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Learning To Love

Calypso Kinnear has been lost for a long time. Since her fifth birthday, her life began falling apart. She decided to never love again. It was easy to do... Until she met Jacob Black: a charming, handsome boy who seemed bent on making her love him. As time goes on, Calypso finds it harder and harder not to fall for the irresistible, lovelorn boy. But Calypso knows that love is just a fairy-tale. The same as werewolves and vampires... Who believes in that stuff anyway?

Jacob Black romance filled with desire and conflict. A great read.

1. Prologue

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Do you know what it feels like to live without love? To have the very few reasons you have to exist disappear before you could even vow to never let them go?

It feels endless.

It feels like tumbling forever into a pit of nothingness, somersaulting and twirling mid-fall and trying madly to grasp hold of lifelines that aren’t there. It feels like walking into a cold, dark tunnel that isn’t close to ending and never will be. It feels like standing in a wall of flames, screaming for help as you watch your skin blister and crumple under the heat’s hot tongues, but never dying; never seeing help coming.

It feels like your mother charging at you ready to kill; your brother sitting in the corner oblivious to the world.

This is why I don’t want to love. This is why I don’t want to feel like a human and not a soulless monster anymore. Why I refuse to let anyone take me into their arms and make me feel invincible. I don’t want to feel whole and safe and finally at peace…

Only to forever fall into a pit of nothingness once again.