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Twilight's Illusion

They're just books... Right? No, they're not. But the world doesn't know that, and a lot of chaos is about to unfold.


1. Twilight's Illusion

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-Thursday, February 1st, 2007: 8 AM-


I snuggled further into Edward's chest, after a long night of making love with him. He and I were both satiated, and Nessie was still asleep. It was a month since the encounter with the Volturi, and all was well. Renesmee looked like a four year old child, being six months old and moving would be soon enough to come.

Jacob, Leah, and Seth were still hanging around, Leah having warmed up a pinch when she saw that we weren't 'cold and cruel'. Life has been good for Edward and I, and Nessie will look like a four year old for a few months before she looks like a five year old, which is good in a way.

Edward purred contently, his arms wrapping around me tighter, and he nuzzled my neck. All was quiet and peaceful, and he sighed as he looked down at me, "Nessie's up." I looked back up at him and smiled, before we both sprang up from the bed and flashed to the closet.

I wore blue skinny jeans, as well as a long sleeved shirt that was a mix match of different shades of purple and had butterflies on the front, back and on the sleeves. As well as all my other jewelry, my Cullen Crest that was a necklace, and sneakers.

I watched Edward dress after I was finished, and he grinned and rolled his eyes at me. We quickly made our way to Nessie's room, and stopped in front of her small bed.

"Momma, Daddy!" Nessie squealed, causing us to chuckle as she sprang into Edward's arms.

"Good Morning Nessie," Edward said softly to her; and I simply ran my hand affectionately through her bronze curls, saying "Morning Nessie," to her in turn, before kissing her forehead affectionately.

We got Nessie dressed, putting on a light pink dress on her and ballerina like shoes, before we headed out the door and over to the main house. Though the temperature did not affect me, I could feel that it was rather chilly, and made sure Nessie was secure on my back.

Jake and Seth were at the house as well when we got there, and Esme had fixed them breakfast happily. The two boys were chowing down, and Nessie jumped from my back to join them. Edward and I headed to the living room, to find Emmett and Jasper playing video games. Alice was looking through a shopping magazine, and Rosalie was looking through a car magazine. Carlisle was at work.

The game Emmett and Jasper were playing was called Grand Theft Auto IV and so far it looked like all Emmett had achieved was crashing his car in the game. And it promptly bursting into flames and then killing his character.

There were snickers and laughs all around, and Emmett's "Damn it!" only increased them as Esme scolded him from in the kitchen.

Edward and I sat down in a chair, me in his lap as we snickered at Emmett's character getting killed, and the fact that Jasper was winning.

Nessie came skipping out of the kitchen not too long later, and sat down at Edward's feet, leaning her small bronze haired head on his leg. The game was over not too long ago, and the TV was turned on to a random channel. The living room was quiet.

A commercial came on, and it was about a book from a new series called 'The Twilight Saga'. The commercial was rather short, but the description of the book had us all frozen stiff, Renesmee completely unaware of the impending crisis.

"The Twilight Saga is a new series by Stephenie Meyer. It is about a vampire called Edward and a human called Isabella falling in love."

All it took to cause chaos was the TV reporter saying mine and Edward's names. Objections rose up around the room as the family complained.

"How is that possible?"

"Our secret is exposed, we have to move!"

"This cannot be good."

"Oh, great…"

We all quieted though upon hearing the TV reporter speak again.

"The series is in writing, and is said to have 3 sequels to it, but currently, only Twilight is out. Then another book series-"

The TV reporter was cut off as Carlisle turned the TV off.

"We need to have a meeting, now," he said just as comments on the current crisis were going to rise up. We all flashed to the dining room table, Renesmee in Edward's arms. She was confused, to say the least. Her little cherub face was scrunched up with a pucker on her small lips.

We all sat down, each couple by each other, and Jacob on Edward's left. Nessie reached for me, and placed her hand on my cheek when I lowered my head. A large question mark flashed in my head, followed by the words, 'what's going on?' Edward answered her, as the rest of the family was waiting for us to join in the meeting.

"That book on TV was about your mom and I, and we need to talk about it being in public," Nessie focused her attention on him, and asked in her high soprano voice, "Why is it about you and Momma?" Of course that was the question that was one of the most expected. Fortunately, we had a simple answer for her.

"That is another reason why we must have this meeting, Nessie dear," Esme told her from her place beside Carlisle.

Emmett seemed to see the seriousness in this, as he wasn't saying any jokes or being goofy. Rosalie had a disdainful look on her face, most likely because of the possibility of our secret having been exposed. Alice had a disgruntled look on her face, she couldn't search the future when the wolves and Nessie were around and Jasper had a look on his face that clearly meant business. Esme had a very clear worried look on her own face, and Carlisle was all business now and nonsense later.

Jacob had a grimace on his face, as it was clear, if this book was about me and Edward, he was in it too. Seth just had a worried look on his face. I'm not sure what Seth's look is about.

And then Edward, oh Edward had a contemplative look on his face. He was known to overthink things, and this looked like one of them. Renesmee's head was tucked into his throat, her bright bronze curls in disarray around her face, and she seemed happy to have her father holding her. One of Edward's hands was on her back, holding her to him and the other was around my waist, tucking me into his side.

Carlisle started the much needed meeting.

"This book proves to be a danger to us all. It tells Edward and Bella's relation from the very first step, and if what the reporter said is true, it is already out," he said, while looking around at the group of us.

"Then that means there isn't much we can do, but stay out of sight until it blows over," I added, and all eyes were instantly on me.

"If the book is already out, then people have already read it, and will most likely just think it is a story, and nothing more. Simple," I finished; feeling like a blush was going to come on my face. But of course it never did.

"But it's just not that simple," Alice sighed, shaking her head, "Moving might be in the agenda if it is this bad. Disguises would be good too, maybe some wigs and contacts, maybe even some makeup." Alice was clearly getting ahead of herself, already babbling about shopping. That pixie just loved anything that had to do with shopping. I smiled as the faint, blurry human memories of Alice dragging me around stores filled my mind.

"Moving would be a good idea, "Carlisle said wearily. I'm not sure if it was just me, but it appeared that we starring in a book seemed to wear all of them out.

Edward rubbed my side soothingly, his fingers intricate patterns. Patterns that, if anything, seemed more like letters the more I focused on them. No, not letters, words.

Jasper suddenly piped up, obviously in agreement with Carlisle and Alice, "Moving would be a good idea. I can have Jenks research this Stephenie Meyer, and find out why she would sell Bella's story as a book." I knew he was serious about this moving thing.

"People could come here and ask about Bella, and Fork's residents would be none the wiser," Rosalie suddenly said, and there was truth in her statement. People could come to Forks, obsessed about the book, and question about a Bella Swan. Or they could Google it, which is much easier than traveling around the world. This doesn't sound good at all.

"They could," Emmett agreed solemnly, something unusual for the bulky vampire. I knew though he was just as concerned as the rest of us. Our secret was at stake with this book series.

Looking around at the table again, it was clear; it wasn't just our secret in stake, but our lives too. If fans found out we were real, the Volturi would come and kill us themselves for breaking the law. Even if we weren't the ones to start this, we were in the story, and Stephenie Meyer would more than likely get us killed.

"So what do we do Carlisle?" Edward asked with a sigh, and it was my turn to rub his back. He looked so… helpless there, sitting with tiny Renesmee in his arms. It was clear my husband didn't know whether left or right would be the right direction. Either way, we would be attempting to pass a lot fans, and they would just grow over the years.

"We're moving," Carlisle declared, "Jasper, call Jenks and have him find out more about Stephenie Meyer. Alice, find a place for us to live, one away from a ton of fans of this book series, and not a place where they would expect us to be.

"Bella, why don't you and Edward go and get the first book of this series from Seattle. Jacob, are you and your pack coming along?"

"Yes," Jacob nodded in agreement, "I'll go and phase to tell Leah, she's not going to be happy. Come on Seth." The two headed out the door.

Carlisle smiled tightly as they left, and then said, "Everyone else, start packing." The orders were issued and we all left the dining room to set to them.

Edward handed Renesmee to me with a loving smile. I took our daughter from him and kissed her forehead.

"Do you want to come along, sweetie?" I asked her as she clung to me. Running my hands through her hair, I smiled when she nodded her head.

"Yes, Momma, I would love to come," she said in her high soprano voice.

I began to head out to the car, with Edward following dutifully by my side. He opened the back door of the Volvo as I seated Renesmee in the car seat. She didn't need one, but appearances had to be kept. I kissed the top of her head, before closing the door and getting in the passenger seat, which Edward had held open again.

That was another trait that I loved of Edward's, he was a gentleman through and through, always trying to do things for me.

He quickly flashed to the driver's side, which I saw with perfect clarity, and started the car up. Within no time, we were pulling out the drive and heading toward Seattle. Hopefully no one in the store would recognize who we are, but bad luck is a pretty common trait with me.