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Fly Like A Bird

Dewey is just flying around town looking for her birth father Charlie Swan, when she runs into the Cullens. Will this avian hybrid stay, and possibly find love, or will she run back to her Flock?


1. ONE

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Dewey / Bella's Abilities:

Mental Shield

Control The Wind Element

Levitate Objects



Bella | Dewey Point Of View / Port Angeles 6:00 PM

I sighed as the wind gently blew my hair around my face. I'm an avian hybrid. 98% human, 2% bird. For my entire life I've been like this. My definition of normal? Getting locked up in a dog cage and fighting half man, half wolf creatures called Erasers.

I've been living with my flock for about my entire life. We'd been alone for years, but then a group of Erasers attacked, and kidnapped Angel, my little sister in every sense of the word but blood.

Since then our life has been uprooted from the normal cozy lifestyle we had. Just recently they had changed those so called Erasers to Flyboys, robots with an Eraser skin. And let me tell you, I think I would rather fight Erasers than Flyboys. Yeah, Flyboys are that bad.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Just a few days ago the Flock split into two groups. There was Fangs group, Fang, Iggy, and Gazzy. Then there was Max's group, Max, Ari, Angel, Nudge, and Total, our talking dog.

Yes, you heard me right. Talking. Dog. On the plus side, he has a great flair for being a drama queen.

So, seeing as I couldn't choose between the two groups, I chose the other, unmentioned option. I went off on my own.

And since then, I suffered major head splitting pain, got my own voice, and arrived in Port Angeles, Washington. Talk about tough travel.

I'd been following a lead on my birth father. His name is Charlie Swan. And my birth name is Isabella Swan. But I've been called Dewey my entire life, and would prefer you call me that. Or else, you might just get punched.

He lived in Forks or at least that's what I think, all the other leads have been false information, so I'd been heading that way as of recently. But, as a birdkid who uses up a lot of energy from flying, and needs to consume three thousand to four thousand calories a day, I'd needed quite a bit of breaks.

I snapped my wings out, enjoying the cool air brushing my feathers. One of my favorite times to fly was during the night, I just love seeing the stars high above me and feeling free, effortless.

Balancing on the edge of the tall building I was on, I took a deep breath, before pushing off. I began to fall before I pushed down, hard. It was second nature for me, flying. One of the things I'd done my whole life and would never give up.

As I swerved through the buildings at high speed, I smiled. This was me, this was my life.

And as soon as that happy moment came, it was over. Flyboys flew at me from all sides, and I tensed, adrenaline already pumping through my veins.

Chants of, "I am one of many," came again and again, and I knew they were right. If I was with the Flock, I would have been able to fight them off, of course I would. But I was severely outnumbered here, and it would only end up with me ending back up at the School. And there was no way in my freaking world I was going to risk getting sent back to the school. It was my personal hell on earth, thank you very much.

So I swerved, allowing myself to drop down a bit before taking off like a bat through hell. My wings pushed and pulled powerfully against the wind and I knew this was a race I would win.

Flyboys were clunky, they weren't meant for speed but for taking us birdkids down all too easily.

Can a brick fly? No. But can a Robot fly? Yes. But if you add those two together can they fly easily? You guessed it. No.

Flying toward the local forest, I apologized for the chaos that was going to be unleashed on it and zigzagged through the trees.

Instantly, multiple echoes of, "You have terminated me," sounded through the forest and I snickered. Just because the whitecoats didn't seem to have any imagination didn't mean it wasn't funny.

Circling back around, I made sure the rest of the local flyboy population was gone before heading toward Forks. I still needed to find my birth father.

And then what?, my voice piped up.

I say that I'm his long lost daughter?

Okay, so I would be lying if I said I had a plan, cause I don't. And that's Max's job! She was the leader, and now here I am, all alone, leaderless, andwinging it.

I decided that I would stop at the local library first and look around. Maybe I would be able to get directions from there. After all, that's where everyone goes to get directions, right?

About twenty five minutes later I had arrived and I circled a bit to find a good landing spot. Once I did, I pulled my wings back and allowed myself to fall, before flapping a bit to land lightly on my feet.

I folded my wings in, not wanting to be spotted as a flying freak, and walked in the library doors.

And just about turned right back around, because you know what? There weren't hardly any books, or brochures.

I grabbed what I could, the basics and all that, before leaving. Stuffing them in the pocket of my sweatshirt, I took to the sky to find a place to hole up. Forks seems to be a really rainy place, to the point where I hated it because I am part bird, and birds don't like flying in wet weather.

But, safe to say, where is there dry shelter in a wet rainy forest. Oh right, there isn't.

So I landed and killed poor thumper so I could eat him. Somehow, in this wet forest that seems filled with water, I managed to get a fire started. Or maybe that was my natural ability to meld the wind element to my use.

Within no time, I had the meat cooking and was eating rabbit. Disgusting? Yes. Did I care? No. It was fuel and that was all that mattered.

Then, I curled up on a tree branch and fell asleep, my dreams filled with birdkids, erasers, flyboys, and mad scientists.