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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

2. What The Hell Am I Doing?

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Desperatly needing to breathe, she pulled her lips away from his regretfully. In the next moment she was moaning as his lips followed down the side of her face to her throat, sucking, biting, and tasting as he went.

Just as he started to feel her hips grinding into the massive hard on he had, he heard his best friend, Jared clear his throat loudly. Pulling away from her delicious skin that tasted just how she smelled, Honeysuckle and Wild Flowers,

"What .." he snapped at his friend with the shit eating grin on his face.

Jared walking forward, holding his hands up defensively said " Paul man.. sorry, but maybe this is not the best place for this?" his grin growing broader at the realization that his friend is about to fuck a hot piece of ass in the parking lot of the local gas station.

He could only imagine what the five or so people standing around staring, mouths agape in shock, were thinking.

Paul, not giving a fuck about his audiance, turned to face the sexy goddess in his arms. Realizing she had been in pleasure land just as much as him.

Focusing his attention on her, he examined their position. Her long legs, encased in tight as fuck black skinny jeans, wrapped firmly around him. The heels of her shoes were poking into his ass. Her breast were smashed into his chest allowing him to feel the hardness of her nipples. Probably a D cup, he moaned lowly at the thought of his head buried between them. He was after all a tit man. Pulling his eyes away from her lucious mounds, he focused in on her lips for a moment, noting that they were swollen and red from his kisses.

Deep blue eyes, accented by a wisp of bangs styled the the left, falling half way over her eye. Fucking Sexy... swirled into his own deep grey.

Jared, Paul's best friend stood there smirking. The chick was seriously hot. He had not seen her face yet, but if her body was any indication... damn.

Paul, noticing the look on Jareds face out of his periphals, growed lowly at him. Mine, the growl told Jared. Both guys nostils flared at the new scent of overwhelming arousal that had suddenly hit the air.

"Hey, big guy, you keep growling like that and I will rip your clothes off right here, audiance be damned." Catarina replied huskily. Forcing her hand to stay locked in his, and to not pull him to her. Paul held her tighter, head leaning down at her comment, ready to take her then and there.

Jared realizing their intent walked briskly over to them, " Listen, I really would love to see where this would go, trust me." he smirked down at Catarina. Paul growled again, this time much louder. Catarina whimpered when she heard it.

" Hey guys, really...not here. I dont want to have to spend the day at the Forks jail bailing yall out." Jared said amused by Paul's posesiveness.

Catarina, regretfully untangled her legs from around him and stood shakily on her red stilettos.

Paul, trying to pull himself together stuttered out, " I..ummm..shit..uh sorry..fuck."

Smiling up at him " Hey it's ok..really, I was right there with you. I dont know what that was, but I felt it to. That has never happened to me before"

Not that she regretted it. Hell no. He was sexy as hell and she did not care at the moment how it looked to the people still hanging around. I guess they were waiting for Act 2. She was very liberal when it came to sex. Not that she went around dry humping gorgeous guys in public places. No she was usually a little more discreet than that. She did not know what it was that pulled her to him. She just knew that she could not stop the want and need that had suddenly welled up in her. Or the fact that the deep ache in her chest that had plagued her most of her life was gone.

She felt home in his arms. She had never felt the need to be with someone physically so much in her life. She just could not understand these feelings that were rising in her by the second. This was crazy. She didn't know what was going on.

However she did know one thing, she would be finding a hotel in this tiny town.

"Me either." Paul smirked sexily at her. He knew he had imprinted on her. This beautiful stranger with a hard edge to her eyes. She had seen to much, that much he knew.

He never thought he would imprint, it had been, after all, a year and a half. He always hated imprinting. It took his choices away, just as the wolf in him did.

He was very vocal about his hatred for imprinting to his fellow pack members. It fucked shit up. Just look at Leah, Sam & Emily...

Although he hated it, he could not deny the feelings of completion, posession and utter bliss that this stranger, this woman, Catarina, had envoked in him. It was completely primal. He had never felt so at home before. He knew it was the imprint. He had seen it in the other guys heads enough to know.

"Yeah, umm.. I'm Paul Marez." he said sticking his hand out.

Taking his hand she replied " Catarina Uley, but you can call me Cat"

Uley? Is she related for Sam? mmmm..Sam's dad was not the most discrete when it came to the ladies.

"Uley? he said stupidly.

"Yeah, why?" she said, noticing him tense up and frown.

" Um..I have a friend with the last name Uley." he replied

"Really? Well its not a common last name, I wonder..." she said absently thinking.. He noticed her expression

" Do you have family around here? My friends name is Sam Uley and he lives on LaPush reservation." he asked her

" Not that I know of. As far as I know the last of my family died with my mother," she said forcing her mind from the dark despair of her mothers death.

" Although I never did know my father. The bastard took off when my mom got pregnant." she said scowling at the thought of her father.

" Well you could be related. Sam's dad got around alot." He said with a crooked grin.

"Hi I'm Jared Cameron, Pauls best friend." Jared butted in forcing Cat's eyes away from the bronze God in front of her.

"Cat, nice to meet you." she replied shaking Jared's hand.

"you know we are having a bonfire tonight at a place called First Beach down on the rez. You should come. You and Paul could uh..talk some more. You could meet the gang. Also, Sam will be there as well. You could meet him." Jared said trying to help his pack brother out.

Paul glanced over at him with a grateful smile. Jared knew Paul would have thought to ask, if he had been in the right frame of mind.

"Uh, ok...I need to find a Hotel." Cat replied

" Well there is not much here in Forks, but Sue Clearwater rents out one of her rooms from time to time. You could stay there. I know it's not being used right now." Paul said. Secretly wishing he could just take her home with him. But it was to soon...right?

"Oh hey that sounds great. Let me finish paying for my gas and I'll follow you guys out." she said turning to go inside the station.

Once she was out of earshot, Jared grabbed Paul's shoulder " Congratulations man." He said genuinly excited for his pack brother and best friend. He deserved some happiness in his life after all the hell.

Paul, snapping his head to Jared after fowllowing Cat with his eyes into the station. what a great ass.

" Yeah I dont really know how to feel about it. I hate everything about imprinting, but damn Jared, did you see her? Fuck! My didck is so hard right now, I could saw logs with the fucker." he said running a large hand through his hair in frustration.

Jared laughed, Paul Merez, man whore of La Push sexually frustrated. He loved it.

" You got to calm down man. You were about to fuck her right here."

" I know, but really man I dont give a fuck. This need in me for her is relentless. I dont even know her, She could be a total bitch. How is this supposed to work? She does not even live here. Oh shit, How am i going to tell her about the pack and the imprint. She is going to haul ass out of here so fast...Oh God she cant leave...what if she wont stay? " Paul said body starting to shake. The wolf in him howling in rage, at the thought of her leaving him.

Jared grabbing his other shoulder and shook him roughly. " Paul. man, chill out. We will work it out. Calm down man, you cant phase here. Calm down!"

Paul struggled to control his anger at her leaving. Deep breaths. In and out, in and out.

"Ok, Im good." He said after a moment.

"Look she will be on the rez and will take it one step at a time ok? Besides, she could be related to Sam. He is going to flip his shit. You think this is a sister of his? You know Joshua got around alot." Jared said

" I dont know, but I mean how many people do you know that have the last Uley?" Paul replied to his brother while running his hand through his hair again.

" Not many. She is fucking gorgous though man, really. " Jared said stepping away from his friend as he noticed Cat coming towards them.

" I know" Paul replied too low for her to hear, or so he thought.

"You know what big guy" she said looking up at him with a quirky smile.

For just a moment he got lost all over again in her eyes. Jared's laughing brought him back to the present.

"Oh nothing, you ready to head out?" he said smiling back at her. Beautiful

"Yeah, is that your truck? I can just follow you guys." she replied

After nodding to her he watched as she walked to her car. Watching her hips and ass sway to and fro. Licking his lips, he turned towards his truck and an amused Jared. This going to be a long ride.