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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

7. It's Finally Settled!

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Finally here it is. I rewrote this twice. I am still not sure about it. These things have to happen in order for the story to get to the good stuff. I hope you like it.

Running through the woods on a huge ass wolf was a unique experiance to be sure. You would think it would have been a bumpy ride. But it wasn't . It was actually pretty graceful. Cat, watching the wolves from her perch on Embry's back was in awe. They were magnificent.

She noticed that Em and Leah were slowing down. She watched as the wolves kept on. Paul slowed down and looked back at her. His eyes telling everything he had not been able to say. She smiled at him and nodded her head to let him know she understood. He took one last long look, turned and was gone.

Embry laid on his belly so she could get off. Leah and him at once surrounded her as they sat there and waited for the Cullen coven to come into the clearing.

She was strangely calm. Possible facing her mother's killer should have sent her in a tale spin. She had lived with this horror for seven long years and she just wanted to be beyond it already. For the first time in her life she was in a place and among people who felt like home. She had not felt like she belonged somewhere in so long, she was tempted to let her instincts take over and run like hell.

There was a part of her that was scared it was not real. That Ashton Kutcher would jump out and tell her that she had been punked. Having all your dreams and desires within your reach because you happened to stop in a town called Forks.

But it started before then. It started when she left Colorado following a pull that had a plagued her most of her life. Fate had dealt her a tough hand. Now here she was, standing in the forest with two mythical creatures, about to face another mythical creature who may or may not have brutally murdered her mother. Yes, the part of her life that had been covered in darkness, pain and fear for so long, was about to come full circle.

She could see the clearing perfectly from where they waited. They were close enough that she would be able to identify her mothers killer, but also not too close to give away their position. They were also downwind so the leeches would not know they were there until they showed themselves.

Sam had reminded them earlier about the mind reader. He said to think of cheesy songs or something to keep him out. Apparently, he could only read surface thoughts. In other words he could not just pick out your head what he wanted to know. You had to be thinking it at the time.

After a few minutes of waiting, a horrible odor wafted through the air. Cat scrunched up her nose. She saw Em and Leah's muscles tense.

" What in the hell is that smell. Do yall smell that?" She asked them, pinching her nose. Just ew! It smelled like something really sweet had been mixed with amonia or something. Gross...

Both massive heads swung in her direction in surprise. She did not know why and its not like they could tell her at the moment. Instead they both nodded their heads. She reached out and stroked their fur.

Hearing a commotion from the other side of the clearing, she watched as one by one the leeches came through the woods and into the clearing. She also noticed a young girl jump off the back of a well defined male leech... This must be Bella Swan.

She eyed her for a moment. She was short, like almost a foot shorter than Cat. She had long brown hair with streaks of red. She could not see her eyes from where she was, but they looked dark. She was pretty, but Cat could see a hagardness about her. Hmmm...

Taking her eyes from the girl, she got down to the business of identifying her assailant. Almost snickering at the thought that this must be the only time their has been a vampire line up.

Her eyes rested on the one that stood in front. This must be their leader. Blonde hair, straight pointy nose and pale. He had on a sweater vest, khaki's. The vampire version of Mr. Rogers. Next to him stood a woman, she had caramel hair. This must be his mate.

She noticed two couples. A tall, muscular blonde guy. He looked like he could have been a cowboy in his human life. Rough and rugged.

A small midget of a girl stood behind him. Her black hair was spikey. She had a look on concentration on her face. This must be the seer, Paul had told her about earlier.

Then there was Gigantor and what she assumed was his mate, Blonde Barbie Bitch. Oh yeah, you could tell she was a total bitch. From her upturned nose as if she smelled something bad. Join the crowd sister. It's like her lips were set in a constant scowl. By comparision, her mate was total opposite. He was smiling hugely, dimples showing.

She turned to look at the last lone male. Her breath caught in her throat. Fuck...She was no longer in LaPush. Images of hell flashed in her mind. Her mother, pieces of skin ripped apart, blood everywhere. Pitch black eyes staring at her, enjoying her torture. Her mother's cries for help. Her own screams. The pain in her back and stomach as he set out to rip her to pieces as well.

Her mind was on overload. She hit her knees and gasped for hair. Em and Leah turned toward her quickly surrounding her. She heard in the distance a feral growl. Her head swam with the horrific images of her past. Some part of her knew she had to get it together. But a large part of her wanted to curl into a ball and give in to the darkness that was threatening to take her.

She kept taking deep breaths, willing herself to calm down. She was safe. Paul was here. The pack would not let him hurt her. Once her fear started to subside a new emotion took over. Hate...pure raw hate...

Standing to her feet, she looked to Leah and Em and shook her head. This was her telling them it was the murdering bastard. Almost immediatley she heard several growls and snarls fill the air.. Looking up she saw Sam standing at the front of the. His arms behind his back, one hand was flat out, telling the pack to hold off.

Everything was silent for a moment. The vampires no doubt wondering what the hell was going on. The guys must be doing a good job of keeping that sadistic fucker out of their heads. He looked clueless. His seemingly calm and innocent face, looking to them in concern. Lies...all lies...She knew another face. She knew his true face. Her anger was renewed at the thought of him standing there without a concern in the world, playing at being human. With his human girlfriend. Sick twisted bastard.

Standing tall and with determined steps, she headed into the clearing with Leah and Em flanking her. She heard Sam and the head leech having a conversation. She did not know what they were saying, but she knew Sam was waiting for her to get there before he called the mind reader out. She could not call him by his name. He was nothing to her. He was not human or anything close to it. He was a monster, a demon. She had seen this with her own eyes.

As they walked into the clearing several eyes moved to them. She could tell Paul wanted to come to her. She knew he felt her pain. She had no idea how he was holding his position. They might not know each other very well, but she instinctively knew he was having to force himself not to tear into that mother fucker.

Coming to stand beside Sam, she squared her shoulder's and held her head high staring at the mind reader straight on. She would not give him anymore of her fear. He might not recognize her, she had been so young, but she did not think it would take him that long. Before they were done here, he would remember every last detail.

Jared flanked Sam and Paul came up beside her. The rest of the pack followed tightening their V shape formation.
" Why would you bring a human to our meeting? Does this mean you have broken the treaty?" Mr. Fucking Roger's asked Sam.

Cat did not even look at him. Her eyes were on the mind reader, who was now staring into her eyes in confusion and frustration.

" She is part of the pack. Not only is she an imprint, but she is my sister as well. Her being here is pertinant to this meeting." Sam said shocking the hell out of Cat. He had claimed her without really knowing for sure. She whipped her head around to look at him. He was looking intently into her eyes. There was hope and something else she could not name there. She nodded slightly and gave him a little smile.

Paul moved closer to her. The side of his body touching her. She turned back to the mind reader.

" So what, she's your sister. You had no right to tell her about us. Imprint or not. Carlisle, they broke the treaty." Blondie sneered at Sam and then turned to Cat to do the same. But Cat did not see this, her eyes were locked on the mind reader. He was getting uncomforatable with her scrutiny. He still did not know who she was.

The blonde male was looking at her curiously. He then looked back to his brother. The emotions he was feeling from the woman had him curious. There was determination, hate, and rage coming off of her and directed at his brother.

Bella Swan stood their eyeing Sam's sister and noticed her looking at Edward intently. " Sam, what is the meaning of all of this? Can you please tell your sister to quit eye fucking my fiancee?" she said snidely.

Cat hearing this turned her penetrating stare on Bella. Whatever Bella saw there had her flinching.

Raising one brow, Cat started laughing. Not just any laughter, no this was half insane manical laughter. Bella, along with all the Cullen's looked at her as if she were insane. The pack just stood behind her. Strong and proud, letting this play out.

" Sam, maybe you can tell us what this is about." Mr. Rogers said to Sam with a sympathetic smile. Which had Cat almost bowed over in her laughter. Condescending prick.

Before Sam could reply, Cat jumped in wiping her eyes. " We will get to that real soon, I promise. You must be Bella Swan. I have heard about you. The little human girl that plays with dead people. Dont worry I dont do dead. I like my men with a pulse." she said turning her penetrating gaze on Bella.

The wolves made sniggering noises in their throats as if they were chuckling at her her choice of words. The vampires however all gasped. Bella getting red in the face started storming towards Cat angrily. The mind reader tried to grab her back before she crossed the line. " Bella..." the first word he had uttered since this began. All of the wolves came along side of Sam and Cat in a protective half huddle.

" Who the hell do you think you are? Jake phase back now, so you can put...this .. this..." she trailed off looking Cat up and down, stopping when she reached her eyes. Brow still raised, Cat just stared at her unervingly. " person in their place." she whispered out shakily.
She was suddenly very intimidated by the tall beautiful woman who stood before with the penetrating blue eyes.

" Why do you need Jake? Can't you do it? " Cat responded. She heard a snort from who she knew was Leah. Leah was like her, she fought her own battles and had no time for little pussy girls who stood behind a man.

Swallowing, Bella looked to the russett colored wolf that was her Jake, wondering why he was not standing up for her. He always has in the past. Even if it meant going agaisnt his pack. He would not even look at her. Something was very wrong here. It all had to do with this amazon of a woman in front of her.

" Jake" she whispered out.

Jake turned his head away from her. He would not step in for her. She needed to know what these leeches were capable of. Not only that, but the way she had talked to Sam and Cat really pissed him off. It was easier for him to deny her while he was in wolf form.

She sighed and walked back across to the Cullen's. Cat smiled and nodded at Sam.

" Carlisle Cullen, I Sam Uley hereby bring charges of rape, torture and murder against Edward Cullen. I am doing this on behalf of my sister Catarina Longshadow Uley. We wish for you to hand over the accused so that we may seek justice." He formally stated.

After a moment of shock from all the Cullen's and Bella who was looking very confused. Carlisle cleared his throat needlessly "Sam...what proof do you have...I mean this is Edward we are talking about. He hasn't harmed a human in over a hundred years. Rape? You most definately have the wrong person." Carlisle stated confidently.

" Yes please what kind of shit is this chick pulling? You dont honestly believe her do you and who was he supposed to have raped , tortured and killed?" the blonde bitch said. Cat having heard enough and yelled out quieting the growls and hisses coming from both sides.

" Listen here blondie. That's enough out of you. The adults are talking and when that is going on, you shut the fuck up. As for your precious mind reader. Well there are things about him you people obviously dont know. Seven years ago ring any bells you sadistic fuck? A young woman and her teenage daughter living in a rural area in Virginia alone. Knocking on their door, shoving your way inside, ripping pieces of the mothers skin off of her and then feeding from her." Cat viciously snapped at him. The vampires were shocked into silence.

" Or how about ripping her clothes from her body and plunging your sparkly cock into her so hard you split her in two? All with her young daughter beating on you to get off of her mother. Do you remember that you prick?" Cat yelled out at him, spit from her mouth going everywhere.

The wolves had just about had enough. To see it in the pack mind was one thing, but to hear it from her mouth as she hurled accusation after accusation at him was a whole other ball game. Paul was loosing his mind. His mate's rage and anguish tearing through him like a thousand different knife pricks.

Sam was on the verge of phasing. The only thing that kept him human was his sister's hand gripping his arm. Blood coming from the gashes her nails had made. The entire pack was out for blood. One of their own had been terrorized by the very thing they are made to kill.

The vampires on the other hand were completely horrified. Mouths were open wide in shock.

The mind reader looked furious. His eyes were pitch black and studying Cat with an intent glare. Bella just stood there in not believing what she was hearing. Her Edward would never do something so vile.

The only vampire that did not seem to show any emotion what so ever was the midget leech. She stood their stoic. Cat studied her for a moment and then looked to her mate. He had a horror struck expression on his face and he looked to be in alot of pain. He must be the prozac leech the pack had told her about. She could not imagine what he must be feeling right now with everyone;s emotions on running rampant. She eyed him and the then midget once more. Something was not right with them. She could not figure it out, but she just knew.

" You have the wrong person surely. I just cant not fathom Edward doing somnething so..." Mr. Roger's mate piped in.

" Heinous? Disgusting? Well I can assure you he did. I would never forget his face." Cat spat out.

" Edward would never do such a thing. You are obviously mistaken" Bella told her.

"All we have is your word against mine. And I think we both know who they will believe." Edward said smugly.

She just smiled. " You know your right. I dont have any physical proof except for the scars on my stomach and back from where your nails cut into my skin. But it wont tell without a doubt that you put it there. You are saying you have never seen me before this day, right?"

Edward smiled smugly, nodding at her. Thinking that was the end of it. She had no proof. His family would not let them take him. Even if she could prove it was him. Carlisle would never let anything happen to him. He was his first son. His first companion.
Feeling pretty confidant he focused his agaze back on the native whore.

" You know Edwaaaard...you have a very interesting mark on your penis. It's almost as interesting as the mark on your ass. You know I had no idea that vampires kept their birthmarks." she said watching his already pale face become paler.

" You have no idea what your talking about. Can we leave Carlisle? It's obvious that she is grasping at straws here." he said

" Wait a minute. If she is grasping straws then you mind proving her wrong. " Sam said crossing his arms over his chest. He knew the little shit was lying. He had no idea how they were going to offer proof. But of course Cat had that covered.

Edward started to look extremely uncomfortable. His family looked at him in supsicion.

" What you expect me to strip right here on the whim of some native whore?" he asked pissing off the pack. A few of his family members glared at his choice of words.

" Yes I do. You will understand if I dont just take you or your families word for it. Although I will afford you some measure of privacy. You can just show me and Carlisle. If there are no birthmarks in either place that Catarina described, then you are free to go." Sam said through gritted teeth. He was trying to do this the right way. But the mind reading fucker was making this hard.

" Do you agree to this doc?" He asked

Carlisle looked at his first son, searching for something that would tell him there was no way he had any part of something so heinous. Strangely enough he could see nothing.

" I agree" he finally replied.

" If it turns out that the marks are there do you agree as head of your coven to hand him over with no problems?" Sam asked

Carlisle nodded his head " If he does have the marks Catarina has described, I will take that as confirmation of his crimes."

" Carlisle you can not be serious. That does not prove anything. She could have seen these marks in another situation." his mate cried out to him. She was scared she was losing her family.

" Emse, he has already admitted to never seeing her before this day." he quietly replied to her.

" But wouldnt Alice have seen this happening back then?" she said desperately. Surely Alice would have seen it and told them.

The entire family looked to the midget. He had been unaturally quiet and non bouncy. Her mate stared at her. She paid him no mind. Her eyes were on Edward. They seem to be having a silent conversation. This seem to enrage the blond cowboy.

" What the fuck Alice. Is there any part of this that you knew about?" he asked her menacingly.

" Alice..." Edward called out warningly. Everyone starting looking between the two. Something was up. Her eyes narrowed and she said

" Of course not Carlisle. I would never keep something like that from the family." she said. Even Cat who did not know her, could hear the lie in her voice.

Her mate grabbed her arms and shook her to get her to face him.

" You are lying Alice. You better start talking right now or you wont be happy where this leads." he told her roughly . For a moment fear dominated her eyes. She looked over his shoulder to Edward and with that the fear was replaced with determnation.

" No , Jasper I'm not lying. You know me Jazz. I would never allow something so horrible to happen if I had seen it. Even if it was a family member." she said sweetly.

Liar..Liar...pants on fire...thought Cat, so she said

" Liar. You know exactly what happened. How long have you been hiding shit for him? This wasnt the first time he has done this, is it?" she asked steely.

" Alice...dont you say a word." Edward hissed out warningly. That might as well have been an admission of guilt. Everyone turned to him. Emse gasped clinging tighter to her mate. Gigantor and Barbie just stood there mouths open in shock. Carlisle was dumbb struck. this could not be happening.

Cat, Sam and the pack were all watching the family drama unfold. Obviously this coven had more issues than having a sadistic murdering rapist in their midst. Cat and Paul could care less about their drama. They both just wanted this over with. She had lived with it to long and she was ready for the next chapter in her life to begin. Paul was a simple man. he wanted to rip this fucker apart and head back to is house with his imprint and ravish her sexy body and afterward hold her until they both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Bella on the other hand was so confused. What was going on ? She watched as Edward and Alice seem to be having a silent conversation as she had often seen them do before. Then Edward warning her not to talk. What the hell was going on?

" Edward, what is going on. Did you do these things she is accusing you of?" she asked him in disbelief. Her Edward could not do such horrible things to anyone. Her Edward was perfect in everyway.

Rolling his eyes at her, Edward spoke to Bella as if he was speaking to a small shild. " Bella love, Of course I did not do those things. What kind of person do you think I am?" he looked intently into her eyes. Sam and Cat watched as her eyes seem to lose there focus, before she nodded her head at him.

" Of course not Edward. See Carlisle nothing to worry about. He did not do it. Now Jake please phase back and tell your pack and this...this...person that she has the wrong guy. " she said matter of factly.

Everyone gaped at her. Vampires and wolves alike had seen his blatant manipulation of her. Sam knew he had been fucking with her mind. Apparently it was a surprise to a few of the vamps as well.

" I knew you had been fucking with her mind you sick fuck." he spat out at Edward.

" Edward you know that using thrall is against the rules. How long has this been going on? " Carlisle asked disapointment all over his face. Apparently his son was someone he did not know at all.

" Yeah Eddie...how long have you been playing mind games with Bella?" Barbie bitch asked him in a sneer.

" He doesnt play mind games with me. He loves me. I just happen to believe in him. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You are his family and you are letting this pack of dogs and this pack slut influence you. Edward would never do those horrible things to anyone." Bella told everyone.

" Pack slut huh? You are such a silly little girl. Stand over there like the good pet you are and as I told barbie bitch over there, keep your mouth shut while the adults are talking." Cat told her snidely.

Bella narrowed her eyes, her mouth opening as if to reply, but Carlisle turned to her and said " That's enough out of you Bella."
She shut her mouth, eyes going wide. Carlisle had never talked to her in that way.

" Alice..what do you know?" Carlisle asked coldly.

Having enough of this conversation she replied out just as coldly " Oh come on Carlisle. He is your son..your family. He has unique needs in order to make his immortality a little more bearable. I mean it's no big deal. So he has a little fun every once in a while. It's not like there was any great loss. It was just some slut he followed home one night. Nothing special. She wasnt discovering the cure for cancer or anything. She was just one insignificent human."

Hisses and growl were heard all around. The loudest of course came from Cat her self. She took off across the clearing, rage clouding her brain, before Sam could grab her. Paul phased quickly and got to her right before she reached Alice. He grabbed her around the waist trying to hold her back. She was fighting him with everything she had. But he was stronger and he held tight. As much as he wanted for her to be able to kick the midgets ass, she was human and would get hurt maybe killed. He could not let that happen.

Cat's shrieks filled the air along with the wolves growls and snarl's. Barbie bitch had blurred over to Edwards so quickly, no one saw her until she had her hand around his throat.

" You sick bastard. You did this? I will rip you apart myself." she snarled at him. Her mate grabbed her around the waist to keep her still. Not to protect Edward, hell no, but he knew the wolves wanted retribution and it was their right to have it. He grabbed Edward lest he try to run. Because he knew he would, coward that he was.

Carlsile was shocked to his very core. Not just at his son, but his daughter as well. What was wrong with them? Do either of them have no shame?

Mama vamp sobbed out. " Alice, you dont mean that. We respect human life. "

She looked at her and nochalantly replied " It's something he needs to do. She wasnt the first and she wont be the last. It makes living for an eternity better for him. Would you deny your son that Esme?"

Hearing this Cat fought harder to free herself from Paul. " I will kill you." she rasped out. Her anger so great she could hardly speak. Paul pulling her back slightly not trusting the obviously disturbed vampire in front of them.

" That's right you pathetic human, run along before you get hurt." the midget taunted her. Paul tightened his hold on her as she fought him to be free. She was a fucking wild cat. It was taking him all his strength to hold her back.

Faster than even he could see, a very naked human Leah was right in front of the midget leech.

" She might not can hurt you bitch, but I can" and with that Leah reached forward and ripped off her head. Smiling in satisfaction as the leeches body fell to the side she walked over to Cat, still holding the midget's head by her spikey hair.

She watched as Leah walked over to her holding a head dripping with venom. Cat had stopped fighting with watched as Leah walked over to her holding a head dripping with venom.

A slow smile came over her face while her and Leah locked eyes. A silent conversation flowing through them. The pack felt the majic of their bond cement into place. It was a bond of sisterhood.

Paul slowly released her but kept one arm around her waist. The whole clearing had gone deathly silent. Even Bella had stopped her wailing.
The wolves were stunned at their pack sister. The vampires still in shock from all the damage done by their own, stood there, resigned.

The midget's mate stood there in shock at seeing Alice dealt with so soundly. Oddly he did not feel what he thought he would. Seeing his mate' head ripped off should have made him rageful.

If she had been his true mate, every last one of them would be dead. He should have listened to his brother Peter when it came to Alice. He always said she was no good for him. That she had been decieving him, but he had not listened. He thought she had saved him at a time in his life when he so desperately needed something to believe in. How could he fancy himself in love with such a creature. No, he would do nothing. He stood there silently, giving a nod to Sam and Paul who were eyeing him warily.

The other Cullen's stood in shock at what had just happened. Edward was extremely nervous. His family had let them get away with destroying Alice. His actions were after all much more involved than hers. He started fighting against his brother. The urge to flee so strong. All thoughts of Bella and their life together no where in his mind.

" I dont think so Edward. You will not be going anywhere. At least not until the wolves come and get you. I cant believe I called you brother, you sorry piece of shit. What you have done is so depraved you dont deserve to live any longer. How many women were there over the years?" Emmett said with disgust. His wife Rose, grabbed Edward's other arm tightly.

Edward did not answer. Instead he was eyeing Paul wearily. He knew Paul was the most vicious of the was reading what he had planned to do with him in his mind. It wasnt pleasent. For the first time in his life he felt remorse. Not remorse for what he had done, no he enjoyed that immensly. No he regretted not killing the daughter. Damn the shifter that had interuppted him. He almost did not get out of there alive. The giant white wolf nearly took his head off.

" That's right leech. Read my fucking mind. Every bit of it will be coming true for you very soon." Paul said holding onto to Cat and staring the leech down.

Sam came over and took the head from Cat. Jared and Jake had phased back human and started a fire. They threw the midgets head in along with her body. Now they were waiting on the mind reader. Jake especially would be enjoying this. He chanced a look at Bella, who had become strangely quiet after Carlisle had reprimended her. She looked so lost and confused. She was staring at Edward in disbelief. He would deal with her later.

" We will take the mind reader now. We also expect you to leave Forks and not come back. I would say this voids any treaty you had with our people" Sam said looking at Carlisle.

" We have no problem with you getting your justice. But there is another matter that has just come up. The red headed vampire that has been seen on your lands is after Bella. We killed her mate last spring and she wants Bella in retaliation." he said gravely.

" But she is just a girl. " Jared said

" Yes I know. However she is determined and I feel as if we need to take care of this before we depart. After all this is our fault." Carlisle told Sam.

Sam was deep in thought for a moment. " We will deal with the mind reader tonight and discuss this other problem tomorrow. Also, wt about this mind thrall shit he has been doing to Bella?"

" It can be very powerful. Please understand I had know idea it had been going on or I would have put a stop to it. She should be fine after a while. She will probably go through major mood swings. It's like coming off of a serious drug." he replied

" We can keep an eye on her why we are still here." he added looking to an almost comatose Bella.

A growl could be heard coming from Jake. " No, I think we can handle it. I'm sure you understand." Sam replied. Carlisle knew they did not trust them. He could not blame them. He wouldn't trust them either.

Carlisle turned toward Emmett and nodded his head. Emmett and Rose brought a struggling Edward over to Sam and Paul. " Carlsile, you cant let them do this. I am your son." Edward said fighting with Jasper.

" You are no son of mine. The things you have done Edward..." he said swallowing hard. He could not and would not interfere in this.

" Esme you can go to the house I will be there shortly." he told his mate. She just nodded through her sobs and disapeared.

" Jasper, Rose, Emmett, you all do not have to stay for this." he said looking at his remaining children.

" No we are fine where we are Carlisle." Rose replied for all of them. They would stand by their leader, their father.

" Catarina, please except my deepest regret that my son has done such a depraved thing to you and your mother. I hand him over to your pack, your mate for retribution. " he said bowing his head slightly towards her. She nodded to him.

" Baby, I need you to go stand with Leah and Embry ok? " Paul told her gripping her in a tight embrace. Kissing her temple, he walked over to Sam and Jake. The wolves and vampires formed a cirlce with Edward in the center. Paul and Sam phased quickly. It was both of their right to end the leech. Paul as her mate and Sam as her brother.

It did not take much. Edward after all was not a fighter. He had relied to much on his gift to put up much of a defense. Paul did not toy with him as planned. He just wanted it over with.

Cat watched as her mate and brother tore into the leech who had caused her so much pain and despair. So many sleepless nights, plagued with nightmares. She watched as Jake, Jared and Quil picked up the pieces and threw them into the fire. They saved his head for last. The outcome felt a little anticlimatic. For the past seven years she had ran and hid from the monsters of her past and now with the swipe of her mates claws and the snap of his teeth, it was finally over.

She watched the fire burn along with everyone else. The only sounds coming from a very distraught Bella Swan.

Jake went over to her and picked her up off the forest floor where she had fallen when Edward had been thrown into the fire. No matter what had happened here tonight he still loved her and he would help her get through the leech betraying her yet again. Only this time the fucker wasn't coming back.

Cat noticed the one they called Jasper staring off into the fire after everone had started to dispurse. He seemed alright for a leech.

" You know she was not your mate. I dont know what she told you, but your true mate is out there still. Dont ask me how I know. Sometimes I just know shit. " Cat told him shrugging

He smiled at that; He had heard that phrase before. A peace he had not known in along time came over him. He knew he would be alright.

"I know Darlin. Thanks " he told her before blurring into the forest.

" Sam I will call you to arrange a meeting tomorrow about the red head, Victoria. If Bella has any problems tonight and needs something to sleep, please dont hesitate to call me." Carlisle told Sam before he too left in the same direction as Jasper.

That left Rosalie and Emmett. They stood there looking grim.

" I'm sorry. I was out of line earlier. I had no idea..." Rosalie said looking directly at Cat.

Cat only nodded and turned her back to them. She was done with this shit. She heard their departure shortly after that.

As the pack started heading home, Cat was standing there deep in thought. Paul walked over to her and pulled her in his arms.

" Come on baby, lets go home. I'm taking you to my house tonight. We will talk talk tomorrow ok?" he asked leading her out of the field.

Cat nodded as she watched Paul phase back into his wolf for the ride home.

She looked over his wolf form. He was a beautiful silver color. He turned his head back towards her waiting fo her to climb on.

" Yeah know, " she said walking towards him " I have seen you naked all afternoon and I have not been able to enjoy the view or test out the goods. Maybe we can remedy that and real soon?" she said settling in on his back. You could hear what she assumed was laughter, coming out in a choking sound.

Ok...Sorry I killed Edward and Alice. It had to happen. You will understand why later on. ~ KC

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