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After Storm

Life can be difficult when a storm comes along. Renesmee is grown now, truly a part of the Cullen family and gaining attention from Jacob that she isn't used to. She is watching as he pushes their relationship farther and farther to the point where the rainclouds break and it all seems to fall upon her shoulders. Is she capable of love? What are these frightening new feelings that she has for an unexpected character? And, more importantly, what comes after the storm?

Hey, twihards, what comes after a storm?

1. Its only twilight, darling

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There was nothing but an open field.

It was fairly large, with a few scattered trees within its boundaries of large conifers that defined it. I welcomed the scenery. It was serene, soft, while the air held a different and more urgent sort of vibe.

I was watching two figures, somewhere hidden in the depths of the shadows of a large conifer. The outline of their bodies were strangely fuzzy, unlike their surroundings. The smaller one was colored white, and nothing but paleness in color. The other was a mix of white and bronze, their mane was red and wild, and the outline of her was distinctly feminine. She hugged her knees like a small child.

A rustling came from behind me, and before I could turn to see what was approaching, the two strangers jerked their heads in my direction and I was lost in a sea of brown and blue depths . . . .

It was as if being pulled head-first through a tunnel. Dammit. There was no way for me to become dizzy, but this was the closest I could come to it, coming out of a premonition.

I was suddenly glad my brother wasout with his wife. I wasn't sure what his reaction would be, seeing his daughter in this indecisive future. Something pulled at me from somewhere in the back of my mind, but the thought was not ready to show itself. I chose to reminisce later.

Now was not the time, anyway. Renesmee was bounding softly down the stairs now.


I opened my eyes at the sound of tiny, electronic bells. The least annoying ringtone setting on my cell phone. I reached out with my right hand to grab it.

I had the best luck with touch-screens. My body, unlike my family-members', produced heat. They didn't have to tweak my phone because the phone already registered my touch.

Jacob. He was insistent that I came down and talked with him.

My bed was soft. I had soft music playing. My heater was running on high. I had just gotten home from a hunting trip last night and I was damn tired.

Humor him. I hated my compassionate side.

I threw my legs over the side of my oh-so-comfortable bed and felt my muscles tense and strain under the weight of me when I stood. My body wasn't easy to tire out, but you're rarely off of your feet when on a long-range hunting trip, and my strong body was worn out. I contemplated for a moment hitting Jake with some sort of large object and then wondered if Alice had seen it in the fleeting moment before I had decided to be nice.

My shorts and cotton shirt would have to do for him. This boy was ther when I was born, and certainly was not at my best then. As I leaped down the stairs, I wondered what my hair looked like.

Alice's eyes shot into me. They brought me to a pause on the last stair. Without changing her expression, she lifted her hand with all fingers curled into her fist but three . . .

Two fingers . . .

One finger . . .

I jumped as the door swung open to reveal Jacob in all of his half-naked glory. He shook his hair out as he closed the door behind him and I felt my eyebrow raise at his usual cocky attitude. The attitude of the alpha as the wolves like to say.

I turned my head back to Alice. Her hand was still up with now no fingers showing and smirk plastered onto her pixieish face.

Jake threw himself onto the couch – poor couch, it looked so small compared to him – and made a show of making himself comfortable. I envied him. I missed my bed.

I was rigid as I sat myself beside him, unable to truly be comfortable without the sweet sounds of my radio. I couldn't truly complain about the heater, seeing as Jake was as much of a heater as anyone should ever need. I resigned myself to a few more hours of resigning to the desires of others.

I threw him a withering look and he passed me the remote. He didn't seem in the least repentive. He seemed to take pity on me, though. I flipped through the channels sleepily, not truly reading the titles.

True Life?

A Haunting?

The L Word?

Jacob shifted and I suddenly became all too aware of his arm laying lazily behind me, resting on the back of the couch.

I suddenly became sleepier and clicked on the next show I saw. I didn't know what Secret Life of the American Teenager was about, and I wasn't sure if I'd have any more information by the time the show was over. My eyes closed.