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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

20. Babies and Good Friends

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Hello all...I am sooooo sorry I have not posted in a while. Life has been giving me daily ass whippings. Thanks for sticking with me …...I hope you like this chapter. I have already started on the next chapter and hope to have it posted in the next few days...

As always I own nothing...

Chapter 20

Babies and Good Friends

"Hey baby?" Paul called out to Cat from the kitchen. She was putting up their laundry and straightening their room. Her father would be there shortly. Cat had invited him to come along to their first ultra sound. She was so excited. If the baby cooperated today, they would finally know the sex.

She was in her second trimester now and everything had been great with her pregnancy. She had been fortunate enough to skip the whole worshiping of the porcelain goddess stage. Thank God...Paul was over protective enough with out worrying over her not being able to keep anything down.

Sue had told her she was indeed lucky to be having a easy go of it. She was just thankful the tadpole seemed to be growing normally. After all she was having the first pack baby in a long time. Even though Dr. Chambers knew a lot of what to expect of the birth, he had never treated a pregnant member of the pack before. All he had to go by was journals kept from previous packs and even they were frustratingly vague.

She was so glad she had thought of the journal idea for the pack and imprints. She had handed them out at one of their many pack meetings. They guys and Kim and Leah thought it a great idea. She even gave her father one to write down his experiences. He was the oldest phasing wolf, so she was sure he would have a lot to say.

" What honey" she called back to her man.

" Have you seen my white long sleeve pull over?" he asked.

She smiled thinking of how domesticated they had become. Neither had any examples of how to be in a healthy relationship. So they winged it most of the time. But she figured most people did. Leah had told her she had never seen Paul so content and at peace ever. She would know having known him since they were in diapers.

She loved that she could bring out the wonderful man that lived beneath his rough and tough exterior. He had done wonders for her as well. He had helped with the many walls she had erected over the years. They were almost non existent now. He was completely embedded in her heart and soul and she would always keep him their.

He was her lover and friend. He understood her as nobody else did. Just as she did him. Sure, the imprint played a part in that. Their bond went beyond all magic though. She knew without a doubt, regardless of the imprint they would have eventually found each other.

" Look in the laundry room. I hung it up last night." she called back to him. She started getting ready to head out to the Dr.'s

Paul watched his girl as she came down the stairs holding onto the rail. She was so beautiful his heart ached at the sight of her. Her hair had gotten longer now reaching down past her ass. She did not want to cut it yet. She had read an article on Locks of Love and wanted to contribute. He loved it, especially when it was wrapped around his hand as he plowed into her from behind.

Her belly was a surprising turn on for him. He guessed he had never given much thought on how he would feel to see her swollen with his seed. But that shit was sexy as hell. She was not huge by any means. Her height would help in that area. Her small bump called out to him and he found himself constantly touching it. Either with his hand or mouth. She found it amusing of course. Something about a the big bad wolf on his knees talking baby talk was such a turn on for her she had told him.

Today they would find out what they were having. He was pretty sure it was a boy. Don't ask him how he knew, he just did. It was a feeling deep inside that told him so.

Sam and Josh were headed over to ride with them. Leah had wanted to come but she had class. So it would be Cat, himself, Joshua and Sam. It was sure to be a little uncomfortable.

Sam still did not fully trust his father. Not that Paul could blame him though. He would have a hard time welcoming his own father back into his life. But his mate wished for them to get along better. Her relationship with Joshua had come further along than even he had imagined. He had come home several times from work to find her and Josh sitting in the living room talking and laughing. She wanted to form some sort of relationship with her father. He was glad they could they could find their way past the bullshit of the past and start new. Although he had pulled Joshua aside and told him that if he had any plans of leaving town that he needed to stay the fuck away from his mate.

You would think with Josh staying at Sam's they would have gotten closer. But apparently not. Sam wasn't hateful to him or anything, but he certainly tried to avoid any and all conversation with him. The only reason he had let him stay at his house, was because he did not want him staying here with Cat. He felt he was protecting his sister by keeping Josh on a short leash. When she offered to let him stay with her and Paul all those nights ago, he had jumped in and informed Joshua that he would be staying with him.

Cat still reeling from having her father pop into her life so suddenly had not said anything. It wasn't until they had gone over to Sam's to have dinner that she saw the strain between the two. She understood where Sam was coming from completely. She would have been the same way had she been in Sam's situation.

She had decided to stay out of their shit and let the chips fall where they may. She loved her brother more than anything and if she had to choose between him and her father, it would be Sam every time.

Sure her and her father had started to build a relationship of sorts, but Sam had her first loyalty. End of story. She hoped it would not come to that though. She had started to open her heart to Josh. His story had moved her beyond anything. She of course had started to forgive him for not being there for her the very night he had poured his heart out to them.

" You look so fucking sexy baby." Paul said meeting her at the bottom of the stairs. He wrapped his arms around her and started kissing up and down her neck just like she liked. All thoughts of her father and brother vanished and were replaced by the warm tingling sensations her mate was stirring in her.

Trying to clear her mind from the pleasure his mouth was causing, she half heartedly pushed against his chest " Baby, we have something to do...We need to stop..Um...someone is gonna be here soon..." Cat stuttered out. She could not for the life of her remember who was going to be there, but she did have the frame of mind to know someone would be...

Paul continued his assault on his mate. He smiled when she told him to stop. He loved that he could

make her forget about everything and everyone with a few small kisses. He smelled her arousal in the air and just as he was about to rip off her clothes and fuck her senseless, he smelled Sam and Josh walking up to the door. Damn it...

" Don't even think about it fucker." Sam said quietly, as to not alert Cat to their presence. He had smelled the arousal of both of them as he had walked up. So had their father he guessed based on the look of disgust on his face.

" You should try living with them." Sam joked to his father. He was slowly letting his guard down. The longer Josh stayed around the more relaxed he seemed to get.

" I think I'll stay where I am at." Josh muttered trying to erase images of his daughter and her mate out of his mind.

Paul answered the door after their unnecessary knock.

" Hey...come in...Cat will be right down." Paul said smirking at both if them. His grin became wider when he heard two different sets of growls. Both Sam and Joshua were glaring at him menacingly. He started chuckling. Tough shit. His woman.

" Asshole. If you weren't her mate, I kick your ass all over the place." Sam said with a growl.

Paul chuckled " You could try... Oh mighty alpha."

" Now boys enough of that." Joshua said chuckling.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Cat asked as she came down the stairs.

Josh looked up and had to catch his breath. His daughter was so beautiful. She was the very image of her mother. Her pregnancy only added to her allure. He came up to her and gently wrapped his arms around her.

" You look lovely daughter." hugging her to him, he relished in the fact that her arms wrapped around him as well. They had come along way over the past few months. She had started to gradually open up to him. He had been ecstatic that she was even willing to give him a chance. He would make sure to make sure she never regretted it.

His son on the other hand, even though they shared his home, had a much harder time allowing him to find some place in his life. He understood, he really did. Sam had known him at his worst and was scared of letting him in lest he be hurt again. They were making some progress however. Just this morning Sam had actually asked him if he wanted to ride over to Cat's with him. It would take a while for him to trust him, but Joshua had all the time in the world and much to make up for.

" Yes, lets go find out what your carrying in there." Sam said giving his sister a hug while palming her belly. All the wolves seem to be drawn to her. Billy says it's instinct for the pack to protect one of it's cubs and since this is the first pup of the pack, they would be even more protective. It seems that it brought them comfort to be around the new life growing in her womb.

Paul and Cat went back first so she could go through her regular check up. Her dad and Sam would be brought back once they were ready for the sonogram.

Dr. Chamber's walked in just as she got settled on the table.

" Good morning Cat...Paul. How are you feeling today?" he asked as he walked over to her.

" I'm good. I have never felt better actually. " Cat said as she allowed him to feel her stomach.

After a few minutes of checking her out he declared everything was as it should be and had the nurse bring in the sonogram machine. He would be doing the procedure himself due to her unusual circumstances.

Sam and her dad were brought into the room by a nurse. They stood around the table she was lying on as Paul moved to her side and grabbed her hand. He leaned in for a soft kiss. " You ready little girl?" he asked softly staring into her eyes. She smiled back at him with all the love she had for him shining in her blue eyes. " Ready as I will ever be baby." He leaned in for another kiss lingering this time. They were once again lost in their own little world completely forgetting they were not alone.

Before they could get carried away Sam rolled his eyes and cleared his throat loudly. " Uh..guys...can we get back to the task at hand." he said sarcastically. Josh just laughed. They just could not seem to help themselves at all. Dr. Chamber's even chuckled.

" This is going to be cold." He said to her as he put a jelly like substance on her stomach. He moved the wand around for few minutes taking some measurements.

Cat and Paul looked on when he turned the monitor towards them.

" This right here is the head, he or she is facing us...see right here? That is the eyes, the nose...lips...hey it looks like we are getting a smile." Dr. Chamber's said smiling.

Cat and Paul looked at each other both had tears in their eyes. Paul leaned down to kiss her softly.

" Let see if we what we are looking at here. Pink bows or footballs?" Dr. Chamber's joked.

He pressed on her stomach and started moving the wand around. He stopped and magnified the image.

" There we go...See here?" Dr. Chamber's asked pointing. Both Cat and Paul leaned in to take a closer look.

" Oh my god...baby...is that what I think it is?" Cat asked excited.

" I knew it...you owe me little girl." Paul said staring at the image of his son. He was so overwhelmed with happiness he couldn't keep the smile off his face.

" Oh my god baby..we are having a boy...a little you...lord help me." Cat said excitement coloring her voice.

After lots of hugs and congratulations from her dad and brother, they headed to Sue's to eat and let the rest of their family know.

Pats on her belly and lots of ribbing to Paul about payback being a bitch, Cat and Paul headed home for the rest of the afternoon. Once they made it in the door, Paul swept her up bridal style and carried her to their room where he worshiped every inch of her body.

After several hours and a very steamy shower, they emerged to find something to eat.

Cat was reheating last nights dinner of spaghetti when she felt Paul come up behind her and bury his face in her neck. She reached around and held him to her smiling.

" I love you big guy. I have never been so happy in my life." she told him with tears forming in her eyes. She loved him so much it literally made her breathless at times.

He turned her around and stared into her watery eyes. Catching a stray tear rolling down her cheek with his thumb he kissed her softly.

" I love you too baby...more than you will ever know. I cant believe we are having a baby...a boy. I'm going to be a father...fuck.." he said, his eyes wide with wonder. She giggled at his choice of words. He wouldn't be her Paul if a fuck wasn't added in their somewhere.

" Dinner's ready..." she said handing him a plate full of food. After they got settled at the table and started to eat. Paul kept eyeing her with a concerned expression. She finally had enough of it.

" What's wrong?" she asked while sipping her tea. He put his fork down and looked at her and sighed.

"It cant be that bad...just tell me" she said worriedly. He never had a problem talking to her before.

" Baby...I have been fighting myself for months now and I cant let it go. I have not brought it up because I wanted you to tell me on your own when you were ready. But I have to tell you it is driving me crazy. I have to know." he said in a low voice. He felt his wolf tremble.

" I will tell you anything, you know that. What is it?" she asked laying her hand on his clenched one.

" I need you to tell me about your foster parents. You mentioned it the night Joshua came back, but you haven't brought it up since. I don't want to press you to talk about something so obviously horrible, but it's killing me and my wolf not to know what happened." he said to her while silently adding, I need to know who I need to kill.

Cat sat back in her chair slowly. Of course he wanted to know. If she had been in his place she would have already brought it up. He had waited months on her to tell him with out her knowing that it was tearing him up inside. She knew it was too,. She noticed the slight tremble to his body. She knew his wolf was probably pacing relentlessly inside awaiting her response.

She had not talked about it before. The memories of those hellish months with Mr. Brooks made her shudder in disgust. She did not want to relive that time after such a happy day, but watching her mate struggle with this made her mind up.

" I should have told you already I know. It's just not something I want to re live. It was a horrible time in my life." she started. She was about to continue when Paul reached over and picked her up and sat her in his lap. Running his fingers through her beautiful silky hair he said, " You don't have to tell me baby. I know it must be hard for you to talk about. I'll just deal." he said kissing her head.

" No baby, I want to tell you." She said turning to look into his eyes. Whatever he saw must have convinced him she was okay talking about it because he simply nodded for her to continue.

" It started out with lingering touches and dirty words whispered so his wife wouldn't hear. Eventually he started coming into my room at night. At first all he would do is talk, while I laid in my bed scared out of my mind. The talk turned to touches. The first time I started to scream, but he stuffed a gag in my mouth. When he decided he wanted to do more than just cop a feel of a young girl, he came into my room with chains one night." she stopped to calm herself for the next part.

It took everything in him to not react and to let her get through her story. He was boiling over with rage. His wolf was starting to claw at his brain to be let out. He held on though, even though he had a pretty good idea of where this was going. He could not shake the image of a young Cat laying in her bed with a gag in her mouth terrified of the one person who should have been keeping her safe. The one mother fucker who was paid by the state to keep her safe.

" He immediately gagged me. I guess he knew with what he had planned that there would be no way I would keep quiet. I tried to get out. But he was too strong. He hit me in the face and stomach a few times to keep me from running until he got the chains on me. After he had chained my arms and legs to the bed, he ….uh...he raped me. It hurt so fucking bad. I was a virgin." she started rubbing Paul's arms as he continued to try and control his rage. She knew he would need to phase. There was no help for it.

" He raped me for hours. It was horrible. I felt like I was being split in two. I felt so ashamed and could not understand what I had done to draw his attention to me. I was a good girl. I never got in trouble. When he was done with me. He unchained me and told me to get cleaned up. He told me if I ever told anyone he would kill me. I believed him. He was so evil. His wife never knew or if she did she acted as If she didn't. I turned eighteen six months later and got the hell out of their. I left in the middle of the night after I had broken into his safe and stole some money." she finished.

Paul barely holding on to his wolf, simply kissed her lips and whispered "I love you" before standing and sitting her in his chair gently. After another kiss he turned and walked out the back door. She heard the tell tell signs of clothes being ripped followed by an agonizing howl.

She rubbed her hands up and down her face. This was part of the reason she did not want to tell him. She knew it would crush him.

She felt lighter somehow though. She was glad she had told him. Those horrible memories could not hurt her as they did before and she knew that was because she was completely loved in every way.

Sighing she started cleaning up their supper, leaving a plate in the microwave for Paul when he got back. She had no doubt he would be out there a while beating the shit out of trees. She went into the laundry room and got a pair of shorts and sat them on the back deck.

She changed into her pajamas in their room and climbed in bed to await her man.

Paul barely made it through the door before his wolf ripped out of him. All he could see was red. He started running as fast as he could tearing up trees as he went. Could nothing have been easy for his girl. Fuck...Between vampires and sick old men it was a wonder she was the wonderful person she was today.

That fucker was going to die. His mind ran over the images her story had created. His rage burned even stronger. He was in the middle of culling several trees when he heard Sam's voice in his head asking him what was wrong. He just let his mind run over the conversation he had just had with Cat. Sam reacted as any brother would have, with ferocity and rage.

After they had culled what seemed to be half the forest, they phased back and started to plan. There was no way in hell that sick fucker Mr. Brooks was going to continue to live. After hashing out a partial plan, they both headed back towards home.

" We are not going to be able to keep this from the pack long. Once they hear about that sick mother fucker they are going to want in as well." Sam said as they stopped at the tree line behind Paul's house.

Paul looked at his home that held the most precious beings in his life, his woman and his son and nodded.

" I wont stop them. They love her too. Are you going to tell Josh?" Paul asked raising an eyebrow at Sam.

" I don't know. I think he should know. After all he could have prevented all of this shit from happening to her." Sam said angrily. He could not let go of the fact that his father had abandoned not just him but his baby sister as well.

" Sam, you have to let that go. He had problems. He would have not been able to take care of her in his fucked up condition. Besides he said his wolf took over and would not let him have any control for seven years. If anyone can understand that it is you and I. We have issues now with it. Can you imagine making our wolf bend to our will and not letting them have any control at all? I know mine would not let me have control back so easily after I had denied him his. I know he hurt you, but you have to give the guy a break. We all fuck up and thank god we have people who love us enough to forgive us. Cat could easily be angry at him for not keeping her out of that shit with the foster family, but she doesn't. She is good and kind despite all of the fucked up shit that has happened to her. She's better than me or you, hell all of us. You don't want your anger to rule you man." Paul told him.

Sam stared at is brother for a long while. He knew he was right. His sister had been through more than he ever had and she still found a place in her heart for their absentee father. He did not want to become a bitter old man. He vowed then and their to let go and open himself up to have a relationship with his father.

" Your right man. I know I need to let that shit go and I will. I am going to start by informing him of everything when I get home. If it was my daughter I would want to know." Sam said

Pulling him into a half hug, Paul said his good byes and headed into to curl up with his mate.

The next day...

They were having one their weekly "girl" lunches at a small cafe in Port Angeles. It was nice to talk with someone outside of the tribe at times. Although Nik certainly was knee deep in the supernatural herself, it was nice to spend time with a woman she had begun to feel a kinship with.

" You know it is different for him than you. He remembers having him in his life. He also remembers seeing him walk away. At five years old that shit affects you whether you realize it to or not. Give him time he will let him in. Besides didn't you say he had let him move in with him?" Nik asked taking a bite of her Caesar salad.

Cat rolled her eyes thinking about the reason for Sam inviting their father to stay with him. The night of their so called reunion, Sam had told their father that he could stay with him while he was there. Cat's eyes widened at that. She had not expected that of Sam. She knew it was going to be a long and difficult road for Joshua to try and mend the damaged he had inflicted on his eldest child.

Sam noticing her look, told all of them it was the only way he could keep an eye on him. Joshua had lowered his head in shame at the hurtful words of his son. He knew he deserved it, but that did not mean it hurt less to hear it.

" Yea, he did it so he could 'keep and eye on him". Cat told Nik stuffing her face with her greasy cheeseburger.

" Well you cant blame him, he is just scared. How are him and Leah? Have they gotten past all that 'let's take it slow' bullshit" Nik asked.

Cat rolled her eyes " Are you kidding? They cant keep their hands off each other. At dinner the other night Joshua informed us that they had kept him awake all night screwing their brains out. I kind of felt sorry for him." Cat said giggling.

" Oh please you and Paul are no better. I don't even have to live near you to know that." Nik said throwing her napkin at her. .

Cat held her small bump while she laughed. It was true, she was more hornier than usual, which was saying a lot. She thought they had a lot of sex before she got pregnant. They went at it so much now that she had no idea how she could even walk. Maybe it was the fact that she was carrying a wolf pup that gave her so much stamina. She did not know and she did not care. There was nothing better than feeling Paul's hard length pounding into her. Thinking of their lovemaking this morning she started rubbing her thighs together. Shit...think about something else...

" So how are you and Jasper?" Cat asked trying to remove her mind from the gutter.

" We are okay. I mean I know how I feel about him and there is no one else I want, but I just can't seem to get past having to be changed. I really don't want that and he is just miserable about it. He understands of course, but how can we really be together if I stay human?" Nik told her, she looked so miserable, that Cat reached over and grabbed her hand. She noticed tears falling silently down her cheeks.

This had been ripping Nik apart for a while now. She knew Jasper understood her position, but she also knew he felt as if she was rejecting him. He wanted her to be happy and while he made her happier than she had ever been, the next logical step in their soulmateship or whatever, was for her to be turned and that is where Nik floundered. She just could not do it. Willingly giving up her natural human life for an eternity with the one she loved. It sounded all romantic at first, until you started really thinking about it. No children...something she desperately wanted one day. She would not ever sleep or eat food again. Let's not even get into the means in which she would need to sustain herself. Blood...yuck. She did not want to live forever. It sounds good at the onset, but really who wanted to stay frozen in time while the world around you kept changing? Everyone you know would eventually die. One day it would seem as if you were a stranger in a strange world. She loved Jasper, but she had been on her own too long and had come from a place that put much importance and value on the experiences of every day human life, good or bad. They were at an impasse.

" The bad thing is that if I stay human and upon my death, Charlotte told me he would die as well. How can I let that happen? Am I being selfish?" she looked up at Cat beseeching her to tell her.

Cat sighed heavily. " Sweetie, no you are not being selfish and even if you are, this is a life altering decision. I cant blame you for wanting to stay human. Becoming a vampire is different than most other supernaturals. I mean look at the pack, there is a part of them that is more animal than man, however they can still eat and sleep, have children. With vampires you give up pretty much everything to become one. I don't blame you for not wanting to do that. I know Jasper does not either, if he had had a choice in the matter, I know for a fact he would not have chosen this life." Cat said hoping to bring her friend some comfort.

What did you say to someone faced with this kind of decision? It was the opposite of life to become a vampire. Sure they lived for an eternity, but so far every vampire she had met, even the ones who had found their mates had an underlying sadness and a desperate longing to feel human once again. Not every one was Bella Swan, ready to have herself drained on a whim. That girl was crazy as hell.

" Maybe I should just let him go. I mean he needs to be with someone that is compatible with him. I am not what he needs." Nik said miserably.

" I wish their was a way to change him back human. I was telling Leah this the other day. I mean if vampires and shape shifters exists surely there is some kind of magic out their that can reverse this shit." Cat said half heartedly. It sounded crazy, but you never knew.

Nik looked at her with hope in her eyes " You think it is possible? You think that ..I don't know, a witch or some ancient voodoo shit would counteract the venom?" she asked almost eagerly. A little too eagerly. Now Cat felt bad to get her hopes up on something so far fetched. She was an awful friend.

" I don't know sweetie...I guess it could be possible. But honey I don't want you to get your hopes up. Even if there is and I say IF, where the hell would you even began to search for this magic cure? Also would Jasper be okay with something like this? I mean he has been a vampire for a long ass time" Cat said squeezing her friends hand. The hope diminished when she mentioned Jasper's preference.

" Yea your right, I know he does not remember a lot from his human life. Can you imagine after over a century of walking the earth as a vampire to suddenly wake up in a weak human body? I don't know what he would want. We never got around to discussing those types of things." Nik said pushing her plate aside. She had lost her appetite suddenly.

Cat was still thinking of their discussion on her way back to La Push. She hated to see her friend so miserable. She wished there was something she could do. But what? Do you go online and search for ways to turn a vampire back into a human? She rolled her eyes. How ridiculous. This world was so crazy there would probably be thousands of results that came back.

Her thoughts went back to her father and Sam. While she understood all of their issues, she just wish things could be simpler. Since she had discovered she was pregnant, she had a desire to make things in her life as simple as possible. The anger that had always been burning on the back burner did not seem to flare up as much anymore. Not to say she could not still tear someone a new one if they needed it. She supposed it was hormones and the effects of her sexy as fuck mate's love and devotion.

Her thoughts returned to her friend and her vampire issues. She decided she would ask Old Man Quil or maybe even Billy Black if their was such a thing as vampire reversal. The thought of it seemed so silly she almost did not want to ask them. But she reminded herself that six months ago the thought of native men and women morphing into giant wolves to save humans from real live vampires would have seemed ridiculous, yet here she was, mated to one of the most volatile ones.

Making her mind up to at least ask the elders, she headed over to Billy and Jacob's house.

" Cat, what a wonderful surprise...come on in." Billy said as he opened the door for her to enter into his tiny but wonderfully homey house.

After settling on the sofa with Billy across from her in his chair, she shared the conversation she had with Nik from earlier. After she was finished with her tale, silence filled the room as Billy looked at her in deep thought.

His intense stare started to make her uncomfortable. She started second guessing her decision to come here.

" I know it is silly to ask...It's just that Nik is so upset. She feels the mating pull to Jasper and wants to give in, but she feels the price of being with him would be too great for her to bear. I just want to help her any way I can." Cat finished looking earnestly into Billy's eyes.

His gaze had become gentle as she talked. This young woman was such a blessing to his people. Paul and Sam had told him about her foster parents, that on top of everything else that had occurred in her too young life would have made even the strongest willed bitter and angry. But here she sat hurting for a woman that had just started to become her good friend. Going to bat for a vampire no less. The same type of creature that viciously raped and murdered her own mother. Yes, she was an amazing woman. Paul was lucky to have her. He could only hope that his Jake would find a mate with half the heart and courage as this one.

" It's admirable that you want to help your friend Catarina. Although changing a human to a vampire is easy enough, reversing the process would not be so easy. Especially for someone as old as Jasper." he told her watching as the tiny light of hope that was in her eyes slowly diminished. He rolled over to his bookshelf and pulled an old looking book down. Flipping through it he apparently found what he was looking for as he came back to her side.

" It is possible though. We have legends that speak of such a thing. Although it is not an easy process and there are elements that have to be involved for it too happen. This legend actually comes from the Apache tribe. I would imagine that their elders would know more." He said handing her the book.

She looked at the page he had marked with a new hope. There was an image of what looked to be a "Cold One" in the center of a circle surrounded by what seemed to be native men.

" Are they chanting something?" she asked not looking up from the images. She noticed a woman standing on the out side of the circle behind the men. She was holding a knife to her wrist.

" Yes...there are words that are required to be said. Also the blood of the Cold Ones one true mate. It is said to be a painful transformation, even more so than the first change. The ceremony only work if the cold one truly desires it so. Once it is done, they can never be turned back again. He would live a life of a regular human man and all that entails. Sickness, death.." Billy said thoughtfully.

"Of course I am sure there is more and I would have to check with some friends of mine to be sure. But to answer your question...it is very possible to reverse the venom."

She sat their in awe. She could not believe it. This is just what she had hoped to find out.

" If this is possible, why not offer this to other vampires? I am sure most of them would be beyond happy to know they could regain their humanity." she asked

" You would think...You and I can see it that way, but Catarina you have to understand that most of these creatures have committed such heinous acts to just be able to feed, that it is too late for them. The spirits would probably reject them outright. The vampire must desire the change above all else as well as have something redeemable about themselves no matter how small. Can you imagine what could happen if these creatures knew we had the solution to vampirism? " he asked her. Seeing her confused look he went on to explain.

" If they found out that the native tribes had knowledge of such a thing, they would correctly think that we had other supernatural knowledge that might be an advantage to them. You see Catarina, there are more things in this mystical world than just vampires and shape shifters. Most have been hinted at, but none have been outright proven. But if a vampire who is inherently evil and wants nothing more than absolute power were to get any kind of idea that maybe our tribes held secrets of not only their world but many others, well that would not bode to well for us now would it?" he said with a small grin. ": Said vampire would most likely try to acquire this knowledge by any means necessary." he said pointedly.

She understood completely. Their lives and the lives of all tribes with this knowledge would be forfeit. It would be outright war, a supernatural war. One that would cost the lives of just not many of her family but others around the world. After having witnessed first hand the demon that can reside in these beings she had no doubt that they would not stop until every tribe was completely wiped off the face of the earth. The thought of this caused shivers to run down her spine. No this had to be kept quiet.

Could Jasper keep this to himself? She had known he was very well known in the vampire world. Being that he had made a name for himself in the southern vampire wars. Most feared him or so Peter had told her. And what about Peter and his mate? How would they deal with such an opportunity?

What seemed so simple and easy moments ago now seemed bogged down by suspicion and fear.

Billy watched Cat as realization dawned on her. At first he was not sure he should reveal these things to her. Not many people in his own tribe knew about this. He had not even shared it with his son. Not that he did not trust his son, but his once apparent loyalty to Bella Swan had kept Billy from revealing any thing other than what was required due to his shifter abilities. He could not trust his son not to pass the information along to Bella and he certainly did not trust her.

Thank the spirits he had listened to his gut and not his heart about telling his son. Bella had turned out to be one of the most despicable human beings he had ever known. He knew that once she was turned this underlying evil inside of her would be magnified a hundred times.

" Oh my Billy...We cant let that happen. I don't know what to do. I mean I trust Jasper sort of...I guess, but he is very well known in his world and while I want my friend to have her happiness, I certainly don't want it to come at the expense of our heritage, of our family." she said looking distressed. He patted her hand soothingly.

" Catarina, this would not be your decision. The elders would have to meet with this Jasper to see if he was even worthy of such a blessing. Your friend would have to appeal to the council on his behalf before we would even consider an audience with him. There are many things that would have to take place before we would even consider such a request." he told her.

" But he would have to know about the possibility in order to request the audience. So do I trust him enough to share this with him? I really don't feel as if he would go around talking about this to any one else, but it is to scary to even contemplate if he did ya know?" she said her brow furrowing in confusion.

" Yes, I am afraid that as a member of this tribe but also of the pack that you would have to be the one to approach him on the idea of it. It would be you and your mate's decision to tell them of the possibility of him becoming human again. So only you can answer the questions of trust." he told her seriously. She had to be sure he was trustworthy before she offered it to him. If there was any doubt the consequences could be greater than either of them wanted to contemplate.

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