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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

5. Wolves, Imprints, Bonfires & Bitches Oh My! Pt 2

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Hey guys..Just a couple of warnings about this chapter. It is bloody and graphic. It talks of torture and rape. So if this is not something you can handle please dont read. Thanks

Chapter 5

Wolves, Imprints, Bonfires & Bitches, Oh My!
Part 2

Leah sat on her log eyeing Paul's imprint with curiousity. She had heard the whole converstaion between Emily and her. She had been dead on with regards to Emily's true nature and her ability to have everyone believe that she could do no wrong. She was certainly glad it had been pointed out.

She could tell that some of the pack, especially Kim were starting to see Emily with new eyes. She glanced towards where Emily and Sam sat quietly arguing. Sam looked angry and Emily looked as if she might cry. Every once in a while she would look towards where Catarina sat talking with elders and glare. Sam seeing this would jerk her back to face him and the furious whispering would start again. Emily was a piece of work.

Stalling all thoughts of Sam and Emily, Leah turned her eyes back to Catarina. She was beautiful of course, but she was also tough. She could tell. After all she was the alpha bitch, she knew what tough looked and felt like.

Her mom had told her of Paul's imprint renting out the extra room. She had not thought much of her, other than her mom seem to like her alot. Of course, her younger brother Seth, had been practically drooling all over the place as he talked about their moms new guest. He was such a perv. But hell she guessed that went along with being a 17 year old boy.

Across from Leah, on the other side of the fire sat Jacob Black with his friends Quil and Embry. They were talking of the new imprint. Jacob had of course thought she was hot. But he was glad she had called Emily out on her bullshit. He knew from experiance what a bitch Emily could be. She had often been one to him. Of course he had not said anything because, really, who would have believed him?

Bella would he thought sadly. Bella was not here though. She had yet again chosen that bloodsucker over him. He did not know why he even bothered anymore. He could not seem to stay away from her. If he hadnt known any better he would say it was almost like an imprint. Whatever she wanted him to be he was. Even if it pissed him the hell off.

He just could not understand why she could not see the leech for what he really was. He must have mind control over her.

" Hey did you hear Emily man? I have never heard talk to anyone like that. All the girl did was say hi to her." Quil said still in shock over what had just happened.

Jake snorted " I think we just all got a glimpse of the real Emily Long. Poor Sam man. Did you see the look on his face?"

" I cant believe he did not have any idea she could be like that. I mean they live together." Embry said quietly.
" Hey have you heard from Bella?" Quil asked changing the subject. No need in being caught talking about the current alpha's imprint.

" No, that fucking leech has her on a tight leash." Jake replied with disgust.

Quil and Embry just shook their heads. Jake had been their best firend since they were in diapers. They could not understand why he just did not leave Bella to her fate. She used him time and time again. The last time she popped up in his life was because she had a fight with the leech over whatever. She had come to Jake for comfort. And like the dumb ass he is, at least wherever this girl is concerned, he opened his arms again to her. Only to crush his heart yet again when the leech came a callin. It made them sick and it had gotten to where they could not stand her.

They used to think she was a pretty cool chick. Back when her and Jake had hung out when the leech up and left her in the woods. But now, it was sort of like the Emily thing. True colors came out and they all got to see how she used Jake. They hated it for their pack brother. No matter what was said to him, he would not let her go.

Hell even Charlie, Bella's dad had tried to tell him. Charlie loved his daughter, but it was like he did not recognize her anymore. She had become this person that no one seemed to know or even want to know.

The boys were brought out of their thoughts to see Paul approaching with his imprint.

" Hey guys, this is Cat." he said as he lead her over to them. Her smile was open and sincere as she approached them.

" Hey fellas. I know Quil and Embry, but i dont think I have met you. " Cat said to Jake

" I'm Jacob Black, it's really nice to meet you. It's about time this one" he said jerking his thumb to Paul " brought around someone of substance." he said taking her hand gently.

He liked her. She was straight forward and did not mince words. She was perfect for Paul.

He needed someone to keep his ass in line. He could be a real dick and didnt give a shit if you liked it or not. Paul's family life had been the stuff nightmares are made of. Not that Jake knew much about it. He had only found out the little he knew when Paul had let it slip in his mind when they were phased. But what little bit he had seen was so fucked up. It's no wonder he was angry as shit most of the time. He was also a man whore. Jake believed that had to do with not wanting to get to close to anybody in fear of being hurt.

He may only be 19, but he knew some shit. Besides with all the bullshit he had been through with Bella, he felt he had aged a few years.

" Well, I dont know about that, but I kinda dig him. " Cat replied warmly. She liked Jacob Black. He had an easy open face. Of course he was hot, just like all the rest. She could tell though, that he had a genuinely good soul. When he smiled she noticed it did not quite reach his eyes fully. She wondered what was up with that? Oh well, none of her business.

" Well since your stuck with him for life, I guess that is a good thing." Quil joked.

" Shut up fucker..." Paul said hitting him on his shoulder.

" So you're Billy's son right?" Cat asked Jake, ignoring them both.

" That's right. I have twins sisters. They are older than me." Jake answered

" Oh, really? Are they here?" Cat asked looking around

" No, one lives in Seattle and the other in Hawaii with her husband." Jake replied

He still got angry when he thought of his sisters. I mean they had left him and his dad as soon as they walked off the stage at graduation. Jake was just a kid, but left with the responsibility of taking care of his wheelchair bound father. Not that he was complaning about taking care of his dad. No, he loved and respected his dad very much. He did harbour resentment towards his sisters though. They knew he needed them, but did they give a shit? Hell no. Selfish bitches...

" Oh, well your dad is great. He has a great sense of humor and dont even get me started on Old Quil." she said rolling her eyes.

" The elders seem to have taken liking to Cat. Even your grandfather, Quil." Paul interjected with a smirk.

" Are you serious? He usually doesnt like anybody. Especially outsiders. Thats quite the feat you have managed kitty cat." Quil said

" Kitty cat? Are you serious?" Cat asked with a disgruntled look on her face. Paul just chuckled. Wow, Paul chuckling not a common occurrance.

Quil stared at Paul for a moment in disbelief. He had expected a growl, snarl or something. But a chuckle, no fucking way. Shaking is head he looked over to Cat and said with puppy dog eyes, lips poking out in a pout.
" Yeah, Kitty Cat...what you dont like it?"

Cat laughed at him. Really he was ridiculous. How old was he?

" Whatever little boy...that shit doesn't work with me." she said shaking her head at him.

" So are you guys in school? Do you work? " Cat asked

" I own the garage in town and Quil and Embry work there with me." Jake told her proudly. It had taken alot of hard work, but they had gotten the shop up and going within a year of him graduating high school. They did not have many options being bound to the rez for life.

" Wow, your own business. That's quite impressive. How old are you? I mean shit, I'm 23 and all I own I can fit in the back of my old charger." she said looking at Jake in a new light.

" Thanks, I'm pretty proud of it. It has really taken off in the last year. People from Forks and Port Angelas are starting to bring their cars into us for work. I'm 19 by the way. " Jake told her sitting a little straighter at her praise.

" Well I think that is fucking awesome. I guess it would be hard to leave here due to the wolfy thing huh?"

" That's right, which is why most of us started up our own businesses. College was out of the question. We are protector's and obligation is to our people." Paul added

How awful to have your options so limited. But they seemed to be making the best of it. Which in Cat's opinion was a true insight to someone's character. You know the whole glass half empty or half full bullshit.

" So what do you do Paul?" she asked with a small laugh " I guess I should have found all of that out before I dry humped you in front of everyone huh?"

" It's ok baby, I have that effect on everyone." smirking, he wagged his eyebrows at her.

The guys started laughing along with Cat. It was good to see this side of Paul. He seemed much more relaxed.

" Yeah, I noticed when we came in." she said with a glare. She was only kidding, but he took her seriously.

He had a hell of a past with ladies. He generally fucked and left. Wanting no attachment to form. He was honest with all of them though. He never led them on in anyway. If they got hurt, he thought, that's their problem. Looking down at her he was somewhat ashamed at his behaviour.

" Listen, I know...I uh...we probably need to talk." he stuttered out, so NOT wanting to have THAT conversation.

She saw his face become shamed.

" Listen big guy, I'm sure there are things in Both of our past that we would rather not discuss. I get it. Your fucking sexy and single and very virile. I dont give a shit about all those skitches. I am no innocent myself. So lets just agree to let it be." she said

Paul was relieved. However her I'm no innocent comment had his wolf snarling inside. MINE! He did not want to think of her with anyone else.

" Skitches?" Quil questioned " What the hell are skitches?"

" You know skitches...skany bitches " she told him rolling her eyes at the three of them rolling with laughter. After a minute she joined in. Wiping the moisture from her eyes from her laughter she asked them if they had imprint's.

" Nope, not yet." Embry answered first. " but after meeting you I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it." he told Cat winking at her. Paul just glared at him

" With your luck Em, you'll get some nasty skitch." Quil said howling with laughter again.

Embry smacked the back of his head " Please if anyone deserves to imprint on a skitch, it's definately you. " Em rebounded.

Jake rolled off his log shaking with laughter. " Shut up you skitches, I cant breathe" he said going off into another fit of laughter.

Paul and Cat finally had stopped laughing themselves and were watching the others fall all over themselves. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes while smiling big.

" You guys are fidiculous." Cat told them. She waited...and waited...and

" Fidiculous? What the fuck is that? " Quil again asked her.

" Oh you know, fucking ridiculous." she replied grinning. And off they all went, howling with laughter. She could do this all night .

After they had all calmed down, Paul held her close " Babe, you're something else." he whispered in her ear. Causing her to shiver. Seeing this he smiled to himself. He was glad she was just as affected as he was. He had never been in a relationship with anyone. The only relations he ever had were of the carnal kind, and even though he definately wanted to do that with her, ok he wanted to do that alot with her, but he didn't just want that. For the first time in his shitty life he felt a spark of something so foreign to him, he almost let himself shy away from it in fear. He felt a slither of hope run through him. Hope for a future he had never dared let himself think of.

After everyone's stomachs started rumbling they all headed over to grab them a bite to eat. There were piles of hamburgers and hotdogs. It looked like there was enough to feed a small country. She watched open mouthed as , Quil, Embry, Jake and Paul piled on seven or eight hamburgers and five or six hot dogs a piece. "It's a wolf thing babe." Paul said as he nudged her forward in the line that had formed. Paul grabbed her plate and motioned her back over to their seats with a nod of his chin. Once she sat down he handed her both of their plates.

" What do you want to drink? There is coke, beer or water." he asked

" Beer is good for me." she told him balancing both of their plates.

After he went off to grab their drinks, the boys had sat down. She noticed them staring at something behind her with glares on their faces.
She tried to turn to see what was pissing them off but could not manage it without spilling both plates of food. Huffing she turned back to them.
" Ok...what is with the scary wolf glare?" she asked them.
They all looked back to her, their glares gone and replaced with tender smiles.

" Nothing, just some people need to keep their damn mouths shut is all." Jake said loud enough for whoever to hear. Her brow crinkled in confusion. Before she could ask, Paul had sat down and grabbed his plate handing her beer to her.
He looked over at the guys and then turned to look behind us. She heard a low growl come from deep inside his chest.
What the fuck was going on? " What the fuck is going on" she said getting pissed. At what she did not know, but everyone else was getting pissed so she felt she should too.

Paul and the guys all turned to her. Their faces clearing of all emotion. They werent going to tell her. Which meant it had to do with her.

" Ok look guys, tell me what the hell is being said about me or what is going on behind my back that i cant see." she said crossing her arms over her chest like a little brat.

Paul leaned over and kissed her lips chuckling at her expression.
" Nothing baby. Just a bunch of skitches talking shit." he said trying to lighten the mood. It did a little, but she would not be one of those women who was kept in the dark about shit. She did not like it.

" I know what your doing and no, it's not working. Dont patronize me ok. I can handle "skitches" talking shit about me. Please this is definately not the first and it damn sure wont be the last. I dont care what they have to say. But I do care about neanderthal men trying to keep my delicate sensibilities from anything derogatory. Got it?" she said to all of them.

If she was going to be apart of all of this, they needed to understand she was not going to be treated with kidgloves and have things kept from her. She sat there glaring at them. They all at least had the grace to look a little shamed.

" I'm sorry little girl. I just dont want you to have to worry about other peoples bullshit. Bullshit that I brought on by my own stupidity." he told her grabbing her hand and raising to his mouth for a light kiss.

Sighing she told him " Ok, your forgiven. But I dont need protection from hateful words sprouted off by spiteful harpies. Trust me I can handle it. I know you dont know me well, Paul, but please believe me when I tell you that I am no damsel in distress. Nor do I have any desire to be such a despicable creature." she told him. He had to understand this. She was no Emily, standing behind her man. No she would stand beside him or she would not stand with him at all.

Paul looked in her eyes, searching for something. He must have found what he was looking for because he nodded his head and dug into his food. She turned to the other guys who had remained quite this whole time. They looked at her with respect and something else she could not identify.

" That goes for all of you too." she told them firmly, seeing their nod, she bit into her hamburger hungrily. Cat was starving. She had not eaten since that morning when she had been on the road. Good God...it had not even been a full day and she felt like she had been here her whole life. Was that the imprint? She needed to talk to Paul about this imprint business some more. She also wanted to talk with Sam again without his hoochie hanging around. She sensed he could not be himself with her.

Billy had told her that Sam had been the first to phase and imprint. Which by default made him alpha. Although Jake came from the true alpha bloodline, he had not taken it up yet. According to Billy, he would have no choice in the matter. It would happen when it needed to. He told her Jake had phased when he was 18, not even a year ago and he felt it was best to leave things the way they were. His reasoning was that Sam had been a wolf for far longer, four years, and had the most experiance.

She found all of this intriguing of course, who wouldn't. Most people had no idea about the supernatural world. She unfortunately had first hand experiance of the supernatural. Not just through her mother's death, but also what had been done to her that night. She wondered what Paul would say when he saw her scars. There was no mistaking where they come from. Venom from a vampire leaves a distinct mark.

Turning her thoughts away from the awful memories of the night that had turned her whole life upside down, she noticed a tall, slender woman making gher way towards them. She was absolutely exquisite. Short dark hair. She had to be Cat's height. In fact her body was almost an exact replica of Cat's. With the exception of her boobs. Not that the young woman did not have agreat set of knockers. No, Cat was just over blessed with her D cup. Her mom had been well endowed in that area as well.
The hardness in the girls eyes had Cat thinking them to be kindred souls. She understood that look and the feelings that were behind it.

She noticed the guys all stiffen as the woman came up and sat on the other side of her. Cat turned to her, studying her face. She seemed to be doing the same. With a smile the woman held out her hand and said " Hey, I'm Leah Clearwater. You have certainly caused a stir around here."

Looking at her hand and the beautiful smile that was on her face, Cat grabbed her hand smiling back " I'm Cat. It seems to be that way everywhere I go. " she said looking into Leah's eyes, taking her measure. Just as Leah had done to her.

" I have the same issue. Could it be our sparkling personalities." she said with laughter on her beautiful full lips. At that Cat threw her head back and laughed. Leah joined her.

As they sat there laughing, the guys were dumbstruck. Leah Clearwater laughing? Leah and Cat laughing together. What the fuck.
Leah was normally not a very friendly person. The Sam and Emily shit had fucked her up bad. Paul and the guys weren;t the only ones to stop and stare at the two beauties. Everyone was shocked. Who knew Leah was so beautiful?

Sue stared at her daughter in wonder. She had not seen her smile, much less laugh in so long. The sound of it brought tears to her eyes. It would seem that Catarina was quite the creature. She had just met her daughter and already had her laughing and smiling. Sue knew that they would get on well. Call it mother's intuition or whatever, but she just knew. Smiling, she turned back to Billy and Old Quil and saw that they were watching the two young ladies interaction. Billy patted her hand. Quil gave her a wink. It would seem that all the prayers sent to the spirits to have her daughter back were being answered.

Paul looked on as Leah and Cat got to know each other. He was amazed at the openess that Leah seemed to have with his imprint. But he shouldn't have been. Watching her talking with the elders and the smiles that seemed to be stuck on their faces, as well as her interaction with the guys, made him so proud to call her his.

"You know Cat, I dont work tomorrow and since I am sure Paul has to, we should do something." Leah said

" That sounds good what did you have in mind?" Cat asked

" I dont know. There is not much to do around here. We could go to the beach and hang out. The water should still be warm." She replied

" That sounds like fun. I havent been to the beach in a while. I used to go all the time when I was little." Cat said remembering all the times she had went with her mom.

" Well it's a date then. I'll come by mom's around 9 o'clock. " Leah told her standing up and brushing off her jeans. " Listen dont let those skitches get to you." she said in parting chuckling as she went. Cat looked at Paul in question.

" It's a wolf thing babe. Super hearing." Of course. She really needed to ask him about what being a wolf is all about. She did not need to have these super spidey powers sneaking up on her.

"My panties are red " she whispered, so low, that she knew no normal human could hear. She had to test it out.

The guys eyes went wide. Jake and Embry were choking on their food. Quil dropped his face in his hand mumbling something that had Paul scowling at him. Ok maybe they all heard that. A stray thought had her head whipping around looking to the other wolves around the fire. They were all either laughing or staring open mouth at her. Leah on the other hand was rolling with laughter. She caught Cat's eye and winked at her. " Babe, can we please keep the color of you oanties just between you and I?" Paul pleaded between scowls at his pack mates and looks of lust to her. She wrapped her arm around his neck and laughed pulling him to her for a sweet kiss.

" Sure honey, I had to test it out. What if I need to say something private and one of you wolf boys are around? I needed to know my range." she told him bititng his lip playfully. He growled and pulled her into a searing kiss. The rest of the pack looked on in amusement.

As the night wore on, Jared and Kim had joined them. Seth brought Colin and Brady over to introduce them to Cat. All she could say about these two, was that they were little perverts. Both of them thought it was hilarious to rile Paul up with their flirting and lewd comments. She just sat back and rolled her eyes at them. Everyone seemed to be having a great time getting to know each other. Well everyone except Sam and Emily.

They at across the fire from them. She would notice Sam eyeing their group with what seemed to be envy. Emily, of course just sat there looking as if she smelled something bad. What a bitch. Sam did not look happy at all. She saw the not so subtle glances of longing he directed at Leah. She also saw Leah casting him quick glances when she thought no one was watching. Interesting...

After a while Billy had called everyone to come and sit around the fire for the telling of the legends. The pack also needed to welcome a new imprint.

Everyine sat in silence as the legends were retold. Everyone here had heard them several times. Paul had already told Cat the short version, so she snuggled next to him quietly listening. Until Billy got to the part about the Cullen coven living in Forks.

Sitting up quickly, her body tensed, she stared at Billy in shock " There are vampires living in Forks? "

Sensing her distress, Paul pulled her back to him, running his palm along her side trying to comfort her.

Her body had become almost rigid with tension. " It's ok...we have a treaty with them, they arent aloud to bite a human. If they do then the treaty is void" he said lowly so only she could hear. Surpisingly this did not seem to assure her at all.

" Yeah, but why would you even consider making a treaty with them? They are vampires for christ sake. " Cat frantically asked.

Most everyone else sitting around the fire agreed with her. However, the treaty was in place long before them so there was not much to be done about it.

" Catarina, they are not like most vampires. They drink the blood of animals. They do not distinguish human life. This is the only reason we allow them to stay in the area." Old Quil told her

" How do you know they drink from animals? I mean do you guys follow them around when they feed?" Cat asked

A couple of people sniggered at the thought of them monitoring the leeches meals. Yea, that would never happen.

Billy smiled at her gently " No sweetheart. Animal drinking vampires have a distinct look to their eyes. Most vampires, the ones that drink from humans, have red eyes. The Cullen coven have golden eyes. This is indicative of their diet."

Hungry golden eyes, staring at her through the peep whole in the door...Images of a living nightmare flashed before her eyes. Wrapping her arms around her middle, she gathered all the strength she had in her and addressed Billy.

" Chief Black, I mean no disrespect to you or your treaty. In my experiance it's the golden eyed leech that is the most sadistic and vicious. None of them are to be trusted. They are all demons on this earth. They deserve nothing less than death. Paul can you take me back to Sue's?" she asked him in a broken whisper.

He stared into her eyes, seeing the absolute terror there. He felt it through the imprint, but seeing it in her eyes, almost had him phasing right there. He stood and picked her up bridal style and headed to his bike. She clung to him tightly. She was scared to death. She was not scared of much, but the vampire that had tortured and raped her mother in front of her, terrified her. She had only been 16. He had had his fun with her, before something scared him off. She did not know what had saved her life that night, but something or someone did. That someone had also called the cops, she guessed. How else would they have known to come there? I mean they lived in the country. No one would have heard their screams.

Coming out of her thoughts, she realized they were at Paul's bike. He sat her gently on the seat. She scooted back to allow him room to get on. Once he was on , she plastered herself to him, wrapping her legs and arms around him tightly. She needed his warmth. She felt so cold right now. He grabbed her hands and held them to his chest just like before and they took off.

She did not realize they had stopped, until he grabbed her off the bike, wrapping her around his front. He carried her into his house and over to the couch.

They sat there for a moment. He trying to give her a moment to get herself together so she could tell him what the hell was going on. She trying to calm her herself, knowing that she would have to tell him now. She had never told anyone. I mean who would have believed her?

She was scared to tell him now. This part of her was still so raw and open. She had kept a tight lock on these memories for so long. How she was going to open that lock, she did not know. But she knew she had to tell him. As he had said earlier, he was hers and she was his, good or bad. It was what is was.

Pulling back to look into his grey eyes, which were swirling with confusion and pain. He hurt because she hurt. She felt that in her soul. Just as she would hurt for his pain. Taking a deep breath, she started talking.

" When I was 16 years old there was a knock at the door. My mom and me were living in Virginia at the time. She had just gotten home from her job and was starting supper. So I went to the door. I looked out of the peephole and saw what appeared to be a young man with golden eyes peering back at me. I immediately became uneasy. Something told me to not open the door. I started feeling pains in my body. Every muscle and bone in my body felt as if it was on fire. The pain was intense and hit me so quickly, that I cried out in agony. My mom hearing this came rushing to the front door. She asked me what was wrong and who was at the door. I could only shake my head at her. I could not speak, it hurt so bad. Right then the knock at the door happened again and my mom's attention was now on the door." she stopped for a minute looking into his eyes deeply.

He had no expression on his face. Just a mask of calm. It was decieving though. He was anything but calm. He had an idea of where this story was leading and the only thing keeping him from phasing right here, was her. She needed him. He instictively knew that she had never uttered a word of this to any living soul. His heart almost burst out his chest, trying to calm the wolf within. His wolf was clawing at his skull to get out. Looking into her deep blue eyes, he leaned down and kissed her lightly, telling her without words that he was there and he wasnt going anywhere.

Feeling reassured by the sweet kiss he gave her, she contunued.

"When she opened the door, this man, this thing, pushed his way in. He grabbed her and slung her in the living room. I could not move, Everything that was inside of me was screaming to move, get away. But I just couldnt fucking move. He turned to me and grabbed me. He threw me across the room. I hit the wall by the TV. I hit so hard I saw stars. I lay there trying to get my breath back. Once I was able to get on my knees, he had already started on my mom." she stopped for a moment, looking down at their joined hands.

Breathing a heavy sigh she began again.

" I could not believe my eyes. He was tearing tiny pieces of her skin off. A little at a time. When he would tear a piece he would reach down and lick the blood that was now covering her. It was everywhere. She was screaming. It sounded inhuman. I dont even think she knew I was in the room with her. He ripped her apart slowly. He enjoyed it. His dick was hard. The more of her blood he took in, the redder his eyes got. He ripped his clothes off and started raping her. I heard bones breaking and skin tearing. I was in a nightmare that I could not wake up from. Fighting my way through the pain in my body, I crawled over to where he had her and tried to push him off of my mom. It did not even faze him. His eyes were black, he was frenzied. Despite the angelic face he had, I saw him for what he truly was...a demon."

" I tried again to get him off my mother. I was screaming at him to leave her alone. Hitting him with everything I had. Nothing worked. He kept raping her, tearing off her skin and drinking her blood. He must have finally realized I was there because he stopped suddenly and grabbed me. I just knew I was next. But at least he wasnt hurting my beautiful mother anymore, ya know." she said wiping the tears that had begun to silently fall from her eyes.

Paul was shaking so bad. He just had to hold on for a little bit longer. He would eliminate the bloodsucking piece of shit that had caused this. He would tear tiny pieces of HIS skin off, a little at a time. Then he would burn each piece while he laughed at the fuckers screams of pain.

Cat squeezed Paul tighter sensing he needed her close. " I'm ok" she whispered, running her fingers through his hair.

" But I wasnt next. He took me to my bedroom and threw me in my closet. Telling me that he would be back. He must have braced the door so I couldnt get out. Because I pushed and pushed but it wouldnt give. For hours it seemed that all I could here were my mom's screams of torture."

" Then suddenly I didnt hear anything. I knew she was dead. I screamed and cried. My arm was bent backwards from where he threw me. The bone was protruding from my leg. I had blood all over me. My mothers blood. I know I should have felt the pain of my injuries, but I didnt feel any of it. Just the fire burning in my body "

" I was shaking so bad, when suddenly the door was yanked open and there he stood. My mothers killer. He was soon to be mine, I knew. He grabbed me and ripped my shirt off. His nails started clawing at my skin. My stomach and back were on fire with the open wounds he was making. All I could do was cry while he held me by my neck, my feet not touching the ground."

" He suddenly sniffed the air and froze. He muttered something like "Impossible" and then he threw me back in the closet and shut the door. All I heard was a shrill cry piercing the air. It sounded like a wounded animal of some kind. I did not realize until a few moments later, that it was me that was screaming." she finished

" The cops found me a few minutes later and I was taken back downstairs through the living room and out the door before I could see anything. But I had seen it the moment we entered the room. My mother laid on the floor, her blood, pieces of her body everywhere I looked. He had ripped her open from her vagina to her chest." Cat was openly crying now. The images of that long ago night, ripping her to shreds. She couldnt hold it in any longer. She buried her face in Paul's neck and sobbed.

He held onto her as if she was his life line. He kept repeating over and over in his head, she 's here with me... she's here with me...
Her skin touching his was the only thing that kept him in human form.

The rage he felt inside was not like anything he had ever felt before. He needed to phase. He felt his control slipping. He had to fuck something up or he would go insane. The thought of her and her mother at the hands of that mother fucker sent his shaking into over drive.

Cat, pulled away from him to look into his eyes when the shaking started to get worse. She knew what he needed. She understood.

All she said was " Go"

With that one word, he gently set her on the couch, kissed her forehead and walked out of the back door. Before he could make it to the cover of the trees, his control snapped, and he exploded into his wolf. His anger pushed his paws faster into the woods. The only thing he could see was pure fucking rage.

Standing at the back door, Cat saw him explode into his wolf. She felt the rage coming off of him. He needed to fuck some shit up. She understood, she would feel the same if it were him. Turning around she went back to the couch and laid down.

Waiting on her wolf to come home.

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