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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

3. Reality Check

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Here is Chapter 3. Please forgive my errors. I need a beta if anyone is interested. Oh yeah and the disclaimer:

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 3 : Reality Check

Shit..Shit...Shit...what are you doing Cat? You dry hump some guy in front of God and everybody? Granted he's not your average guy..I mean fuck..his body is built for sin. She did not see, but she was almost positive that he at an eight pack hiding under that tight ass black t-shirt. MMMMM...No no no..back to the dilema at hand. Basically you are following two hot guys to LaPush Reservation, one of which you seem to loose all sense of, well everything, when he is close to you. You will be staying in a stranger's home, possibly meeting a long lost brother you never even dreamed you might have. Plus let's not forget that ever since you encountered Paul the ache is gone. Is this where I find the peace I have been searching for since I was just a girl?

I fought the overwhelming urge to turn around and hall ass out of Washington as fast as I could. For the first time in my life I did not feel in control. I had always taken care of myself. I always had exit strageties planned in any given situation. I never got in too deep with anyone or anything. It was best that way. I had very few people I had called friends over the years. I was way to distrusting for that.

Besides what would I tell them? That my mom was drained of her blood and ripped to shreds by a vampire? And oh yeah I was made to watch the whole thing. Yeah, right. So what do I think I'm doing?

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Cat refocused on the black pickup in front of her. Passing through what she assumed was the town of LaPush, she noticed the old worn buildings on either side of the main drag.

She noted the different stores as she slowly made her way through the tiny town.

Atera's Grocery had to be a family owned store. Atera was a true Indian name through and through. She noted the Family Dollar, local pizza place and next to it a small local bank. The last building out of town was a diner named Clearwater's. This must be Sue Clearwater's business.

Turning left they passed Blacks Auto Repair. She heard a honk from Paul's truck as we passed by. Small town, everybody knows everybody. Cat thought to herself.

Paul pulled into the Clearwater's drive way, with Cat pulling in behind him. She cut the car off and stared up at the lovely yellow house with white trim. It was two stories and had chimnies at both ends of the house. There was a wrap around porch that was adorned with an assortment of chairs and small tables.

She was brought out of her thoughts by the opening of her door. Momentarily starlted, she looked to find a grinning Paul holding her door open.

Paul stared down at her, once again captivated by her beauty. He would never tire of looking at her. It wasn't just her looks. She just oozed sex appeal in every way.

He had finally calmed himself down on the trip over with Jared. He felt more in control of himself. Imprinting was a mind fuck. Although he knew without it he would still have been all over her. She just screamed sex...sex...sex...

Shutting her door after she got out he put his hand a the small of her back leading up the front steps to Sue's front door. She didn't seem to mind, In fact she leaned back into his hand. He grinned at this.

Before they could clear the top step the door was yanked open and Seth, Sue's youngest, was standing there grinning like an idiot.

" Hey Paul, who do we have here." he said while eyeing HIS imprint suggestively. Paul growled menacingly at the younger wolf.

" Hey big guy...what did I tell you about that?" Cat narrowed her eyes at him.

Turning back to the flirt at the door, she stuck her hand out " Hi, My name is Catarina,"

Seth looked her up and down licking his lips, earning a another growl, from Paul. He grabbed her small hand in his

" I'm Seth, it's really nice to meet you." he said giving her a wink.

She laughed " Well arent you just the cutest thing?" Seth's grin grew bigger. He sat there holding her hand and staring into her amazing eyes, lost.

"Um, do you think I could have my hand back? I might need it" Cat said with a smile.

Paul, observing one of his pack member's laying it on a little thick growled out,

"Yeah, pup let it go. Now." Seth jerked his hand away quickly finally coming to his senses. Obviously this sexy woman meant something to him.

"I'm sorry come on in" he said leading the way.

"Is your mom here?" Jared asked, coming in behind Paul. He had watched the whole exchange silently amused. Paul would just have to deal with this kind of reaction to his imprint. She was exqusite. Although he knew none of his pack brothers would over step any boundaries, except maybe Quil. If she turned out to be Sam's sister, then all bets were off.

Leading them from the foyer to the living area, Seth replied " Yeah, she is in her office. Let me go get her."

Cat looked around the room and found it to be very homey. The living room was quite large. It had two chocolate sectionals arranged in a L shape against the wall. Three over stuffed cranberry colored chairs situated at different angles around the huge stone hearth. A Large flat screen TV completed the room hanging on the wall in the center of the room.

Looking around at the family pictures tastefully hung on the cream colored walls, she felt completely relaxed.

" You know, you could stay at my house. I did not offer earlier because, well. I thought that might be a bit ummm...uh..presumptious of me" Paul told her turning her to face him grabbing her small hands in his.

Cat looked down at their joined hands and then to his eyes.

" Yeah, it probably is..I mean... this is all new to me." she whispered getting lost in his eyes again.

Jared recongnizing the signs of humpfest 2.0 cleared his throat loudly.

Cat jumped slightly starlted at the sound. She had been about to loose it again. What the hell is wrong with her, with them? She pulled away from Paul, noticing the slight frown on his face as she did.

" I'll stay here and be all proper and everything. I'm sure you'll be around right?" Before he could respond Seth returned with Sue Clearwater in tow.

"Hey Sue, this is Catarina Uley. She goes by Cat" Paul said putting emphasis on her last name.
Sue's eyebrow rose dramatically.
" She is needing a room for a few days." he finished pulling Cat closer to him. Praying to the spirits that it would be more than just a few days.

Sue noticing this caught on real quick. " Of course, that is no problem. We would be glad to have you." she responded taking one of Cat's hands warmly in hers.

Cat felt instantly at home. Sue was a beautiful woman. Her warm smile made her feel at home. She had short brown hair, that came to her shoulders. Warm brown eyes that crinkled at the corners when she smiled. She reminded her of her mother. She shied away from those thoughts as her heart squeezed painfully.

" I really appreciate this. Paul and Jared suggested that I come here first before I booked a room in Forks." Cat said squeezing her hand back gently.
" Oh, well I wont hear of you staying all the way out there. We have plenty of room. It will be no problem at all." Sue replied. " So your last name is Uley?" she asked Cat " Yes M'am, actually it's Longshadow Uley. Longshadow was my mom's last name. My sperm donor left shortly after he found out my mom was pregnant. But she wanted me to carry his last name for some reason." Cat told Sue.

Jared interjected " Longshadow huh? what tribe are you from?"

" Apache. I am from the Mescalero rez down in south central New Mexico." she said proud of her heritage.

" Apache...that explains alot" Jared mumbled under his breath, so only Paul and Seth could hear. Paul looked at him with a raised brow. Jared shook his head slightly.

" So did the boys also tell you that we had a Uley here in LaPush?" Sue said getting back on subject.

" Yes, they did. They also told me his father is a man whore, so I guess it is possible we could be related. " Cat said matter of factly.

Sue stared at this beautiful young woman in shock for a moment. Then she busted out laughing. Oh she loved this girl. How refreshing. Besides Joshua Uley was a man whore and she'd be willing to bet he still is.

Pulling Cat into a tight hug, " Well lets get you settled in the guestroom. Boys, how about you grab Cat's bags out of the car?" Sue called over her shoulder as she led Cat to the guestroom on the first floor.

Cat followed Sue towards the direction Seth had left to get her earlier. It was a small hallway that had three doors. One to the left, one to the right and one at the very end of the hallway.

" This is my office" she pointed to the door on the left. " The linen closet to the right. You'll find extra bedding and towels." They finally came to the end of the hall. Sue pushed open the door and allowed Cat to walk in first.
She looked around the room and loved it.

There was a four poster queen sized bed on the main wall. There was matching oak night stands on each side. On the wall beside the door there was a matching dresser with mirror. On the right side of the room was a large garden window that overlooked the beautiful lush forest. The best part for her was the window seat. She could not wait to curl up on it and read, while admiring the view.
Cat turned around and hugged Sue tightly. " This is perfect. I love it. "

Sue smiled hugging her back just as tightly. " I'm so glad. You make this your home while you are here."

She teared up at hearing this and squeezed her tighter. Shutting her eyes tightly to try and rein in her emotions. What is wrong with her. She was never this emotional. First she is humping Paul in front of the whole town, now this. taking a deep breath she released Sue and stepped away.
" I'm sorry, It's just you remind me of someone and ..." Cat stuttered shakily.

Sue knew this girl had been through alot. You could see it on her. In her eyes, even in her beautiful smile. She wasnt one to let you in often, but I bet when she did, it was glorious. Sue smiled " You dont worry sweetheart. I am here whenever you feel the need, ok? Now let me show you the bathroom, you have your own by the way, and then I will leave you to get freshened up. Did the boys tell you about the bonfire tonight?" Sue asked

"Yes they did. I am looking forward to it." " Well I will elave you to it then. You come find me if you need anything." Sue said giving her another hug before she left closing the door.

Cat wrapped her arms around herself and turned around taking in the room again. Exhaling slowly, she thought to herself, this feels like home.

Cat was in the bathroom washing her hands and throwing a little water on her face. She did not wear alot of makeup, she did not need it. She pulled her brush out of her purse and started running it through her hair when she heard a knock on the door.

Walking out of the bathroom and opening the door she smiled at Paul standing there with her bag.
" Hey, come on in. I thought you left me high and dry there for a moment" she said teasing him. In truth she had only been in here a few minutes.
" Never. " he growled out sexily. She started to feel her panties dampen once again today. Geez, she needed a bath.
"Paul" she warned only half kidding " I'm sorry little girl, I cant seem to help myself around you. " he said pulling her to him once he sat her bags on the bed.
He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly to him. She threw her arms around his neck and laid her cheek against his chest. She sighed, this felt so good...Really good...almost to good.

" I dont know what is going on between the two of us, but I know something is. I also know that you know what it is." she whispered softly

Paul held her tighter to him, his heart clinching. He was scared to tell her his secret. What if she ran from him. He was after all a monster. If she ran, he would follow her and bring her back. He could not, and would not be without her. He knew he had only known her for a couple of hours, but the man in him knew just as the wolf did, she was his. He would not let her go.

" There are some things I need to tell you. I am not sure how you will take it. I'm scared you will turn from me. I just found you, I can't..shit..I just wouldn't be able to...fuck, I suck at this kind of shit." He said running a hand through his hair.

Cat had pulled her face back when he started talking, watching his face. He really was scared. What could he have to say that would put that look on his face? Fear did not look normal on him. He was fierce, she could tell. She, herself had come from a long line of fierce warriors.

Grabbing his face in her hands, standing on her tippy toes, while his hands instinctively grabbed her ass, " You can tell me. I dont scare easily. I promise to listen to everything you have to say with an open mind ok?" she said leaning in to brush her lips softly against his.

He deepened the kiss for a moment before he pulled her over to the bed and sat down. He had to get this over with. It was eating him alive.
Turning her so she was facing him, he held her hands and started.

" Being a native yourself I am sure you have heard many tribal stories in your lifetime. " when she nodded he continued " Well the Quileute people have many tribal stories. One of which is about the Protector's and the Cold Ones. " He said not looking at her now. Here we go , he thought breathing heavily. Noticing this she squeezed his hands gently letting him know she was here, and not leaving."

"I am going to give you the short version of the legend, because you will be hearing it in full at the bonfire later. " She nodded at him to continue.

" The Quileute's are decended from wolves. Long ago, what seemed to be a man, came onto our lands and started drinking the blood of our people. He viciously murdered many from the tribe before he was stopped. Taka Aki, a warrior watched in horror as many of his people were slaughtered by this strange being. The spirit of the wolf came into Taka Aki and transformed him, so that he could defend his people. He ripped apart the man-like being. Only his wolf teeth and claws could penetrate the killers skint was hard as granite. The people of the tribe watched in awe as their brother destroyed their enemy. They noticed that the pieces of the man that Taka Aki had torn apart started to move around as if looking for the rest of its body. The people seeing this, started a fire and burned all the pieces turining them to ash. Late, after Taka Aki had transformed back into his human self, the tribes people told him of how cold the beings body parts were. Hence the name "cold one". You see what we now know is that the man like creature is what is known as a vampire. There are certain decendents that transform if vampires are in the area."

He stopped for a moment, not noticing Cat's demeanor had changed. She had been frozen while listening to him. Vampire's...she knew he was telling the truth. She had seen first hand how evil they were. Paul tilted her face toward his, a worried look on his face.

She needed to reassure him " Paul, I'm ok. ...really...please finish what you were telling me." she said diverting his attention. She knew she would tell him, but not now.

" Catarina, I am a wolf. The legends are true. I fight Leeches as a hobby." he said with a small smile.

She was quiet for a while digesting all he had told her. Was she freaked out? Not really. It did not change her need for him. If anything it intensified it. She was sure he did not tell everyone this. Her people had many legends, that were kept secret from outsiders and she was an outsider here. Why was he telling her? Was it because this Sam person might be her brother. But then wouldn't Sam tell her instead?

" Ok, I believe you." she said

He looked at her in disbelief " Your not freaked out?"

Shaking her head she said " I told you I have seen some unbelievably evil shit in my life, and I will tell you, just not right now. Lets just get this wolf business out of the way first. I know that you dont normally tell outsiders this. My tribe has several legends that are kept secret to all except for my people. So why are you telling me this?" she asked raising one brow

Shit, he thought. Here is the hard part. " Your right. Only the tribal council, the protectors and imprints know." he said shakily.

" Whats an imprint?" she asked

" It's when a wolf finds his soul mate. All it takes is one look into her eyes and she is all he will ever need or want. She is his world. She replaces gravity and anchor's her wolf. She is his best possible mate, She lights a fire in him that can not be extinguished. The need to consume her and make her his is almost unbearable , he will never leave her side" he whispered out to her looking into her eyes.

She knew he had imprinted on her. Because she was feeling everything he had just said. But she needed him to say it. As if he knew her need, he picked her up and sat her in his lap facing him. She locked her long legs around him and moved her hands to his hair.
Leaning forward to rest his forhead against hers, staring deep into her eyes " Every fucking part of me belongs to every part of you. Your my Imprint, Catarina." he whispered out as his lips captured her's...

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