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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

16. Abjure???

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Hey guys...forgive me for not posting sooner. This is the second time I wrote this chapter. I hope you like it. I do not own any of these characters except Catarina. The parts of this chapter dealing with natives and their characters is actually true. At least for the people I have known in my life. So if you are native and find this offensive I am sorry. I can only write about what experiences I have had.

Chapter 16


Later that night after all the food had been consumed and everyone had a full belly, for the moment at least, everyone sat down at Paul and Cat's dining room table to begin the pack meeting.

Cat and Charlie told the pack of their encounter with the detective. No one seemed to get the seriousness of the situation until Cat mentioned that she felt that Detective Goya was a native. When she said that, everyone started talking at once. Charlie seemed to be confused on the importance of her being native. Sam seeing this explained.

" Charlie, natives are very spiritual beings by nature. We tend to be a little more suspicious of things we can not explain than most people. Plus we don't know if she was born on a reservation and if she was what their legends and beliefs entail. We just need to be careful while she is in town. We don't want her nosing around and find out things she does not need to know." he finished looking at Charlie.

Charlie understood immediately. He had been friends with Billy Black for many years and had known of his superstitions, hell the whole tribe had them if he was honest. Him being a pale face had chalked it up to mumbo jumbo crap. Now he realized it wasn't crap. He was after all sitting around a table with a pack of wolves. His daughter would soon be turned into a vampire for fuck sake.

Sam watched the chief's face as the gravity of their situation hit him. He knew that this situation with this detective could get pretty serious. He needed to keep a tight rein on his wolves. He pulled out his phone and called Jasper Whitlock's phone and put it on speaker. Not for the sake of the pack, no, but for the humans that sat around the table.

" Hello." a smooth rich voice answered. Everyone quieted down after that and sat and waited.

" Jasper this is Sam Uley. Something has come up today and I think you and your need to be aware of it. Plus I have some concerns regarding your rulers I would like to address with you." Sam said, his voice full of alpha authority.

There was silence for a moment.

" What can I do for you Sam?" Jasper responded.

Everyone sat and listened to the conversation between their alpha and the bloodsucker in silence.

" A detective from Seattle has come down here and is asking questions about a kid that has gone missing from the area. She found a sample of his DNA at a crime scene at a warehouse on the outskirts of Seattle. He is a local kid by the name of Riley Byers Apparently she has been called in from L.A. To help with the string of unexplained murders going on. The body count there is in the mid twenties" Sam said taking a breath.

" You think this Riley guy is or was a victim of Victoria's?" Jasper asked. You could hear soft murmurs in the background. The other bloodsuckers would be able to hear every word said. Before Sam could reply Jasper spoke again. " I don't see how this detective is a problem. He is just doing his job following up on leads. The probability of him putting two and two together and figuring out what is really going on is very slim. We have been keeping an eye on the Seattle situation. We believe this is the work of Victoria. She has to feed her army somehow. We have also noticed the number of missing people missing from that and other surrounding areas. We knew this was what was coming. So I don't see the issue. Since they haven't found the body of this Riley kid, it is safe to assume that he has been changed and is in fact a part of her army." Jasper said as if that dismissed any concern the alpha may have.

Several of the wolves were rolling their eyes at the arrogance of the leech. He did not have all the information. Yet he dismissed their concerns outright.

" Well, I would agree, but the lady detective is not new to these types of deaths. She was the first responding officer on the scene when your ..." Sam paused here. Not sure what to call Edward with regards to this particular bloodsucker. " former brother murdered Cat's mother. She recognized Cat even though it has been seven years. I'm pretty sure the scene she came upon all those years ago would have been hard to forget." Sam said an underlying tone of anger in his voice. The thought of his sister having to be a witness to all of that made his wolf want to tear up some shit. He heard a low growl across the table coming from Paul. He met his pack brother's eyes seeing the wrath of his unleashed wolf within them. He was sure his eyes held the same.

" Is she suspicious? " Jasper clipped tone came across the speaker.

" Well she is definitely curious. She did point out to me how "curious" it was that my mom's death and that of those people in Seattle had one unusual similarity. She is hanging around asking questions for a few days. So who knows what she really thinks. It bothers me more that she is native than anything else." Cat responded.

" What does her being native have to do with anything?" came Jasper reply.

Before any of the pack could respond, Peter's voice could be heard explaining about the spirituality and superstitions that most native people have. It would simply make her look outside the box and be more open to any unnatural explanations.

Cat supposed he would know having lived among her people for a time. Paul pulled her to his lap when he heard Peter's voice. He still did not trust the leech's intentions with his mate. Cat supposed she could not blame him. She did not entirely trust them either.

" Well I can see how this could pose a problem. I am concerned about the Volturi as well. I am surprised that they have not sent someone to look into all the killings here. They would know that it is a vampire behind it. I wonder what they are waiting for?" Jasper mused mostly to himself.

Sam took the opportunity to voice his concerns about their kinds leaders. " That is another concern of mine. We may have need to hurry this battle along somehow. I don't want those monster's coming here poking their noses where they do not belong. That would cause even more of a cluster fuck than we are already dealing with."

" Your right and we have been thinking of a way to draw her here quicker. If the Volturi were to come here and question her before they killed her, she would definitely tell them all about the pack. If only for vengeance sake." Jasper replied. You could here the worry in his voice.

" We need to come up with a plan to draw her out. The sooner the better. I don't want her anywhere near here." Sam said.

Charlie looked around unsure for a moment. Paul noticed him fidgeting and asked " What is it Charlie?"

Charlie cleared his throat. " I am just wondering if you have heard anything from Carlisle with regards to my daughter." he said lowly. Sue gripped his hand in comfort. He felt he should not be asking about her in front of them. He did not know why. Everyone had been very understanding of his situation. It almost felt like a betrayal to them to ask about her.

Cat caught his eye and gave him a reassuring smile and said " Yes Jasper...what have you heard from them? Charlie has the right to know what has been going on with Bella." Her voice was firm daring anyone around her to make a comment about it.

Everyone around the table stayed silent. Even if they did not care for the leech lover, they all loved Charlie and knew that her actions had hurt him deeply. They would begrudge him wanting knowledge of his only child.

Hearing Jasper sigh through the phone, Charlie could not help but become anxious.

" Charlie, I talked with Carlisle just yesterday and to say that she has calmed down any would be a lie. He has not changed her yet, because he feels that if he does in her present state of mind it would be like handing a bazooka to a child. His words not mine. She has so much anger and hate in her. I don't know if she will ever be free of it." You could tell he wanted to say more but he wasn't sure if he should.

Tell them Jasper. They deserve to know" They all heard Rosalie say after he paused.

Sighing he continued " She is still very angry with Catarina. She still blames her for everything. She has told Carlisle if he does not change her that she will go to the Volturi herself and ask them to. Of course she does not have the means to get there, but she is being quite persistent. Esme and he are doing everything they can to help her get over all of this. But it is not working."

Everyone was silent for a moment. This could become a big fucking problem. One they did not need. If she was changed they had to watch their backs and eventually would have to kill her. If she escapes Carlisle confinement and got to the Volturi they would find out all about the wolves and that would just not be good at all. They should have just killed her when they had the chance and took a chance that the Volturi would not see it as a slight against them.

" If she comes here with the intent to harm my mate, I'm sorry Charlie but I will not hesitate." Paul growled out leaving the rest unspoken.

Charlie shook his head sadly. He knew what would happen. He would call for her death himself if she harmed Catarina, but that did not mean his heart was not breaking even more. He had naively assumed that once she had some time away from everything she would come to her senses. But it had been almost two months now and he knew she would not change her path.

" She wont get that far. I will be watching out for her myself. Carlisle will let us know immediately if his decision has changed or if God forbid she escapes them." Peter hissed out. Causing Paul to grow loudly at him. Cat held him to her tighter to calm him. Sam gave him a stern look that said "not now"

and asked Jasper " What do you propose we do about getting the red head headed this way quicker?"

There was a long silence before he answered. " We could possibly use Bella's scent to lure her in quicker. She has lost her mate so she is crazed with rage right now. She might follow her scent to a location of our choosing. It's a long shot but we should definitely try. We don't need the fucking Volturi on our asses." he told Sam.

The plan kind of sounded lame to Cat. The leech was gathering an army. An army with a purpose. Even though that purpose is not here any longer she wont care. She did not see how it a whiff of Bella's scent would deter her from her plans. What if they just went to Seattle and confronted her?

" No offense Jasper, I know you are some kind of military guy or whatever, but I don't see how this leech...uh...the red head would deter from her original plan of bringing the army here even if Bella's scent was all over the place. What about going to Seattle and confronting her? She would not be expecting it. I mean she has always had you guys on the defensive. " Cat told them. She knew Jasper probably like her calling his plan lame, but it was. It was half ass and she did not see it working at all. This leech had made it her mission in life to take down the ones responsible for killing her mate, For fucks sake she has created a whole army of bloodthirsty vampires to help her achieve this. She was after more than just Bella. She was looking for a reckoning. She wanted to go out with a bang and take as many with her as she could.

" We cant risk the exposure to not only our kind but the wolves. Can you imagine a supernatural war playing out on the streets of Seattle? No she has to come here. It is the only way to keep this shit contained." Jasper snapped out. Causing Sam and Paul to snarl at him. Which in turn had the other wolves snarling and growling.

Cat rolled her eyes and said " Cut that shit out guys. This is not a pissing contest Jasper. I am not trying to show you up. This...woman has been scorned. I think getting Bella is only part of her plan. I think she wants to go out in a blaze of glory. I know if someone had killed my mate I would not only want revenge but I would also not want to be left standing. This is not a battle she intends to win. She just wants to cause as much death and destruction as she can before she lets herself be taken out. Consider her behavior in Seattle. All of your kind know the rules of your world correct?" She asked him.

He grudgingly replied with a terse "yes"

Leah and Kim looked at her and rolled their eyes. They were thinking the same thing. Stupid men and their egos. She supposed that would never change whether dead or alive.

Adding a little annoyance to her tone she responded " Well then it's safe to say she knows the rules and does not give a damn about breaking them. She has to know the Volturi know of what is going on. Luring her from Seattle with Bella's scent is not going to take her from her path. She wont fall for it. Her mind is made up and nothing will She needs to be put on the defensive for once. She wont even see y'all coming which would give us the advantage here. You could choose your battlefield." Cat finished leaning back into an amused Paul.

Sam smirked at her logic. She was right. Nothing would stop this bitch from executing her plans.

Jasper had not spoken at all yet. She had probably pissed him off. But she did not care. This was her family and she would be damned if they were going to go into this half assed.

Finally after what seemed like forever he spoke " Your logic is sound. We will need to do this quickly. I say we meet up tomorrow night and head towards Seattle. The logistics of it can be hashed out once we check out the situation for ourselves." he grudgingly said. She heard a chuckle come from Peter.

" Okay, well thats all we have. Let's plan to meet up at 8 pm tomorrow. We will head down there and get this shit done." Sam said. He was going to hang up the phone when Peter spoke up quickly.

" Catarina, could I please meet with you before we head down to Seattle?" he asked quietly.

Paul did not like that at all. He had already told him she had no interest in talking with him now.

" Listen bloodsucker, we may be allies on this, but I don't think for a moment that I will put up with any underhanded bullshit from you regarding my mate. I have already told you she is not interested in talking with you right now." he all but yelled at the phone.

" She can tell me herself. All I want to do is talk to her. I mean her no harm." Peter yelled back. Paul growled at him and pushed away from the table. He sat Cat on the chair and started heading towards the door before anyone could react.

Sam knowing his intent jumped up and grabbed his arm. " Paul...no man. It's okay. Calm down."

" Baby...listen to me. It's okay. Please come sit down." Cat said softly.

" This is fucking ridiculous. He needs to chill the fuck out. I am not trying to do anything. I just want to get to know her." Peter said anger coloring his voice.

" Shut up Peter." Cat said annoyed. He was not making this any easier.

Paul allowed Sam to lead him back to Cat. He picked her up and sat down with her in his lap. She kissed him and then turned to the phone. Everyone had remained quiet throughout the whole exchange.

" Peter, I told Paul to tell you I did not want to meet up and talk with you. I am not ready to do that at this time. He is pissed not because he doesn't want me to talk with you. He is pissed because you are trying to force the issue here. He knows how I feel about this and how uncomfortable I am with it. You need to respect not only my wishes, but my mates as well. How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? What if someone was pushing Charlotte to do something she had every reason not to feel comfortable doing?" Cat said while stroking Paul's jaw.

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

" I can see your point. I meant no harm. I just want to get to know you. But I will lay off until you are ready. Please tell me you will give some serious thought to meeting though." he pleaded.

" I will think on it. AS long as you promise not to aggravate Paul or my brother about it any longer. It is my decision and I will be the one to decide if and when." she stated firmly. She was tired of this. Every time they met to train, Paul and Sam both would come home angry and aggravated. It needed to stop.

" You have my word." Peter said.

Not to long after that the meeting ended and it was just Sam, Paul and Cat sitting in the living room.

Sam had attempted to talk with her about how Paul's wolf would be affected by her upcoming heat, but she had nipped tat shit in the bud real quick, much to Sam's relief. She guessed he felt like as acting alpha he should be the one to try and explain certain behaviors. She was not going to talk to him about her sex life though.

" I will figure it out brother bear. There is no way I am talking to you about this." she said ending the discussion before they were both damaged beyond repair.

Paul sat back on the couch with his feet plopped on the coffee table and laughed his ass off. He thought it was hilarious. He had never seen Sam so flustered. He also noticed a slightly pink tinge to his mates cheeks.

Cat had gone into the kitchen to finish cleaning up leaving the guys to their football game and beer.

" Fuck that was awful" Sam muttered around his beer. Paul snickered to himself.

" Shut up asshole. It's not funny. I just want her well informed." Sam said defensively.

" Hey I keep her well informed. Besides I am sure there are certain things only a female will be able to tell her. She has Kim for that." Paul said taking another sip of his beer. He eyed Sam's suddenly tense form and sniffed the air. He smelled apples and cinnamon. Shit …..fucking Emily.

Sam jumped up before she could knock on the door. He did not want her confronting his sister again. He had almost lost his shit the last time. He listened and heard Cat in the kitchen singing quietly to herself as she puttered around.

Opening the door he caught Emily with her hand half raised to knock. Seeing him she smiled brightly.

" Sam honey...I'm glad you answered and not that bitch. " she said still smiling like she did not just call his sister a bitch to his face. The bitch was crazy. He did not know how the spirits thought she was his other half. They fucked up on this one. He glared at her menacingly.

" Emily, you need to keep your mouth shut about my sister. I wont tell you again. What the hell are you doing here? I told you I would come around to satisfy the bond and that was it. I also told you to never come here again." he said getting more pissed.

Back in the living room Paul listened to every word. He hated Emily Young. She was the most horrible woman he had ever met, next to Bella Swan of course. He turned as Cat came out of the kitchen bringing them more beer. Looking around she asked " Where's Sam?"

Pulling her into his lap, he replied " Emily is at the door. He answered it before she could knock. He did not want you to have to listen to her bullshit again." he was sniffing her neck.

Cat frowned. She did not like Sam being alone with Emily. She did not trust her. She knew Sam was more than capable of taking care of himself. But after the last time she showed up here and slapped him, well Cat was not having that. Sam let her beat on him. He could not physically stop her due to the imprint bond. He had to let her to whatever she wanted to him.

Her and Paul had been in their room when she noticed he had stopped in the middle of the room and became tense. By the time he had told her what was going on and she had flew down the stairs, Emily had left already. Sam had held her to him as she tried to get out of the door and kick her ass.

She sat on Paul now with a frown. He noticed it of course and said " If she starts wailing on him I will tell you right away okay babe? " He would too. She needed a good ass whooping and Sam did not deserve that shit. He knew if Cat went for Emily that Sam's wolf would not do anything. His bond with his sister meant more to the wolf than his own imprint. The wolf did not like Emily at all. It was like he did not even acknowledge it. He of course still felt the pain associated with being away from her, but the wolf just chose to ignore it. The man however was not physically able to do so.

They heard the yelling start.

" How dare you defend that trailer trash to me. I am supposed to mean more to you than some two bit whore. I bet her mother was a whore as well. That's probably why that leech attacked her"

Paul viciously snarled. Cat was fighting to get out of his arms. They both heard a gurgle sound coming from the entry way. Paul looked to Cat and stood up, placing her on her own feet. He had a feeling Sam had had enough. Oh shit.

Striding briskly into the entryway with Cat hot on his heels, he saw that Sam had picked Emily up by her throat and was snarling at her. Paul sat there stunned unable to believe what he was seeing. Even though he had wanted to do that to her many times he could not let Sam do this. He would regret it later.

He would beat himself up over this for the rest of his life. Every bit of hate and disgust was there on his face. She had finally pushed him to fucking far and Paul knew he would kill her if he did not step in.

He walked over and said in a soothing voice " Sam, man she's not worth it. Cat is fine she's right here man. Come on let her go. You will regret this later."

Sam did not even bat an eye. He knew exactly what he was doing and he oddly felt completely in control of himself. All he had to do was move his hand slightly one way or the other and he could snap her neck like a fucking twig. He was so fucking sick of her. He hated her with a passion that matched nothing else. His wolf was silent. He would not interfere if Sam, the man, wanted to permanently silence his would be imprint.

" I am fine Paul. I have never felt better. I am just going to teach this bitch a lesson. All that ever comes out of that little mouth of hers is venom. Isn't that right sweetheart? You like to be ugly and nasty don't you? " his voice had taken on a sing song quality that quite frankly freaked both Paul and Cat the fuck out. Emily's face was becoming a bluish color. Time was definitely running out here. They had to get this shit under control.

" Brother bear...just let her go. She isn't worth the mess we'd have to clean up if you snapped her neck now." Cat said firmly. There was no time for coddling. Besides she had a feeling that Sam really wasn't feeling all that out of control.

" No peanut. She has opened her mouth for the last time about you. I will not tolerate her shit any longer. And you know what? My wolf is in agreement with me. He has not said a word." he said almost giddy. Cat was really starting to get concerned. Emily was seconds from passing out or worse and Sam was acting like there was nothing going on except a friendly little chat.

" Sam, put her down. You are not a murderer. Don't let her win that way. She cant hurt you or me unless we let her." Cat said walking up to him despite Paul low warning to stay back.

He had never seen Sam this way and he was scared. He pulled his phone debating on who to call. He decided and dialed, all the while keeping a close eye on his mate. He knew Sam would not intentionally hurt her, but Sam was not his self right now.

" No I don't think I will. This little bitch would just come back again and again like a mother fucking cockroach. You know what sis, I think the bond is broke or something. This should be causing me physical pain to do this to her, but I feel nothing. Do you think it's broken?" he asked conversationally. Cat just looked at him and then back at a now semi conscious Emily. He must be loosening his hold on her periodically, because otherwise she would have already been out or worse dead. He shook her a bit reviving her.

" I don't know Sam, but you need to stop this. Come on. I hate the bitch yea, but I don't want her dead." she said. She looked back at Paul. He was talking on the phone. Hopefully someone was coming to help out here. She knew Paul could get Emily away from him, but not without her getting hurt worse or killed. Sam had all the cards here and she did not know how in the hell they were going to talk him down.

" Emily, your sorry aren't you? You wont come around no more will you?" Cat all but yelled at her.

Emily's eyes went wide as she looked at Sam and shook her head. She was more frightened than she had ever been in her life. She knew she had pushed him to far. She was wishing now she had just stayed at home. She was an idiot.

" Nope...sorry Emily, it's too late for that shit." he said snidely.

Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...Cat looked back at Paul with a "would you help me already look" he shook his head at her and motioned to the back door. She saw a shadow walking up on the deck. She looked to Paul who had just hung his phone up and was moving to her side.

"Leah" he mouthed silently. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. He called Leah? She supposed it could work. She knew her brother loved her more than almost anything else.

She watched as Leah walked into her house her eyes taking in the situation. She saw a smirk appear briefly on her face before it was replaced by a scowl.

" Samuel Uley! Just what the hell do you think your doing? " she bit out loudly. He jerked his head around at her voice and he grinned widely at her.

" Lee -lee...I'm glad you here. You can help. I know you hate this bitch just as much as I do." he said giving her a wink.

Cat felt like she was officially in the twilight zone. Paul was not to far behind her.

Emily was still dangling from his big hands, her eyes had gotten so wide when Leah had spoke.

" I hate her even more than that Sam baby and as much as I would like to snap her fucking neck, I will pass." Leah replied nonchalantly. Not saying anything else. You could tell she was enjoying Emily's fear and pain though. Paul once told her that they could smell things like fear and excitement. She had no idea, but they did share their bodies with a mythical being so who knows right.

Sam winked at her again and said " Don't you worry baby, I got this for you."

" What the fuck baby. I thought you were getting help." Cat hissed out to her mate who had tucked her into his side tightly. This shit was crazy and he was not about to let his girl get caught in the cross fire.

" I thought Leah could make him stop. He loves her like no other. If you could not do it, then the only other person that came to mind was her." Paul said defensively.

" Leah, you are not helping any. Would you please get him to stop before Emily stops breathing?" Cat hissed out to her.

Leah rolled her eyes at her sister and started to move to where Sam had Emily. " Please if he wanted to kill her she would be dead. He's just teaching her a lesson." she said coming up along side of Sam. She observed his hand around her cousins throat as if it were a science experiment. Emily looked to her with pleading eyes. Leah just chuckled at her.

" I don't give a shit. Make him stop or I am not feeding any of you assholes ever again." Cat said getting really pissed now.

Both Leah and Sam's head whipped around at that threat. Cat crossed her arms over her chest tapping her foot, one hip thrust out slightly. She was pissed.

Sam let Emily go immediately. She fell to the ground choking and sputtering her hands to her throat.

" I cant believe you two. What the fuck was that about? Are y'all the wolf equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde" Cat said through gritted teeth. Paul had been trying to keep his laughter at bay since his mate had threatened to not feed either of them. The looks on their faces were hilarious. When Sam let her go with the threat of no food hanging over him, he could not stop himself. His laughter boomed out.

" Are you fucking kidding me? That was all it took? The threat of no food?" he asked Sam between peals of laughter. Cat glared at him. He tried to stop but he couldn't. This had to have been one of the strangest nights he had ever had.

" I'm sorry baby...but damn, food?" he said snorting.

" Hey man, I love her food. What can I say." Sam shrugged.

Cat finally lost it. How dare they. He had scared the shit out of her. She honestly thought he was going to kill this bitch in her house and now everyone was acting like it was no big deal.

" You ass. I thought you were going to kill her. And you" she yelled out pointing at Leah. Leah backed up a little in fear. Paul lost it again seeing Leah scared of his mate. Holding his stomach, he tried in vein to stop.

" You sis not help matters at all. What the hell were you thinking?" she said. Before Leah could respond she stomped over to Emily and pulled her up by the hair. Emily's eyes were filled with fear.

" I as a member of the Uley family abjure you Emily Young. You have no more ties to the pack, you have no more ties to this reservation. You will no longer have any ties to my family in anyway." Cat proclaimed. Emily looked at her as if she had literally ripped something out of her.

The others were looking on in shock. What the fuck?

" You will not remember anything about the pack. You will leave here and go back to your people and you will never come here again." Cat finished. '

Emily had a dazed look on her face. Cat let go of her hair and she fell back to the ground. Sam looked at his sister in awe.

" What did you just do?" he asked shakily. Leah and Paul were confused. What the hell just happened?

" She is no longer your problem Sam. Let her leave. She will be gone by tomorrow night." Cat replied her voice still laced with anger. She didn't know what she had just done either, but whatever it was she felt power flowing through her. She knew they would never see Emily again, just like she also knew Sam would not need to ask the spirits to break his imprint. She felt their bond snap in half. It was as if it had never existed.

Emily jumped up and ran out the door. Cat shut the door and went into the living room, leaving three very shaken and stunned wolves in her wake.

They followed her and sat down. Paul sat beside her pulling her close. Leah and Sam sat together in one of the big chairs. They all looked to her in question.

" What the fuck was that?" Leah finally asked.

" I don't know. It just came over me. I was so mad and tired of this particular situation it just came out. It felt right to do it at that time. It's like a energy of some sort was running through my body. I knew what I had to do. I don't know how I knew I just did." she replied shrugging her shoulders.

" What kind of energy? What was that word you used? Abjure? When you aid it I felt the ties I had to her snap. There gone." Sam said a sense of freedom he had not felt since before he wolfed out came over him. He was free indeed. Free of the misery that had plagued him since he had imprinted on the bitch.

" I heard it on True Blood. Alcide, the werewolf abjured his mate Debbie Pelt from him." she told them serious. They all just looked at her in disbelief. What?

" Are you fucking kidding me? You got it from a TV show about werewolves and vampires?" Leah asked incredulously.

" Yeah I did. " Cat said shrugging as if it was no big deal. There was silence again before all three of them busted out laughing. Cat looked at them through narrowed eyes. They continued to laugh so hard, they were falling of their seats. She huffed and stood up. Paul weakly tried to grab her.

" Baby don't be mad." he said through his laughter. She huffed again and headed for the stairs.

" Sis, we aren't laughing at you. Come back here." Sam said trying to collect himself.

Cat headed up the stairs. She stopped at the top and looked back at them. " Whatever, you may think it's funny but it just saved all of our asses from having to deal with Emily Young for the rest of our lives. Paul, you can sleep in the guest bedroom tonight." She said before she headed into the room. Right before she closed their door she heard Paul yell out " Oh hell no" She smiled and went an prepared for ed. She knew she would be seeing him before to long. She would let him in too. After all punishing him was punishing herself.

Somewhere in South America

He had been running for seven years. He had not been able to phase human since that horrible night. His guilt knew no bounds. He should have never left her. He was a sorry excuse for a man. She had begged on her knees no less, for him to stay. For her. For their child.

He could not stay. He was no good then and he was even worse now. She was his imprint, but she did not know his weakness. She thought him strong and brave when they had first met. But she did not know the demon's that chased him.

In the beginning, when it was him and her, they had been so happy. He had never felt anything like it. He would have sworn on his life he would never have been able to leave her. Her family had not approved, but she did not care. He was her lifeline, as she was his. When he had heard the faint heart beat from within her, he had been so happy. He could not wait to see her swollen with his child.

But the demons came calling once more and they were stronger than the wolf. He supposed Old Quil would say the demons had beat his wolf down enough to control him. He did not know, all he knew was that they were more important than anything else in his life. Even if deep down he was fighting the demon's for control, he knew he would not win. They would take him again. They would take him from her and his unborn child, just as they took him from his only son. He loved his son. He was there when he was brought into the world screaming mad. He held him to him and breathed in his scent. He would know it anywhere. Even now. He hated to leave his son. But the demons had come a calling. He could not resist. He was a coward. He left his young son and his wife without a second thought. Years later he would repeat the same pattern.

He had been under the wolf's thumb for seven years now. He knew the demons were gone. He knew they would never be able to get a hold of him or his wolf again. His wolf had been pissed when he was finally strong enough to take back control. He had punished the man. The night the wolf's mate had been viciously murdered, he had been insane with rage. After he had chased the leech for miles and miles he had run back to his mates house. The wolf had a pup to see about. The man was struggling against the beast. He was scared to meet the pup. The man was weak. He had been in charge for far to long. The wolf would not relinquish control again. He pushed the man down roughly.

Once they had gotten back to the house, the humans had taken the pup. He followed her scent to the police station. He waited on the outskirts of town, listening with his superior hearing. His pup had not uttered a word. She had not cried. Not one sound came from her. He knew she was in shock. She should have never seen what she had. The beast growled at the man again. He should have never left them unprotected. He wanted to rip into the man. Tear his skin from his bones. Their mate was gone. The only thing left was their pups. Suddenly the wolf could not handle his rage anymore. He took off running. Pounding his paws into the earth, he ran as fast as he could. His pain and rage so overwhelming he could hardly think of nothing else.

So the man and wolf continued to run for years. Stopping only to feed. During this time the wolf beat the demons out of the man. The man was to weak to take control again. He became a wild crazed thing.

The part that had been human slowly diminished as he allowed the wolf take over. He did not care about anything, He allowed the pain to consume him until he was no longer a man, but a wild animal.

One day the wolf sensed something. He felt the spirits surround him. He was deep into the jungles of South America, although he did not know this.

The spirits of his ancestors approached the wolf. Their voices were whispers on the wind to him. They showed him his pups. They showed him how his pups had found each other. He saw his son for the first time in so many years. He had turned into such a strong, proud man. His daughter was just as beautiful as her mother. He saw them bonding. He saw it all. The spirits took the visions away despite his growls of rage. They told him that his pups needed him. That he needed to go to them. The wolf did not hesitate, he took of in the direction of his original home. His pups needed him. The man however knew it would not be that easy. He had much to make up for.

Thousands of miles away in a small town a man and a woman were jolted awake. Hearts racing, sweat pouring off of them.

The woman looked to her mate, reassuring herself that he was still there. The man looked around his room searching for something. They both had felt an electric current run through them. Something was coming and it would be here soon.