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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

21. Poor Mr. Brooks

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Hey all...thanks for hanging in their with me...I have three stories now and have probably bitten off more than I can chew, but I enjoy it so much I cant seem to help myself...I hope you guys like this next chapter...Chapter 22 will be up soon...More to come with Jasper and Nik, the baby, plus lets not forget Crazy Bella...Oh yeah I still have no Beta, so please forgive any errors...I try to edit it myself and I catch most of it, but you know...anyway...enjoy

Chapter 21

Poor Mr. Brooks

Pulling into their drive way after her talk with Billy, Cat noticed Paul was not home yet...hmmmm..
wonder where he is? She checked her phone to see if he had tried to call while she was driving. She often left it on vibrate, because lately the ringing of a phone drove her fucking insane. It seemed overtly shrill to her. Dr. Chambers said that was part of carrying a wolf pup, enhanced senses. Great...

Walking into the dark and quiet house she knew Paul should have been home. He had taken off today so he could get somethings done around the house. He was adding on to one of the guest bedrooms that was to be the baby's room. She went to the kitchen and checked the fridge for any message he might have left for her. He usually did if he did not call her first. There weren't any messages and she started to get a little worried. Had another leech been found on the rez, causing him to have to leave in a hurry?

Deciding to change her clothes before she got to worked up over probably nothing.

After she had changed and started did a couple of loads of laundry, while she kept glancing at the clock nervously, she decided to call Leah.

Fuck this. It was now almost five o'clock and she was getting worried. Dialing Leah's number she listened as it rang a million times and then went to voicemail. She continued with the rest of the pack getting the same result. She decided to call Billy and see if he had heard from them.

" Hello?" Billy's gruff voice answered.

" Hey Billy, it's Cat...Have you heard from any of the guys?" she asked tapping her nail nervously on the kitchen counter.

" No...As a matter of fact I have not seen hide nor hair of any of them today. Is Paul not home? Are you and the baby okay?" he asked his voice suddenly filled with concern. She smiled softly hearing it.

" No we are fine. It's just Paul took off today to get some work done on the nursery, but he is not home nor did he leave me a note or call me. I tried Sam and Leah and the rest of the guys but they all go to voicemail. Have you heard an alarm raised today? " she asked concern evident in her voice. An alarm was code for wolf howl.

" No...it's been pretty quiet around here. Do you want me to come over and sit with you? I could try Jake's cell again, maybe he will answer." Billy said now sounding worried himself.

" No I will be fine here. I'm just worried ya know? I am going to try my father." she told him.

Dialing her fathers number she was relieved when he picked up.

" Catarina?" Josh asked gruffly. He sounded strained almost. Good lord she hope she did not interrupt anything. Just the thought made her scrunch her nose in disgust.

" Dad? I'm sorry to bother you, but Paul's not home and I cant get a hold of any of the guys and I am getting worried...Have you heard from them?" she asked quickly her mind still on what her father could be doing to make him sound so um...strained...

Josh on the other hand was definitely strained but not for the reason his daughter was thinking. No he was knee deep in shit literally. He lanced over to his soon to be son in law who had turned to him when he had heard Catarina's worried voice over the phone.

He raised a brow in questions to Paul. Paul hesitated a moment before giving a curt shake of his head.

" No baby, I haven't heard from them...Are you okay? Is the baby okay?" he said getting panicked at the thought she was in trouble somehow. He noticed every other pack member who had joined them on the mission tense visably awaiting her reply.

" No, I'm okay...it's just I cant get a hold of Paul and he is not home and I guess I am being silly... I am sure he just dealing with pack business. Forget I called okay." she told him. He noticed Paul's eyes close when she mentioned his name.

Josh knew he would rather be home with her than here. But he also knew that he like all the rest of them had to deal with their current situation. None of them could be stopped once they had found out.

" Okay sweetie...call me if you need anything...I love you." he said.

"I love you too dad.." she said back then hung up. He was shocked...he could not move. She had not only called him dad but she had said she loved him for the very first time. He stood their a moment basking in the peace and love those words had given him. He noticed Paul and Sam looking at him with small smiles.

Shaking himself out of his daughter induced stupor he got back to the business at hand.

It was around three in the morning when The pack got back to La Push. They were all tired and filthy from their journey. At least they had been able to wash the blood from their bodies in a creek they had found on the way home.

Coming to the tree line they all looked at each other, words not needed to be spoken between them and gave each other a small nod, before they split up heading towards the perspective homes. Paul came through his back door quietly. He knew his girl was sleeping and did not want her to wake up.

After taking a quick shower he crawled in his bed and pulled his mate close to him, basking in the scent of her. After a few moments he was sound asleep.

He awoke the next morning alone. He took a minute to catch his bearings. Looking around he did not see Cat. She must be downstairs, he thought. It was confirmed when he caught the scent of bacon in the air. Dressing in a pair of sleep pants and nothing else he headed downstairs to see his girl.

She was standing at the stove turning bacon. She was clad only in one of his t shirts. He admired her beautiful body for a moment. Even rounded with his child she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

He sighed deeply catching her attention. She turned around and gave him a smile that did not reach her eyes. Well...shit...she was pissed.

"Hey baby." he said walking towards her. He pulled her into to him and met little resistance.

She allowed him a moment, then she pushed him away and turned back to the stove.

He stood there hurt by her actions, but understanding them none the less. He would have to tell her where he was last night. There was no way around it. He knew she would not like it, and he hated that it would probably make her push him away more, but he could not and would not change what he had done. The bastard deserved every bit of shit he got and then some.

" Where were you Paul? I stayed awake all night waiting for you." she said in a deceptively calm voice. He knew she was anything but calm.

He squared his shoulders for the battle he knew was about to take place.

" Me and the pack had some business to take care of. I am sorry I did not call" he said knowing that was not going to be sufficient enough for her. Truth was he was stalling. He did not want her to know all the atrocious shit he had done last night. He and the pack had only planned on fucking him a little bit. But when they got to Mr. Brook's house that had all changed.

The man was a sick bastard. No one had been home when they got there, so they had broke into the house and looked around. Quil had found a small room off of the main bedroom. It was of course locked, but that did not stop Paul from getting in.

Once he busted the door in, his eyes at first had become wide with shock, then immediately a rage he had never felt welled up inside of him he had let out e guttural roar that shook the walls of the expensive home.

Lining the walls of the small room, were thousands of pictures of young girls in various states of undress. They were all sleeping or tied up and blindfolded. Several pictures of his own mate lined the tan painted walls. Paul's intense stare locked onto one of her tied to a bed, eyes wide with fear and shame. She was beautiful even then. His rage grew with leaps and bounds as he stared at the picture.

How dare that mother fucker.

Sam came up behind him and gasped. Paul turned to his alpha and brother and saw the same murderous rage he had upon entering the room. He knew when Sam had zeroed in on the picture of Cat. He started shaking violently.

" That son of a bitch" he growled out. The rest of the pack came hurrying into the room at his words.

Shocked gasps sounded around the room and several growls could be heard. Joshua had come up behind Sam and let out a loud roar.

" Boys, the game has changed." he gritted out staring at the pictures of his young daughter. His eyes held so much rage and guilt, Paul had to look away for a moment.

Sam noticing his father said " No fucking way dad. This was not your fault. Dont even go there. This mother fucker..." he broke off unable to say more.

Paul turned to his pack who all had similar looks of rage and disgust on their faces.

" Here's the new plan." Paul said, his eyes becoming feral...

Present Time

He shook himself to clear his vision of the red haze that had started to come over him thinking about that sick bastard.

" Not good enough Paul. I was so worried. I know my father was with you and whoever last night. Now tell me what the hell happened and where you have been all night." Cat said whirling around to face him, eyes filled with hurt and anger.

His heart clenched at the site. He sighed loudly. Just as he was about to tell her, a knock sounded on the door. He scented the air and smelled Josh and Sam.

Cat gave a loud sigh of frustration as she went to open the door. Sam and her father stood there looking weary. She silently moved to the side to let them in. Which made them even more leary. She had not said a word yet. They knew she was pissed.

Walking into the kitchen they saw Paul standing at the island with a tightly drawn expression on his face. Sam raised his eye in inquiry and Paul gave a small shake of his head.

" Well good, you are all here. Now you all can tell me what the hell is going on and where the fuck yall were last night. And don't even start dad, I know you were with them. You lied to me on the phone." Cat said standing with her hands on her hips looking more pissed off than any of them had ever seen her.

Paul bit the inside of his mouth to keep the smile from forming on his face. Seeing her standing there barefoot, her hands on her hips making her small bump more pronounced with angry expression on her face, she looked adorable. It took everything he had not to chuckle at the sight. He knew better. That would only serve to piss her off even more. And a pissed off pregnant Cat was not something he wanted to deal with.

" Baby, you are not going to like it at all." he said looking into her stormy blue depths. She nodded curtly.

He told her everything. Well almost everything. He did not tell her the manner in which they had dispatched Mr. Fucking Brooks. He just told her that he would not be able to hurt anyone ever again. He told her about all the pictures and videos they had found. How she was not the only young girl he had violated. He informed her of his decision to ends his life and leave his body in his tiny room amongst all of his sins. How he had placed an anonymous call to the local police and informed them of the body.

He also told her how they had found evidence that. Mrs. Brooks had known what her sick husband had been up to all along. How she had apparently covered it all up for him time and time again.

When he was finished with his tale, minus the torture and pain he had inflicted on the sick mother fucker, he stared into her eyes awaiting what, he did not know.

She stared at him silently for a long while not saying anything. He wished he could read her mind. He was on edge awaiting her reaction. He looked to his father and brother in law and saw they were nervously doing the same thing.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity she cleared her throat and said " Next time you have some covert mission to do, at least let me know not to expect you." with that she turned around and started plating food.

Paul looked at her back for a moment stunned. Thats it? He looked towards Sam and Josh and saw the same stunned expression on their faces. Josh caught his eye and shook his head. Paul took that to mean to let it go for now. He knew she was affected by what he said. Not just because he had ended a mans life but also because of who that man was to her. He nodded at Josh and sat down at the island. He would not push her for more now, but he would be bringing it up later.

After breakfast Sam and Josh headed out. Sam told Paul to take the day off to spend some time with his woman. He helped her clean the kitchen before picking her up and depositing her in their bed. She giggled as she bounced a few times before landing in the middle. He settled himself between her legs laying his head on her chest using her swollen mounds for a pillow.

They sat there in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before he decided to get the whole Mr. Brooks bullshit out of the way.

" Baby, are you okay?" he asked quietly. She knew what he was referring too. She also knew he would not let it lie until she assured him that she was okay with everything.

" You know I knew it was something like that. Subconsciously, I knew you would not let it go. I should be pissed at you. Horrified...or something. " she stopped for a moment. He held his breath waiting for the rest of it. He was most afraid of her hating him because he took another man's life with out any remorse.

" But I'm not. I understand why you went after him. I have no feeling one way or another about his death. Although hearing that he had been hurting all those other girls and had been successfully getting away with it for God knows how long makes me feel like you all were justified in what you did. It should not come as a shock to me that his wife knew all along, but it sort of does. How can someone condone that kind of shit? There is no way any of it can be connected to you guys is there?" she asked her body getting tense.

He hugged her middle tighter " No baby, we did not do it in our human form." he said quietly.

She was momentarily dumbfounded as pictures of her wolf ripping and shredding a human man came to surface. She shook her head to clear it and decided she did not want to know. Some things were better left unsaid. He would tell her if she asked, but it would hurt him and disturb her for him to do so. So she did not comment on that.

" How many of the pack participated?" she asked instead.

Thankful that she did not push on the details he let out the breath he did not realize he was holding.

" All of them" was his response. She blanched at the thought of so many wolves ripping through Mr. Brooks. Yea, she did not want to know.

" I love you okay? Nothing will ever change that. We never have to speak of this again. I do have something I found out yesterday. I would like to talk to you about it and get your input." she said changing the subject.

He nodded for her to go on. So she told him about her talk with Billy and Nik. She told him how Nik was tormented about accepting the mating bond between her and Jasper. How she loved him but how she did not want to be turned in order for them to be truly mated in every sense. He interrupted then and asked with a growl if Jasper was pushing the change on her. She assured him that was not the case. That in fact he was being extremely supportive of her dilemma. She continued to tell him about the old legends of a vampire being able to have his humanity restored through a very detailed ceremony involving the Shaman of the tribe. She told him everything single thing her and Billy talked about. Including how the offer had to be extended to the vampire by a member of the tribe.

To say he was shocked would be an understatement.

" So your telling me there is a way to turn vampires back into humans? Why has the pack not been told this. Do you know how many lives we could save with this?" he said sitting up and looking at her.

She told him about the risks Billy had pointed out to her. How that wolves and leeches were not the only mythical creatures around and how each native tribe had ancient journals on all of the supernatural. She explained how dangerous it would be for tribes all over the world if such knowledge were to get into the wrong hands.

" So you see why the elders were leary of saying anything. I mean not all vampires would be okay with taking all of their inhuman power away, not to mention their immortality. Can you imagine if the vampire kings found out about this? It would be a massacre. Billy has left it up to us whether or not we talk with Jasper about it. " she said

" Damn, sometimes I wish the world was simple again. Having this knowledge we have of things that should not exist is not all it's cracked up to be." Paul said staring off into space.

Cat reached up and stroked his hair softly. " Yeah, me to. But then I would not have met you and that is something I could never live without." she said leaning in to capture his lips. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and pulled her to him. He felt her small bump brushing up against him and he felt his heart swell with love.

He situated her on his lap so she was sitting sideways with her neck cradled in the crook of his arm. Leaning in he captured her lips, he gently sucked on her bottom lip. Her soft moan made his cock twitch. Taking his free hand he caressed the column of her neck with his thumb making circles on her throat. He felt the vibrations from her second moan under his hand, holding her even tighter to him, he moved his hand down lightly brushing the area between her breasts.

She bucked her hips lightly as his thumb grazed her already hard nipple.

" Oh baby...that feels so good. They are so sensitive." she gasped out. He continued to rub one erect nipple then the other through her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the sight of her nearly had him slamming her down on his very hard cock.

He continued to explore her mouth with his tongues as he massaged each breast gently, leaving her shaking in pleasure. She broke their kiss gasping for air, her eyes closed as he started licking, nipping and sucking her neck.

Moaning like a bitch in heat, she suddenly found herself on her back with him hovering over her. His mouth had never left her neck and was now traveling down to meet his hand. Removing his hands from her breasts he trailed them down her rib cage settling them on her bump as he took first one the the other nipple in his mouth.

At this point she was incapable of all rational thought. She just needed him to touch that place between her legs that was already dripping wet. Since she had hit her second trimester she had been one horny little slut. She could not get enough of him.

" Oh baby...please...I need you to touch me." she groaned out. Hearing her begging him for release had him releasing her nipple and trailing his mouth down to where she wanted him the most. He stopped at her belly and kiss it lovingly before moving on to settle between her legs.

His finger grazed her her swollen clit teasingly. She cried out in frustration.

Paul chuckled from his place between her thighs. " Patience little girl..." he said huskily. Which caused her to become even wetter.

Seeing her juices flow down her legs at his words, he moaned deeply before running his tongue along her folds, eliciting a whimper from his mate as she bucked her pussy into his face. She was insatiable and had been for the past month or so. He loved it. Not that they did not have sex a lot before she got pregnant, but now she seemed to want it all the time. If it were not for his supernatural stamina, he would not be able to keep up with her.

Diving in completely to catch all of her sweet nectar, his tongue and fingers worked her over until she was crying out his name in bliss.

He crawled up and captured her mouth with his. She moaned tasting herself on her sexy mate. Mixed with his own taste, it was delicious. They devoured each other's mouths as he laid down on his back bringing her to sit on top of him. When she pulled off her shirt he noticed a wetness coming from her breasts. Reaching up he wiped at the milky looking substance.

" It's called Colostrum. It is sort of the precursor to my milk coming in. It's not supposed to happen until the third trimester, but Dr. Chambers thinks it's starting early because of our puppy." she said eyes twinkling. He brought his finger to his lips and tasted the liquid. Surprisingly it had no real taste to it.

" It doesn't have any taste." He said pulling her down to him, he held her there as he kissed her and rubbed her lower back. He picked her up and laid her on her back. He captured one of her nipples in his mouth sucking and nibbling on it. She moaned at the sensation. Her breasts were extremely sensitive lately. He could probably make her cum this way.

He reached down and grabbed his hard cock pumping it slowly as he continued to worship her generous mounds. He couldn't help it. She was way to sexy laying there chest heaving, lips parted, her belly swollen with his seed.

Cat seeing where his hand had went watched with increasing arousal as he rubbed himself. It was so sexy. His large hand fit around his monstrous cock perfectly. Dripping with her own need she reached down and put her hand on top of his. They kissed slowly as they jerked him off.

After a few minutes she couldn't stand it any longer.

" Paul...please baby...I need to feel it inside of me." she barely got out. She was so turned on. Her hips were gyrating, her pussy throbbing with need.

He hitched her legs around his waist as he lined himself up with her opening. He rubbed the head of his dick along her folds teasing her. To his surprise she cried out his name as she came. Damn...that was fucking sexy. That was a first.

Panting she looked up at him through her eyelashes. " God baby...you turn me on so much, please...I need you inside of me.." she whispered out as she continued to swivel her hips towards his cock.

He slowly entered her, not wanting her to wait any longer. He was about to blow his load, especially when he was fully seated inside of her and was surrounded by her wetness. She was so fucking wet.

He grabbed both of her breasts in his large hands, slowly massaging them. She arched her back as the pleasure ran through her body.

She was beyond any rational thought. Her mind could only focus on the pleasure her mate was giving her. He kept a slow and steady pace as he swiveled his hips, never fully pulling out of her.

" You are so beautiful like this little girl." he said, his voice husky with his own need. " Do you like my cock baby? Do you like the way my balls slap against your ass when I fuck you?" She could hear the wild abandon in his voice. Yet he kept his rhythm slow and sure. She could feel her own juices running down the crack of her ass as he continued to fuck her slowly. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

His words driving her crazy. She loved when he talked to her in this way.

" Dammit baby...I could fuck you all day. You make me so fucking hard. Your so wet and tight..." he said watching her body respond to him. He still had not quickened his pace. He wanted this feeling to last.

She raised her arms for him to help her to a sitting position on his lap. He obliged settling her so that her ass was on his thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she pushed down. Her head flew back as she moaned.

" Yes...just like that...dont you stop..." she rasped out.

His hand reached around and grabbed her ass. He allowed his finger to slightly graze across her back opening. He felt her walls clench slightly at his touch there. Hmmm...they had never tried anal play.

" You like it when I touch your ass like this baby" he said watching her face as it scrunched in pleasure as he ran his finer pressing it more firmly across her opening.

She pressed her ass against his hand wanting more. " Yeah...you like that...mmmmm" he said laying her back down. He watched as he moved in and out of her, inserting one finger into her ass. She gasped in pleasure.

" Oh...God...shit..." she half yelled.

He matched the thrust of his finger with that of his hips gradually getting faster as she continued to whither under him saying all manner of dirty things. He knew she was close to cum ming as was he.

He felt her walls flutter around him at the same time his balls tightened. She screamed his name as he roared out hers while wildly thrusting them both to completion.

He had laid beside her dragging her across his chest and held her until they had both calmed down enough.

" Mmmm...that was incredible baby." she said running her thumb along his jaw line as she buried her head into his chest listening to his heart beat as it slowed.

" Fuck yeah it was..." he said lazily. " I love you Catarina...always" he said turning her head up to look into her eyes.

She teared up at the intensity she saw in his stormy gray eyes. She saw all the love and adoration he had for her. It took her breath away. She did not know how she had gotten so lucky...but she would never take it for granted.

" I love you too Paul...always." she whispered back to him leaning in to place a light kiss on his delicious lips.

He kissed her back and pressed her to him holding her while resting his hand on her bump. He could sense his son on there. It was strange how he seemed to feel his emotions, especially times like this, when his mother was so relaxed and content. He chalked it up to the magic that ran through both his and now his son's veins. Everything he loved and held dear in his world was right there wrapped in his arms. He was nothing without them. Just a shell of a man. Closing his eyes he let sleep take him as he buried himself deeper into his mate.

Thanks guys...I hope you like it...I have a story rec. It is a Jasper/Bella story. It's called Monstress by Mystical Mysti...it is very good...Also anything by mama4dukes is terrific...

Thanks for reading...and will get next chapter up soon...