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The Vamp lover and the Wolf

Sam goes out on the day Edward leaves Billy, when he finds her, His whole world stops and starts to focus around this one girl. Only problem? Charlie has no idea why Sam has to be so close to Bella.


1. The woods

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He left me, he actually left me. I have been wandering around the forest trying to find him, thinking this has to be a practical joke or something. But no, he's truly gone. I fall to the ground sobbing. I don't know how long I had been crying, but I had started to feel drowsy and not be able to see. I let my eyes close and blackness overtook me.


I jolted up, when a giant black wolf came out of the bushes. I went completely still... I tried to inch backwards, but he just growled at me and came forward. He bent his head to my neck and inhaled. I was stunnede into silence. What?! A giant 250 pound werewolf is smelling my neck and nuzzling me and I'm actually starting to feel good? What the fuck is wrong with me. I had just realized my hands had a mind of their own, they were stroking through his fur, there was a noise in the air, what was it? A purring sound was coming from him. I laughed, and it caused my hands to slip from his neck. He growled and nudged his head back under my hands.

"You're a needy wolf aren't you?"

He just growled and nuzzled into my chest inhaling deeply, I felt a wet stroke right at my collar bone and I jumped.

"Yuck! Don't lick me, i don't know where your tounge has been Fido!" All she got in response was a bark and more nuzzling, she shook her head then a bolt of fear went through her when her wolf stiffened. he turned his head only to relax then nudge her to stand up and step back. She did so when two wolves came out to meet him she gasped. one was just as horse sized as the black one. She watched the giant silver one look at hethen smell in her direction. the brown one gave a wolfy grin, then jumped when black wolf barked. They backed away from her and the air shimmered. Standing before her were three naked Quilette boys. She gasped, and started to wobble, standing where her wolf had been was Sam Uley... the other two were Jared Mohan and Paul Meraz. She shook her head hoping she wasn't dreaming.