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Finally Coming Home

Bella and her daughter where kicked out of their house when phil moved in what will happen when she meets Edward will he accept her. what happens when the dad of Kelli moves to forks. bad at summaries please read and review AH B/E


1. Coming Home

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i own the peom it is one that i have written

God are you there

I am here my child

What is that you need

He says to the crying girl

I was just wondering why you made me this way

What way my child you are perfect

No I am not I am sick

I cry sll the time sometimes I even get sad

My child I made you this way because you are strong

You have a story to tell b6

Yes life may be hard most of the time

But do not worry my child

I will be there for you every step of the way

This one of my favorite poems. I love how God is there for that to help that poor girl. Hey my name is Isabella Swan. But please call me Bella and I 18 years old. I am senior in high school or I will have a daughter and she is 2 years old yes that mean I was 16 when I had her. It has not really been that hard. My mom has not been there to help me she just kicked me out of the house. The only reason she does not want me to live with her any more is because of her new boyfriend Phil. He has her wrap around his little finger. So I am moving in with my dad lets just say he was not to happy to here that she took Phil's side over mine. I use to spend most of my summers with him. But then I had Kelli. Her dad has been there for us since she was born. He was not to happy that we where moving. He wanted us to move in with him. She really does not look like her dad. She has big chocolate brown eyes. She has black hair like her dad but it is wavy like mine. See I have plain brown hair and brown eyes.

When I called my dad up he was more than happy to have both me and Kelli live there.


"Hey dad" I said to him

"Hey bells" he said to me

"I have a question for you" I said a little nervously

"Ok shoot" he said

"I was wondering If I could come and live with you" there was a long pause.

"Well sure but how come if you don't mind me asking" here goes nothing I thought to myself.

"Mom does not want me living in her house with Kelli anymore she was fine with it until Phil moved in and now that he is here he has mom doing what ever he wants. And he does not want us to love here anymore and I am not going to be moving in with Luke." I was cut off by Charlie.

"Who is Luke again?" he asked.

"Luke is Kelli's father dad." Now he got it

"Oh ok. Wait did you say that it is Renee's new boyfriend that does not want you to live there AND WHY IS THAT? I CANT BELIEVE HE IS KICKING YOU OUT OF YOUR OWN HOUSE." By the end he was shouting so I had to move the phone away from my ear.

"Yep dad they don't want me here anymore so can I move in with you?" I asked

"Well of course you can Bells as soon as you want too." Thank God!

"Thanks dad I will see you in a few days ok bye dad." I hung before he could change his mind.


I was on my way to the little town of forks that is in Washington. It took about two hours to get to Denver and from there I was on another plan to Port Angeles. That plan ride was only about an hour and when we when we finally arrived I grabbed our bags and me and Kelli where on our way to find Charlie. As expected Charlie has his police cruiser. Charlie is a police officer known as Chief Swan to the good people of forks. The car to his house was silent for the most part. When we got to the house it was Just as I remembered it was a three bedroom house with a master bath and guess who got that me. we walked in to the house and I took Kelli to her room so she could get a nap after the long trip we just had.

"Come on Kelli it is time for a nap say good night to grandpa." I said as I was picking her up

"But mommy I am not tried." She said through a yean.

I was about to say something but Charlie bet me to it "Now don't fight with your mom. I will see you when you wake up." But Kelli was already a sleep before he could finish I said my thanks and went up stairs to Kelli's room.

Her room was nothing special right now there was a crib and a rocking chair from when I was little. The walls were a white color but I made a mental note to go out and get some stuff for her room. After I got her down I went to my room to put my stuff away and well it was the same as I left. There were only some miner changes there was a desk. On top of the desk was a new laptop, cell phone and a set of keys. Next to that was a note that said

Bella I am so happy that you are home I knew that you would need a computer for school and here is a cell phone so that I can always get a hold of you.

Yep that is just like my dad needing to know where I am at all times

Not only is for that but I gave the daycare center the number so if they need to get a hold of you if there is something wrong with Kelli. And the keys well I thought that you will be needing something to get you around the town. Because I now that you don't want to take the cruiser so come down stairs and take a look at your new car.

P.S I am so happy to have you home


I made a note to thank him later not that is was a big deal we do have money I am not saying we are loaded or anything but we did have some money.

So I did as the note said I took the keys and went down the stairs. When I got there Charlie had a huge smile on his face.

"Come this way." Was all he said.

When I went outside I saw a black 09 Cadillac CTS-V

"OMG I can not believe that you got this for me this was the car I was looking at before I came here how did you know?" I asked.

"Well you were talking about so I thought I would get it for you as a homecoming present." All I could do was run up and hug him. "Oh and I thought that you might want to redo Kelli's room so I got you a debet card with money on it. So when ever you want to go shopping here it is. Oh and I signed you up for school you start Monday just so you know."

"Thanks dad." That was all I could say.

Nothing else really happened after that I cooked me and Charlie dinner Kelli didn't wake up for the rest of the night I guess she was really tired. I took a shower and then I let the dark take me over.