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The Shadow's Light

Six years after the Seattle Massacre, Kit and her best friend Chrys find themselves kidnapped and turned into vampires by the Volturi! The two girls are convinced they need to help destroy a rogue coven called the Cullens. Something feels off to Kit, but what could it be? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!


2. Chapter One

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Chapter 1: Well, um, that’s....interesting....

I remained frozen-eyes closed-wondering if I was dead. The pain had vanished instantaneously. I had to be dead. Maybe I was dead even before the whole heart-stopping-in-a-less-than-figurative-way thing. What the hell was with that anyway?!

I had lain there awhile just listening. To what? I don’t know! A flurry of sounds filled my ears; normal sounds, but something was off. Everything seemed curiously distinct, it was too clear. I listened to a slight rustle of the leaves, a far off scurrying. Was that a mouse? How the hell could I hear a mouse? Then something else caught my attention, the sounds of velvet voices whispering conspiratorially.

“So why can’t we kill her again?” Came an almost tinkling voice. “She’s taking damn near forever.”

“You idiot,” interjected a more masculine voice that was still strangely...musical, “As bad as it would be crossing Aro, do you know what happens when you break a mirror?” Mirror? What the hell was he talking about? Who cared about stupid mirrors? Or bad luck for that matter? Bad luck didn`t exist...unless that`s what had been trailing me my whole life. It was a funny thought. Some screwed up black cloud followed me my whole life.

“You’re too far gone,” tinkled the female. “Imagine: a superstitious vampire!” Vampire? What the hell?! Maybe I really was, in fact, dead. I definitely lost more than a few screws. There wasn’t such thing as vampires! Was there?

I cautiously peeled my eyes apart to unveil the shadowy canopy of treetops that hovered ominously over me. Where....was I? I let my eyes adjust to the darkness-taking an astonishing one thousandth of a second-and laid there, absolutely dumbstruck. I almost blabbed, “Who turned on the HD?!” This kicked major blue ray ass. There were so many vibrant colours, many of which I couldn’t even name.

I could feel my jaw literally dropping (thus disproving my adamant predisposition that the action was no more than a petty hyperbole used by those who couldn’t think of anything better to write). I stood to my feet-rather I thought of standing and was suddenly doing so. Eh?! Ok, something was totally wrong! Well, duh! What was my first clue!

No heart beat ringing any bells?!

Wow, I’m a retard.

“She’s finally up,” came a chiming chuckle. Apparently I was being waited on. Lovely. I froze, letting only my eyes search out the source of the noise. It didn’t take long to find it, either, the two tall figures stood stock stick against the base of a tree. Their amused grins irked me, enough so that it took me a few moments to realise how ridiculously gorgeous they were. How did two such perfect looking creatures exist? It was just plain inhuman. On another note, how the hell were they standing so damn still? With a sudden start I realised just how motionless I had remained myself.

Then I remembered that it was those two bastards that tricked me. I felt a surge of rage wash through me. I had to focus every fibre of my being to stop myself from lunging at them. Jerks. I was sure my blood was boiling, until I remembered the no heart-beat, circulation, blood thing. Bugger, that was easy to forget. I felt my hands ball into fists as of their own accord, the only slip of my facade of composure.

“A little touchy, are we?” The woman asked in her tinkling, bell-like voice. I didn’t answer, desperately clinging to the last ounce of self restraint left in me. The woman just laughed and continued on, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I snarled, pausing momentarily in confusion. Was that my voice? It was a little too clear...too musical to be mine... If my sanity wasn’t already in question-which, believe me, it was-I just gave myself the coup de grace.

Yippie for me.

“Take it slow, Melis,” the male interjected, “She’s new.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” she sighed. “What’s the use of taking advantage of a newborn, anyway?” I was dumbfounded. Did she honestly just call me a newborn? I was seventeen! I felt a snarl rip through me viciously. I was seconds away from ripping her head off.

The woman, Melis, I was guessing, held up her hands, “Calm down already.” She eyed me warily, as if I were some kind of rabid animal. “We need you to come with us.”

I jutted my chin out defiantly. “And if I refuse?” They couldn’t just order me around. A certain asshole learned that the hard way after he pointed a gun to my head in a convenience store. I had plenty of arrogance to spare, even if they could kick my ass.

“If you refuse,” she mused, her lips twisting into a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, “we’ll just have to take care of cute little Chryssie.” I could feel my every joint tense, my eyes bulging in twin orbs of terror. No, they couldn’t have... I’d told Chrysogon to run!

“What did you do to her,” I managed between clenched teeth. Chrys had never harmed a fly in her whole life; why the hell would they want her? Chrys was even kind enough to accept her, a near lunatic, who had never had a home or family for as long as she could remember.

“The chameleon is fine,” the male chortled. “Stay in line and she’ll stay that way.”

“Chameleon? What the hell are you talking about?” I blurted. “What about Chrysogon!?”

“Same difference,” Melis snorted. “In any case we have more important things to attend to. You feel that burning in your throat? That means it’s time to hunt.”

“...Hunt?” I inquired, at a complete loss. What was this crazy chick going on about now? I was even more confused than before. Sure my throat hurt, but pain was a problem I'd become adept at ignoring. It fluttered in my mind, greatly overshadowed by considerably greater problems. The two strangers didn’t seem to feel like divulging more details. Instead they spun on their heels and sped off at a head-reeling pace. For a lack of a better option, I followed them.

I had always had an...addiction to adrenaline, and had done some pretty stupid things to bring on that rush. Ok, some really stupid things that nearly killed me on a regular basis, but this was something else. The blustering wind that rushed against my face was exhilarating. How I managed to keep up to those two was somewhat of a miracle, had my bounds been as long as theirs, I would have easily passed them, but my swiftness served me almost as well.

I needed answers, and I needed them now. I tried to be patient, but to be honest, it wasn’t working. What the hell what going on?! My unbeating heart, my freakishly sharp senses, my speed, my voice...This was driving me crazy! WHAT DID THEY DO TO CHRYS!?!

My mental spazz attack was halted as I was led into a city. I groaned aloud, Seattle was the last place I wanted to be. I wanted answers right now. We finally stopped in some sort of park but remained fairly well hidden. We hid behind a dense forest area that bordered the area as they once again turned their attention to me. The man gave me an impatient glare which immediately set me on edge. Melis didn’t exactly look too patient either.

“Well?” She hissed at me.

“Well what?” I spat back, still not willing to show any semblance of subordination to the pricks that kidnapped Chryssie. What did she expect from me anyway? Melis’ scowl melted away as a smirk came to take its place.

“Your throat must ache so,” she cooed, trying another approach, “hunting will sooth that pain.”

Her words hit me like a freight train as she inclined her head towards a robust man strolling along mere meters away while whistling tunelessly. No. No way. I could feel my eyes widen in terror. If this was the solution to my throat burning, it could remain on fire until it turned to stone. I remembered those two mention something about a vampire. Is that what I was?

“Where’s Chrys?” I whispered meekly.

“She’s fine,” Melis assured, “Now drink!”

“Not on your life,” I hissed, anger building up inside me. Never would I do such a thing. Not on her life, not on mine, not on anybody’s. I watched in slight satisfaction as her jaw dropped open and she stared at me in shock. Finally I'd gotten something on her. Not that I even really knew what.

“Since when can a newborn resist without second thought?” She fretted to the male. He shrugged, staring at me with a new-and somewhat creepy-interest.

“Aro will certainly find this interesting,” the man finally spoke, “She fared better than her friend.”

“What happened to Chrys?” I interjected, my eyes wild with terror.

“Nothing,” Melis assured me, “she just didn’t have the same reaction to temptation as you.” I paused, letting the full weight of what she’d just said. Chrys had killed somebody. My Chrys. Sweet, innocent, couldn’t-hurt-a-fly Chrys murdered a human being. This news was a little too much for me. Were it not for my pride I may have begun to cry. Assuming I could cry anyway. (Now I know I can’t, not that I mind. Crying never suited me in the first place. I never had support so I learned to carry through things on my own two legs.)

But poor Chrys. What did I do? She shouldn’t be subjected to this. It was beyond cruelty. I didn’t really care about myself, I'd taken worse in stride, but Chrysogon was different. I'd grown up differently, giving me a higher tolerance for pain than Chrys. I could take could take pain with arrogance to spare. She was softer, more delicate.

“Well then,” the man cut into my mental monologue. “If you won’t take him, then I will.” I felt a snarl rip through me menacingly.

“Don’t you dare,” I seethed, snapping out of my daze and focusing everything on him. He grinned, seeming to find my reaction amusing somehow. His smile stretched so wide I could see his fangs. So this was how it was going to be then.

“And who’s going to stop me?” He mused.

“Me,” I whispered with venom, ready to rip his head off if need be.