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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

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6. Aftermath & Confrontations

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Aftermath and Confrontations Chapter 6

Paul burned his rage off the only way he could, he ran and he tore shit up. This went on for hours. Everytime he would start to calm down, he would see Cat's face as she decribed the terror she had witnessed. He would feel her fear all over again and off he went.

Sam, who had been phased when he noticed the rage filled snarly thoughts of Paul pop in, did not say a word. He didn't know what had happened but he knew it had to do with his imprint.

The way she had acted after finding out about the Cullen's did not go unnoticed by anyone at the bonfire. Most of them felt the same way. However the elders wished for them to honor the treaty. Besides, none of the Cullen's had broken the treaty, yet. Although the situation with Bella Swan would be coming to a head soon and he knew Jake would not stand by and let the leech change her without a fight.

Sam would stand by Jake too. It wasnt right. They should not be intergrating with their natural food source in the first place. But to involve a young human girl, well it was just sick.

He noticed Paul's thoughts becoming clearer after a few hours. So he waited. Paul would realize he was phased once he calmed down.

Sam?- paul

yeah, its me. are you ok?- sam

no, not even a little bit - paul

And with that, Paul let out a long mournful howl and his mind opened, so Sam could see the conversation he had with Cat in it's entirety.

Sam was rocked to his very being. His wolf started growling and prancing to get free. Only Sam, the man, held him back.

where are you?- sam

Paul looked around showing Sam with his mind where he had lain down in pain an exhaustion.
Sam pushed himself hard to reach his pack brother. Anger and rage pushing him. He was almost to Paul when he noticed several pack members phasing in.

everything ok? heard the howl- Embry

hey...whats up- Jake

man this better be good, I was sleeping-Seth

whats wrong...Kim was about to...-Jared

shut up Jared...no one wants to hear or see that shit -Leah

speak for yourself leah-quil

They could hear Brady and Colin snickering in their head

Sam cut everyone off with a repeat of Paul and Cat's earlier conversation. Paul snarled seeing it again from his brothers mind. Everyone was silent as he ran through the pain and agony Cat had been put through at the hands of their enemy.

What the fuck-jared

That motherfucker, I'll kill him -embry

Thats some sick shit- quil growled out angrily

Oh my God, poor Cat- Seth

I knew she had been through some tough shit, but I had no idea -leah

He had gold eyes just like the Cullen's?- jake asked

It would seem so- Sam said

Everyone meet us by the river bank and phase back. Jake bring Paul some shorts - Sam ordered.

As the rest of the pack made their way to their alpha and beta, Paul phased back. He stood there naked waiting on his Alpha to get there. He could not believe he left Cat. She had been so upset and it was all he could do to stay human. He knew he had to get out of there or he would have hurt her accidently. He would not be able to live with himself if he hurt her.

Sam came out of the woods and phased back human. Pulling on his shorts he made his way over to his beta.

"Are you ok man?" he asked walking up and clamping a hand on his shoulder.

" No" Paul gritted out

" Me either" Sam told him. He wasnt, this was a pack member, an imprint. Something deep inside told him she was more than that. Something much more, like his sister. There was a large part of him that hoped it was so. Despite Emily's behavior earlier, he would welcome her with open arms. He did not know what he was going to do about Emily. He knew how she could be. He lived with her after all. He often questioned the spirits on the wisdom of his imprint.

Shaking his heads to clear his thoughts of Emily, he noticed the rest of the pack walking towards them, all human.
Jake threw a pair of shorts to Paul. The pack surrounded their brother in a sign of unity. They would be there for him and Cat in whatever way was needed.

" This is so fucked up. I thought the golden eyes weren't supposed to be "harmful" to humans. " Quil said

" Where is she Paul?" Leah asked

" I tried so hard to remain calm as she told me. When she started telling me, I had a feeling of where it was going. I started shaking so bad. She stopped to calm me. It's like she knew... I mean fuck, I was barely hanging on. After she was done, I held her as she cried. The more I thought of what that mother fucker did to her, the angrier I became. She told me to go. It's like she knew what I needed. So I kissed her and walked out. I didnt say a word. I fucking couldn't." Paul said falling to his knees.

" I should have stayed and comforted her better. I am such a piece of shit. She's proabably laying there needing me, I left her there by herself." he said moaning out in pain.

Leah had heard enough. she fell to her knees in front of him and grabbed his face to look into his eyes.

" Dont you fucking dare do that to yourself. She is a strong bitch. She knew what you needed because she is yours. Quit this emo bullshit right now. The spirits gave her to you, the meanest mother fucker in this pack for a reason. Dont fall into this self loathing shit. She needs you to be strong. We will find that fucker and when we do..." she trailed off with an evil smirk " When we do...he will wish he had never exsisted." she finished, shaking him roughly.

Seeing Paul so vulnerable had made something inside of her snap. She may have had all her choices taken from her because the "friendly neighborhood vampires" but she would be damned if those fuckers would break her or any of her pack. They had hurt one of their own and now ...well now was the time for a reckconing.

The rest of the pack had stayed silent through Leah's bitch slap to Paul. For one, she had hardly ever spoken to any of them. Sure she came to pack meetings but she was usually silent throughout. That is unless you pissed her off, then well good luck to you. They had known her to be an angry resentful bitch. Sam and Emily had fucked her up but good.

To see her care enough about Paul to try and snap him out of his woe is me bullshit, well they were looking at her in a new light. It was obvious from the bonfire that she had gotten along with Cat. In this moment they all could see that she had a kinship with the woman that had literally blew into their midst. They liked this new Leah and hoped to see more of her.

Sam was still in love with Leah Clearwater. He could not deny that. The only reason he was not with her, was because the pull to Emily was so strong that it literally tore him apart not to be with her.

He looked at Leah now with pride. She was a good woman and did not deserve any of the shit that had come her way. Mainly the crap he had thrown at her. How he wished he could take her in his arms and claim her as his and his only. Unfortunately the wolf in him demanded that he be with Emily, even if the man in him hated her.

" What she said" Quil said trying to lighten the mood. A couple of the wolves chuckled lowly at him. Leave to Quil to bring humor to a serious situation.

" From what the cullen clan have said there aren't very many vampires that follow the animal diet. Maybe if we got a description of him, we would find him. Hell they may even know him. Do you think she remembers what he looked like?" Sam asked Paul getting back on track.

The thought of having her go through the pain of remembering that shit again had him growling at is alpha.

" Listen man, I know...but what if the Cullen's know this sick fuck? I mean thank the spirits that Cat was spared the shit her mom wasnt, but he could still be out there doing the same shit to someone else. " Sam said holding his hands up in a "calm down" gesture.

Paul stood back up with a long sigh. " Your right, Sam. I know. I just hate to ask her to go through that shit again."

" I know, and I wouldnt ask, but what that son of a bitch did to her and her mom..." he trailed off disgust all over his face.

" I know I'll talk to her about it. I need to get back. I have been gone for a few hours." he said pulling off his shorts so he could phase.

" Hey Leah...Thanks..." he said right before his body transformed into his wolf and took off.

Racing back to his house the only thing on his mind was getting back to his Cat. He felt renewed. Thanks to Leah. She was right. He had to get his shit together and be a man. Cat needed him to be just as strong as she seemed to be. Leah was right, she was his and he was hers. He was a mean motherfucker and that would serve both of them well, when the time came.

Clearing the trees behind his house he phased back and pulled on his shorts. He walked towards the french doors in the back, seeing no movement from inside. For just a moment fear gripped his chest. What if she had left? Just as panic started to tear through him, he heard the steady beat of her heart.

He walked in the door, eyes searching for her. He found her laying on the couch sleeping. His grandmother's quilt pulled around her shoulders. She looked so beautiful lying there. She was laying on her side, one hand under her chin. Her hair had fallen over her cheek. Her lips puckered out. He closed his eyes and listened to the steady beat of her heart. When he heard this, his wolf settled into a peaceful slumber.

He threw the blanket on the back of the couch and picked her up. Her eyes fluttered half way open, " Paul?" she said half asleep.
" It's me little girl. I got you. Go back to sleep." he whispered to her.

" mmmm...my Paul..." she said snuggling into his chest going back to sleep. That's right baby, yours.

He held her tighter, carrying her up the stairs to his bedroom. After turning the covers back he laid her gently on the bed. He removed her boots and jeans and after removing his shorts and putting on some boxers he slid in beside her. Once he had pulled the covers over them both, he pulled her closed to him. Her back to him, his arm around her tiny waist, he buried his head in her hair, he drifted off to sleep with honeysuckle and wildflowers swirling around him.

He woke to the smell of bacon. Reaching over he realized he was alone. Opening his eyes and looking around his room for Cat, his eyes slammed shut at the light coming in from the windows. Groaning he turned to look at the alram clock. Seeing that it was just after eight, he shut his eyes. Too fucking early. He had not gotten back to the house until this morning around four this morning. Stretching his long limbs out, he sat up in bed. Rubbing his hand across his eyes to clear the sleep from them, he looked around getting his bearings. He heard some clattering from downstairs.

With a smile on his face he made his way downstairs. Coming into the kitchen, he saw Cat at the stove in one of his t-shirts. She was cooking breakfast. Her hair in a messy bun exposing her neck. He became instantly hard. Coming up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning down to run his nose down her neck.

" Good morning, little girl." he said huskily.

Cat feeling his breath on her neck, inhaled sharply. She reached up and cupped the side of his head to her.

" Good morning, sexy." she said leaning into him. He started kissing her below her ear. Shivering, she turned around and pulled his mouth to hers in a heated kiss. His tongue ran along her lips, demanding entrance, she complied. Penetrating her hot mouth with his tongue, he moaned.

Hearing his excitment, she ran her hands up his chest to his hair pulling tightly. He picked her up and situated her legs around him kissing her hungrily.

After a few minutes of making out and heavy panting he reluctantly pulled away from her. He looked into her eyes, breathing heavily, he leaned in for one more chaste taste of her lips. Setting her down, he backed away from her, putting his hands behind his back.

" Little girl, if we dont stop now, I wont be able to and I'm starving." he said leaning against the island in his kitchen.

Smirking at him she said " Well we cant have you starving now can we."

Chuckling he pulled plates from the cabnets, setting the table.

They sat down to eat, chatting about meaningless things. After they had finished eating and they had both cleaned the kitchen, Paul took her into the living room.

" I was in no shape last night to tell. But Sue's house doesnt look at all like I remember." she said sitting on the couch.

Sitting beside her, he ducked his head sheepishly. " Sorry, I know you said wanted to go there, but I felt like we needed to be here."

Moving to his lap she wound her hands in his hair, her favorite place. " I like your house. You were right we needed to be here. I'm sorry I hurt you last night." she said looking in his eyes.

" I was just hurt bacause you had been hurt. I should have been there for you." he said running his thumb across her cheek softly.

" You did not even know me then. Besides, if that wouldn't have happened I probably would not be here right now,"

" And believe me, there is no place I would rather be, than here with you. I know it hasnt been that long and I know you imprinted on me, but it's more than that for me." she told him.

" Me too baby...me to." he said

" I know you have questions, so lets get on with it. I have a date with Leah and I'm sure youre late for work. It's a good thing you and Sam own the company, yeah?" she grinned up at him.

He was in awe of her. She was strong and brave and she seemed to just know what needed to be said. How did he ever get so lucky?

" Actually, I need to ask you something and I dont want to. I would rather cut my arm off than to have you relive that shit again"

She smiled at him. She knew. She did. But she also knew that in order for them to move on, they needed to get all of this out in the open. She was tired of living her life based on her past. She had always been on the outer edges of life. Living yes, but not participating. She was ready to participate. She was scared, petrified actually, but she knew without a shadow of a doubt, that he would never leave her and he would do everything he could to keep her safe. Not just physically, no. He would safe guard her heart with everything he had. Just as she would his.

" Hey big guy, ask away. Quit feeling guilty about things you had no control over. I am here and I might not be, if life had taken a different turn. The shit that happened with my mom was heinous and I wish I could go back and erase it all, but I cant. She would not want me to let this shit keep from having a life." she told him gripping his hair tighter.

" I am in awe of you. Your so strong. I have never met anyone like you." he said pulling her into a deep kiss.

Pulling back she said, " Quit stalling"

He sighed heavily " I need to know if you remember what that prick looked like? The Cullens told Sam that there werent many animal drinking vampires." he said rubbing circles on her back where his hands rested.

" Yes, I remember. I could never forget. He was not very much taller than I am now. Probably six foot, give or take. He had copper colored hair. Almost like a penny. It was sort of messy looking. You know, like he had just woken up and just ran his hands through it. He wasnt very muscular. His body was more a swimmers build." she said. She was so deep in thought, that she didnt notice he become rigid.

Fuck, no way. It couldnt be. I will kill that mother fucker, Paul thought frantically.

" Hey, whats wrong?" she asked him.

" Um...fuck,,,that mother fucker...I'll kill him..." Paul spluttered out. He started shaking. He gripped her arms tightly, not enough to hurt her.

"Paul please, what is it?" she said running her hands up and down his arms trying to calm him.

" Baby, the person...the thing you described...he..uh..the description you gave, it sounds like one of the Cullen's." he said watching her closely.
She sat there looking at him. She blinked a few times.

" The vampires you have a treaty with?" she clarified

Shaking is head, he continued to watch her. Her eyes went through a cyclone of different emotions. They finally settled on determination.

" What do we need to do to find out if it is one of them?" she asked him

" I need to call Sam. He will know where we need to go from here." he said running his hand through his hair.

" Call him now." she said her voice oddly calm.

Paul left the living room to call Sam. Cat sat there a moment taking in what she had just learned. If it was one of those fuckers, she would demand retribution for her mother. Treaty or not, he would fucking die.

She went upstairs to Paul's room to grab a pair of boxers. She headed to his ensuite bathroom to find a brudh to run through her hair.
Searchin she found one in a drawer in the vanity. After she had somehow managed to get all the tangles out of her hair, she looked around to find a spare toothbrush. Not finding one she grabbed Paul's and brushed her teeth.

Heading back downstairs, she heard voices coming from the living room. She recongnized them as Sam and Paul's.
She walked in the living room, she noticed Old Quil and Billy sitting there as well.
They looked up as she came into the living room, pity in their eyes. Paul must have told them her story. She hated their pity. She didnt need it.

" Ok, if we are going to deal with this, then you guys cant feel sorry for me, ok? I dont need that shit." she told all of them as she sat down on the couch in between Sam and Paul.

" Hey Sam, how are you?" she asked him.

Giving her a gentle smile he responded " I'm ok..how are you holding up?" he asked.

" I'm ok. Listen I am not going to lose my shit ok? I dont need any of you treating me any different than before. These things happened seven years ago. I have had to deal with this shit. So no more pity looks from anyone ok?" she told them all.

They all looked at her. After a few minutes, Billy nodded his head. Old Quil, and Sam followed shortly after.

" Catarina, if your description is acurate it sounds like the perpatraitor was one of the Cullen's. His name is Edward. He is currently enrolled in Forks High School. He is actually dating a human by the name of Bella Swan. She is of great importance to my son. She plans on marrying this Edward after graduation, then being changed into one of them." Billy told her.

What the fuck? Dating a human? Jake's girl?

Everyone was silent allowing Cat time to process this new information.

This was huge for the pack. Bella Swan was a beloved daughter of Billy's. She also had stole the heart of the true alpha. Even if her behaviour as of late left alot to be desired.

Some of the pack, like Sam, felt like the leeches had some sort of supernatural hold over her. How else could someone's personality change so drastically? She went from a sweet, kind and innocent girl, to a manipulative, selfish person.

" Ok, how can we be sure? I mean I think all vampires are pieces of shit, but I need to make sure this is the right guy." she told him

Sam turned towards her " Well I have a plan, but if you arent comfortable with it, we wont do it. I dont want you to..." Sam was interupted by Cat

" Just spit it out Sam. "

" Well I thought we would call a meeting with the Cullen's and you could be there as well. If it is Edward you would recognoize him." told her

Cat sat there, thinking about being close to a coven of vampires. The thought scared her to death. The last time she had been around a vampire, it did not end well. But she had to know and she knew, the pack needed to know as well.

Besides, what if he was the one? I mean this wasn't just about her and her mom anymore. There was a young girl at risk as well. She may have chosen to be with him, but did she really? What if they had messed with her mind or something? Who's to say that vampires did not have some way of making humans do their bidding. We were their natural food source after all. Plus this girl was important to Jake. With that last thought her mind was made up.

She must have been quiet to long, because Paul told her " Baby, you dont have to do this. We can find another way."

" No, that's ok. I want to do this. What if it's him and he has that poor girl under some sort of vampire voo doo shit." she told him.

Turning to the Old Quil and Billy " Listen if it turns out to be him, then your treaty is to be null & void. Even if it turns out that he isn't the one. I think that all of you should rethink allowing them to live amongst you. I think it is safe to assume the whole pack know's what happened to me." she asked looking to Paul for confirmation. He had told her about the pack mind. He nodded to her.

" Well then you all have proof that golden eyed vampires are not to be trusted. Maybe at this meeting Bella Swan could be there as well. Maybe she needs to hear this. I find it hard to believe she is not being cooerced into this situation." she said

" Some of us have often thought that they had some sort of unnatural influence on her. She is not the same girl she used to be. Her personality is like the total opposite of what it once was." Sam told Cat.

" I dont know about having her there. I could turn dangerous very quickly." Billy interjected. Both Sam and Paul both glared at him.

" Oh but it's ok to bring my imprint in the middle of this shit? It will be especially dangerous for her. If she recognizes him dont you think he will remember her? " Paul said through gritted teeth. How dare they think his mate was any less than that leech loving swan.
Cat reached over to rub the back of his neck to calm him.

Sam added " Billy, I know you and Charlie are best friends and she is like a daughter to you, but she has willingly put herself in this position. She needs to be there, especially if it turns out to be the mind reader responsible for this. The whole pack, minus Seth, Brady and Colin will be there."

Turning to Paul " We need to do this as soon as possible before the leech can see Cat in one of the pack minds. If he recognizes her he may try to do something stupid to keep this from coming out. I will call the Doctor and arrange a meeting in the clearing. You call the pack and tell them to meet us here. "

After both Paul and Sam left to make their calls, Cat turned towards Billy . " Does her father know what the Cullen's are?"

" No we have kept it from him. He is the Police Chief of Forks. I think it would be fine to tell him and maybe even somewhat helpful at times, but the rest of the council are firm in the no outsiders rule." he sadi, casting a grimace at Old Quil.

" We cant go around letting everyone know tribe secrets. We cant tell one without telling the other. Charlie is a great friend of the tribe, but it would be to risky." Old Quil replied.

"Does his daughter know of the pack?"

" Yes, she found out when Paul phased in front of her. Seems she slapped him and he lost his temper" Billy chuckled.

" She slapped Paul? What the hell did she do that for?" Cat growled out. No one touched her man. Especially not some leech lover.

" Well that is long story, but the short version is that she thought he, Sam and Jared were keeping Jake from seeing her. This was around the time that Jake had just phased and it wasnt safe for him to be around anyone until he got his phasing in control. When wolves first phase they are guided by their emotions. The most prominent one being anger." Bill explained.

All Cat had to say to that was a mumbled " whatever". Once this was all settled she and this Bella would be chatting.

Sam and Paul had come back into the living room. Everyone had been called and the meeting was on for one hour from now. The pack would meet us here and we would all "wolf it" over to the clearing, where most meetings between the two supernatural creatures took place. Sam had gotten them to bring Bella, under the guise of seeing if she was still human. Although he did not say what the meeting was about, he told them it was urgent.

Once all of the pack arrived and after tught hugs to Cat, everyone quieted down to hear Sam's plan.

" Ok, here is how we are going to play this. Cat, we have to get you a visual before we can let you be seen. We dont want him recognizing you until we are all in place. So Embry, Cat and Leah will stay back in the woods. Get only close enough to where she has a good view of each of the Cullen's. You and Leah will stay in wolf form so you can communicate with the pack. I will be the only one phased human so I can communicate. I'm hoping if it turns out to be Edward, that the Dr. will hand him over. but I am not holding my breath."" Sam trailed off

" No I want Cat with me. I wont have her around those fuckers without being by my side." Paul growled out. He was pacing the length of the living room in aggitation. He did not like this one bit. He would rather tear Edward apart and ask questions later.

" Paul, I need you with me. You are the best fighter in the pack. If this thing goes south, I need you there. Leah is the fastest, at the first sign of trouble, she will haul ass out of there with Cat. Embry will be there as well." Sam told him

Cat walked over to stand in front of Paul, causing him to stop mid pace.

" Listen, he is right. You need to be on the front line. I will be fine. Leah and Em will make sure I get out if anything crazy goes down. You need to concentrate on the task at hand ok?" she told him. Looking down at her he grabbed her around the waist and bent low for a kiss.

" Oh great here we go again." Jared said wearily. A few pack members laughed. They had been shown Cat and Paul's first meeting and they thought it was hilarious.

Breaking apart, they both grinned at each other. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to him inhaling her scent.
Looking over the top of her head at Embry and Leah, " Not one hair..." he trailed off eyeing them menacingly. They both would guard her with their life.

Once the plan had been settled on everyone headed outside. All the wolves had phased, but Sam.

Looking around at the different wolves, she noticed Paul was silver. This was the first time she had seen his wolf. Surrounded by seven horse sized wolves should have been intimidating, but she wasnt. She could tell who it was but their eyes. Apparently that was one human trait they brought over with them. They were all so beautiful and she felt in awe of the majic she could feel surrounding them.

Sam was gesturing for her forward to a dark brown wolf. Embry. Smiling she ran her hands down his fur, petting him. A rumble came from him, along with a growl from Paul.

" Cat, you can ride Embry over. Just hold on tightly around his neck and you wont fall. If it's not him, I want you to come out anyway. They may still have information on who it could be." he told her right before he phased.

Embry laid on his belly so she could get on. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. She noticed that the pack had positioned themselves in a V formation. Sam was at the lead, with Paul on his left, Jared on his right. To the left of Paul was Jake and the right of Jared was Quil. That left Leah and Embry in the middle of the V with her.

Taking off into a fast jog at first they all headed into the forest and a meeting that could possible change everything.

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