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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are born to be. But when Aro ruler of the Vampire World threatens to kill Edward, Bella has no choice but to leave. How will Edward take to this? Bella tells him she doesn't love him, will he ever know the turth...? (I have a banner made, but does anybody know how to put one up...?)


1. Promises...

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Bella’s POV

“Bella!” Charlie’s voice boomed through the house as he called me downstairs, breaking me from my trance. I slowly got up whilst putting the letter into an envelope and signing his name on the front. I put in into my back pocket and went down the stairs.

“What?!” I moaned, but my answer was answered straight away when I saw Alice Cullen standing in the front down. She wasn’t smile, she looked scared and upset.

“What Alice?” I said, although I knew the answer.

“Can we talk?” She croaked, then glanced at Charlie, “alone?”

“Sure.. Come up to my room…” I made my walk up the stairs, slowly followed by Alice. I went into my room and let myself collapse onto the bed. She stood hovering in the doorway, looking as if she might cry.

“Bella, I had a vision… You’re leaving aren’t you? You leaving Edward, school and forks..” She slumped down against the door.

“Yes… I can’t stay here. I’m telling him tomorrow, my flight leaves first thing Saturday morning.”

“You know what you went through, you’re not going to put him through the same thing!” She shrieked.

“Shhhhhhh! And I don’t want to.. but I have to.”

“I can’t let you do this, Bella!” She collapsed into a lump on the floor.

“You can’t stop me… Look, Alice, I need to ask you one thing.. Please, for Edward’s sake.” I flinched as I said his name, knowing what I was going to do to him.

“Fine, it just depends what it is…” She looked up at me, I could tell I was tearing her apart.

“Block your thoughts from him, just until I can tell him…” I was asking her the most important thing, no, begging her.

“Why?” She said, sniffling.

“Because I don’t want him to hear it second handed. Like when Rosalie told him I was…” I stopped talking, it was a sensitive subject to talk about. “I think you get my point. I don’t want him told anything false.”

“Okay, I guess I understand. I’ll try to block my thoughts…”

“Thank you, Alice. For everything… You’ve been there for me, and I’m just throwing it back in your face…” I started down at the pattern on my flooring, not wanting to look her in the eyes… Not wanting to see her pain…


“Yes, Alice?”

“I’ve told you I’ll do one last thing for you… Can I ask one thing for me in return…?” She looked hopeful.

“Of course…” I said, dreading what she was going to ask.



“Tell me… Why are you really leaving? And don’t lie, please. I won’t tell Edward…” She stared at me, she looked so.. Empty… I knew there was no point in lying, I could trust Alice.

“You know a couple of weeks ago when… you everyone else went hunting..?”


“Well… I got a visit from… Aro…” She jumped to her feet, shocked.

“What?!” I knew this wasn’t going to go down well. I had better just get it over and done with.

“He said if I didn’t leave Edward… He was going to kill him. There’s no way around it Alice. He kind of exposed yourselves to me, and because I’m human, he broke some kind of rule. He can’t change me, it will brake his heart as well as brake the treaty. Also, we can’t run from the Volturi forever.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“That was another thing he made me promise, Aro said I wasn’t to tell anybody, or like before, he would kill Edward.” I tried to keep a straight face, but it was to painful, the tears slowly began trickling down my cheeks. Alice was just about to reply but her phone rang. She spoke at vampire speed then slammed it shut.

“I have to go…” She looked helplessly at me.

“Okay… But please, don’t tell him about any of this…”

“I won’t, promise…” She came over and gave me a tight hug then turned and left. As soon as I knew she would be a safe distance away I curled up in a ball under my duvet and cried myself to sleep.