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The Shadow's Light

Six years after the Seattle Massacre, Kit and her best friend Chrys find themselves kidnapped and turned into vampires by the Volturi! The two girls are convinced they need to help destroy a rogue coven called the Cullens. Something feels off to Kit, but what could it be? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!


6. Chapter Five

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Chapter Five: Pick on the new kid. Go ahead. Just don’t cry to me if I cut your tongue out.

I whizzed through the air, crashing into the cement wall with a crack. I hated them all. Over the past few weeks it had become increasingly apparent that I had trouble imitating something that only affected me indirectly. Which meant Melis was having a field day slamming me around the place.

I took some satisfaction knowing that Jane wouldn’t come anywhere near me. Aro had suggested she give it another shot and she’d went down even faster the second time. Served her right. The crowd around me had roared in its approval, making it clear that Jane wasn’t exactly a fan favourite around here.

I staggered to my feet, closing my eyes in annoyance. I just couldn’t get this one down and Alec was all too happy that whenever I started gaining the upper hand on him, Melis would smack me around from out of nowhere. It was bullshit. They couldn’t just let me face one person to adapt their moves, they had to make it a pain in the ass two pronged attack.

To my embarrassment, I admittedly paid too much attention to the golden-eyed vampire when I should have been fighting. He never once took his eyes off me and his gaze was so...intense. He was tall, easily six foot four, and he had perpetually unkempt raven black hair. As much as I hated to admit it, he was stand-out hot, even in a room filled with vampires. I kept finding myself staring in his eyes. I never asked his name, just emphasize to myself that I didn’t care. Unfortunately I did. He seemed to know something that everyone else didn’t. That’s what got my attention.

What could it possibly be? His intensity suggested it could be something big. Maybe even something about me.

He’d never once unveiled his talent to me and never spoke nor trained me. Judging by his eye colour I felt confident in assuming he, too, was a chameleon which would explain the cold shoulder. Why teach me the same basic technique twice?

I shook my head emphatically; I was becoming an obsessed moron. I wasn’t used to giving people much attention, so at the same time as he caught my attention, I couldn’t help but begrudge him for it. I knew it wasn’t fair, but the way he always stared at me, a mixture between calculation and humour, irked me to no end. I tried being patient-overall a new one for me- and hoped I'd find out what was so funny before I cracked his skull open.

I wondered briefly if I even could crack a vampires skull open. I could always try and find out.

“Keep your mind in the game,” Melis hissed, catching me off the side of the face and sending me flying into another wall. The wall probably took more damage than me, but could care less. I snarled, jumping to my feet. Physically, I could have kept going. Psychologically, I was ready to blow a gasket. I knew they were taking it easy on Chrys, and I was grateful, but still.

I felt like some kind of pack mule. I almost felt the need to check and see if there was a sign on by back saying, “New girl, fair game.” I was had to force myself to not appear bothered by the frequency that Chrysogon had to hunt, too. It was borderline unbearable.

Screw this shit, I thought hostilely, making my way towards the large set of double doors. I was leaving and they sure as hell couldn’t stop me. I didn’t have to put up with this. As if on cue the double doors flew open, revealing the figures of the three ancients and their wives. Great, simply freaking great. Aro looked to be practically bouncing up and down. I wasn’t one to say much, but seeing how old he was, wasn’t he a tad immature?

I focused solely on Aro. His eyes glowed exuberantly, like a kid in a candy store. He rubbed his hands together impatiently before clasping them together. What now? I'd been at this for three weeks straight, now what could he possibly want? Double time? If that was the case I'd leave on the spot. I eyed him suspiciously, but he looked ready to hug me. I shuddered at the thought.

“Dear ones,” he spoke in a loud, clear voice that echoed across the room. “As of today, it is official! Kit and Chrysogon will become full members of the Volturi Guard.” I heard some applause but didn’t join in myself. I was too stunned.

Hysterical laughter erupted from the back of the room, and I turned to glower at the golden-eyed vampire. When he caught sight of my expression it only fuelled him to laugh harder. Jerk. I wondered if I could poison the vampire somehow. I knew I wouldn’t do it, but just planning the threats usually made me feel better. Unfortunately my stupid conscience let me do very little unless there was good cause.

Aro signalled to his wife who brought forth a pair of cloaks. One was relatively light, especially compared to everyone else’s in the room, but the other one was nearly as black as the ancients’ own garments. I felt a wave of nausea pass through me, though I couldn’t tell why. I ignored the feeling as Aro fastened dark cloak around my neck. It really was darker than Jane’s.

I was a full member of the Volturi now. It took my full effort to mumble thanks and block out the incessant laughter. I wanted to put a rattle snake down the bastard’s cloak, but I'd immediately feel bad for the poor snake. I resigned myself to grinding my teeth in silence.

Melis danced cheerily to Aro’s side, whispering something in his ear. I felt myself fighting back a snarl. I could guess what the message meant. No break for me. I wanted-needed-to disappear. To escape. I formulated ways in my mind to get out without being noticed. I wished I could just melt. I stared at Melis angrily as a slow smile spread across her face.

Suddenly I heard a few excited murmurs racing through the crowd. I scanned the crowd to find the source of their gasps to find that none of them were looking in the same direction. Odd. They appeared to be looking for something. What the hell did I miss this time? I turned to Aro and Melis to see they were wearing that same bewildered expression.

“Feisty today, aren’t we?” A velvet voice whispered in my ear. I turned to see I was staring into a pair of golden eyes. He chuckled and smeared a dab of green paint on my cheek.

“What the hell was that for?” I roared, fury dripping from my tongue. He just chuckled some more and I noticed every eye was now on me. That’s just what I needed. More of an audience. Damn.

“You did it,” Melis sang, now dancing over to my side. “The paint was a little much, but you did it!”
“Did what?” I growled, ready to lose it. There were only so many buttons you could push before I was bound to snap.

“You were invisible,” she smiled, “you must have truly been pissed at me, even more so at Adair. Paint doesn’t normally affect chameleons, he totally snap your focus!” I growled at him, but he just stood there. If nobody could see me, how did he know where to find me? I tried not to lunge at him. I wouldn’t kill him, but I would mind hurting him a bit. I clenched my teeth and balled my fists.

He snickered at my lack of control.

I snapped. I lunged for his throat, but I missed. Rather he was a lot faster than me. He dodged to the side of my attack, but instead of continuing on through the air like I should have, I felt a hand seize my waist and whip me around. Before I knew what was happening I was wrenched into his arms. The pure speed of the event made my head swirl which was why I was caught completely off guard when his lips came crashing down to meet mine.

Had it not already been so, my heart would have stopped. I was dumbfounded for a full three seconds before attempting to wrench free to no avail. I lucky shot to his left cheek caused him to finally drop me. A snarl ripped through me viciously.

“Bastard!” I screamed, this time abandoning any attempts to calm myself.

His tongue ran along his lips and a broad grin stretched across his face. “So this is what the greatest weapon of mass destruction on the face of the planet tastes like....Interesting.” I made another lunge at him, snapping and snarling in pure rage. Immediately the entire room separated me and the golden eyed vampire, including Chrys. There was no concealing the loathing I felt for him, and he only seemed to derive more pleasure from my anger.

Worse! Aro seemed to think it was funny too!

The only good thing that came from this was Aro’s immediate declaration that I needed time to cool off before I took out the entire room to get to Adair. I left the underground tunnels altogether, relieved to finally be able to breathe in some cool night air.

I didn’t even bother staying in the city. I needed to run. I needed to be alone, so I ended up in a densely packed forest. I finally broke into a sprint, watching in delight as the world around me turned into a green blur. Exhilarated, I ran all the faster.

I jumped nimbly into a tree and continued on from branch to branch, adding in handsprings and back flips for fun. I had absolutely no clue where I was going and, quite frankly, I didn’t care. I felt like doing something risky. I wanted to squeeze out every drop of adrenaline I possibly could. Like I've said before, I have a very odd addiction.

I came to a cliff and decided I didn’t feel like stopping. I made the final bound and back flipped out of the tree and down the face of the cliff. Wind rushed past my face, and giggled, eyes wide, as I made my descent. The cliff was steeper than I expected, and I ended up sailing over five hundred feet to the bottom where a pool of water rested. After a few glorious seconds I was completely submerged in water. I broke the surface jubilantly, and floated lazily on my back.

Now that was fun.

I heard an odd rustle coming to the bushes beside me. I guess I wasn’t alone after all. I was being followed. With a groan a chucked a pebble in the direction the noise came from and heard it make contact.

“What the hell,” Melis screeched, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. She rubbed her head in annoyance before turning her hostile stare on me. “That was a stupid thing to do.” She hissed.

“I didn’t think a pebble would hurt a big, scary vampire such as yourself,” I muttered.

“Not that,” she fumed, “that stupid stunt you just pulled with the cliff. Do you have any clue what these cliffs are made of? There’s such a high concentration of basic limestone that the acids in your body will be neutralized and you’d be ripped apart!! It might not kill a vampire, but I don’t want to have to put your stupid ass back together! Stupid, stupid newborn. Adair was right to have me keep an eye on you.” She continued on to mumble a long line of curses.

“What did you say?” I hissed. I didn’t give a damn if these cliffs could hurt me or not. I would have jumped anyway just for the thrill. What I did care about was that golden-eyed bastard keeping tabs on me. I climbed out of the pool of water onto the soft, spongy ground. I wanted answers, which she hesitated before giving me.

“I said Adair was right to have me keep an eye on you.”

“Why would he care?” I menaced through clenched teeth.

“Everyone cares about you,” she retorted. “He’s normally not such an asshole either. I didn’t think he had it in him.”
“Had. It. In. Him?” I separated each word deliberately.

“Well, yeah,” she hesitated again. “He has a temper but he normally keeps to himself. Extremely anti-social. He’s pretty much here for his own reasons, so nobody bothers talking to him either. I never would have guessed he’d have done that. Now let’s go.”

“Why aren’t you with Yanto, anyway?” I muttered. I groaned inwardly. Why me? Why couldn’t I just be left alone? Would I ever win?

“Because he’s dead,” she snapped, malice appearing in her voice. I froze, completely dumbstruck. I sat there so long Melis decided to drag me back by the cloak. As I slid through the mud I found myself completely dazed. What could possibly kill a vampire?