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Highschool SUCKS

BELLA SWAN: 17 year old nerd, A+ student, quiet, shy, HATER OF EDWARD CULLEN.... EDWARD CULLEN: 17 year old jock, A+ student, loud, mischeiveous.....HATER OF BELLA SWAN

This is just normal highschool fanfic.... yeah.....enjoy. Also....REVIEW!!!! PLZ REVIEWWWWWWWWWWW OR ELSE U R SERIOUSLY KILLING ME PEOPLE?

1. Goodbye Pheonix, Arizona... Hello Foeks Washington!!!

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BELLA POV: UHHH, i hate waing up in the morning...it sucks. I think of that last thought as i seriously drag myself out of bed, when my akarm rings at 7 am. Well im bella swan. My parents divorced when i was still alittle kid.qq I was pretty much forced to go with my mom to Pheonix,Arizona. Dont get me wrong i learned to love Pheonix for itsweather and beaches and my friends. But since my mom got remarried with a major league baseball player named Phil Dwyer. I guess he is an okay guy....he is just a little akward with teens and kids. EXCEPT...my mom and him are still in the honeymoon stage....yeah kinda akwardaround here. So, i decided to movr back with my dad a little bit. Since, i lived in forks until my parents got divorsed. This is my lastdayin Pheonix. I am going to miss all of my friends who understand me since i am kinda nerdy and i haveglasses. Well, hereiamnow afterschool in my car meeting my mom and step dad atthe airport. I said goodbye to all of my dear friends and we cried thewhole day. I even brought by bff Lexie. We had good times since we were little girls. I promised herand my mom that i would keep in contactwith all of them by email and phone. I hug them and get on my plane getting ready for the four hour ride. The question tht is on my mind is " will i really like forks"? Goodbye Pheonix...Hello Forks Washington.