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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

4. Wolves, Imprints, Bonfires & Bitches Oh My! Pt 1

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Thanks so much to all who have reviewed. This is my first story and I am not sure I know what what I am doing half the time. So it means alot to me that you guys seem to be getting what is going on in my head. Seriusly as you can probably tell I really need a Beta. i dont know how to go about getting one though. So if anyone is interested, say the word. I am breaking this up into two chapters. There is just alot to say.

This story takes place after Bella takes Edward back, but before the newborn army comes. I have had a few of the guys phase early, because I wanted to have Cat come into an already tight nit family like atmosphere. Not to say there will not be issues within the group, but all families have issues. It only matters how you handle them.

Usual disclaimer applies...not mine...no copyright enfringment intended...yada yada...
I do however claim Cat. As much as she can be claimed. (wink wink)

Chapter 4 Wolves, Imprints, Bonfires and Bitches, Oh My!
Part One

She moaned louldy as his tongue invaded her hot mouth. Gripping his hair tightly, she plastered her body to his.
He felt so damn good. She started grinding her hips against his full erect cock. He grabbed her ass tighter helping her. All you could hear in the room were heavy breaths and low moans. Breaking away from his mouth to breathe, he slid his mouth down her throat. Leaning her head all the way back , her long hair hitting the bed she moaned out. Paul hearing her moan, was spurred on. He slid his arm around her back resting his hand on her shoulder pushing her further into his very hard dick. His mouth continued to move down her neck, hungrily licking and nipping. When he reached the tops of her breast, he used his other hand to pull her shirt and bra down so he could see her beautiful sexy titties. Staring down at her exposed breast, his eyes devoured her large mounds, dark hard nipples calling out to him. Lowering his head he whispered " fuck, so hot..."
Cat feeling his mouth on her, let out a gutteral moan. Moving her hips faster, she felt a coil starting in her belly. She new she was close. She had been on edge since she had first laid eyes on him. All she could feel was the pleasure of his mouth, tongue and teeth . However, she wanted him to cum with her. Reaching her hand down between them, she gripped his cock through his jeans roughly. Her hand moving in sync with her hips, up, down, up, down.
Feeling her hand jacking him off, almost had him exploding. Hips arching into to her hand, he continued his assault on her nipples switching between both.

" Oh fuck Paul...I'm going to cum...dont you dare stop." she gasped out . Sliding his hand in between her legs he started rubbing her pussy through her pants, causing her to buck into him erractically. " So fucking hot...I bet you are so wet for me, arent you little girl...that's it baby...cum for me..." he growled out, imagining what she would feel like around his cock. Fuck...he was almost there.

Hearing those dirty words come from him, his mouth sucking on her nipples, washand rubbing her clit furiously was all Cat needed. " Oh God...fuck baby...oh Paul...yes" she cried out as she came, her wet heat seeping through her jeans onto his hand.

Paul looked up as she started her orgasm. Taking in her half lidded lust filled eyes, her mouth slightly open in an "O" shape, her body jerking with shocks pleasure, had never seen anything more beautiful. That was all it took to send him over the edge. He came growling out her name. When they started to come back down to earth after such a mind blowing orgasm, Cat fell forwrd on him causing him to fall back into the bed in his weakened state.

They lay there, her on top of him, her head snuggled into his neck. His arms around her tightly. He never wanted to let her go. This was insane. He did not even know her. She was a complete fucking stranger to him. He had a past he wasnt proud of, although before now it did not really bother him. But he found himself wanting to be a better man for her. He was such a pussy, he thought to himself as held her. She had turned him upside down in a matter of hours. He couldnt just blame the imprint either. He knew without a doubt had he been just a normal guy and they had met, it would have been the same. The imprint just pointed the best possible person. It could not make you feel instant love or even instant like. It was basically fates way of narrowing it down for you.

Sighing, Cat lefted herself up, her hands resting on his chest. She looked down at this incredible specimen and said " Fuck...that was unreal.."
He smirked up at her " I know...can you imagine what it will feel like with our clothes off?" She shivered at the thought. She couldnt imagine it feeling any better than what had just happened, but she damn sure wanted to.

" Mmmmm..." was all she could get out. He sat up suddenly, holding her to him. " We need to get ready for the bonfire. It will be starting in about an hour." he kissed her gently once more before setting on the bed.
He stood up looking down at the wet spot on his pants. She smirked seeing it. Then quickly shut that shit down when she noticed her pants as well.

"Looks like we both need to clean up a bit." she said Holding the hand that was pleasuring her up to his nose, he inhaled deeply. Groaning sexily he put them to his mouth and licked her off of him. She watched this getting more turned on by the second. He looked at her sharply as he caught the scent of her arousal once more in the air.

As his eyes started darkening, he stalked towards her growling. "Fuck baby, we are never gettin out of this room you keep that up" he said grabbing her off the bed. She almost...almost let him have his way with her. But they had places to be and they both needed a serious shower.
" Uh uh...big guy...As much as I would love to do this with you all night...we need to get ready. I need a shower and so do you." she said holding him at arms length. Scowling, he stepped back from her lest he say fuck it and just ravish her.
" Your right. I need to go by my house and get cleaned up. I will pick you up in about an hour. Is that enough time?" he asked not wanting to be away from her for any amount of time.

" That should be good." Leaning forward she pulled him down for a quick kiss " Ill see you in a bit." turning to head into the bathroom. She squeaked when he smacked her ass. Looking over her shoulder she winked at him before shutting the door.

Cat was waiting for Paul exactly one hour later. She had left her room to find out if Sue needed her help doing anything. Cat had brought up what Paul had told her about the wolves. They talked while she helped her load her car with an enormous amount of food. Sue had told her that the wolves had huge appetites. Which is why her and a few of the imprints chipped in to put together enough to feed all ten wolves. She also informed her was on the tribal council. " Holy shit..ten wolves?" Cat exclaimed shocked.

" Yes, two are my children. You met Seth earlier. I have an older daughter, Leah. She has her own place on the other side of the rez. You will meet her tonight, along with everyone else." Sue told her. Cat felt bad for her. Both of her children constantly put in harms way. Sue had told her earlier about her husband Harry having a heart attack and passing away last year. Seth and Leah were all she had left. She sent up a silent prayer to the spirits to keep them safe for her. " That must be hard for you. Both of them out their in the front lines." Cat replied softly Sue had a sad smile on her face " It is, but I am also so proud. There is no better honor for our people than to be a Protector."
After they had loaded everything in Sue's car, they both sat on the couch waiting for Paul to arrive.

" So...this Sam guy...how do you think he will take this? You know maybe having a sister? And really how do we find out? I mean I only have my fathers last name and I while I know it is not that common, it still doesnt make it a concrete fact." Cat said

" Well we could do DNA testing if you want. Honestly, I believe you are his sister. Once Paul said your last name, the resemblance is uncanny really..." Sue told her smiling softly. She knew she was looking at one of Joshua Uley's offspring. It was just a feeling she had.

" Well we will see how it goes with Sam. I mean he may not want anything to do with me." Cat said as if she did not care. Truth is she did care. She cared so much, that she was scared to death. Although to look at her you would not be able to tell. That fear was buried way down deep where all of her other fears were kept. " Trust me honey, he will want to know and he will be so happy. Sam has gown up with no real blood family. He has always had people here on the rez looking after him. But ever since his mom ran off when he was 12 years old, he hasn't had any real family around." Sue told her " Where did she go?" Cat asked. At least she had her mom until she was 16. She had been a great mom too.
" Not my story to tell." Sue said standing up and heading into the kitchen.

Not to long after that, Paul knocked on the door. Opening it Cat had to control her breathing. Standing before her was a bare chested Paul.
Huge pectorials stared back at her. Her eyes ran down to his abs. She knew it. He had an eight pack. He ahd on a pair of green cargo shorts, that emphasized his strong legs. His hair was cut short on the sides and had little length towards the front. He had a messy style that looked perfect on him.

He smirked at her " See something you like little girl?"

She swallowed and licked her lips " Yes, I do actually. Why? What would you do about it if I did, big guy?"

Moving closer to her " Oh baby, I am sure I can think of a few hundred things..." he said leaning down to slightly graze her lips.
Pulling away he noticed her pout and grinned. " Later" he whispered as Sue came to the door.

" Hey, enough of that you two. We are going to be late. Are yall going to ride over with me or walk?" Sue asked Paul as he waited for Cat to get her leather jacket. She looked really hot tonight. She had a pair of ripped faded blue jeans tucked into a pair of Ugg boots. Topping it off with a light green sweater that hung slightly off of one shoulder. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail and as she walked past him out of the door he noticed a tatoo on the back of her neck. He couldnt make it out from where he was. He would have to check it out later, when he had her all to himself. MMMMMMMMMMMM i cant wait.

" I was planning on taking my bike. You dont mind do you Cat?" Paul asked

Cat looked over to the black Harley Roadster and creamed her panties. Smiling at him sexily she said over her shoulder as she went to check the bike out " Hell no...I love to ride."

Walking over to her after telling Sue they would meet her there, he grabbed her by the waist and turned her around to face him " I can smell every time you get wet. It's driving me fucking crazy. You and I have some business to attend to after this bonfire little girl." he told/asked her

" You bet big guy. Now lets ride, so I have an excuse to wrap myself around you..." she replied swinging her leg over after he had gotten on. " You need know excuse baby girl." he told her.

On their way to First Beach, Cat true to her word wrapped herself around him. Legs and all. She could do this for the rest of her life. She laid her head on his back and just inhaled his scent along with the scent of the forest surrounding them. He held her hands on his chest the whole way, feeling so relaxed and peaceful for the first time in...well..ever..

Once they pulled up at the beach, they parked a little ways from where the bonfire had already been set. Cat could see several people mulling around just hanging out. She was sort of nervous. Not because she was meeting new people. No she was fine with that. She had always been real out going. Her mom used to tell her she did not have a shy bone in her body. No, she was nervous about this brother business. What did she want out of this? It was not just how he was going to react that she had to think about. She honestly did not know if she was ready to open herself up to this type of emotional tie. Her mind instantly went to the feelings that Paul had invoked in her and she shut that shit down. She would only deal with one emotional upheaval tonight.

She decided she would just see where it went. Hell he might not even be her brother. Although Sue and Paul seemed to be pretty sure of it. Walking down towards the crowd of people, she noticed the noise level had almost completely disappeared as her and Paul walked up.

She noted several stares her way. Some curious, some knowing, some smirking and finally some glares. The latter from several females in the crowd of about thrity people. Seeing this, she immediatley understood and started grinning. Hate it for ya bitches...He's mine tonight, her look said. Turning her head away from the bitches of eastwick, she looked up to a relieved looking Paul. Hmmm...He's relieved I have not freaked out. Hahaha...he just doesnt know me. I am not a jealous woman...at all. I know who I am, and am very confident in my own self. Not just internally either. I knew I was hot as hell. I mean it isnt vanity to know such things about oneself...you just know what ya know...just saying...

Paul took her hand and dragged her over to a group of people. There were four males and two females in the group. Cat recognized one of the taller males as Paul's best friend, Jared. He gave a smile and a hug when we reached them.

" Cat, I would like for you to meet my mate, Kim...Kim this is Catarina...she's the one I told you about." Jared said to the small petite girl beside him. She was very pretty. She could not have been more than 5' tall, even with her black heeled boots on. Her body type was soft and curvy. Her green eyes were expressive and her smile was mischevious as she looked up at Cat.

Cat rolled her eyes at the smile. Fucking Jared blabbed about their porn show from earlier. Shaking her head she held out her hand " I am assuming your other half informed you of mine and Paul's uh...earlier ecounter?." I asked smiling back at her.
She giggled..." Yep...he sure did...sorry I missed it..." she said pulling Cat into a hug.

She looked over at Jared and Paul who were grinning like two jack asses eating briars. Rolling her eyes at them she turned her attention to the
remaining people in the group.
" I guess I will make my own introductions since Mr. Rude Ass over there cant seem to get it together." she said gesturing to her side where Paul now stood.
The group started laughing. Two guys came up to her then, one looking her up and down.
He was shorter than the rest but he was stocky. He was as you say in the south a pine knot. He had wavy brown hair and a goofy smile.
" Hi beautiful...I'm Quil Atera...it's really nice to meet you." he said suggestively,earning a growl from Paul, which in turn caused her to get wet, then another growl from Paul to the wolves around him for trying to scent his mate's arousal.

Cat shook her head, not because she was embaressed, no far from it. She had already told him what that did to her. She could not be held accountable for her bodies reactions.
" I told you big guy, no growling," she growled out playfully. She heard a few snickers at this. Paul responded by pulling her tighter to him.

Rolling her eyes she turned to guy that had come up with Quil. She noticed he was taller but not as stocky as Quil. He seemed familar but she could not place him.
" I'm Embry Call. " he simply said holding his hand out to hers.

"Hi, nice to meet you both, I am Catarina Uley, but you can call me Cat." she replied shaking his hand oblivious to the sharp intake of breath from the group. Embry was looking at her with wide eyes.

What...do I have a boogar, she thought internally. Great she had a big boogar on her nose. What a way to make an impression Cat.

Removing her hand from Embry's she started towards her nose to wipe the offensive would be boogar off when Paul grabbed her hand.

" Cat, this is Sam Uley and his fiancee Emily Long" he said turning her to a very tall and muscular man.

Hell who was she kidding they were all muscular. Must be a wolf thing.

He had piercing black eyes. Strong high cheek bones, alot like hers. His hair was the same inky black as hers. He was well over a foot taller than her. But hell they all were really...His face seemed older, wiser somehow than any of the rest she had met. The expression on his face was one of confusion. She could not blame him. Uley is definately not a common name. He must be wondering who the hell she was. Cat did not pay attention to the woman next to him. Her eyes held Sam's searching for ..what exactly, a big fat sign that said YES I'M YOUR BROTHER.
She highly doubted that would happen.

" Hi Sam I have heard alot about you from Paul and Sue. I know you are probably wondering who I am. After all Uley is not a common name at all." Cat finally said

" No your right it's not. I am wondering how you got it." he said. He wasnt rude about it, but he was cautious...not that she could blame him. She would be the same.

"Well, my bastard of a father of course." she replied, one of his eyebrows raised, like her , she thought.

" Your father huh? What was his name?" Sam asked looking sort of hopeful maybe. Or maybe she was just seeing what she wanted to see.

" Well, I really dont know Sam. You see, he left my mom when he found out she was pregnant. I think she might have been 12 weeks along or something like that. She gave me his last name and I really dont know why. From what I know of him, he was a sorry piece of shit. She never told me anything about him. What I learned I learned from a few people in my tribe." Cat said shrugging her shoulders. It did not bother her about her father. How could you miss what you never had?

" What tribe are you from" he asked genuinely interested. " I am Apache. I am from the Mescalero rez down in south central New Mexico. My mothers family name was Longshadow." she replied.

" Was?" Sam asked

" Uh..yea, she died when I was 16. I had no other living relatives." Cat replied, praying he wouldnt ask anything more. She wasnt ready for a fucking Q&A session. And besides, she wasnt sure he deserved that story. Brother or not. They had just met and this was real life. There would be no jumping into each others arms declaring undying sibling love for each other.

Paul sensing she was done with the getting to know ya bullshit, directed her attention to Emily, before Sam could ask any further questions.
" This is Emily." he said. Now usually Emily was very welcoming and kind to strangers, but for some reason, she seemed closed off while meeting Cat. I wonder what that is about?

" Hi Emily, its nice to meet you." Cat said evenly. She sensed this chick did not appreciate her being here. She looked at the attractive native woman and noticed three distinct scars down the side of her face. She was still pretty even with the scars. Cat was more interested in the tight line of her mouth, the furrowed eyebrows and upturned nose at she eyed Cat with distaste. What the hell was her problem?

" So will you be in town long?" she asked Cat with a hint of a sneer in her voice. Everyone standing around stood there with their mouths open in shock. This was not typical Emily behaviour apparently. Even Sam turned to look at her with concern in his eyes.

" Well, when that becomes your concern, I'll let you know." Cat said in a sugary sweet voice.

She knew her game. This is not the first time she had been treated like this by the same sex. Was it becaus she was the new girl and maybe she would be getting some attention due to the fact that she was the shiny new toy or was it because she may have some familial claim on her boy?

Paul snapping out of his dumbfounded state when he heard Sam growling at HIS mate. He turned and glared at Sam.
" Watch it fucker." Paul stated lowly so only he and the other wolves could hear.

" You need to teach your flavor of the week some manners." Sam said angrily.

Paul started shaking. How dare he refer to his imprint in that manner. As he started towards Sam, Jared came in between them, one hand on each chest. Cat stood their with no expression on her face. She had heard the hushed words between Sam and Paul. She looked over to Emily and saw her smug smile. " Both of you stop. Sam, Cat is Paul's Imprint. She deserves the same respect we give to your own mate." Jared stated

Sam's face was one of shock. Emily looked as if she was turning green. Quil and Embry were trying not to let their eyes bug out of their head and Kim was oddly, staring at Emily in confusion and suspicion. Mmmmm..wonder what's up with that, Cat thought to herself.

" What, imprint...when did this happen?" Sam asked still shocked.

" It happened today. She knows about the pack and imprint. " Paul replied still pissed at his Alpha for disrespecting Cat like he did.

" You what? Why did not you not wait for council?" Sam asked

" Council for what, to tell me that he turned into Balto?" Cat said, not seeing the problem.

" You shut up and respect your Alpha, you little bitch. " Emily snarled at Cat. Everyone within a few feet of their small group got silent and stared in shock at the usually timid Emily Long.

Cat smirked at her moving towards her. Sam thinking her a threat to his mate moved to put Emily behind him. Even if he was ashamed of the way she had just acted, he had to protect her, even from his MIGHT BE sister. This was fucked up.

Paul went to grab her arm, but Cat grabbed his hand first and intertwined their fingers. She looked over at Emily, who was staring daggers at her from her position behind Sam. Cat started laughing. She could not help it. This was ridiculous.

" What are you laughing at, there is nothing funny here." Emily said snidely. Sam turned to her and said something low Cat could not hear.

" Sure there is. This right here is fucking hilarious. You see Emily, I am observer of people. A people watcher if you will." she said leaning into Paul, feeling relaxed. Depsite the obvious tension surrounding them.

" I see you Emily." she said staring intently into her eyes.

" I see what you have most people here fooled. Oh I'm sure you can be kind and gracious and all that jazz, but thats not all there is to you, is there?" I said smirking widely at her. Quil and Embry along with a few other men, Cat had guessed were a part of the pack, stood around in shock.

" You see Emily, we all have a darkside to us. All of us. What is the balance of light if not dark? Sometimes we can be selfish.
Somtimes we can be catty, kind of like you are being now because you feel threatened. I guess what I want to know is are you being a bitch to someone you dont know, because that is just who you really are underneath all that sweetness and purity everyone here seems to except you as being. Is it because I might be the sister of your mate and you dont like that because then he would have someone other than you to care about him eventually? Or is it because I am the shiny new toy and you sense that I will not put up with your bullshit?" Cat asked her.
Kim had come to stand beside Cat while she was talking. She had her head cocked to one side staring at Emily intently.

There was complete silence, as the fifteen or twenty people left at the gathering stood there watching the two women.
One standing tall and sure. The other cowering behind her mate, or at least trying to. Sam had turned towards her as Cat had been talking.

" I dont know what you mean." Emily said. Anyone who had a lick of sense about them could tell that Cat's words had hit their mark with her. Which part? Who knew. But the people that thought they knew her, were looking at her in a different light. She would look no one in the eye. Not even Sam, who was questioning her with his eyes.

" Sure you do." Cat continued good naturedly.

" I mean your the grand pupah right. The Alpha's mate. A position of power to be sure." Cat said smiling. " But really I dont give a shit. Thats your shit to work out." Turning to Paul " Hey baby, dont we have some more people to meet and greet?" she said tossing him a wink and a saucy grin.

Smiling he shook his head at her and lead her away. He was proud of her. She could have wailed on Emily, but her words were far more damaging than anything else. His girl obviously knew what the fuck she was talking about. If Emily's reaction was any indication. Wrappin his arm around her, he walked her over towards the tribal elders sat smiling and sippin their whiskey.

" Elder Atera, Elder Black, I would like you to meet my imprint Catarina Longshadow Uley...she goes by Cat." Paul said with pride.

Old man Quil looked up at her from his seat and gave her a wink. " Well now little one, here only a few minutes and already stirrin things up." He said.

From what he had seen and heard of her he already liked her. She had a warriors presence. Funny she would imprint on the most fierce pack member.

Cat grinned at him " Well Elder Atera, these things seem to stir up around me...whats a girl to do ? " she said innocently. Elder Black and Elder Atera both laughed.

"Indeed, Catarina. I am Billy Black. I am chief here. It is a pleasure to meet you, young lady" Billy said from his wheelchair.

Cat bowed her head deeply in respect and said. " It is an honor to meet you Chief Black, Elder Quil" Her eyes not leaving the ground.

Billy and Old Quil were impressed. She had bowed to their chief with respect and submission. It was the way of any tribe. Most of the tribe including the imprint's had never been so formal upon the first meeting.

" You may relax Catarina." Billy motioned to her " Please sit with us and tell us how you came to be here. " he said motioning to the seat that in bewteen him and Old Quil.
" Paul, we will make sure she gets back to you" Old Quil said, dismissing him.
Paul leaned down a kissed her cheek and whispered " If you need me..." he trailed off looking into her eyes. She smiled softly at him and nodded.

Sue watched the old men with amusement. Yes, it would seem Cat had them wrapped around their finger already and she had not even been trying. Her bowing before the chief and a tribe elder was something that had been taught to her. She looked around at the pack and imprints and noticed they were watching the scene unfold as well.

She was not surprised by Emily. She was her Great Aunt after all. She knew that Emily had a side to her she had not shown to anyone. Except maybe Sue's daughter, Leah. Her eyes darted around the fire, searching for her daughter. They came to stop when she saw her sitting on one of the logs that had been placed around the fire. She saw that Leah was watching Catarina with curiousity.

I hope this is ok. I had trouble with this one. A lot of people wanted to have their say and I got overwhelmed for a moment. Please let me know what you think. Also, there will be a part two to this chapter. I already have it half written. Thanks KC