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The Shadow's Light

Six years after the Seattle Massacre, Kit and her best friend Chrys find themselves kidnapped and turned into vampires by the Volturi! The two girls are convinced they need to help destroy a rogue coven called the Cullens. Something feels off to Kit, but what could it be? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!


3. Chapter Two

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Chapter Two: If at first you don’t succeed, become a vampire and then beat their ass into the ground

I slipped into my sparring stance: standing with my left shoulder facing him, knees slightly bent, my right arm ready to punch, and my left arm on guard. I stood with no weight on my right leg so I could lash out with a round house at a moment’s notice. I watched as he slipped into his own stance which was...strange. He too stood on his side, but in a low crouch, his arms slightly extended. Intrigued, I copied it.

He launched himself at me in a series of swipes and feints, strategically trying to stay at my side. I followed his pattern, dodging each blow expertly. Was this really the same attacker that had floored me in seconds? I searched analytically for holes in his guard, his rhythmic fighting easily imitated in the meantime. I decided to pick up the pace and lead the deadly dance. As we went along, I grew faster and faster without a trace of fatigue. Now this I could get used to.

That’s when I saw the opening. His swipe had been a fraction of an inch too wide, and I seized my opportunity without hesitation. I ducked slightly, flat-palming him hard smack dab in his ribs which sent him flying ten yards into a tree. Instead of going after him, I stood down low in my newly acquired stance and waited, teeth bared.

“How did she...?” Whispered an awestruck Melis as the man stood up casually, holding up his hands in way of surrender. It dawned on me that this had been a joke or a test of some kind. I relaxed.

“I told you,” he replied smugly to the still flabbergasted Melis, “Mirror.” He grimaced slightly, his blood red eyes reflecting pain in the moonlight.

“What do you mean mirror?” I snapped. I was sick of being left out of the loop, this was getting old fast. The man sighed.

“Alright, then,” he gave in, “We are members of the Volturi Guard. The Volturi are a noble coven of vampire who exist to keep our kind safe. Unfortunately, six years ago, we encountered a problem with a particularly large and hostile coven, but they were not alone. They gathered other covens worldwide and stood up openly against us. It was only by some miracle that the encounter led to no bloodshed. They crave nothing but blood and death for all, and we have to stop them.

“So for the past six years we have been trying to locate, or even create vampires with exceptional abilities. You see, vampires tend to be incredibly fast, strong, keen, whatever, but when a human turns into a vampire they tend to carry their most dominant trait with them. Only dramatically amplified. For most vampires it’s the simple things, such as their looks, strength, or speed, but for others it’s their knack at finding things or controlling the emotions of a crowd.” He paused to make sure I was paying attention, which I was. “The latter of the examples are more of an ability than a trait. We classify these abilities very simply, if not drably.

“Our Demitri can find absolutely anyone on the planet. Anyone. We classify him as a tracker. There are many examples of these abilities, like your friend Chrys. We call her a chameleon because she has an ability to blend in. She will eventually be able to morph into any animal she wishes. She could go unnoticed anywhere. But then there’s you. You can easily adopt my fighting patterns as if they were your own, but you could handle that almost flawlessly as a human. This leads me to believe there’s so much more to your talent. In any case, we call your ability to instantaneously adopt other’s techniques a mirror.”

I stared at him wordlessly, taking in everything he’d just said. What kind of parallel universe Superman movie did I land myself in? So I’m now a mirror, eh? Well that’s interesting. But how were they so sure I had this “talent”? How did they know Chrys was a chameleon or whatever, if she hadn’t used this talent of hers yet? Maybe I heard wrong...I decided to find out for certain. “How are you so sure we have these abilities?”

“Oh,” the man laughed, “that’s my ability. I can see the potential of both humans and vampires, much like that Eleazar of the Denali’s.” He spat the name as if it were poison. Note to self: Eleazar=bad.

“Oh,” I mumbled. That made sense. Sort of. As far as the ‘look at me, I’m a vampire with super powers’ thing could ever make sense.

“Would you like to meet them?” Melis sang happily. “Aro’s been dying to meet you!” I nodded dumbly, unable to find the motivation to speak at the moment. I was too bewildered. This is where my stupid-o-meter rises exponentially. I began to think of this as cool. I mean, joining a guard to protect the hidden society of vampires from a giant rogue coven? That sounded like my kind of video game and now I could play it for real.

I was a regular magnet for danger and the only problem that exceeded that one was the fact that I liked it. Yeah, no kidding, there’s something seriously wrong with my head. I practically skipped to the jet. I was excited; I was going to Italy of all places! I was told Chrys had left with that Felix guy that the man who transformed me mentioned because she couldn’t stand being around humans without making a scene.

It turned out Chrys had woken up a solid four days ahead of me. My transformation had taken abnormally long at seven days, though I could have sworn it had taken longer. Despite me taking longer, Chrys had definitely not taken it better. It pained me to hear a recollection of the obvious pain she’d been in; howling, screaming and sobbing throughout the entire ordeal. It was apparently a marvel I had remained silent. I couldn’t help but feel guilty that Chrys had been pained so.

They assured me she was doing fine now, but that didn’t make me feel much better. Especially not until I'd seen her myself. I wondered what had taken me so long to change. I was normally fast at everything I did. I had to give myself a mental slap. It should be bothering me that all this shit was happening, not that it took me so long to turn into a monster!

By the time we’d gotten to the airport I was given sunglasses to wear. I was told that, just like the two vampires who were leading me to Italy, my eyes were a glowing red. I couldn’t get over how spontaneously fidgety they became when we got near humans. It made me kind of nervous, considering how normally ram-rod still they stood. I was given a blanket so I lied down and hoped my “being asleep” would divert attention from my inability to move as I once had.

Not that it really helped much.

I looked like a corpse.