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The Shadow's Light

Six years after the Seattle Massacre, Kit and her best friend Chrys find themselves kidnapped and turned into vampires by the Volturi! The two girls are convinced they need to help destroy a rogue coven called the Cullens. Something feels off to Kit, but what could it be? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!


8. Chapter Seven

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HEYA! Thanks to a reader I realise that some people may not have gotten the implications I was hinting at when I referred to limestone being an aid to breaking down a vampire’s body. CHEMISTRY LESSON!!!!! YEY!!! I’ll try keeping it sweet and simple.

Essentially there are 3 levels on a pH scale: basic, neutral and acidic. Everything falls into one of these 3 categories, even us people. You may not realise we’re acidic ourselves! Bases have their own physical properties and tend to corrode things away. (I've accidently stuck my hand in hydrogen peroxide and experienced the fun and pain of having my hand bleached) Acids tend to melt through and burn. Neutral is neutral, no fun and does nada.

Anyway in a reaction where acid is combined by a base-called a neutralization reaction-the acid and base cancel each other out. I seem to recall Stephanie Meyer referring to an increased level of acidity in a vampire’s body which gave me the idea if a cliff had a specific chemical composition and the bases (one being limestone) matched EXACTLY the same level as the acids in the vampire the acids would react with the bases and cancel out the others properties.

SHORT VERSION: The base in the limestone-compound (which is extremely rare and one of a kind) would neutralize the acids within the vampire and render their bodies without any properties. In this state their usual hardness and durability would be negated and they would be able to be shredded and impaled as any person would.

Please message me if this doesn’t make sense or if you think it’s lame or even creative!

Chapter Seven: And you actually wonder why I don’t trust anybody...

“I can’t take this anymore!” I screamed, whipping the box I'd been carrying outside of Demitri’s room. I wasn’t even going to knock on the stupid door because I knew exactly what would happen. He’d open the door and take his stupid package and give me something else to deliver as absolutely everyone else had done. If they were unwilling to perform the tedium themselves, they should just forget about the whole thing!

I needed to get out, needed to have some peace. Ok, so maybe my idea of peace would be considered horrifying to others, but it still wasn’t that much to ask for. Was time to myself too much to ask for, really?

I sprinted from the underground tunnels, knowing exactly where I was going. I'd finally found some risk, and I couldn’t have been happier. I was always drawn to some sort of impending doom. After all, if you weren’t living on the edge, you were taking up far too much room.

I found myself nearing the cliffs, plotting on the perfect near-impossible dive to the pond. I'd never been a gymnast-God only knew I'd be caught dead before wearing those ridiculous uniforms-but maybe I should have been.

“Don’t you dare,” a voice hissed at me. I skidded to a halt, cursing my bad luck, as I turned to see Adair leaning against a tree, arms folded angrily. When the hell did he get there? I jutted my chin out defiantly, taking off in a sprint before he could react. I heard him swearing behind me, but I was close enough to the cliffs that he hadn’t a chance at stopping me.

I decided to handspring of the cliff, choosing a double-back-flip with an angled twist before I began my date with gravity. I could have laughed in pure delight as I plummeted down into the water below. Even my subconscious would have had to laugh, my adrenaline addiction would be the death for me.

I arched my back as I went in headfirst, creating barely any splash despite the length of my descent. When I floated to the top I felt myself being forcibly dragged out by my cloak. Huh, in theory I should have remembered to take that thing off ‘cause it could have ensured a painful landing. Ah well, too late now.

I didn`t fight, I knew what was going on and a struggle would be pointless. When we finally reached the shore he tossed me roughly to the ground. Adair glared at me, unconcealed rage burning in his now charcoal-black eyes. Hmm...Maybe he was still stuck on that bodyguard kick after all. The thought annoyed me, but there was no contest on which of us was the angrier of the two.

I could have almost laughed.

“What the hell is your problem,” he raged, pacing in front of me. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack? ‘Cause if I had a damn heartbeat you would have succeeded! How many times do you have to do this to me before you’re satisfied?”

“How many times?” I repeated. “You just met me, and why would you care?”

“It’s my damn job. I’m responsible for protecting you, and you just seem to love making it harder and harder!” By then Adair had been screaming at the top of his lungs. I wished he’d just leave me the hell alone. Just when I'd finally ditched the others, he showed up. What was I supposed to do? Sit in a corner and be a good girl until it was time to destroy the Cullens? Fat chance.

“Why don’t you just leave again?” I hissed at him, trying to fight off the urge to flee. “Why’d you pick now to come back?!”

“As if I'd actually leave, you stubborn brat,” he spat. “Just because you couldn’t see me-”

“So you are a chameleon,” I accused. “You think having black eyes makes you look cool or something?”

“You idiot,” he chortled. “I’m not a chameleon, I’m a shadow. You think that chameleon would even stand a chance against me?” I shrugged. His cloak was lighter than mine but it was easily darker than all but the devil-cherubs. A faint trace of amusement tinted his anger as he continued to stare at me. “You’ve never seen yourself in a mirror, have you? Might I ask what colour you think your eyes are?”

I was dumbfounded. Wasn’t it obvious that my eyes were as red as everyone else’s? At least, that’s what I'd been told. “Red,” I said in a small, sheepish voice. He began howling in laughter, unconcerned by the scowl I flashed him.

“A mirror who’s never seen her own reflection,” he laughed in near hysterics. I froze, what fucking colour were they, then? “Your eyes are blacker than mine! Do you really not know why my eyes-our eyes-are different than the others?” I didn’t answer, too abashed to not know. Then again, I didn’t know much. He stopped laughing and inhaled sharply to compose himself. “Kit, a vampire’s eyes turn red when they consume the blood of a human, which is why the entire Volturi clan has them.

“On the other hand, when you consume animal blood, your eyes turn gold. They grow dark when you need to hunt. I've been so busy looking after you, I haven’t had a chance in ages,” he looked at me thoughtfully. “You’re still in the dark, aren’t you?”

“I’m used to it by now,” I muttered. Yeah, nobody told me anything, but who did? People never seemed to be able to figure out why I didn’t trust others, but I feel a large chunk of the answers were self explanatory.

“Maybe you should know the Volturi aren’t who you think they are. Aro would be able to show you as much. You’ve heard by now that he can see every memory in a person’s head by touching them, I assume?” I nodded, I'd heard as much in passing conversations. “Check it out. You’ll only freak out on me if you figure out you were wrong when it’s too late.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked in fear, surprised by the possibility of a new twist in my life right now. I cocked my head in confusion afterwards, was I that obvious?

“You need to figure that out for yourself,” he replied with a shrug. “I’m only here for my own purposes.”

“Oh,” I said dumbly, suddenly feeling the need to see Aro. I needed to know the truth. I turned to Adair. “You know, if you’re constantly looking after me, then how do you accomplish your own business?” I spoke without thinking, nothing new, but I wished I hadn’t.

“My priorities are my own,” he replied shortly, “but if you can promise me that you’ll stay out of trouble for two hours-just two, that’s all I’m asking-then I can hunt. You might want to try looking into the water, your reflection isn’t that scary. You’re actually kind of cute.”

I snorted in disbelief. I was far from attractive. I had never been so, and I definitely wasn’t now. I'd heard it all before. I contorted my face into the picture of complete denial. He was just messing with me. His crooked grin said it all. Why did everybody just have to pick on me?

“Do you promise?” He pressed. Apparently that part wasn’t a joke. Bummer.

“Fine,” I mumbled, that’d be the easiest way to get him off my back. I had other things to see to anyway.”

“You might want to hunt yourself,” he said suddenly, “How long has it been since you last hunted?” To my annoyance he looked genuinely concerned. What the hell was with this guy? He was all over the jerk-o-meter, and he just couldn’t seem to decide just what part he wanted to play. I shrugged off his question, turning to return to Volterra. He seemed to want to force me into answering but turned away reluctantly.

I took off, determined to find a way into Aro’s mind. I thought the Volturi were supposed to keep everything in order. Weren’t they the good guys? What did Adair mean when he said that they weren’t who I thought they were? If they weren’t who they said they were, then who were the Cullens in this mess?

My head swam as I flew through the open halls, formulating a plan to unlock his memories. I was so consumed in my own thoughts I bowled straight into my target without even realising it. I hit the ground but he seemed completely unfazed.

“Kit, my dear!” He exclaimed, genuinely pleased to see me. “It’s been bothering me so that Yanto had been keeping me from you, but now that he’s been taken care of...may I please take a look into your mind?”
I just realised then and there that it was truly bothering him. What a weirdo. Whatever, it worked for me. I paused, shuddering. Yanto was taken care of? Aro killed Yanto! I almost refused the request then and there, but I couldn’t forget what I'd come to do.

“Of course you may, Aro,” I said as respectfully as I could. His eyes brightened in glee. He reached his hand out for mine and I obliged him, beginning to concentrate. The ability itself worked much like a dam, I had to let down the barrier in order to let his memories flood in.

I was immediately caught off guard at just how many there were. Millions of memories from thousands upon thousands of vampires. His own were difficult to single out, but, when I finally found them, my stomach dropped. I saw these “Cullens” through the eyes of a particular bronze-haired male.

I could see such unfathomable bitterness, but, as time progressed, that bitterness was replaced by a pale girl with chocolate brown eyes. I saw it all, a tracker, a ballet studio, werewolves, rivalry, a wedding, feathers, a baby, his newborn mate, a battlefield.

Son of a mother-fucking bitch!

I had this wrong. All wrong. I could feel the greed and power-craze coursing through Aro’s mind. I finally understood why I was so important. That Bella shield-girl didn’t stand a chance, not in the presence of her daughter, a force that could crumple any shield. Then an already one-sided battle would become a slaughter. I had been stalked by Volturi for some time it seemed, ever since Yanto discovered me three years ago.

I hadn’t time to dig deeper, I had to leave quickly before Aro could figure out just what I was thinking now. I checked to see exactly what Aro was looking at, and was relieved to find him obsessing over a blurred and obscure image from when I was six. A tall, dark figure wavered as he stood over top of me in the memory. It was blurry, but Aro couldn’t have seemed to care less. His avid interest freaked me out.

I yanked my hands away, causing him to start. “That memory is private,” I said with a feigned sheepishness. I needed to leave, and I needed to leave now.

“But of course, My Dear Kit,” he replied. “My apologies, thank you for the small insight.”

“My pleasure, Aro,” I lied. I had somehow managed to absorb information a lot faster than he had and I was grateful for it. I had to find Chrys, then we were gone. There was no way I was standing to fight for the most corrupt empire the world had ever seen.

As I ran to see Chrys, Adair appeared behind me. I wasn’t particularly surprised, but he was back a lot faster than he’d originally stated.

“What happened,” he demanded, catching onto my mood. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m leaving,” I admitted. “I’m such a damn fool.” I'd known there was something off, but could just never quite place it.

“So where will you go now?” He asked soberly. He seemed to have expected this to happen.

“Forks. The Cullens are in danger. The army that faced them years ago has easily quintupled since last time. They will be crushed if I don’t figure out a way to help them.”

“So you pick the losing side,” he said with what sounded oddly like sadness.

“I pick the right side,” I corrected with finality. “Even if you plan on stopping me, I’ll fight you.” I suddenly wondered why I was telling all of this to someone who could very well be my enemy. I guess I just felt obligated because he tipped me off.

“I won’t stop you. In fact, I’m going with you.”

“Wait, what?” I fumbled uncertainly. “What about your priorities?”

“I can’t very well protect what’s mine if I’m dead,” he chuckled. “I’m sure to be executed for letting you escape if I stay.” My jaw dropped at how amused he seemed by his impending doom and I felt more than a little bad for putting him in that position. I nodded dumbly at him. I still couldn’t figure out what his deal was, but I'd keep a close eye on him.

We diverged paths, him needing to fetch something and me needing to fetch Chrys. I flew through the doors of our chambers, screaming like a lunatic that we had to leave.

“Why?” She asked suspiciously, narrowing her eyes at me. I was shocked at the response. When have I ever done something to earn such mistrust. Oh yeah, I was the reason she was now a vampire. I looked into her red eyes wearily, shuddering at the new knowledge of just why they glowed such a colour.

“The Volturi aren’t who they say they are,” I replied impatiently. We had to leave now. Chrysogon, we’re on the wrong side.”

“Since when have you known anything about choosing the right side?” She snapped. “You always take the worst and most dangerous route. I’ll bet you don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Chrys,” I pleaded. “Chryssie, I've seen it in Aro’s thoughts. Trust me, I-”

“You what?” She roared. “The Volturi have accepted us as their own and you just want to throw them away? No way, Kit. The Volturi are my family, and unlike you, I’m loyal to my family.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. She wasn’t going to listen and it was best to just accept that. She was safer here anyway, not like Adair who had been specifically assigned to keep me safe and in the clutches of the Volturi. I guess Chrys was just another person to feign friendship and then disown me in the end. Typical. I really should have seen it coming.

Being used to this, I didn’t turn it into a big deal. She’d made her decision, and that was all there was to it. I leapt through the window without more than a second’s hesitation. This was the last I'd see of her for quite some time.

I sighed as I ran off into the night, letting the darkness swallow me whole.