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Promise Of A New Moon

She was tired of the nightmares, the ache in her chest for the place that she had only been to in her dreams. She loaded up the last of her belongings into her beat up old 59' Chevy and headed northwest towards what she had come to think of as her destiny. Paul/ OC

I own nothing but my original characters.....

9. Feels Like Home

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Thanks again for all your reviews. This is a little of getting to know you chapter. Some filler for you. Next chapter out in a few days...The drama will start again soon...

Chapter 9

Feels Like Home

Once had left, Cat looked around his home. She had really not seen much of it. Even though she had stayed here for two nights. What could she say, they had a lot of shit going on.

Looking around the living room, she noticed how very masculine everything seemed. The walls were painted a cream color with one wall a dark blue. The large plush sofa sat in the middle of the room facing the fireplace on the opposite wall. A large flat screen TV was hung above the mantel. There was built in shelving underneath, holding the cable box and a couple of game consoles. Leave it to Paul to have more than one game system.

There were two large overstuffed chairs that sat at an angle on each side of the couch. Close enough to it to allow the oak end tables to be used whether you were in the chair or the sofa.

She noticed that the French doors that led to the back deck from the living area were freshly installed.

Looking around the room once more she noticed a couple of doors behind it. Hmmmm...wonder what these go to. She walked over an opened one to find a half bath. It also looked to be recently done. It had the same color scheme the living room had. Closing the door and heading to the other one, she was not surprised to find a medium sized room that Paul had turned into a mini gym. She looked around at the weight equipment and shook her head. He had told her that because of their transformation they never really had to worry about getting out of shape. She supposed he just liked to work out.

Closing the weight room door, she walked towards the arched doorway of the kitchen. It was beautiful. White cabinets lined the walls. There were also floor cabinets galore. A womans dream kitchen, tons of cabinet space. All of the handles and hardware were black in color. The marble black and gray counter top completed the look. There was also an island in the middle. It came complete with a small sink and a built in cutting board. Very nice. The other door to the kitchen lead out to the entry way and front door. Crossing the entry you found another door with arched doorway. This lead to the large formal dining area. Sitting in the middle of the room there was a huge table. It had to hold at least twenty people. You would think it would seem to crowded with the massive table, but the large picture window it sat in front of gave it a open airy feeling.

She was impressed. He had obviously taken a lot of pride in his home. She knew that he had probably done all the work himself.

Upstairs she noticed there were two rooms in addition to his own large bedroom. Every room seemed to have lots of windows. The two rooms down the hall from his did not have any furniture in them, except for a very old upright piano. She wondered if he played. Her mother had taught her when she was little. She walked over to it and ran her fingers along the keys. It was perfectly tuned. This had to be a family heirloom. There were carving of vines and wildlife along the sides. It was beautiful. He had obviously taken good care of it.

Walking to his room to find her Ugg boots, she stopped to make up the bed. His room was large and painted the same deep blue that was in the living room. There were not a lot of pictures on the walls. A few of him and the pack sat on his dresser. She looked at one of him and Jared. You could tell they were close. She was glad he had someone there for him when he went through all of that horrible shit.

She heard a knock on the door and then she heard the door open and close. She walked downstairs and saw Leah coming into the living room.

" Oh good, I don't have to drag your ass out of bed." was her greeting.

Smirking Cat sat beside her on the couch. " Thanks for bringing my bag over. For some reason, all thought of needing clothes left my mind completely." Cat said smirking at her. She felt good this morning. Shit who wouldn't after last night and hell this morning?

Leah grinned at her. " Oh I bet you horny bitch."

" So whats up? " Cat asked pulling her legs up under her and sinking into the couch.

" Well we had plans yesterday, but as you know, they were canceled unexpectedly. So I thought we could do something today." Leah said sinking back with her. " this couch is comfortable as fuck." she said.

Cat laughed " Yeah, I know. I was just checking out his manly pad. It's really nice and really clean for a bachelor pad." she replied

" Yea, he is kind of a neat freak. He is also a little OCD..Just sayin..." she said

" Well what has happened since yesterday? Any good wolf pack gossip?" Cat asked her. This was nice. Having a girlfriend to shoot the shit with. She had never really had anyone she felt she could do that with.

" Well, miss "I love leeches" forever is still at Jake's moaning over the mind reader. She hates you by the way. It's all your fault this happened." Leah said smirking at her, letting her know how ridiculous she thought that was.

Cat shrugged. Of course she blamed her. God forbid she look at herself for any fault in her own situation.

" She'll get over it or not...I don't really give a shit. But how is Jake?" she asked worriedly. She worried for Jake, even though she did not know him that well.

Shrugging she said, " He is conflicted. One part of him wants to just wash his hands of the whole thing with her. I mean, that girl has put him through the ringer. Anyway, the other part of him wants to coddle her and keep her near him regardless."

Cat sighed heavily " You know I barely know him, but he seems like a really good guy. I hate that he feels he should settle for someone who doesn't seem to give a shit about anyone except herself and her precious leeches. Why did he not just let them take her back with them? I mean they created this shit, they should have to fix it." Cat said heatedly.

" I guess he just does not want to take a chance that they would continue to thrall her or whatever. Who knows. It's almost like he imprinted on her. The devotion. Being anything she wants him to be. All I see is it is at the expense of himself. Imprinting is such bullshit." Leah snarled out.

Cat raised a brow at her. " Oooookay...so you don't like imprinting. What is up with that? Don't tell me nothing or you don't want to talk about it. You know my sordid past, so tell me bitch." Cat told her.

leaving no room for discussion. Leah glared at her until she saw that it had no affect what so ever on Cat. She was used to people backing off when she gave them the bitch glare. But nooo not her spirit sister. Shaking her head she told her about her and Sam.

" We were supposed to get married. You know we all should have known. I mean we have heard all the legends growing up. But we always thought they were just that, legends. When Sam first phased he disappeared for a while. I was so worried about him. I went to my father, a tribe elder, for help. He made me so mad. He did not seem worried at all. It pissed me off. None of the elders or my mom would listen to my fears." she sighed heavily. Cat was in shock. Leah and Sam? Oh my God. But she could see it now. The little looks passed between them when they thought no one was watching.

" He came home about a month later. But it wasn't the Sam I had grown to love over the past four years. He was not the carefree man I had known. He hardly smiled anymore and he was always disappearing for hour at a time. Whenever I would ask him where he had gone to, I would get some bullshit answer.

We fought a lot, but the wedding was still on. I loved him after all. Who says a marriage is all rainbows and sunshine? I thought we would eventually get through this. " she stopped to compose herself for the next part.

Cat saw her struggling and reached her hand over and laid it on top of hers. Not saying a word she just gave her a reassuring squeeze.

" My cousin Emily had come down a few days before the wedding. I could not stand her. None of us could in the family. She was always so manipulative, ya know? She always felt like she was owed something. She had a lot of people fooled with her sugary sweetness. It was sickening. But I had seen her true colors. Sam had come over and I went to introduce him and BAM! All of my hopes and dreams were gone in an instant." Leah finished.

Cat grabbed her hand and tugged trying to get her to look at her. When she finally raised her eyes, Cat saw unshed tears. It hurt her so bad to see her friend, her sister in so much pain still.

" You listen to me Leah Clearwater. He may be with her, But it is not because he loves her. I have seen that in the little time I have been here. I have also seen the way he looks at you. She gets the manufactured wolf voodoo...while you get Sam the man. The real shit." Cat told her watching as tears ran down Leah's cheeks. She angrily wiped them away. If was as if she hated any show of weakness.

" Besides there has to be a way to break an imprint. He is absolutely miserable have you noticed?" Cat asked.

" Yes, I have. I know him better than he knows himself. He is very unhappy. Even though he tries his damnedest not to let it show. She is slowly draining the life out of him. But Cat, there is supposedly no way to break an imprint. The elders don't even think it is possible." Leah said sighing heavily. She wished she could help Sam break his imprint. Not for her, for him. She had so much hurt and anger towards him, but she still wanted him happy or at least at peace. Which he clearly was not.

Catarina was tapping her lips with a red fingernail thoughtfully. There had to be a way. She could not stand Emily and if her feelings were right (which they usually were) Sam couldn't either. Why be with someone who makes you miserable, just because of some stupid magic bullshit. Who says fate cant get it wrong sometimes?

" Well we will just have to find a way. Because Emily is one of the most foul people I have ever met." Cat said with a grimace.

" So back to the Jake situation. What is he going to do keep her at his house with him until she is over her withdrawals or whatever?" Cat asked.

" Hell who knows. It is ridiculous the way he is with her. Maybe he needs an intervention?" Leah asked coyly. Cat laughed, but agreed.

" The only thing that boy needs is to quit thinking with his henry." Cat replied rolling her eyes.

" Henry? What the hell?" Leah asked her.

So Cat told her the story she told Paul earlier. By the end Leah was gasping for breathe, she was laughing so hard. " Oh my God...and you told Paul this?" she choked out.

" Yes and he had the same reaction as you. I mean come on, going around saying penis, is not happening for me. Cock only sounds good when one is buried deep inside of you, and dick...well thats just not happening for me either. I mean what if you were in the company of someone named Dick?" Cat asked seriously. Leah was rolling around cackling at her new found sister.

" OK, Henry it is...wait till the guys hear this conversation." she replied when she finally could.

" Paul asked me to move in with him and I said yes. " Cat told her out of the blue. She was happy about it, but a little nervous too. She had never lived with a man before.

" Well I'm not surprised. I know you guys have the imprint, but it is more than that isn't it?." she replied

Cat thought a moment. It was more than that. Without the supernatural crap, she knew they would still be together. She could not explain why. She nodded her head.

" His wolf allowed me to mark him this morning. It hasn't healed yet and Paul doesn't think it will." she told Leah.

Leah was surprised his wolf would allow such a thing. Male wolves were dominate by nature. It was very interesting that Paul's wolf did not seem threatened by his mate marking him.

" I'm sure when Sam finds out, he will want to talk with the elders about it. Be prepared for an inquisition. " she warned Cat.

" I'm not worried about it. I wouldn't mind reliving mine and Paul's activities. Even if it is to a bunch of horny old men." she replied.

Leah shook her head and chuckled. She loved this girl. After they talked for a while longer, they decided to go over to Sue's and get Cat's car and the rest of her stuff. Once they were done there they headed over to the diner in Leah's mustang for some lunch.

Walking into Sue's diner, Cat was taken aback. It was like walking back into time. It reminded her of a 1950's diner. Complete with the red vinyl booths and backless bar stools. There were framed prints of old Hollywood movie stars. Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable to name a few. It was very charming. She felt like she needed to be in a poodle skirt with a pair of saddle oxford's on her feet.

They claimed a booth overlooking the parking lot. They chatted as they waited for their waitress to take their order.

" Hey you know when we were in the woods yesterday waiting on the leeches?" Leah asked her voice low.

She shook her head.

" You asked what the awful smell was. How could you smell them?" Leah asked

" Them? Is that what leeches smell like?" at Leah's nod she continued " Eww...no wonder their yall's natural enemy. It's awful." she said wrinkling her nose in disgust.

" Yea, but you as a human, should not be able to smell them at all." Leah said with a pointed look.

Cat just looked at her. Weird...

" Well what does that mean? That I am not human?"

" I have no idea what it means. But you know Sam is most likely your brother. I mean you guys look so much alike. And how many Uley's do you know? He has the wolf gene, passed on from his father, your father. Joshua is also a wolf or was. Who knows if he still phases or not. No one has heard from him in years"


Great...she could be a she wolf...Thats just great..

" But shouldn't I have phased already. I mean I was exposed when I was younger. You guys said it was usually brought on by being exposed to vampires. In some cases, Paul said Sam had to get certain guys angry in order to bring on the phase so they wouldn't suffer anymore than they had too. I was so angry yesterday. I was literally having red vision. " Cat told her. She did not know how to feel about the possibility of becoming a wolf. She couldn't imagine it really. Being mated to one seemed like a big enough job.

" True...I could tell. It's like I felt a portion of your anger. It was weird. You are part Apache as well. I wonder if they have any legends and if their is any "truth" to them." Leah asked lost in thought.

Her mom had told her several stories from her tribe as a young girl. None about shape shifting though. There was the one that she was reminded about with Paul this morning. But that really did not have anything to do with turning into a wolf. Hmmmm...There conversation was halted by the sound of someone approaching their table. Maybe it was the waitress, finally.

:Looking up, Cat saw a bleached blond girl with too much makeup and fake boobs. She was smacking her gum as she asked them what they wanted to order. Cat raised an eyebrow and looked over at Leah. She was trying to hold in a grin. Can you say Flo?

" Can I take your order." she said in a whiny voice that grated on Cat's last damn nerve. Wincing Cat turned to look up at her.

" Uh...I want a sweet tea and a burger and fries with no onions."

Leah said " The same"

After their server left, Cat looked at Leah and shook her head.

" Her name is Lacey and she is absolutely in love with Paul. He hasn't given her the time of day of course, but when he comes in for lunch with his crew, she practically dry humps him." Leah told an amused Cat.

Chuckling she replied. " Well he is hot. I mean who wouldn't want to dry hump him?"

After they got their food they started eating. The only sounds were of them stuffing their faces.

Leah looked over Cat's shoulder and grinned.

Cat stuffing fries into her mouth hungrily looked to Leah. Looking over her shoulder to see what had captured her attention, she saw a dirty sweaty sexy Paul walk in with Jared and Sam. Swallowing her fires with a gulp, she watched as he looked around for a moment. Right before his gaze could settle in their direction, fake tits made her advance. Cat watched trying not to laugh as Paul tried to keep her at arms length. The girl had no shame. She was thrusting her fake tits in his face, all the while he was looking at anything but her.

" You could help him out you know." Leah whispered so the guys could not hear. Cat saw the amused expression on her face and felt her own lips curving.

She supposed she could, but really it was kind of funny to watch.

She would have let him continue to struggle with the girl, but when Luci's ...Lexi or whatever her name is gripped his arm, Cat's possessive side came roaring out.

Standing up she walked over to the door, Leah's quiet laughter following her. Sam and Jared noticed her first. They both smiled warmly at her and rolled their eyes toward the tart that had HER Paul in her evil grip.

" Hey baby..." she said.

Paul's head whipped around at almost inhuman speed. When he saw her, his face lit up like a kid's at Christmas. She chuckled at him. Poor baby...he looked so relieved.

Fake tits had whipped her head around as well and was eyeing Cat with disdain. Which Cat could care less about. She cared more about the fake fingernails now digging into her mans arm.

" What are you doing here little girl?" Paul said trying to remove the she demons claws from his arm.

Watching him struggle for a minute not to hurt the clueless broad, she finally had had enough.

" Excuse me...uh...Lori was it?" Cat said overly polite.

" It's Lacey." fake tits gritted out through her teeth. Cat's smile got wider.

" Listen Lauren, obviously this " she looked over to Paul and eyed him up and down sexily " hot piece of ass doesn't want to be bothered. So why don't you run along and fetch some more tea for me and my friend over there." Cat said her eyes not leaving Paul's.

As he watched her eye fuck him , he felt his dick twitching. Scenes from their lovemaking going through his mind for the thousandth time today. She was so fucking sexy. She looked hot in her tight t-shirt and hip hugging jeans. Her hair in a messy bun with no make up on. Absolutely exquisite.

" It's LACEY...Why don't you mind your own business. This is a private matter between Paul and myself." the idiot with bad hair and fake tits told his Cat. This girl was the bane of his existence. He had contemplated not ever coming back here again because of her. No matter how many times and different ways he told her no, she just kept trying.

Hearing Jared and Sam snickering behind him, he smiled as well. Little Lacey was about to have her ass handed to her if she wasn't careful. His girl did not play around.

" Whatever Leanne, get your claws out of my guy and get back to doing your job. You get paid to serve food, not your ass. So move it. For future reference, Paul is off limits to you and any other skitch that wants what is mine. Now I have refrained from physically removing you from his person, but if you continue in this endeavor I will be forced to take action. Now no one here wants that right?" Cat told her, already getting a headache from her whiny nasally voice.

During her talk, Sam, Jared and Leah who had heard every word were doubled over laughing. Paul stood their with a wide grin, hearing her claim him seemed to be the only words registering for him.

This possessive side of her was fuck hot. He couldn't wait until he got home this evening.

Lacey not understanding all of the words Cat had used, got the gist of it and removed her nails from him, before stomping off.

Paul pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she was breathless. She pulled back and grabbed the arm, Lulu had her claws in and inspected it. Paul seeing this felt a jolt in his heart. He had never had anyone look after him before. He was overcome with so many emotions while she quietly looked his arm over.

Sam and Jared had left to join Leah.

" That skitch... Is your arm ok baby?" she asked him running her hand over the now healing gauges.

" I'm fine baby. See it's already healing." he said reaching up to cradle her face tenderly.

Cat still checking out his arm said " Well we may need to get you a tetanus shot. What if she has rabies? I mean, the girl has skank written all over her. There is no telling where those claws have been.'" she said.

Suddenly her eyes widened . " Ewww...what if she touched her Sally and didn't wash her hands?" she said causing the guys to look confused and Leah and Paul to crack up laughing.

Chuckling and hugging her tightly to him, he walked her back over to the table.

Sam had pulled a chair over and Jared slid in beside Leah. Cat scooted over and Paul sat down beside her. He put his arm over the back of the table, his fingers playing with her hair.

" What are you two out doing today?" Sam asked looking to both Leah and Cat.

" Well, we picked up my stuff from Sue's and took it to Paul's. Then decided to have lunch. I need to go to the grocery store and pick up some stuff for the house." Cat answered.

" So already moving in huh?" Jared said teasing her. Paul shot him a glare.

" Yes, what of it Jarhead?" Cat challenged.

Snickers came from Paul, Leah and Sam.

" Hey! ...I'm just teasing you, ." Jared said holding his hands up defensively. Cat gave him a playful wink.

" Let me give you my credit card for the groceries." Paul said reaching for his wallet. Putting her hand on his. She shook her head.

" I got it. Don't worry about it." she said.

" You don't have to do that. " he told her.

" Paul, I am not going to live off of you. I will help with the bills. Speaking of which I need to find a job." she said thinking she might have to go into Port Angeles for work. She did see not much of anything when she came through Forks and La Push was even smaller than that. She could ask Sue if she needed any extra help.

" Baby, you don't have to rush out and find a job right away. I have enough money to support you. Don't worry about it." Paul said really not wanting her to work at all. The man in him wanted to take care of her in every way. That included financially as well.

" Paul, I 'm not going to sit at home eating bonbon's while you work. It would drive me crazy. I have always worked. I know you want to take care of me, but part of taking care of me is letting me do what I need to do in order to feel good about me. Do you understand?" she implored him to understand what she was saying.

He studied her for a moment. He knew she had to have some level of independence form him. He did not like it, but she was right, she would eventually come to resent the situation and it would cause all sorts of issues to arise with them.

" I get it. But I don't want you having to drive into Port Angeles every day. Maybe Sue needs some help here." he said

Leah and the guys had been watching them discuss issues like they were an old married couple.

Sam and Jared both were amazed at Paul. He never cared about such things before. He would work, patrol, get laid then go home and sleep. Never had they seen him look so domesticated.

Jared was happy for his friend. He knew Cat was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Shit, they had only been in each other's lives for a couple of days and their comfort level with each other was unreal. It took him and Kim a lot longer to get to where they were now.

Sam was thinking that he wished he had known he had a sister. He would have brought her here when her mother died and taken care of her. He had so many things he wanted to talk to her about. But he wasn't sure if she was up for it. When he claimed her as his family to the Cullen's, he saw her acceptance. But they still needed to talk. Emily wasn't making it easy for him either. She couldn't stand Catarina and she had let him know that sister or not, she did not want her in his life at all. It's funny the imprint would usually compel him to do whatever she asked. But with this situation, he knew he would pursue a relationship with her, imprint be damned. It was like their familial bond out ranked the imprint bond.

" I went by Jake's before I picked Cat up. Bella seems to blame Cat here for all of her misfortune." Leah said smirking at Cat.

Cat rolled her eyes. She felt Paul tense beside her. Absently she ran her hand over is thigh.

" Well we know she is having withdrawals or whatever from the mind fuck the mind reader did to her." Jared said trying to be diplomatic about the Bella issue.

Cat snorted. He eyed her questioningly. Rolling her eyes she snuggled into Paul's side.

" Whatever. The girl is fine. She can blame me all she wants. I don't care. I'm glad that fucker is dead. I don't know the whole situation with her and Jake, but it's clear he needs to grow a pair and quit being her bitch boy." Cat said shrugging. " And don't let her use that vampire mind fuck shit as an excuse to be a bitch to everybody. The girl seriously needs to grow up and deal with the consequences of her actions." Cat told them. Not feeling once of sympathy for the Swan girl.

" Well we think her personality changed so much due to the thrall she was under." Sam added in.

"When did she start seeing the leech?" Cat asked

" I guess it was about a year and half ago, probably almost two years now." Sam said thoughtfully.

" And when did you all notice the change in her attitude?" Cat asked.

" Right after she got back from Italy saving the leech." Paul told her.

" OK I get that I am missing a good chunk of the story here. Want to enlighten me?" she asked

So they began the story her and her leech. Starting from what they knew of their first meeting, going through her birthday and Sam finding her laying in the woods zombified. Her and Jake hanging out. How they could all see how she was using him, but he wouldn't listen.

They told her it was almost as if Jake had imprinted on her, because of his devotion to her. They had never seen anything like it.

They then told her how she abandoned Jake, because the midget leech had come back thinking she had died due to a cliff jumping incident. How the mind reader had been told she died, so he went to Volterra, home of the kings of all vampires asking for death himself. How midget leech had talked her into going to save the idiot.

Finally ending with Jake trying to resume their "friendship" after awhile and discovering her complete attitude change.

They all sat quietly after that. Each thinking over the events of the past almost two years.

" Maybe Jake is supposed to imprint on her." Cat finally said to break the silence. She still didn't care to much for Bella. We all make choices and she chose to start it with the leech. It sounded like this thrall or whatever, did not happen until after she came back from Italy. That meant the leech didn't force her to get into a relationship, even after she found out what he was.

They all looked up at her. Huh...

" What do you mean?" Leah asked

" Well if her mind has been fucked with, then its possible the imprint cant complete itself because something your mortal enemy did to her. They are your only enemy right? So it stands to reason that anything they could do to a human would block anything that had to do with yall." she said getting a sip of her tea. She loved sweet tea.

Paul stared at her. " Baby, do you know how sexy it is that your so smart?" he said running his thumb over her lip. She got lost in his soulful eyes until Jared said " Come on guys. Knock it off."

Snapping out of their staring contest, they turned and glared at Jared for interrupting. He shook his while chuckling.

" It makes sense. I wonder if the elders would know anything about it." Sam said getting everybody back on track.

" Probably not,,,but it wouldn't hurt to ask." Leah replied.

" We also need to tell them that Cat was able to mark me." Paul threw out there.

Jared and Sam looked at him in shock. Leah sat there smugly, she already knew.

" What? How could she do that? Has it healed?" Sam asked incredulously.

" No, it hasn't healed and I don't think it's going to. My wolf loved that she marked us." He told Sam.

Sam and Jared were surprised. Their wolf would never allow that.

Cat started to tell them what her mother had told her all those years ago, but didn't. That was something she wanted to share with Paul first.

" We will call a meeting and discuss both issues" Sam said

" Uh Cat, I was wondering if maybe you and I could get together and talk?" Sam said, insecurity in his voice.

" Sure. That would be fine. Maybe you can come by the house and we can talk." then she said " Just the two of us."

Sam did not miss the implication. NO EMILY! That's what he had in mind anyway, so he shook his in agreement.

We need to get back to the Weber's." Paul said regretfully. He stood up and through some bills down to cover their meal.

Walking her out to Leah's car, he pulled her into his arms. Not wanting to be away from her for even a few hours.

Jared and Sam headed over to his truck and got in. Leah was already in the car and had it running. She honked the horn, laughing as they jumped apart scowling at her.

" Sam, just go slow with this whole sibling shit ok?" Paul told Sam as they headed back to the job site.

Sam looked over to him. Quirking his eyebrow in question.

" What do you mean?" he asked

" She is juts leery of letting to many people in. She hasn't had a family since her mom and even then it was just the two of them. Her tribe apparently disowned her mother for getting pregnant while not married. Just go at her pace. Also she is concerned that Emily will try to come in between the two of you. You know causing you to choose between them. She knows you would choose the imprint , but where would that leave her?" Paul told him pulling up to the Weber house.

Sam understood and didn't blame her for feeling that way. Emily had pretty much let Cat know she did not want her around. Shit he even moved to defend Emily from her the night of the bonfire. Even though it was just a knee jerk reaction, he knew it had let her know where his loyalty lie. He would have to let her know that wasn't the case where she was concerned. He wanted his little sister in his life and if Emily didn't like it, well then tough shit.

" I get it. Don't worry I will let her lead the way." Sam told Paul getting out the truck.

Paul got back to work pulling out the old cabinets in the Weber's kitchen, with one eye on his watch. Counting down the minutes until he could see his little girl again.

After Leah had dropped her back off at the house. Cat started putting up the groceries she had bought.

She decided to cook some steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. Covering the marinating steaks, she ran up stairs to Paul's room ( well their room now) and started putting her clothes up. Once that was done she changed into a pair of tiny shorts and a tank top. She headed back downstairs with a load of her and Paul's dirty clothes. She found the laundry room in a room off the kitchen she had not noticed before.

She was in the kitchen throwing a salad together when she heard Paul come in.

" Hey baby..." he said walking into the kitchen. Damn he was just so sexy.

He picked her up, bringing her to his eye level and kissed her breathless. She melted into him. God would she ever react normally to him? She hoped not.

Setting her down while still attached to her mouth, he pulled away finally resting his forehead on hers.

" I missed you little girl." he told her staring deeply into her eyes. He had too. He could not ever remember a longer day.

" I missed you too baby, but your not distracting me. Go shower and I will start the grill. I will meet you on the deck." she told him giving him a quick peck, then ducking under his arm.

About twenty minutes later Paul came downstairs in nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. Cat eyed him from her position at the grill and licked her lips hungrily. Seeing her reaction he smirked at her.

" See something you like?" he asked.

" You bet I do. Isn't that why you came out here dressed like that?" she replied humor lacing her voice

" Maybe I want to keep you all hot and bothered. Besides those tiny ass shorts you have on have had me hard from the moment I came in and I know you had that in mind when deciding what to wear." he grinned, taking over grill duty for her.

Chuckling, she disappeared into the house to get some beers. Handing him one she sat down on one of the deck chairs. It was really nice out here. His backyard butted up to the thick forest. There was not another house around for about a half a mile. It was very private and cozy. She loved it.

They hung out while the steaks cooked and just talked about small things. It was nice. Both of them enjoying each other's company.

Once they had eaten and cleaned up the kitchen, they headed up stairs to bed.

After a couple of hours of sweet and slow lovemaking, Paul held her tightly to him as she fell into a deep sleep. He could not believe that she was here with him. He knew he did not deserve her. But he would be damned if he would ever turn her loose.