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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

8. Lust, Sharing & Caring

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Hey guys...First off there is alot of steamy lemons in this chapter. you should not be reading this if you are not of age. Secondly, this is my first full fledge lemon and I am nervous about it. So please be kind...I had a few people ask about Leah and Jasper and if they will get together. All I can say is..they will both find happiness and love...I would not leave two of my favorite character's hanging like that. As far as Bella is concerned, she will not be portrayed as the poor pitiful victim in this story. I cant stand the woe is me Bella. She gets on my nerves. If she tries that here, well the pen can be mightier than the sword...

I do not own any characters ( except for Cat) They belong to Stephanie Meyer. I am just playing around with them..

Oh yeah, I attempted tocreate a banner for this story. The link is on my profile. Dont laugh...it's one of my firsts. But it will give you an idea of how I see Cat...

On with the story...

Chapter 8

Lust, Sharing & Caring

They had not even made it out tree line behind his house, when let her down from his back. He phased back human, not bothering with his clothes, he stalked towards hers, lust in his eyes. Grabbing her he wrapped her legs around his waist and crushed his moutn to hers. She returned the kiss with as much fevor as he. He started walking them to his back door, all the while his tongue was exploring her hot mouth savagely. They made it to the living room before he could go no further. He had to have her now. He laid her on the plush rug in the living room. His mouth still on hers.

" Fuck baby..I need you...I'm sorry I cant wait..." he told her. She pulled his mouth back to hers in answer. Fuck yea...me too baby...

He settled himself between her legs pressing his uncovered cock on her pussy. When she felt his big as fuck cock on her she let out a deep gutteral moan, causing him to growl out sexily. Moving down her neck towards her chest, he suddenly looked up and roughly said

" You have too many clothes on." with that he ripped her shirt and pants off. Leaving her in only her panties. He grabbed both of her breasts massaging them.

" These right here are a thing of beauty." he said as bent his head towards her generous mounds and ran his tongue over one nipple while pinching the other.

" Oh fuck baby...that feels so good." she moaned out. Her hips were steadly thrusting towards his, seeking friction. Her core was so wet she felt it leaking down her thighs. Continuing his assault her her breasts, he moved one hand down to her panties. He latched his fingers around the crotch of her tiny black panties, grazing her lips with his nickles, and tore them off. She moaned out. So fucking sexy.

Traveling with his mouth down her stomach he looked down at her center pausing to let his eyes feast. If possible his dick had gotten harder. She was beautiful, long shapely limbs, generous breasts and clean shaven pink pussy dripping with her juices. He licked his lips anticipating her taste.

She had propped up on her elbows watching him worship her with hooded eyes. He sat there and stared at her for a few minutes. Instead of getting self concious, she felt tiny bolts of pleasure shoot through her, causing more and more of her juices to pool and leak down her thighs.

Upon seeing her arousal running down her thighs, he moaned out " Oh, little girl..." He dipped his head to run his tongue along her thigh to catch it. " You have such a pretty pussy...open your legs wider for me baby." he grunted out, he eyes never leaving her center.

" That's it...mmmm...look how wet you are for me...I bet your tight as fuck...I cant wait to bury my cock in you..." he huskily told her when she complied with his request.

The fire between her legs was almost unbearable. Hearing him say all those wickedly nasting things to her, had her almost cumming. The fact that he was staring at her center in reverence, she knew it would not take long. Her hips were thrusting up of there own accord. He watched her wither around below him for a moment, before he leaned down and licked a lone drop of her juices that had run down her thigh.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head. Fuck she tasted good. Grazing his thumb lightly over her clit, he watched her quiver in anticipation.

" Paul...shit...just ...I need for you ...fuck." she stuttered out

" What baby? What do you need?" he said roughly grazing her clit when he heard the mindless desperation in her voice.

Oh god...she thought. He is going to kill me.

" I need you to fuck me Paul. I need to feel your fingers...your tongue..." she breathlessly got out.

Growling he bent his head and started licking up and down her lips, not touching her clit. She felt a large finger play at her entrance. Whimpering she thrust her hips forward wanting it inside of her. He laid his muscular arm over her to keep her from moving. His finger contued to tease her entrance as his tongue licked her folds.

Getting frustrated with her need, she growled out " Paul...please...quit teasing me.."

Feeling her frustration he plunged his finger in her, as his mouth wrapped around her clit. She cried out with the double assault.

" Oh God...yes..." she uttered.

He looked up at her watching her come undone. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He added a second finger to her heated core when he felt her walls tightening. He knew she was close. His dick was so hard at this point, he couldnt help but move his hips along the rug for some kind of friction.

He scraped his teeth gently across her clit and curled his fingers in a come hither motion. He watched as she threw head back and screamed out his name in elation. Her lips were slightly parted as she panted for breath. Her cumming had to be the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

He moved up her body, grabbing his cock. He rubbed it along her slit, coating it with her cum. He reached her mouth and kissed her roughly, pulling back he whispered " you are so beautiful" before plunging into her in one powerful thrust.

" Fuck" they both cried .

He sat their a moment savoring the feeling of her tight, wet heat. Nothing ...ever felt as good as this.

She started arching her hips telling him to move. He began to move within her slowly. He sat up on his knees and spread her legs out as wide they could go. She was completely open to him. She loved it. She was in heaven or hell, she couldnt decide which one. His cock was huge filling her to completion. She watched as he looked down at where they joined, raising up on her arms she looked as well.

" Mmmm baby...you look so good inside of me." she told him.

Groaning his thrust got faster, his thumb rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

" This right here..." he said pinching her clit causing her to cry out in pleasure " is MINE" .

" All yours baby..." she panted out. He started thrusting harder, pulling her up into a sitting position, her legs over each of his arms. She put her hands behind her to the floor, leaning back slightly, she started meeting him thrust for thrust.

" Oh, Cat...you feel so fucking good...my pussy...Mine" he roared, seeing her arched back, her lucious titties bouncing with each thrust. Fuck...so hot...so sexy...His mind was becoming ferel. He was losing the battle with his wolf. His wolf wanted to mark her for all to see.

Suddenly she was flipped over on her knees. She arched her back as he grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust into her roughly. Crying out, she pushed her ass back to meet him thrust for thrust. He reached down to her ass and grabbed a handful squeezing.

" Oh God Paul...Fuck me ...please..." she all but screamed out. She had never felt such pleasure. He pounded into her harder, spurred on by her filthy mouth. His wolf was howling and snarling. Pulling his hand back he smacked her ass, causing her to buck against him wildly.

" You like having your ass spanked, little girl? " he snarled out. " My dirty little girl..."

"Uhhmmm" was all she could say. A familiar tightening started in her stomach. She was so close. Her mind was hazy. She wanted him to absolutely devour her. She pushed her ass back harder, trying to get him deeper.

" Fuck baby, I feel your balls slapping my ass...Oh yes...yes...dont you dare stop...I'm gonna...Oh ...Oh..." was all she got out before she fell over the edge with such pleasure, it literally took her breath.

Paul seeing her come undone so wildly, pulled her back to him, moved her hair to the side and bit down on her neck. When his teeth broke the skin, he roared out his release, causing her to come undone for the third time. Slowing his thrust to bring them both down he collapsed on her back and laid there trying to catch his breath.

When he bit her neck she had thought she was going to die. The pleasure mixed with a tinge of pain was so intense. Feeling his enormous body on her gave her such a feeling of security she never wanted him to move. She reach around and grabbed the back of his neck holding him to her. He responded by laying gentle kisses on below her ear. She was so overcome with emotion, she teared up.

He held her tightly, kissing her, whispering her name over and over. They laid there for a moment longer before he pulled out of her so he could change positions. When he left her wet heat, he groaned along with her.

Picking her up he carried her up the stairs to his bathroom. Not saying a word, he sat her gently on the vanity kissing her lips lightly, before turning to run them a bath.

She watched him prepare their bath. He was such a fine male speciman. His tight ass, had her drooling a little. His muscular thighs were so sexy. She could see the muscles clenching as he moved. He turned and picked her up setting her gently in the tub before he got in behind her. Pulling her to him, he inhaled her sweet scent, his body relaxing fully.

He held her for a long while. He could not bring himself to speak yet. He had never felt such a connection to someone in his life. Yes, there was the imprint connection, but this was different. He felt like she was one half of his soul. Without her there he would not be whole. He held her tighter to him so over come with emotion.

She reached up and held his arms as they held her. He did not have to say a word. She knew what he was feeling because she was feeling it too.

" You know I am never letting you go." he whispered after a while.

She smiled softly " Who says I would let you?"

He grinned, she was such a smart ass.

Looking down at her neck where he marked her he frowned. Kissing it he asked " Are you ok? How is your neck?" He should have explained about the marking before he did it Fuck...His wolf had demanded it though. There was no way he could not have done it.

Feeling him tense behind her, she responded " Paul, it feels fine. I mean its a little sore but fuck it felt good when you did it. And just now when you kissed it, well lets just say it has a direct line to my pussy. " He chuckled at her choice of words.

" I need to explain about the mark." He began " It is the wolf part of me claiming you. I had no choice. It was almost a compulsion." he told her worriedly. What if she couldnt deal with this part? Before he could work himself up over the situation, she turned to look at him.

" Paul, calm down...It's ok. I figured it was a wolf thing. But what does it mean besides being claimed as yours? " she asked him

" Well it means you and I will be able to feel each other even more than we do now. We will be more in tune with each other's emotions so to speak. Also you wont be able to have children with any other man. Not that you want kids or anything...but..if you did...shit" he tried to get out.

She sat there a moment digesting what he said. Kids. She had never allowed herself to think about having a family. Her life had been so fucked up. Of course she never thought she would be sitting here with her soul mate either. She got all tingly inside thinking of a little boy with Paul's eyes and her hair color.

" You know we have gone about this totally backwards. From the moment we met, which by the way was only yesterday." she stopped. Only yesterday...shit. It felt like an eternity ago since she had first laid eyes on him. With everything that had happened in the past 24 hours, they hadnt had a chance to talk about anything. They did not really know each other at all.
They may be soul mates or whatever, but they had skipped a bunch of steps.

Paul was getting nervous with her silence. Did she regret this? Everything had been so intense and passionate with them from the beginning, that he had not really had anytime to get to know her. She was right, this all started so backwards. Did that mean she wanted to back up and reboot or just forget it altogether? Before he could really work himself into a panic, she cleared her throat, halting his racing thoughts.

" Listen I know we need to talk about things. We will. I dont regret this at all. I have never felt so alive in all my life. There are things that you should know about me. It might make you look at me in a different light. I dont know. But I do know that I dont want this to end at all. I just want to take it one day at a time. " she told him sincerely.

He felt relief like he had never known. Hugging her to him, he kissed her deeply. " I'm right there with you" he told her " By the way, there is nothing you could tell me that would make me see you for any less than you are. I am no saint and I have had some shit go on in my life as well. But it doesnt define me just like your shit doesnt define you."

Smiling she laid back and snuggled into his chest.

After they had bathed each other, he carried her to his king size bed and started the process of getting to know each and every part of her glorious body. Many hours later they both fell into a peaceful sleep wrapped in each others arms.

Cat opened her eyes to the sunlight filtering through the blinds. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she looked around to get her barings. Thoughts of yesterday afternoon and last night whirled in her mind, causing a slow smile to appear on her face. Thinking of all the ways Paul had worshipped her body and her his, had her rubbing her thighs together. God she would never get enough of him. How were they supposed to function normally if they could not quit fucking?

Menatlly caculating her position, she realized her back was pulled tightly up against Paul's chest. One arm locked securely around her waist, the other under neck allowing his hand to hold her boob. She laughed silently. He let her know how much he liked her breasts last night. Thoughts of his mouth, tongue and cock lavishing them had her moaning softly.

Struggling out of his tight embrace, she turned to look at his face. He rolled to his back still knocked out. She rested her head on his chest, and just stared up at him. He was really a beautiful man. His chiseled jawline, high cheek bones and full lips were exqusite. He had thick dark brows, that matched his hair. Straight nose and long dark lashes completed the yumminess of him.

Her eyes traveled down his chest, almost drooling over his large pecs. She bent down and licked a dark nipple lightly. He twitched slightly.

She looked up to make sure he was still out. Seeing that he was she continued her assault with her tongue. Lightly licking and gently kissing her way down to his eight pack abs and finally stopping as she came to the sheet that covered him just below his hips. She admired the trail of dark hair that led the way down to his goodies.

Following the trail she pulled the thin sheet back and admired his long and very thick cock. It was so fucking big. She had no idea how he got it in the places he did last night. Not that she was complaining, hell no, she was just sayin.

As her eyes devoured him, she noticed him growing larger. Looking quickly up at his face, she was relieved to find him still sleeping peacefully. Her attention went back to his STILL growing erection. In the light of day and with her mind not in a haze of lust and need, she was amazed at how big it was still getting. Damn...Can we say horse sized? Shit...It was kind of intimidating her.

After a moment she snorted at her silliness. I mean it was just a penis. It's not like it was a weapon that could kill or maim her. She supposed it could be used as one though. Images of a warrior Paul swinging his dick around like a sword slashing vampires to pieces ran through her mind. Clamping her hand over her mouth to contain her laughter, she shook her head. Such a silly bitch.

Looking up at him one last time making sure she had not disturbed his slumber, seeing that she hadnt she leaned her head down and licked the tip lightly. When she got no reaction, she started licking along the underside of it before finally wrapping her lips around the head and sucking it gently into her hot mouth. Moving it along until the head hit the back of her throat, she moaned at the taste and feel of him. Bobbing her head slowly, she continued to suck him getting so turned on she started rubbing her thighs together for some kind of friction. Her hand reached down and cupped his enormous balls, squeezing them gently. She was so caught up in her own pleasure she did not notice the hand that had grab bed her hair or the moans and grunts coming from Paul.

He had been awake almost the whole time she had started her assault on his body. He laid a still as he could to see what exactly she had in mind. If he had been a lesser man, he might have gained a complex as he heard her snort and giggle as she stared at his dick. But he was confident of his size and of what pleasure he could bring with it. He controlled his breathing as she licked and sucked him. He almost lost his shit when she took him almost completely in his mouth. No one had ever been able to do that. He should not have been surprised, she was after all made just for him. She would be able to handle anything he had.

His thoughts were interrupted when she reached down and cupped his sac and squeezed as she worked him in her mouth. The moans he had held in came out in full force. Hearing him, her beautiful blue eyes stared up at him as s he continued to suck him. He watched her through half lidded eyes, trying to make this last as long as he could. It was probably the best blow job he had ever had and he did not want it to end. She started moaning around him causing him to twitch and moan out loudly. Fuck...

As she watched him watch her, she almost came. He was so sexy. She continued to bring him pleasure before she went in for the kill. She hollowed her cheeks out and started rhythmically sucking with out moving her head. She was just using her mouth muscles. This had him bucking wildly.

" Fuck ...Catarina...mmmm baby..." he whispered huskily.

She reached up and grabbed one of his hands and laid it on her throat. She then took him into her mouth, allowing him to feel her throat constrict as she continuously swallowed and sucked around him.

That did it for him. He roared out so loudly it seemed to shake the rafters. He bucked wildly as he released in her hot mouth, holding her mouth to him.
She swallowed everything he gave her. Relishing the salty musky taste of his cum, she moaned loudly.

Once he had came down from his Cat induced high, he jerked her up to him and crashed his mouth to hers. Forcing his tongue in her mouth he lined his once again hard dick with her entrance before he plowed into her causing her to cry out.

Sitting up and bracing her hands on his chest she started swiveling her hips roughly as she road him. His large hands gribbed her tiny waist so tightly he knew there would be brusies.

" Damn little girl...What are you doing to me...I cant get enough of you...fuck baby...that's it ride my cock..." he savagely bit out.

He sat up and wrapped her legs around him continuing his assault on her. Her hands gripped his hair as he brought his mouth to one of his favorite places. Gripping her nipple with his teeth sharply and soothing it with his tongue.

She cried out as he bit down on her nipple. Liking the pain mixed with pleasure. As she started to fill the tightening in her belly, she rapsed out to him " You feel so big inside of me...only mine...mine...mine..." frenzied now, she hammered her hips into his. Something came over her she could not explain. She had an overwhelming need to mark him as hers. As her orgasm approached swiftly, she leaned down and bit into his neck savagely drawing blood.

" Oh fuck baby...oh God..." he yelled out as he came with her.

Removing her teeth from him, she fell limply against his body. He gripped her tightly and laid down. Both of them exhausted with their activities.

Laying there trying to get their breathing under control, Paul could not believe the amount of pleasure this vixen had been able to coax from him. Before with anyone it had been hit it and get out. He could not get enough of her body. He could feel his dick already hardening for round...what round was it now? 8...9? He lost count after his fifth orgasm since yesterday afternoon. They had to find someway to get out of this bed. With that thought he groaned. He could not bear to be parted from her.

Hearing his groan, she looked up at him. Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, he told her " I dont know how I am going to leave this bed. You are way to tempting in every way." Leaning down to kiss him sweetly, she replied " Well big guy, I agree, even if my sally doesnt. She is a little wore out."

He looked at her a grin playing on his lips.

" Your Sally? Is that a code name for that sweet pussy of yours?" he asked trying to hold in his laughter.

Hitting him on the chest " Yes...it is actually." she said

At her confirmation he busted out laughing. She hit him again for making fun of her. He was laughing so hard, he was weakly trying to grab her now retreating body. He knew she was upset, but that shit was funny.

" Baby, I'm not laughing at you. It's cute that you have a name for it. " he said chuckling and holding her to him. SHe narrowed her eyes at him half mad and half not.

" How did chose that particular name for it? he asked still grinning widely.

Rolling her eyes at him " Well when I was little, a neighbor boy dared me to show him my "privates". He told me if I showed him mine he would show me his. Of course being the curious child I was, I showed him mine and he showed me his. When he pulled his out, it scared me so bad. I thought it looked like a worm. I was petrified of worms and snakes as a child, so you can imagine my fear. I ran home to my mom crying and screaming. All she could could make out was that Michael, the little neighbor boy, had a worm growing out of his "privates". She stared at me for a moment, I think in shock, before she started explaining that it wasnt a worm. She told me little girls had Sally's and little boy's had Henry's. So from that point on thats what we reffered to it as." she finished looking up at him with a silly grin.

He stared at her for a moment before bursting into laughter. She glared at him for a minute, before her own lips started twitching in amusement. When he started snorting in his laughter, she lost it and joined him.

After they had calmed down, they both laid there with smiles on their faces. He was rubbing her bare back, chuckling occasionally. The thought of her at six years old screaming in horror at her friends worm, wouldnt leave his thoughts.

" I think that is the cutest story I have ever heard. Your mom sounds like she was a great mom." he said to her softly.

Hugging him to her tightly, " She was. I cant remember a time when she wasnt there for me. I was her whole world. She raised me on her own and I know it was tough. At times she worked two jobs just to get us by. But I never did without anything. She made sure of it. But it was more than that. She was always there, no matter how busy or tired she was. She was amazing. I asked her about my dad once. She did not tell me much. She did want me to know that she loved him very much. I could tell it caused her pain to talk about him so i never brought it up again." she said quietly.

A part of her hated her sperm donor. For leaving her mom to raise a child on her her. She knew how hard her mother had worked to make sure they had everything they needed and most of what they wanted. But there was also a small part of her that wished she could have known him. Every little girl should have her daddy to hold onto.

" You know, I did not know Joshua Uley. Of course I have heard plenty about him. This is a small community. An everybody knows everybodies business kind of thing. From what I understand, he was into pretty much everything. And by that I mean he used to dabble in all kinds of different drugs. Which, from what people say, was what turned him into the man he became. Apparently before that he was a pretty good guy. Sam would know more about him and I am sure he would share that with you" he told her.

After a moment he asked " How do you feel about Sam claiming you as his sister to the leeches yesterday?"

She was silent for a long moment trying to gather her thoughts. " I dont know. I mean to have someone to call family...well it is a dream come true. It was always just my mom and I. From what I understand our tribe pretty much disowned her after she became pregnant. She never talked about any family we may have had back on the rez. Even if I did have family there, why would I want to have anything to do with people that disowned one of their own simply because she fell in love with the wrong guy? I guess I like the fact that Sam could be my brother, but I am a little leary. I mean Emily is a big part of his life. From what you told me about imprinting, she's his whole life. She could influence him not to have anything to do with me. So if I get my hopes up and that happens..." she trailed off shrugging.

He understood where she was coming from. He would be leary as well. Emily would be a big problem for her and Sam being able to form any kind of a relationship. He also knew that Sam may be tied to Emily because of the imprint, but it didnt mean he loved her. He had let his thoughts slip on occasion. Paul had seen the turmoil he was in over it. If he could break the imprint, Paul knew he would. But there was no way of knowing how. The ancestors did not leave very detailed accounts about anything to do with being a wolf, much less about imprinting. Paul also knew by Sam claiming her in front of the pack like he did , that he already considered her family regardless. It was a cluster fuck of a situation. A thought occured to him suddenly.

" Have you ever gone back to your reservation? Maybe you could find out the answers to all of these questions you have about your mother and father. " he asked her.

" Yes I have. But I just dont know. I guess I'm scared about what I would find out, ya know? I'm not really scared of much. But somehow that scares me." she said quietly. She hated to admit fear of anything. To her it showed weakness. She could not afford to show weakness of any kind.

" Well whatever you decide I will be right there with you ok?" Paul told her kissing her forhead. She closed her eyes and smiled. This right here was all she needed. Her Paul, wrapped around her. She felt so content.

" Hey enough about my fucked up shit...what about you?" she asked, desperately wanting to know any and everything about him. She felt him tense slightly at her question. Rubbing her hands up and down his chest to comfort him she told him " You dont have to talk about it now. Forget I asked ok?"

He sighed heavily. He wanted to tell her. His childhood was so fucked up he did not know where to begin.

" No, I want to tell you. It's just my childhood was so far removed from the norm, I just dont know where to begin." he told her.

" Begin wherever you want or not. I am not pressuring you. I'm not that kind of girl. You know the whiney, clingy, have to know everything about you right away type. I can wait until you are ready. I'm not going anywhere regardless." she told him kissing the side of his nipple.

How did he get so lucky? She was everything he had never thought to ask for. That statement right there is what had him telling her of his alcoholic abusive father and his doormat of a mother. As the sun got higher in the sky, she listened as he relived his time in purgatory. How as he got older and bigger he would jump in and take the blows his father had meant for his mom. The nights that he heard his mother sobbing herself to sleep, because his father had beat her ass, then headed out to screw whatever skank he came across.

She heard the pain in his voice as he told her how his father called him every worthless name there was. How he was a mistake and how he had ruined his life. Tears were quietly running down her face as he told her of the night he had come home and found his mother's lifeless body lying on the kitchen floor. His father satnding over her, his weapon of death, his fists. She gripped him tightly to her as he told her how he had phased for the first time and tore his father apart right then and there.

Once he was done, tears were rolling down his own cheeks. He felt as if a weight had been lifted from him. Sharing this part of him that was so horrible had freed a part of him he did not know had been in bondage. She held him and whispered her pride to him. Pride for being a real man and taking up for his mother. She countered what he had been taught about himself. He WAS worth something. He WAS NOT a mistake. It WAS NOT his fault that his father had chosen the lifestyle he lived. She told him of her pride and devotion for him. She told him of the strength she gained from him in the short time she had known him. And finally when they were both sobbing, she told him not to blame himself for his father's death. His wolf may have been the instrument, but his father had orchestrated his own death by his lifelong behavior of booze and hate.

They held each other, healing one another for what seemed like hours. When they had both calmed down they looked into each others eyes and could see a lightness there that wasnt present before.

Paul's stomach broke them out of their little cocoon. Laughing she kissed him and got out of bed.
He watched her walk to his his dresser naked. He felt his dick starting to stir again. He couldnt help it. She had such a hot little body. After having first hand experiance with that fine piece of ass, he wa afraid he would stay hard.

After she found one of his shirts to put on, she started walking to the door. " Come on baby, get up...I'm starving and we have to come back to reality at some point." she said smirking at him as she caught him staring at her ass.

After a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes, they both showered. Seperately of course, otherwise they wouldn't have made it out of the bedroom. Someone had brought one of her bags over sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Paul grabbed it and sniffed it " Leah" was all he said before pulling on a pair of worn jeans. Boy did he wear them well. A thought occured to her as she was put on her own jeans.

" Dont you have to go to work?"

He grinned at her, before pulling a white t-shirt over his head. " Actually, yes I do. Sam and I shut the sight down yesterday for the uh...meeting. So we have to get back on it today. I'm running a little late thanks to a certain hell cat I know." he said winking at her.

Watching him pull his work boots on, the black ones she had admired in the gas station parking lot, she rolled her eyes at him.

" Please...you are the one who kept us up all night. I am the picture of restraint in this relationship." she said saucily.

He chuckled at her and mumbled out " mmmmm hmmmm"

Looking him over as he stood putting his wallet in his back pocket and his watch on " I dont know if I want you going out looking like that. You know that the rugged construction guy , with buldging muscles popping out everywhere, tight jeans showcasing his firm juicy ass." she trailed off.

Smirking he walked over and grabbed her " Dont worry baby, all those women can look all they want. I'm yours and only yours. I have the bite mark to prove it. Which by the way hasnt healed yet." he told her kissing her.

" Well of course not, it just happened. It will take a while." she said confused

" Baby, as a wolf we have super healing powers. This should have already been healed. But I dont think it will. This is your mark for me. Your brand so to speak. " he told her, loving that she felt the need to mark him as he had her. It didnt hurt that it caused him to have the best damn orgasm of his life either.

" Have any of the other imprints marked their mates?" she asked

" Not that I know of. But I think our bond is beyond the imprint. It would explain why my wolf willingly let you mark me." he responded.

" Hmmm...I wonder..." she trailed off.

" What?" he asked

" Nothing, just something my mom told me about when I was younger. Anyway, I will tell you later. You're already late. So get." she told him slapping his ass.

" Will you be here when I get home or over at Sue's?" he asked silently praying she would just move her shit over here. He couldnt bear to be apart from her.

She smiled at him and leaned into give him a sloppy kiss.

" Baby, I dont want to be away from you either, you dont think it is too soon?" she asked

Grinning like the cat that ate the canary, " No...I dont...get your shit and be here when I get home." he said giving her one last kiss before he ehaded out to his truck.

Pulling out of his driveway, he felt the huge grin on his face. Yeah, he had never been so happy ever...

Ok...tell me what you think...KC