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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

18. Rolling Right Along

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AN: Hey guys thanks for all of your reviews they really do help me through when I get stuck on a chapter. Ere is the next chapter. A little fluff and some news before things start getting a bit more intense for our favorite couple.

Chapter 18

Rolling Right Along

It had been six weeks since the ordeal with Victoria and her army. Cat was still in her cast. She had to have surgery to repair the damage to her leg. Paul had almost come unglued while waiting in the waiting room of the surgical unit of the Tribal Medical Center. She now was the proud owner of two steel pins that held her leg bone in place. The Dr.'s said that with enough therapy she would be able to walk without a limp. Paul could almost not be consoled. He felt guilty for allowing his mate to be put in such a fucked up situation.

Cat finally had to lay down the law to him after him walking around biting everyone's head off for weeks. After she had let him know in no uncertain terms that he had better buck the fuck up or she would withhold sex from him once she was able to have it, he became better.

Kim had fared a lot better than Cat. She had to be given blood and had sixty five stitches to close the gaping wound in her neck. She would have a scar, but she could live with that. She was alive and her Jared was alive, that was all she could ask for.

Leah and Brady were fine of course. They had supernatural healing. Their egos took a hit though. They felt shamed that Cat and Kim had been taken on their watch. Sam, Jared and Paul as well told them they were full of shit. They had taken out four newborns on their own. A feat to be proud of. When Cat had come home from the hospital, Leah had stood at her bedroom door as Paul got her situated in her bed, with her head down. Cat had noticed and called her to her. She wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly.

Paul watched from the bathroom doorway. Leah needed this from her sister he understood this, so he allowed it. He had been extremely territorial since she had been in the hospital. His wolf had only let her brother be around her for any length of time. Seeing her in that field, bare for all to see had triggered something in him. He knew he would never be the same.

He tuned out the whispered words of comfort that his mate gave to Leah. He could at least give them some sense of privacy. Then he heard Leah do something he thought he would never see, she sobbed.

They were gut wrenching painful sobs. Cat just held her and ran her fingers through her hair.

" I thought I had lost you." Leah said her voice muffled by Cat's shirt. " I kept fighting and I tried to break the chains she had us in, but I just couldn't. I was too weak from fighting off the bloodsuckers." she finished sobbing some more.

Cat held her for a moment more, tears gathered in her eyes waiting to fall. Her heart broke for her sister.

She pulled her a way from her a bit and said softly but firmly. " Leah, you listen to me. You fought off four leeches to protect me and Kim. Four and they were newborns at that. I know that you tried to keep her from me, but sister, she had a death wish, she was fucking looney. She would have done anything to get to me. She had this planned out. The whole damn thing, from building the army as a ruse to get the guys to go after her, to planning to be here when they did. You fought so hard and I am so proud of you. I always knew your were the toughest and you proved that by beating their asses. So don't you even think for one moment that you failed at your task. You did not. You went above and beyond what anyone expected of you. Now stop all this woe is me shit and bring my Leah back."

Leah looked at her and gave her one more hug and left without a word.

Since then things had slowly started to get back to normal, well as normal as things can be with a pack of wolves. There had been no leeches sighted at all, so Sam had let up on patrols.

Today was the day Cat's cast came off. She was so fucking excited. She hated the thing and Paul would not touch her while she had it on. He claimed he could hurt her. She snorted at him when he said that. Please, he could never hurt her, besides she was so damn horny. The one time she had decided to take things in her own hands, Paul had walked in on her, his eyes flashing dangerously with lust.

She had taken out her rabbit. She had no need for it anymore since she and Paul had been together.

She had been lying on the bed, the house was quiet. Sam and Paul were at work and she needed to relieve some tension.

Lying back she started thinking of Paul and how his strong hands would pleasure her, she had become aroused pretty quickly. So lost in her fantasy of them, she did not hear the front door open or the footsteps leading into their room.

She did hear the sharp intake of breath though. Her eyes popped open and she squeaked in surprise.

She looked up at him and saw the raw desire there, she continued what she had been doing. Her hand came up and tweaked her already hard nipple. He groaned as he palmed his rock hard erection through his jeans. She watched as he rubbed himself a few time before ripping his pants off.

He took his cock in is hand as he started slowly towards the bed, slowly stroking as he walked.

She could not keep her eyes off of him. She wanted him in her so badly. It had been to long.

" You know, I was surprised when I was wiring the Johnson house, when suddenly my dick was rock hard." he said in a husky voice still pumping his erection. Her eyes flicked from his hand to the hungry look in his eyes. Her breath was coming in pants. She was so turned on she felt her juices running onto the bed. It turned her on for him to watch her play with herself. Seeing him roughly jerking his cock while he watched her only added to the eroticism of the moment.

" I rushed home and what do I find? My sexy girl playing with herself. Oh baby...do you know how fucking hot it is to see you pleasure yourself? What were you thinking about?" he asked as he kneel ed in front of her on the bed. She watched as his balls shook at his continued assault on his cock.

" mm...your hands on me...there so big and strong...they make me feel small and the way they touch me...oh god Paul...it turns me on so much." she replied moaning. His own moan at her words just added to her fire.

" I want to watch you make yourself cum baby...Let me see your fingers in your pussy." he grunted out.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head at his filthy words. She loved dirty talking Paul.

She sat the rabbit aside and ran her finger along her folds, teasing herself, teasing him. Coming to her entrance she slowly pushed one finger in and took her thumb and rubbed her clit, causing her to gasp loudly.

" Look at me Catarina." he demanded his voice firm despite the underlying passion she heard.

Her eyes popped open and he saw all the love and lust she had for him there. He growled out as he lowered his head to capture the nipple she had been playing with. He continued to stroke himself as she finger fucked herself. Their tempo getting faster and harder.

" That it little girl...I bet you feel so good...so hot and wet...Does it baby? Does it feel hot and wet? " he grunted out watching her fingers pump in and out of where he most wanted to be.

" Yes...so hot...so wet..." she brought her fingers out and put them to his lips. " Taste" was all she said before he closed his mouth around her small fingers. Musky wildflowers and honeysuckle whirled around in his brain, causing him to almost loose his shit. But he wanted to cum with her. He removed her fingers from his mouth and placed them back at her entrance. He lowered his thumb to her back entrance and moved it in circles never penetrating. Just teasing. Her own arousal had leaked down and he used it to lubricate his thumb.

She gasped out.." I'm right there baby...don't you stop.." she said while starting to pant. He watched as her hand reached down and cupped his balls, squeezing gently while he continued to stroked his length. She reached underneath and ran a finger along his perineum. He jerked his hips as he groaned out her name.

" Oh baby..just like that...I want you to cum with me little girl...just let go..." he gasped out.

Her hands sped up as she continued to stroked his balls. She felt the familiar tightening in her stomach and she knew she was close.

" Oh...oh...yes...yes...oh baby...yeah, " she sputtered out as she came. He started chanting her name as his orgasm overtook him, she leaned forward, careful of her cast and took him in her mouth as he shot four spurts of cum down her throat. He cried out as he bucked wildly into her mouth.

After they had both came down from their orgasm induced high, she turned to where he lay beside her and smirked at him.

" you should not make me wait so long. I can;t handle it. You have turned me into a nympho." she said while running her fingers through his hair. It was getting shaggy and he needed a trim. He used to let a girl in Forks cut it, but Cat had taken over the job.

He smiled, his eyes still closed. " I fucking love you babe. When your cast comes off, I promise I will fuck you silly okay? I just cant take it if I hurt you." he said bringing his eyes to meet hers. She traced the outline of the crease that had appeared between his eyes.

" Deal...But I know you would never hurt me. Your to aware. But I will not bring it up again. You had better be ready when this cast comes off though." she said giving him a mock glare. " I will have my way with you big guy." She leaned over and captured his lips with her own. He pulled her closer and held the back of her neck as he tongue fucked her. Moaning she started pushing her hips into his side. Yes, she had just came, even though it took the edge off, it did not fully satisfy her. Nothing or no one could do that but her Paul.

He pulled away before they both got carried away. Fuck it was hard though. He wanted her like no other and he was constantly fighting himself to stay in control and give her body time to heal.

" I have to get back to work. All Sam saw was me running to my truck with a hard on." he said humor in his voice. Cat pictured it in her mind and started laughing.

Bringing herself back to the present she finished getting ready to go. Leah was taking her to the Dr. today. Paul was going to take off work, but they were already behind on their latest job and she did not want him taking off for something as small as a cast removal. He had argued with her of course. But in the end he gave in. He was so protective. It was endearing to her most times. Sometimes it drove her batty, but she loved it. Most women probably would find it stifling, but when you had no one but yourself for the last almost decade to rely on , it was nice to have someone else worry for your welfare.

Putting on a short jean skirt that hung on her hips and a red tank top, she brushed out her hair and decided to leave it down. She did not bother with make up, she hardly wore it anyway. She decided to wear flip flops, it was just easier. Plus it was July and for some reason she felt over heated.

Walking slowly and awkwardly down the stairs, she headed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She had already eaten breakfast with Paul earlier before he left for work. She hobbled to the back deck, her favorite spot, and sat sipping her coffee until Leah arrived.

Paul's birthday was coming up in a few weeks and she was trying to think of something to get him. She was planning on throwing him a surprise party. Jared had told her he had not celebrated his birthday since he was a little boy. So she decided to do cake, balloons and the whole nine yards. She was having a hard time figuring out what to get him. He needed clothes of course but that was just boring. Plus she had a shopping trip planned with Kim for Saturday.

She had plenty of money saved up since Paul would not let her pay for anything. It had frustrated her to know end and they had the mother of all arguments about it. After fighting about it for what seemed like forever, he told her about his inheritance. She had been shocked. Apparently when his mother had died, she had a substantial life insurance policy. He never really spent any of the money and had invested most of it. So as he had told her " they would be conformable for the rest of their lives". She still argued that it wasn't her money and she was perfectly capable of supporting herself and she did not want to live off of him. He ended the argument by giving her his sad eyes and telling her that if she did not want him to take care of her, then he would respect her wishes. She watched him walk into the kitchen dejected and she felt guilty as fuck.

She knew the man in him desired beyond anything to take care of her. She knew the wolf in him demanded it be so. So she figured for him give in, it was pretty painful on both sides, the wolf and the man. Sighing heavily she gave in and noticed his shit eating grin. He knew she would give in. He had played her. She smacked his arm and left to go meet Leah for some girl time.

She smiled thinking back on that time. The pack joked all the time about the imprints making their men pussy whooped , but the men had them wrapped around their fingers as well.

Hearing Leah's car pulling up she got up and headed to the kitchen to dump her coffee. Grabbing her purse and keys she headed out.

At the Dr.'s office Leah was filling her in on her and Sam's relationship. Sam had decided to move back to his home. She had told him he did not have to, but he assured her he was ready to start getting on with his life the right way. He also said that he did not think he could stand to hear Paul deflowering his baby sister anymore.

" So we have started dating. Nothing to serious, but we are getting reacquainted. I'm still worried I will imprint though. I could not bare to hurt him like that. I guess that is what is holding me back." Leah told her as they waited her turn for the Dr.

" Leah, I really don't feel like you will imprint. You are Sam's and he is your's. I mean think about it. Once Sam;s imprint was broke, didn't you say you had started having periods again? Doesn't that seem odd to you after all this time? The moment the imprint was broke you said you started cramping. SO you tell me." Cat told her. It was pretty cut and dry for her. Leah and Sam belonged together, her starting her menses immediately following the broken imprint was a sign that her mate was ready for her.

" I know I just wish I could be sure. Your right, it was odd that my cycle started again the same night of the infamous "abjuring" she said with a twitch of her lips. None of them had let her forget about that. The fact that she got the word off of a show about vampires and werewolves only added to the humor.

She rolled her eyes. " Can you imagine if you had been having your period this whole time? You are surrounded by males constantly. What about when you are in your wolf form. You would be fighting them fuckers off with a bat." Cat told her, thinking back to when she had started her period and Paul had all but come unglued.

Let's just say that she was walking funny for a week after. But she had a smile on her face. Honestly there was nothing that could beat hot wolf sex when she was in her "heat" as Paul referred to it. She had been a little put off at first, but her man had her not giving a shit not long after. That had been right before the battle with Victoria. He had not reacted that way since though. Her heart lurched. He had not acted like that because she had not had her period since then.

Oh my God...Oh my God...shit..,shit...I cant be ...can I?

\The last time she had her period was when Paul went all wolf and earned his red wings. That had been almost three months ago. How the hell did she not notice she had not been having her period?

Leah seeing the shock on her face, crouched down in front of her with a worried look.

" What is it kitty cat?" she asked worry clearly in her voice. Cat looked up at her a dumbfounded look on her face. Leah was starting to get worried, when Cat spoke.

" Leah, I have not had my period in almost three months. The last time was when...well when Paul..." shit, get it the fuck out Catarina.

Leah's face had immediate understanding. She knew of course. They all shared a pack mind. They had all seen enough of Paul and Cat's crazy sex life to know all there was to know.

" The last time was when he took you during your heat right?" Leah said keeping her voice calm. She knew that she needed to keep the situation calm for Cat's sake. She could see she was about to freak the fuck out and all they needed was for Paul to feel it through the bond and come barreling in here guns loaded.

Cat shook her head. " Yes, that was the last time. I cant believe I haven't noticed I haven't had a period in two months." she said shaking her head. She gripped her stomach. Is it possible?

Leah watched her " I'm not surprised with everything that has been going on. Calm down. We will ask the Dr. to perform a pregnancy test okay?" she said soothingly, putting her arm around her sister. Wow a baby...

Cat looked at her with tears in her eyes. " What will Paul think? Oh my god a baby...I don't know the first thing about babies." she said working herself into a panic again. Leah was about to respond when her cell phone rang.

She knew who it was before she answered. She gave Cat a look that said calm the fuck down. When she saw her calming herself,m she answered her phone.

" Hello." she asked in a nonchalant voice.

" What the fuck is wrong with her? Is she okay?" an agitated Paul asked. Leah rolled her eyes.

" She is fine. We were just talking waiting to go in. We were just discussing Joshua Uley. Quit worrying. I would have called you had it been anything." she said

" Put her on the phone" he clipped out. She looked to Cat and gave her a meaningful look. Cat nodded and grabbed the phone.

" Hey baby...I'm fine. I was just talking to Leah about my dad and got upset." she told him

" Are you sure? I can be there in like fifteen minutes." he said softly. She smiled softly. He was so sweet and he was all hers. She knew in that moment that whatever answer she got from the Dr. today, that they would be okay.

" I'm fine baby...remember what you promised me?" she said changing the subject.

H is breath hitched slightly. " Yes...and I will make good on it okay little girl." he said huskily. She felt herself getting wet. Damn he could turn her on with just his voice.

Leah having heard and smelled everything cringed. She hated her wold senses sometimes.

" I'll see you in a bit. I love you baby." Cat said before they hung up. " I love you to, more than you know" he replied softly.

She was grinning when she handed Leah back her phone. Leah shook her head. " Are you okay now?" she asked

" Yes, I just realized that it will be okay regardless of the answer we get in there. I'm sorry for freaking out on you sis." Cat told her giving her a hug. Leah returned it squeezing tightly. She loved this woman, her sister. She never thought she could have the kind of love she had for her with another woman. But she did. They were soul sisters and would always be there for one another.

" Thats what I am here for kitty cat." she said pulling away and pushing a piece of Cat's bangs off of her face.

" Ms. Uley, the Dr. will see you now." the nurse said standing at the door with a smile. They both stood up and walked back following the nurse.

" Ready to get the cast off?" the nurse asked walking into an exam room.

" You know it. I also need to speak with Dr. Chambers about another matter." Cat told her smiling.

" Okay I will let him know. He will be in a minute." the nurse said leaving and shutting the door behind her.

Leah sat in the chair and watched as Cat attempted to hop up on the table. She waited for her to ask for help. She was stubborn that way and would et pissed if you went ahead and did something for her with her asking you too.

Cat huffed and looked over to Leah. " Could you please help me up?"

Leah hid her smile and helped her onto the table. " Stubborn" she muttered as she sat back down.

" What was that dear sister?" cat asked knowing full well what she said. Leah looked at her with an innocent expression on her face. " I don't know what you are talking about." Cat rolled her eyes. Yeah right.

" Hey have you heard from Nik since she came down last?" Leah asked.

" She called a couple of days ago. She is still reeling over everything. But she is tough ya know? She wants to go to the Mescalero Reservation. She is from there as well and she would like me to go with her. She believes some of my mother's family is still there. In fact she believes that one of my kin maybe chief of the tribe." she told her, rubbing her belly absently.

" Wow, are you going to go?" Leah asked watching her.

" I don't know. I mean they pretty much told my mom to fuck off when she got pregnant with me. Not the kind of people I want to associate with." Cat said a frown marring her otherwise flawless features.

" You never know. Besides you don't know exactly what happened back then. Maybe you could even find out of they have you and your mom's belongings. It's something to think about. What about her and Jasper?" Leah asked.

After the battle Sam had given Jasper and his crew permission to come onto tribe land. Jasper followed along with Nik like a little lost puppy. She had been freaked out when they both sat down and told her all about vampires and wolves. Jasper had stayed close to her the whole time. Peter had been amused at his brother's behavior. He knew the major had found his mate and it was hilarious to see him so disarmed because of it.

Nik had not been as accepting of him though. She was reeling from the whole supernatural is real shit and she had tried to keep her distance. She especially freaked out when Charlotte had let the cat out of the bag about her being Jasper's soul mate. It took Peter, Emmett and Rose to calm him down after she had opened her mouth. He wanted to be the one to tell her and he wanted to wait until she had more time to get used to him being a vampire.

She had left a couple of days later, promising Paul to keep in touch with Cat. She had felt a kinship with the other woman. She had told the pack that she was Apache and had come from the Mescalero reservation. Paul had mentioned that was where Cat;s mother had come from as well. That alone had her wanting to keep in touch with her. She went back to Seattle and decided to put in a transfer to Seattle. She felt the need to be closer to the pack and Cat. Plus after everything she had seen and heard, she felt as if she needed to be close to remind her she was not crazy and the shit had really happened. She had nothing in LA anyway. Most of her family was dead and gone. Those that weren't she did not know anyway. She had felt a sense of belonging in La Push that she had never felt anywhere else.

Jasper along with his brother Peter and his mate Charlotte had followed once they had said their good byes to Cat. Rose and Emmett had taken off to places unknown. Promising if they were ever needed they were just a phone call away.

Jasper, after getting Paul to let him see his mate, had said his good byes to Cat in the hospital. He assured her he would be around if she ever needed him. Peter had looked longingly at her, while Paul growled from her side. He told her he would be around as well.

Since Nik's transfer had come through, her and Cat had talked at least twice a week. Nik had informed her that Jasper and company had bought a home close to hers and they had been out on a date. She was taking it slow. After all to be the mate of a vampire meant that at some point you would have to be turned. This was not something she wanted. So they were constantly at odds with each other. She had told Cat that she wished she knew some sort of magic voo doo that would change Jasper back into a human, so they could be together. They had laughed but Cat felt horrible for her. She could tell that she was half in love with him and she had even asked Billy if there was anything in their legends that could magically make Jasper human again.

Billy along with Paul and Sam had looked at her as if she were nuts and she probably was. But she figured if the magic existed to turn normal human men and women into giant wolves who kill vampires then perhaps it was not completely out of the question.

" They are dating, but she is torn. In order to be with him, she will at some point have to be changed and this is not something she wants. So I don't know. I feel bad for her." Cat replied to Leah.

" That sucks. Maybe we should look into the idea you had about there being a reversal of the vampirism. Who knows, it's probably a waste of time but if we found something it would be worth it. So you think he would want that?" Leah asked

" I don't know. Why wouldn't he? He could eat, sleep and maybe have kids one day. I don't know why anyone would want to drink blood for eternity. It has to be a lonely existence." Cat shuddered at the thought of becoming a vampire.

" yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know what I would do if I could not eat your cheesecake anymore." Leah said shuddering herself at the thought. Cat looked at her and cracked up. Only her sister. Leah chuckled right along with her.

They were still laughing when Dr. Chamber's walked in holding her chart.

" Good Morning ladies...how are y'all today?" he said pleasantly.

Dr. Chambers was in his early fifties and he knew all about the wolves. He had been the pack Dr. sense they had started to phase. It was cool to have a medical professional that was in on the secret. Sue was great, but there was only so much she could do.

" We are good doc. Ready for this thing to come off." Cat said tapping her cast. She had been working with the physical therapist and couldn't wait to start working with him again with out the cast.

" I bet. Those things itch like the devil don't they?" Dr. Chambers asked as he pulled his stool over along with a small saw to cut her cast off with.

" Yes, you might find a couple of pencils in there." Cat said amused. She had broken off a few in her frantic need to scratch.

He and Leah chuckled. " I have found worse before. Pencils I can deal with. Ruth said you had something else you else you wanted to talk about?" he said pulling on some protective goggles and getting started on her cast. She waited until he had cut it off and she had flexed her leg before she brought up the possible pregnancy.

He was not surprised. He had known she carried the mark of her wolf. After the marking it seemed to increase the probability of pregnancy.

After having her pee in a cup and taking a blood sample, he said he would be back in a few with the results.

Cat was walking around on her now unencumbered limb. She had a light hitch in her get up, but the Dr. assured her that with a few more visits to the physical therapist and she would be as good as new.

" Well Catarina it looks as if congratulations are in order. The first pack baby." he said showing her the results. She was shocked. Leah had come up next to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

" It explains your higher temperature, also the mood swings you told me about. I would have to do an ultra sound in order to get a good read on how far along you are. Wolf pups grow at an accelerated rate. Not much different than a human, but there is a difference. Your heart rate will be a little faster. Paul should start being able to hear the babies soon. If you had not figured it out he would have when he heard it. It will be a nine month gestation like any normal pregnancy. We can set up the ultra sound for when Paul can be here. I want you to start taking prenatal vitamins and eat lots of protein. In wolf pregnancies it is very important that they get plenty of protein along with everything else a regular baby calls for. The protein will help their accelerated growth. It will keep them healthy and active, which is what you want." he finished handing her a prescription for prenatal vitamins and folic acid.

After they had made an appointment for the ultra sound, Leah and Cat had left both a little shocked.

They were quiet on the way back to Cat's house. Leah broke the silence.

" Are you happy about this?" she asked her. She looked over at her sister an saw her wide grin. She took that as a yes.

" Yes, I think I am. I mean we didn't plan it, but I cant wait to see what a Paul and Cat look like ya know?" Cat said starting to feel giddy. She looked down and cradled her stomach. Wow. She had a life growing inside of her. She couldn't believe it. It was almost surreal. She could not wait to tell Paul.

" I am going to be an aunt." Leah said as if just realizing it. She broke out into a shit eating grin.

" Yes you are. Oh my god...I am going to be a mom. Me...a mom..." Cat squealed

Leah started laughing. What a great day it had turned out to be. The first pack baby. She couldn't wait to meet him or her.

" How are you going to tell him?" Leah asked.

" I don't know..." Cat replied.

" I know, you can cook him a nice dinner, we could go by Wal-mart and buy some little baby booties or something and you could put it in a gift bag for him. Let him open it at dinner." Leah said

Leah looked over at her " I know that's kind of lame huh?" she said with a frown.

" No...no...thats what I will do. He wont be expecting it. He might think its an early birthday gift or something. Let's get to Wal- Mart." She said.

Once Leah had dropped her off at home. She got her gift bag ready. She had looked through so much baby crap until she decided on Leah's idea of booties. She had found some with baby wolves on them. They were too cute. She had started getting excited going through all the baby stuff. You would have thought Leah was the one pregnant. Cat had to pull several baby items out of her basket. It was way too soon to start that kind of shopping.

She started dinner and straightened the house up a little. Once dinner was done she headed up to take a bath. After her bath she decided to dress up a little.

She chose a black silky slip dress that came to mid thigh. She decided to forgo her bra and just wear a pair of black lacy boy shorts. She paired her dress with a pair of black strappy stilettos. Scrunching her wet hair with a little gel she decided on the sex hair look. Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror she thought she looked sexy and headed downstairs to set the table.

She heard Paul pull up and the butterflies started. What if he wasn't ready for a family? It was sudden and not planned.

" Hey babe I'm home." Paul called out. She met him at the kitchen door. He looked up from setting his stuff down on the table Cat had put their for just that purpose and his eyes widened.

" Damn little girl...you look good enough to eat." he said striding to her and picking her up. She locked her legs around his waist and brought her mouth to his. He kissed her, ravaging her mouth. She felt his hard on and knew they had to stop. If they got started she would never tell him about the baby.

Pulling away, she said " later" and hopped down heading into the kitchen. He followed her watching the way the silk of her dress caressed her plump ass. He almost moaned. She was so fucking hot. He didn't know what the occasion was and he did not care. Seeing her dressed up for him had his dick so hard.

" Why don't you get a shower before dinner baby." she said while getting the roast out of the oven. He came up behind her and kissed her neck before heading upstairs.

Cat took deep breaths as she set the food on the table. She lit the candles she had placed their earlier and went to get the small gift bag. She sat down and waited for him to come back down. She tried to calm her nerves. She sipped her water and tapped the table with her nails.

Finally he walked into the dining room looking good enough to eat in his dark jeans and and navy blue v neck sweater. His hair was still damp from his shower and she fought the urge to run her fingers through it. He smiled her smile when he noticed her eye fucking him. He bent to kiss her lips before sitting down. He eyed the gift bag.

" What's this?" he asked.

" It's a gift for you." she said. Her nerves were really working on her. She tried to calm herself so he wouldn't feel it through the bond.

He frowned for a minute. " A gift for what?" he asked her. Shit, he hoped he had not missed some important milestone. You know anniversary of something or other. Leah would have told him surely. They had been together going on five months now. Shit, were they celebrating five months? Before he started panicking Cat broke into his mental tirade.

" Why don't you open it and find out" she said. She had planned to wait until they had eaten, but she could not wait anymore. She would not have been able to eat anyway. Not until she knew what his reaction would be.

He grabbed the bag looking at her. She seemed wound up. What the fuck could it be?

He pulled the small box out and stared at it. It was a pair of baby booties. They had a baby wolf on the front of them. He stared at them like an idiot. Why would she give him baby booties? Suddenly it him like a ton of bricks. His head snapped up to meet her anxious eyes. No fucking way...really?

" Baby...does this mean what I think it does?" he asked in a shaky voice.

She had tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat. The only thing she could do was nod. His eyes held her fixed in their intensity. He laid the booties to the side and grabbed her wrist, pulling her over to him.

He sat her on the table in front of him and laid his large hands on her tummy. He looked down at it for a good while. She was about to say something when he looked up at her, eyes glistening with tears, and pulled her into his lap.

He held her tightly to him and thanked the spirits for sending him such a gift.

" Are you happy?" she asked her voice muffled by his sweater. He pulled her back and looked at her. His eyes were filled with so much love and peace, she actually gasped.

" Baby, I have never been so happy in my life. I cant believe we are having a baby." he said looking down at her stomach in awe. He stood her up and put his ear to her stomach. Her heard a light fluttering noise. He surmised it would have only been a few more weeks until he would be able to hear it from anywhere in the house. " I'm going to be a dad." he said almost to himself. He looked at the booties and started wondering if it

She was grinning like an idiot. She was so happy. She never thought it could be this way for her. She had always excepted that she was meant to be alone and plagued by the nightmare that had become her life before she met Paul.

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