeah, she thought it was curious." she finished.

They both looked at her for a moment. Finally Paul spoke.

" It's a safe bet that all the murders in Seattle are from the red headed bitch feeding her army. I thought they had rules though. You know to be inconspicuous. Not let the humans suspect anything. What if this brings those old fuckers here to investigate? Then we will have some serious problems." he said, worry clouding his otherwise beautiful features.

" I agree. We need to contact Jasper and let him know. Maybe he can find out if the old fuckers have heard of this yet. We may have to instigate this battle ourselves in order to stop the killings. Although having a pack of wolves let loose on the streets of Seattle is probably not the way to go." Sam replied deep in concentration.

" Not only that, but what if this detective starts nosing around? She told Charlie she would be staying in town for a few days to speak with someones parents. I am not sure who's. But I bet Charlie does. He is coming to the house for dinner tonight, maybe we need to call the elders and pack over as well. If she starts poking around they need to be aware don't you think?" Cat said

Shaking their heads in affirmative, Paul and Sam pulled out there phones and made some calls. Cat found an old table and spread their lunch out for them. She had brought hers as well, so they could all eat together.

Sitting next to Paul and across from Sam eating her lunch, Cat decided to bring up what she had found out in the tribal journals to Sam. She was sort of nervous.

" Sam, I uh...have been reading the old journals as you know." she started. He only nodded, his mouth was full of food.

" I found something that you might be interested in." she said, not yet ready to blurt out her findings. She did not know why she was so nervous. This was just Sam.

Paul noticing her stall tactics, said " Spit it out babe." between bites of his sub.

She breathed in deeply and looked over at Sam again. " Well you see, I have been looking for a way for you to be able to break your imprint bond with Emily. I know you are not happy and I just cant stand it. I want you to be happy and at peace. Something I am sure you want as well." she stopped and peaked over at him through her lashes. He had stopped eating and was just staring at her, completely still. She looked over to Paul and was surprised by the anxiety on his face. What was he anxious for? She was the one trying to help split up a wolf and his mate. She raised a questioning brow at him an he just looked back down at his food not meeting her eyes. Now she was really worried. What the hell? Why should this upset him so much? He should be happy that there might be away for Sam to be free of the bitter harpy that was his imprint.

" Did you find anything?" Sam quietly asked bringing her attention back to him. She would deal with Paul later.

" Yes I did actually. It isn't guaranteed but its the best shot you have." she replied. She heard Paul growl lowly. She whipped her head around and found him staring at her intently.

" What is wrong with you? Why are you so upset with this? I thought you would be happy that there might be a way for Sam to be free of Emily." she asked him. She was on the verge of anger. What the hell was his problem growling at her like that?

He took a deep breath and replied. " Is that the only reason you were looking? Was for Sam? Are you sure you are not trying to get out of our bond? Because is you are I wont let you go. I don't give a fuck if I have to keep you chained to my fucking bed, you are not leaving me ever." he snapped out. His anger finally forcing it's way through. The thought of her not being his any longer made his blood run cold.

She at there staring at him stupefied. Was he serious?

" Are you fucking kidding me? You think I want out of our bond? When have I ever gave you a reason to think I did not want you? Want us? Even if you could break our bond, I would still want you. I told you when we first talked about the imprint that it might be what pointed us out to each other, but that I choose to be with you. I choose to love you. I choose to fuck you. I choose..." she was cut off by his strong arms jerking her from her seat and pulling her into his lap. His mouth crashed to hers with a growl. They were caught up in the moment, not giving a shit that Sam was sitting there still stunned at her news.

" Mine " Paul growled out. He pulled away from her mouth to stare into her eyes. She saw everything she had ever wanted and a lot that she never knew to ask for. She loved him so completely. No one would ever be what he was to her.

" I love you because of you, not some damn magic voodoo shit. So quit being an ass . It looks as if I broke Sam." she told him. He gave her one last lingering kiss before setting her on her seat.

She turned to a still stunned Sam. " Brother bear, I know this is a shock and perhaps I had no right to look into this for you, but I love you and I want you to be happy. Please forgive me for being so damn nosy." she told him. She had reached her hand over to place on his. When she touched him he seemed to come out of whatever lala land he had been to.

" There is nothing to forgive. Thank you for looking. I would love nothing more than to be free of her. So what do I have to do?" he asked and before she could reply he turned to Paul with a scowl and said" Your such a dumb ass. Of course she doesn't want you top break the imprint. She loves you more than what that bond means. Even I know that. Don't ever growl at her again. " he snapped out. Paul looked properly abashed. He had not meant to growl at her. His anger at gotten the best of him.

She smiled at Sam before leaning over and pecking his cheek. She loved having an older brother if she was honest with herself.

" Well, the first part is a spirit walk. There is a lot of preparation for this walk. I'll skip that part. You can read it when you get home. Basically as your are fasting and taking this journey, the spirits will come to you. At that time you will put forth your request and the reasoning behind it. Once that is done and the spirits approve of the request, they will ask you to complete two tasks. Once you have completed them and if the spirits deem you worthy, your request will be granted. Then you come home." she said.

Sam was intrigued. The hope that had risen in him was undeniable. He tried to squash it. What if the spirits found him lacking? He would then truly be stuck with her forever.

" Wow. I had no idea it was possible" he whispered out. Paul reached over a patted his shoulder. He was happy for him if this worked. Jared and him were the only ones who were in the know about his true feelings towards Emily. If his friend and soon to be brother in law could break his bonds, he would support him a hundred percent. Cat was right, he deserved to be happy.

" I know. When I started looking I wasn't sure if it was a futile endeavor. I was surprised when it mentioned the spirit walk. My tribe of course has legends that talk of the spirit walk. My mom mentioned that her father had to go on one. I don't know why though." she trailed off thoughtfully. She did truly wish she knew more about her heritage. Her mother had some old journals and items native to her people. She never knew what happened to all of it. Once the police had taken her from the scene, she never saw anything of hers or her mother's again. What did they do with all of it? Were her mother's family informed of her death? Did they have it?

" If you do this man, it would have to be after the battle with the leeches. There is no telling how long you would be gone and we need you here." Paul was saying to Sam. She realized she had missed a lot of the conversation.

" Of course, and it's not if I do this. I will be doing this. I have to at least try even if the spirits wont allow it in the end, I have to try." Sam said almost desperately. Cat's heart was in her throat to hear such a tone come from her big and burly brother. He rarely if ever showed any emotion. Since she had been here she had known him to be stoic for the most part. On occasion when it was just her and him she would see his love for her shining through, but only if they were alone.

" Well baby I need to go. If we are having the whole pack over I need to figure out what to cook and clean the house. Plus I smell like a greasy diner." she said gathering their trash and standing up.

After Sam had given her a tight hug and a kiss to her cheek with a quiet " Thank you peanut." one of his nicknames for her, Paul walked her to her car.

" I love you so much baby. That was really great what you did for your brother." he told her, holding her door open for her. She got in and situated and turned to him. " I love you too honey. Don't ever forget that." she said sternly, referring to their earlier ordeal. He looked down at her, his guilt coming off of him in waves.

" I'm sorry" he said quietly, squatting down so he was eye level with her. She grasped his face between her hands and looked deeply into his beautiful gray eyes. " Don't be. I liked it." she said smirking at him. His eyes crinkled at the sides with his smile. " I should have told you I was looking into it. I just did not want to get any one's hopes up if there wasn't away." she said getting serious again.

Leaving her breathless with his sudden kiss, he pulled back and said " I get it. I'm glad you didn't tell me. I would have never been able to keep it from the pack when I phased." he said his breath washing over her. She breathed him in and she nearly moaned.

Damn...He was just so fucking sexy. How did she get so lucky. He was all man and all hers. She just felt so overwhelmed by him in that moment. She did not know why. She had to let him know somehow.

" God I love you. You make me tingle all over just hearing your voice. I can't ever get enough of you. Everything you do, every gesture or mannerism makes me so wet all the time. I think I will actually die from the constant need to have you in me in some way. I just want you to constantly consume me in any and every way. " she paused taking in air. She did not know what was wrong with her right now. This feeling she was having was completely consuming her and she could not stop it if she tried.

"I'm sorry...I just feel so undone by you right now. It just came over me so suddenly. I just..." she was cut off by the look in is eyes. They were glowing. She knew his wolf was at the surface wanting out. She felt bad for pushing him in this way. But there was nothing she could do to stop.

" Baby, don't ever apologize for wanting me. I think I may know why you are feeling this all of a sudden." he took a deep breath smelling her. When his eyes returned to her she gasped. His wolf's eyes were staring back at her.

" Your coming into your heat. I can smell you." he told her through gritted teeth.

Damn she smelled fucking good. He did not notice it before. Is it possible that it just right this moment started to come in? Thank God she it had not actually come on yet or he would not be able to let her go right now.
Sam had told him about when their mate got their period, how it seemed to put their wolves into a frenzy. He had never been one to care whether a woman was on her period or not. He took it anyway he could get it. But this...this was completely feral.

She was confused about what this heat was for a moment. Then it hit her. Her period.

" Oh...okay...umm you can smell that? I haven't even started yet." she said looking at him sheepishly.

He grinned " Oh yea, I can now. It must have just come on or else I would have smelt it earlier. You smell fertile to my wolf baby. He wants to drag you into the woods and fuck you until your belly id filled with his pup." he said huskily. She got lost for a moment imagining the picture he had just painted for her.

Shaking her head to clear it. She saw his sexy ass smirk. Rolling her eyes she cranked her car.

" Nu uh...we have given your crew enough free shows already. I will see you at home. I love you." she told him sliding her sunglasses on.

He chuckled at her. " I love you too baby." he replied before kissing her again. He stood there as she backed out of the driveway. Damn a whole life time of her. He couldn't wait.