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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

17. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

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Okay first off, I found out I am not that great at battle scenes. So I hope you all enjoy this chapter anyway. Thanks for all your reviews...

Chapter 17

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Paul and the rest of the pack were headed to meet the leeches so they could head down to Seattle.

They were all just ready to get this shit over with. This bitch had been hanging over their head for months and they were sick of it.

Paul had left a worried Cat at home. He had taken her on the island in the kitchen hard and fast and had held her afterwards whispering words of comfort and assurance. She had been distressed with their leaving. She knew it had to be done. She just was so worried. What if something happened to one of them? What if Paul got hurt or worse killed? She would not be able to stand it. She had never been a clingy woman, but the thought of losing her Paul had her holding on to him for dear life.

Sam had stood there and watched his sister clinging to her mate. He wished he could ease some of her concern. Paul was whispering assurances to her and he knew he meant them. He would do what ever he had to to get back to her unharmed. But the truth was that in battle you just never knew. This had been the first time he had seen her come undone since she had come into their lives. It rattled him a little. She was always so self assured and confident, even when it came to serious life threatening matters.

Paul noticing his alpha's reaction over his mate's worry, nodded his head to the front door. Letting him know he would handle this.

After he had gone, Paul pulled her to face him. " Baby, I love you and I will do everything in my power to get back to you. Don't worry so much. Remember I told you I was the enforcer? This is what I do. I will be alright and so will Sam." he told her rubbing soothing circles on her back.

She stared back at him with her tear filled big blue eyes. He almost lost his shit right then. Never did he ever want to see that look on her face again. So he did the only thing he could, he picked her up so she was eye level with him and crashed his mouth to hers fiercely. Trying to show her with his mouth what he could not get across to her verbally. She grabbed the hair at the back of his neck and clung to him desperately. Moaning his name she arched her body in such a way that her already heated core rubbed his growing erection. She wanted him to ravish her. To make her forget what they were all about to do.

" Fuck me baby...right here...right now." she panted out as he nipped his mark on her shoulder. He nearly came undone with her words. He sat her on the kitchen island while he continued to explore her mouth with his tongue. Reaching down he ripped her sleep shorts and panties off in one rough tug. She felt her juices flowing down her leg at his rough display. As her scent permeated the air he started growling in satisfaction. Nothing smelled as good as his girl's arousal. Ripping her shirt off as well, he leaned his head down to take one of her nipples into his mouth. He bit down hard, causing her to cry out with pleasure and a tinge of pain. Pushing her back on the counter, he undid his pants to let his already straining hard on free. She watched as he stroked it a few times and then buried it inside of her very wet heat.

" Fuck" they both grunted out. He set a wild and frenzied pace. She met him thrust for thrust. The need to consume one another was so strong they were completely oblivious to anything or anyone outside of their bubble of ecstasy. Had Cat known that most of the pack was in fact in her front yard and could hear every moan, she would probably have been a little embarrassed. But just like everything else with regards to her man, she was blissfully unaware.

" Thats right baby...grip my cock...who's pussy is this Catarina?" Paul growled out, thrusting so deeply she was seeing stars. She wasn't able to form a single coherent thought as he hit that spot inside of her over and over. Her head was thrown back her eyes closed, lips parted. " Whose is it Catarina?" He growled out as he continued to pound into her as his mouth circled around her breast, flicking his tongue out rhythmically and then biting down gently.

Hearing him use full name she screamed "Yours" as she reached her first peak. Her hips bucked wildly against his in an effort to prolong the sweet torture.

He flipped her around and laid her face first into the counter. She shivered as her naked breast came in contact with the cool counter. He reached down and grabbed her ass, spreading her open. Her puckered entrance called to him, another time he thought. He ran his thumb along her spine and over her back entrance and down her slit collecting the juices that were steadily coming out of her. He raised his thumb to his mouth and groaned at the taste. Delicious.

She had moaned out when his thumb ran over the entrance to her ass. She had never done that before, had never had the desire to, but she knew if he wanted to, she would. Besides his thumb felt so good, she fought the urge to push back. As if he knew her train of thought he

" You like that baby?...you want me to take you there? Oh god...I want to so bad...mmmm something to look forward to." He said at the same time he thrust into her pussy.

" Paul" she screamed out as he assaulted her from behind. He grabbed her hair fisting it in his hand and yanking a little roughly. She cried out in pleasure. What was he doing to her? She did not know if she could take anymore. The pleasure was almost to much to handle.

" That's right baby scream my name...God I love you Cat...I just can't explain..." he trailed off. He had no words...

She knew he was close and she wanted to come with him. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Her hand grazed over his length, wet with her juices. He moaned out huskily and started pounding her harder than he had ever before. His thrust were leaving her breathless. She was surprised he had not split her in half with his thrusts. But just like he was made for her she was made for him, body and all.

" Come on baby...fuck me...you feel my hand? I feel your balls slapping my ass baby...I want you to come with me okay." she panted out. Gripping the counter with one hand while the other worked her clit and slid along his length.

Hearing those dirty words come out of her mouth had him shooting his seed deep inside of her. He came with a roar of her name. She followed soon after, clenching around him causing him to surprisingly, come again. His hips continued to buck wildly as he emptied his second orgasm into her. His teeth bit down on the back of her neck breaking the skin. He had marked her again.

She lay on the counter, Paul laying over her back, his arms wrapped tightly around her, both of them panting for air.

" I did not think it was possible for our sex to get any better, but damn baby..." he said standing up and pushing his now softened cock back into his shorts. He helped her up off the counter. He had ripped all of her clothes so she just stood there naked. He did not look to long or otherwise he would not be leaving tonight. He never seem to get enough of her.

" I know right? What the hell was that? You marked me again." she stated the last part.

He grinned sheepishly at her. " I know...your okay right? I could not help myself...I'm sorry." he said pulling her to him and hugging her tightly. His wolf had demanded he mark her again.

She pulled back and looked into his beautiful gray eyes. " Don't you ever apologize for that again. Trust me, I did not mind. " She said giving him a saucy wink. He slapped her bare ass causing her to yelp.

Chuckling he said " Don't give me free reign baby...you have no idea what I want to do to you." He picked up his shirt and pulled it over her head. He wouldn't need it anyway.

She pulled it to her nose and took a deep breath. Smiling she looked up at him " I love your smell..."

" Likewise baby." he murmured into her hair. Here comes the hard part, leaving her.

" I have to go baby. They guys are waiting for me." he told her his face turning serious.

She gripped his back pulling him to her. She knew she had to let him go, but it was so damn hard. This is one of the downfalls to having a protector as a mate.

" I know...just promise me you will be careful and come back to me. You promise me Paul. You have never broken a promise to me, so I know if you promise you will come back." her voice was muffled by his chest where she had planted her face.

He sighed. He hated this shit. He hated to worry her. He hated to see anything on her face but a smile.

" I promise baby...I promise.." he told her quietly. With one last passionate kiss, he turned and headed for the door. Cat was right behind him.

She came out on the porch and saw the whole pack there. Leah and Brady would be staying behind to guard the rez. They weren't to happy to be left out the action. Cat was secretly glad that at least two of her family would be out of the fray.

Sam walked over and hugged her tightly. " We'll be back soon. Don't worry." he whispered to her, kissing her hair.

She mentally rolled her eyes. Of course she would worry. After each member of the pack had said their goodbyes they all headed to the woods. Paul looked back once he was at the tree line and held his hand up in a small wave, then closed it over his heart. She teared up and did the same. Watching him until she could not see him any more.

She turned and saw Leah and Brady looking at her with amusement.

" What" she snapped out, stomping back in the house.

" Nothing, just you and Paul are fucking kinky." Leah said smirking at her.

Cat did not even turn around. She pulled out the items she needed to make beef stew with and got started.

" You have no idea." Cat said giving her a wink. Brady who had followed both of them in sat at the island red faced.

" Could you ladies please not discuss this with me here? I get enough of this shit from the pack mind. I cant see either of you in that way. It's just so wrong." Brady whined.

The girls just laughed at him.

" So tell me my sister...how did it go last night with Sam?" Cat asked. Even though Sam had grabbed her coming down the stairs this morning in an exuberant hug to thank her for getting rid of the wicked witch of La Push, she had no idea how it had gone down between him and Leah.

Leah got this dreamy quality to her face. Cat rolled her eyes. Oh God...she thought.

" Well we talked for a while and then decided we would take it slow." she said grabbing a cookie before Cat could smack her hand.

" Take it slow? Are you kidding me? What the hell for? You guys have been taking it slow for three years now." Cat said cutting up the veggies for her stew.

" Yeah, three years of hate and anger do not a good start to a relationship make." she replied around a mouth full of chocolate chip cookie.

" Please the only thing on Sam's mind this morning when he phased was Leah this and Leah that...Just get it on already before you both drive us nuts." Brady said around a mouth full of cookies.

Leah and Cat just looked at him.

Noticing everything got quiet, Brady looked up from snatching two more cookies and noticed the girls staring at him.

" What"

Cat shook her head and walked over snatching the cookies from him. " Can you at least act like you have some manners?"

He huffed like a small child would. " Fine...can I have my cookies back?" he turned is big chocolate eyes on her. She was a sucker for them he knew. She grinned and handed him his cookies back.

Leah snorted " Your to easy on them." she said while snatching another cookie. Cat held up her knife and pointed it at her. Leah just rolled her eyes.

" Hey Cat, if I imprint and I don't like her will you abjure her for me?" Brady asked. His head was now stuck in the fridge searching for some milk to wash his cookies down with.

" I don't think it works that way Brady." Turning her stew down to simmer, she handed him a glass for his milk. " But if she is bad I will do my best okay." She told him ruffling his hair. He leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

" I'm heading out for patrol." he said walking out the back door.

" Howl if you need me pup." Leah yelled to him. He answered by pulling his shorts off and giving her a smirk over his shoulder. Both Cat and Leah turned away quickly.

You could hear his laughter as he took off.

Once the wolves had met up with Jasper and his crew they had went over a tentative battle plan. Depending of course on how they found the situation once they got there. Paul already missed Cat. He knew he had left her in good hands with Leah and Brady, but he still worried for her.

Me too~ Sam agreed hearing his thoughts.

I have never seen her so upset before, even when she confronted that sick fuck Edward, I didn't like it.~ Jake said coming into the conversation.

I know...she is usually so strong and unwavering ~ Quil put his two cents in.

We are all she has now. She doesn't want to loose any of us. She will be okay Paul, she has a warriors heart ~ Jared

He knew she would be. She was his imprint. She had to be strong. He also knew she needed com fort only he could give her from time to time. With that thought his mind traveled through their sexual romp this morning. He felt himself stirring at the pictures whirling in his head. A thigh , her ass in the air waiting for his attention.

Man stop that shit~ Sam yelled through his mind. The pack got a picture of a human Sam throwing up repeatedly. Several chuckles could be heard from the pack.

Oh come on Sam, it's not that bad. Although I do have to say, Cat sure does have a potty mouth on her.~ Embry interjected laughing.

Okay guys get your head in the game, we are almost there. Everyone phase back until we have a definite idea of what we are dealing with.~ Sam said his alpha authority ringing through the mind of all pack members.

Their group of vampires and wolves stopped at the edge of the warehouse district just in the tree line.

" I can smell them from here. Fuck that shit stinks." Seth said wrinkling his nose. It was true, the scent of leech was so heavy in the air, that it took everything in Paul not to gag.

" You guys don't smell much better. But your right, there is a heavy concentration of vampires here. I bet this is where they are headquartered at." Jasper said looking out over the many warehouses in front of them. They were in the seedier part of Seattle, so there wasn't a lot of traffic. Just your typical prostitutes and junkies who had no home to go to. They should be able to keep under the radar unless the bitch pulled some stupid shit.

" Peter and I will go in for surveillance. We need to be sure of what warehouse they are in. How many etc.." Jasper said to everyone.

Jake was about to speak and as if reading his mind Jasper said " If one of you guys come they will notice your scent right away. We have the element of surprise on our side right now, so I don't want to chance it." he looked over to Sam for confirmation that he was on board with this. Sam nodded his head slightly. Jasper was right we could not chance them getting a whiff of us. Victoria knew our smell well and the minute she caught on to us, she would pull her disappearing act.

The wolves and the rest of the leeches hung out in the woods, keeping an eye on any incoming traffic, while Jasper and Peter left.

It seemed like no time at all before they were back.

" It seems the majority of her army is bunkered down in that warehouse over there, I would say there are about forty of them." he said pointing out a run down medium sized building. " We overheard one of them talking to a someone named Riley. He could be our guy that went missing from Forks. Anyway, there are no rooms off of the main one they seemed to have congregated in. We will surround the building from all sides. A wolf needs to be with one or more of us to help stifle the scent. After each unit is in place, I will give the signal to unleash hell." Jasper said. You could hear the authority in his voice. He was a military man after all.

" Remember how we trained. They will be surprised so they will come at you erratically. Don't let them get their arms around you. Come from the side. " Peter reminded them.

The wolves were pretty bad ass. Paul was better than most. He was savage in his fighting. He did not hesitate at all. Which was good. You hesitate you die. Forty newborns were nothing to sneeze at. Add in any training Victoria might have given them and it could get out of hand really quick. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in experience. This would have to see them through.

" What about the red head?" Jared asked. He was itching to kill some leeches but he also knew their main objective was to take her out.

" If she is anywhere near here, she will show up. If not we will have to track her. Regardless we have to take care of these before the Volturi get involved. " Jasper said. Sometimes he really hated not having Alice's visions or Edward's mind reading, they would have come in handy right about now. But he would rather go in blind than to have them back on this earth again. Sick fuckers.

After the wolves paired off with Jasper's people they took off. The moved through the streets with no sound. Trying to stay out of sight of any humans that might be around.

Paul followed Peter and Jake around to the side of the warehouse that faced an alley way. Once the signal was given that everyone was in place, Jasper gave his and they went tearing through the doors and windows. Sam and Jasper had come through the wall.

To say the newborns were surprised was an understatement. They looked around finding themselves surrounded by hissing vampires and snarling horse sized wolves. Before they could react the wolves lunged ripping and tearing whatever they could as their canines went through the newborns like a knife through butter.

Paul had come up along side of one who was giving Charlotte a beat down and ripped him from her. His massive teeth sank into his neck and he ripped his head off, throwing it to the other side of the building. Seeing another one coming at him crouched ready to attack, Paul crouched in his fighting stance and jumped, phasing mid air. His human hands wrapped around the leeches throat and jerked his head off. He threw it in the ever growing pile before he phased back again.

Sam had just finished another leech off when he felt the air rush out of his lungs. A sharp pain pierced him causing his wolf to whelp loudly. A newborn had gotten his arms around him and was squeezing the life out of him. He kicked back at him trying to get him to turn him loose. The newborn held on squeezing him tighter, he fell sideways to the ground trapping the leech under him, causing him to cry out in pain. Take that fucker, Sam thought.

Peter was looking around at all the destroyed vampires. What a waste of life, he thought. The bitch needs to be put down just for that. He looked to his comrades fighting the last of the newborns off. They had won this battle. He saw that Jasper had the guy he had recognized from earlier by the throat and was talking to him. He looked for Paul and saw him rip another head off. He was safe, good.

He accounted for everyone but Sam. Panic started rising in him. His eyes darted around the dirty warehouse trying to locate him. He had to find him. Cat would be destroyed if something happened to him. He saw the shadow of a wolf struggling on the ground to break free of something. At vampire speed he was over their in a second. Sam had a newborn pinned under him. The newborn had his arms wrapped around him tightly causing Sam to growl out in pain. He could tell the vampire was in serious pain as well, trying to get out from under the giant wolf was proving to be a problem for him.

Right before the vampire was about to bite down on Sam's shoulder, Peter picked Sam up with one hand and grabbed the newborn with the other pulling him away from him. Sam let out a high pitched yelp as the vampire rared back and punched him in his injured side. Peter sat Sam down while still holding the young vampire, who was hissing and snarling at him.

" I don't think so fucker. " he said right before he ripped him to pieces. He turned to a now human Sam. He was lying on the ground in obvious pain.

" Let me have a look at you." Peter said

" I'm fine man, just a few broken ribs. They need to be set before I start healing." he hissed out in pain.

Peter called Paul over to help hold him. The rest of their group followed with the exception of Emmett and Jasper. They were still questioning the Riley guy. Rose got to his side first.

" Shit...I bet that hurts huh." she said to an unamused Sam.

" Just a little." he gritted out with a glare. She just chuckled. It seems warfare gets little Rosie going.

" Hang on man, I'm going to hold you while Paul sets the ribs. It looks as if you barely escaped a punctured lung." Peter said grabbing a hold of Sam tightly.

Paul looked to the gaping whole in his brother's side. He could see his rib cage and a portion of his lungs. Thanks God they healed quickly or else this would have been bad news. Reaching his hand inside of his rib cage, he took the ribs that had been snapped in half and held them together as they slowly fused. He did the same with the other three that had been snapped. They all watched as fist the puncture in his lung healed and then again as his skin began to fuse back together. Sam stayed quiet the whole time. He knew that shit hurt though. He was proud of him for taking like a man.

After a moment Sam looked around at his fellow combatants and smirked, " Can we please keep this from Leah and Cat? They wont let me out of their site for a week."

Paul shook his head laughing along with Peter. " Hell no man...Do you know what she would do to me if she found out and I did not tell her. Nope...your on your own brother. Besides I thought you would like to have Leah all up on you." he told him smirking.

The pack laughed at that. They heard screaming coming from Jasper's direction and headed that way.

Paul and Jake helped Sam to his feet. It hurt like a bitch, but he could stand and walk pretty much on his own. He was just a little sluggish.

" What do we have here? " Peter singed song ed out as they approached the pissed off vampire. Emmett was holding him from behind while Jasper had his throat. Jasper's eyes were pitch black. He was in major mode.

" We might have us a little canary Captain. He's being a little stubborn right now, but I think he will sing for us eventually." Jasper said in a menacing voice. You could see the fear in the younger vampire eyes. He knew he was not getting out of here alive.

" I don't know anything." he whined

" Sure ya do...and you are going to tell us where Victoria is." Jasper spit out. He was tired of this game.

He wanted to be through with this shit for good.

From the front of the warehouse they heard

" Put him the fuck down. All of you get your hands up now."

Everyone froze. What the fuck? They all turned towards the voice of their intruder. It was a tall thin woman with long black hair pulled into a high pony tail. She was very beautiful. She had on a pair of black skinny jeans and heels matched with a red blouse. Very sexy, Jasper thought to himself.

" I said drop him cowboy. Do you think this is a water gun I have here? I wont tell you again." she growled out.

" I'm afraid I can't do that darlin." he said. She frowned at him, took aim and shot his leg.

Of course it did not even penetrate his marble skin. It just bounced off of him like it was nothing.

" What the fuck?" she whispered out in shock. Jasper smirked at her.

Sam had a bad feeling that this was Detective Goya. She fit his sister description to a tee. Fuck...what now? He spoke quickly to everyone mentioning her name. Several curses could be heard.

" Fuck is right ma'am. I will be with you in a moment. I have to take care of this first." Jasper drawled out. He should be panicking that a human, much less a police human had walked in on their little foray. But fuck if he was.

Embry and Quil had walked over to her slowly, with their hands raised. She aimed the gun at them. It made them stop. Sure they could not be killed this way, but that shit would hurt like a mother fucker.

" Don't come any closer." she spat out. You couldn't tell but she was nervous as fuck. How did that bullet bounce off the sexy blond guy? Sexy...really Nik...Get it together girl. She thought to herself.

" Listen Detective we aren't going to hurt you. We just cant let you leave. There is a whole lot of shit going on here that you don't know about. We will gladly tell you after my friend over there takes care of some last minute housekeeping." Quil said moving closer. She held the gun steady on him.

" What the fuck are you?" she asked

" Well that would be part of the explanation. But we are not the bad guys here okay? " he said doing his best to show her he was being truthful. She eyed him for a moment and was about to say something else when she heard what sounded like metal being torn apart. She looked in the direction of the cowboy and her jaw dropped. Huh?

Quil and Embry took this as their chance to grab her. She tried fighting them but really, they were wolves with super human strength not much she could do.

" Dot hurt her." Jasper called out not even looking their way.

Peter whipped his head around to look at his brother. Hmmm...interesting...

His attention was drawn away by Paul doubling over in pain. What the hell?

Sam ran to him, panic in his eyes " What is it? Is it Cat?"

Paul gripped his middle, the pain so intense. He knew it was his imprint. She was in danger, she was hurt. Fuck. With a roar that shook the rafters he started running towards the door, phasing mid stride.

Sam and the other wolves quickly followed. Rose , Peter and Emmett were out after them in a flash.

Nik stood there now alone wondering if maybe she needed to take some time off. She had just seen several men turn into giant sized wolves and a man and a woman blur past her so fast she doubted her own eyes.

Jasper and Charlotte were the only one's left in the building. They made quick work of Riley, having found out all he knew, which wasn't much. They lit the newborns on fire and it wasn't long before the building itself started to catch.

Jasper made his way quickly to the stunned Nik and grabbed her throwing her on his back.

" Hang on Darlin." he said as he blurred down the street and into the forest at vampire speed. Charlotte was following a small grin on her face. Things were about to get interesting.

Halfway home Jared started feeling the pain of his imprint. Being phased the pack knew immediately. They pushed themselves faster than they had ever before. Sam worried about his sister and Leah..what the hell had happened.

I don't know, but if someone has hurt her~ Paul snarled out.

We will get there~ Jake

I will kill the mother fucker~ Jared gasped out in pain.

Coming into La Push they smelled the redhead's scent.

Fuck~ Paul gritted out pushing himself so fast he was ahead of the rest with the exception of Peter and Jared, with Sam not to far behind. His injuries were healed pretty much, but he was still not a hundred percent.

They followed the scent to a clearing not far from Paul's house. There sat Cat and Kim naked and tied together in the middle. Paul was about to charge in when Sam halted him.

Hang on man, this is not right~ Sam

Fuck that Sam, that's my woman in there~ Paul yelled out

I want her safe just as much, but we have to be smart here, what if she has something rigged or planned to hurt them if we go jumping in their? ~ Sam said looking at Paul through his wolf's eyes.

Paul whimpered. Fuck he was right. He felt Peter tapping his shoulder. He turned and Peter motioned for him to phase. Everything in Paul said to stay in his wolf form. His mate was being threatened by his enemy.

" What" he barked out lowly. He was pissed that his mate was in danger, he was pissed that she was naked for all to see, he was pissed at the tears he saw running down her face, he was just pissed. His vision was going red.

" She' on the other side of the clearing about a mile out. We need to draw her down, she's taken to the trees." he said his rage filled black eyes looking up. Paul followed his line of sight and he saw a touch of red blending in with the trees. Bitch.

" Okay, Sam you stay here with Seth and watch the girls. We will span out on the sides and behind her and force her down. Can you climb trees Peter? " Paul said an evil smirk coming across his face.

Peter smiled back just as menacingly and nodded.

" Yes, we can." Jasper answered as he came into sight. He had brought the cop with him. Just fucking great.

" What the fuck Jasper?" Paul snarled out.

Jasper swung her off his back. She held onto him for a moment while getting her barrings. Looking around she was surrounded by wolves and naked native men. Now she knew she was not in her right mind. She looked past the one that had spoken to her ride and saw two woman tied together naked in a clearing. She gasped " What the fuck." she said walking forward to help them.

Paul grabbed her by the arm roughly as Jared growled at her. Jasper hissed at Paul to let her go. Paul ignored him and looked into the woman's eyes.

" That out there is my world. If you go in there not only will you get yourself killed but you will also get her killed. You stay put. Don't try any fancy police shit here. That shit wont work here. You understand me?" he shook her roughly. She looked into his eyes and saw all the rage and anger, but she also saw the fear and worry. She slowly nodded her head. He released her and she walked slowly back towards her blond cowboy. Oh now he's your's Nik...she thought to herself as blondie grabbed her and placed her behind him protectively.

Paul looked at Jasper for a moment his eyebrow raised in question. Jasper mouthed later to him.

" Did you hear the plan?" Paul asked him. Jasper nodded.

" You stay here with Sam and Seth. Don't move from their site okay?" he said looking to Nik.

She had tons of questions, but she knew now wasn't the time. Whatever the hell was going on was some serious shit, that was completely out of her league. She just nodded up at him.

In a flash she was left standing with two huge ass wolves. The black one walked over to her, she could tell he was hurt. He motioned for her to get back behind the large underbrush. She quickly complied.

His attention turned towards the other side of the clearing. She tried to see what he was looking at, but with her human eyes she just couldn't . She turned her attention back to the women in the clearing. She recognized one of them as Catarina Uley. She wondered if she was the huge native man's world or was it the other equally beautiful girl? What were they doing there tied up and naked. She tamped the urge down to run and cover them. How awful being so exposed like that. The black wolf whined as Catarina murmured in pain. She looked closer at her and noticed a bone sticking out of her leg. Ow..shit..

The black wolf started frantically pacing. He wanted to get to her, that much Nik could tell. Who was she to him? The other woman was openly sobbing, Nik check to see if she had any injuries as well.

She noticed a gash along her neck. How she missed seeing the blood running steadily out of the wound she had no idea. This was serious. If these women did not get help, they could die from loss of blood.

She started to step forward again, orders be damned. When she heard a high pitch shriek from the other side of the clearing. She saw a flash a red whip into the clearing near the girls. The black wolf looked briefly to the sandy colored smaller wolf and took off. The sandy colored wolf turned towards her briefly before turning back to the clearing. Looking again at the clearing she saw a very pale woman with fire red hair standing there looking at the black wolf, who had put himself between the women and her.

This woman was the one that was dangerous? Huh? She started stepping forward and had made it almost to the line of trees that opened into the clearing when the sandy colored wolf grabbed her shirt with his teeth and slung her back as gently as she supposed he could. She landed with a "hmmph" as her ass hit the ground.

" This is stupid. It's just a woman. " she said huffing trying to get up off the ground. The wolf just ignored her and continue to watch the showdown in the clearing.

She saw Blondie and the other beings come out from all sides of the forest surrounding the red head. The wolves came up behind them. A silver one moved in on her and snarled viciously at her.

She threw her head back and laughed at the beast. It was a bell like tinkling sound.

" What you have come for is no longer here. You really fucked up Victoria, you messed with the mate of a wolf. Not very smart." blondie taunted the red head.

" These mutts mean nothing to me. I heard the meeting to take Bella Swan out of here. I will find her as well. But these dogs need to be taught a lesson." her voice chimed out.

The silver wolf looked to Catarina and you could see his anxiety. Apparently he had had enough. He lunged toward the red head, his paws landing on her chest knocking her down. His huge canines wrapped them selves around her throat and yanked. And just like that her head had come off. He continued to rip her apart.

At this point Nik was completely numb. Obviously there were no humans here, minus her and the women in the clearing. She sat their on her ass watching as the silver finished tearing the ...what the fuck do you call it..the thing ...the monster?

She noticed that all of the wolves were now human, she got an eyeful of wolf boy junk and had to turn her head. Were they all that big...shit...

" You can come out now." a young guy who had thankfully pulled some shorts on came over to her. He held his hand out to help her and she took it.

She eyed him and said " You were my babysitter right?"

He grinned boyishly " Yeah, I'm Seth. Sorry about trowing you. It would have been bad had I let you go out there." he said hanging his head a little. He was too cute. She thought he might even have dimples.

" It's okay...I don't understand all of this, but I know you were trying to protect me." she said patting his hand as she walked by and into the clearing.

She looked around and noticed the man who had shook her roughly was at Catarina's side untying her hands. She saw another big native man on the other side doing the same to the woman beside her.

" Baby..are you okay? " Paul asked his mate as he ripped her restraints from around her hands and feet.

He tried to pick her up and she cried out in pain. He had jostled her leg. He looked down and almost phased. He had not even noticed her leg. His main concern had been getting to her and getting her free.

Jared was panicking beside him. He looked around and noticed a large gash on Kim's neck where the blood was running out continuously.

" Let me look at her. I can help." the cop lady said to Jared, he growled at her trying to shield his mate. All he could think of was to protect. His wolf was sinking his claws in is skull at the sight of his mates blood being spilled.

Jasper came whirling over to them and spoke in a low sooting tone, pushing out as much calm as he could.

" Jared, let her take a look. She is not going to hurt her. She just wants to help." he said trying to sooth the beast inside. Jared seemed to calm down considerably. Nik moved closer to the woman and inspected the gash.

" It looks to be pretty clean I need something to stop the blood until we can get her some help." Nik said taking charge of the situation. Jared hovered over her. His eyes watching every move she made.

" Oh my God Leah and Brady. I don't know where they are. What is she hurt them. " Cat said frantically.

Quil shushed her by saying " Cat, there okay, Embry went back to the rez and found them chained to a tree behind your house. They are beat up pretty bad, but they are healing as we speak. E found the pieces of what looks to be four vampires scattered around them. It appears they took her friends out before being taken down themselves." He said tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Everyone sighed in relief at that statement. Sam especially was thanking the spirits for keeping Leah alive.

Cat smiled at him gratefully. " So everyone is okay?" he nodded.

Jasper stood back as he watched the detective work to stop the flow of blood from Kim. He was surprised that the blood was not bothering him. He had always been considered the weakest link within the Cullen coven. He found that since he was not surrounded by vampires who were constantly denying their thirst to appear more human. Even being around Rose and Emmett was a strain at times. Since he was an empath he felt everything from everywhere. It sucked in a lot of ways. It had it's usages as well.

" Paul I'm okay baby. My leg is fucking killing me though. That bitch. She could not just kidnap me with out breaking any bones could she." Cat huffed out to her mate. Everyone chuckled at this.

" Honey only you would be complaining about the manner you had been kidnapped and not the kidnapping itself." Paul said as he held her to him as gently as he could.

Peter squatted down beside her and took her hand in his. " I am glad you are okay chica."

She smiled up at him. Not feeling uneasy at the moment. Perhaps it was the pain or perhaps it was spending the past few hours with a psychotic bitch intent on killing her and every one she loved.

" I'm glad you are alright to Peter." she said softly squeezing his hand.

" Okay people we need to get Kim to a Dr." Nik said standing and holding her makeshift tourniquet as Jared lifted her into his arms. She was still conscious, but she was going in and out.

" Is she going to be okay?" Cat asked looking worriedly at her friend.

" I think so sweetie, she will probably need a little blood, but we got it stopped in time." Nik responded to Cat with a warm smile. Cat returned it . She had a feeling they were going to get along great.

Paul carefully lifted his mate and was sure to keep her leg stable. They made their way slowly back to the rez.

" Sam are you okay? Where is Sam?" Cat asked trying to look around Paul's massive shoulder.

" I'm right here peanut. I'm okay...just a little sore. " he said coming around Paul to see his sister.

" Hey peanut. I'm glad you are okay. Let's get home. Jasper I am allowing you and your on the rez just until we can get some things settled." he said over his shoulder.

To say the vampire's were surprised was an understatement. They never thought they would see the day that the acting alpha of La Push reservation would welcome them onto their land.

They looked to each other and smiled. With that they all headed towards the reservation.