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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are born to be. But when Aro ruler of the Vampire World threatens to kill Edward, Bella has no choice but to leave. How will Edward take to this? Bella tells him she doesn't love him, will he ever know the turth...? (I have a banner made, but does anybody know how to put one up...?)


5. Choices...

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Jacob’s POV

What do you mean you want to leave?! He was growling at me. He didn’t want me too leave the pack and run away with Bella.

Bella needs me, Sam. She doesn’t want to live here any more; she can’t! I thought about my conversation with Bella so he could no what was said and what she had done. He nodded his head to show he was finished ready that thought and then began talking to me again.

Okay. Look. I know this is hard, Jacob, but I need you. You’re the true alpha. If something was to ever happen to me you would have to take charge. Plus, you’re my strongest pack member and we can’t protect the reservation without you!

I know that, Sam. The thing is, I have know Bella since we were little kids and I can’t turn my back on her in a time of need.

Right. I’ve got an idea. What about if Bella came and lived on the reservation? My heart skipped a beat. Did he really mean that?

Yes… I do mean it Jacob… If Bella really means that much too you then she can live at La Push. We can get her into your school and she can stay with somebody. She can stay with me and Emily…

No! She can stay with me!

It depends. If she doesn’t want Charlie to know then she will have to stay with Another member of the pack. Someone Charlie doesn’t know or he will find out sooner or later.

Okay, I guess your right.

Don’t get your hopes up, Jacob. She might not want to live on the reservation.

I won’t make her, but if she does choose to go… Do I have permission too go with her? We can’t leave her unprotected.

Jacob, stop trying to make up stupid excuses. She isn’t in danger from anybody any more. However, go if you please. If you ever do choose to come back, don’t be scared to. You will always be welcomed back with open arms. We all know how much you love Bella. Now, I think we need to get back.

Thank you, Sam, and yeah I guess we should. We treaded back to where we had left Bella, Paul and the Leech. As soon as Bella noticed our appearance she ran over to me and stood beside me; clinging onto my fur. She whispered in my ear.

“Where did you go? I was worried. I heard growling. What did he say?” I just looked at her and nodded then crouched and leaned my head forward. She knew what I meant for her too do. She slowly pulled herself up onto my back and I turned and ran away with Bella holding onto my ears. Sam could deal with Edward. I didn’t care for him.

Just remember, he had saved her life many times before you even had the chance! Damn! I was still in wolf form, I forgot Sam could hear my thoughts when we where both phased.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Paul, get out of Jacob’s head. Sorry, Jake. Just get Bella home and talk about it, okay? I’ll get Edward to believe Bella is leaving and isn’t coming back…

Talk about what? Oh! Right, okay, thanks Jacob for filling me in!

Paul! Get out of my head now! Do you known how annoying you are?!

Before Paul had the chance to read anymore of my thoughts I crouched back down again. Bella got off and looked at me confused. I nodded my head to show her it was okay and ran off. I didn’t go too far. Far enough for Bella to not hear or see me phase though. I ran back to her, I knew I had only been a few minutes. When I got back to where I had left Bella, she was lying on the floor, curled up into a little ball. She was sleeping peacefully. Something I knew she hadn’t been doing lately. I tiptoed over and slowly pulled her up into my arms. I ran all the way back to my house. I was standing outside when I remember something Sam had said in the woods.

If she doesn’t want Charlie to know then she will have to stay with Another member of the pack. Someone Charlie doesn’t know or he will find out sooner or later.

I knew she wouldn’t want Charlie to know. I decided that I should take her to Emily’s, I ran the whole way there. When I got too the door I saw Emily stood in the kitchen. She was baking cakes, most likely a treat for after we finished our rounds. When she saw me trying to get through the door without waking Bella she came over and opened it. I layed Bella down into the sofa and put a blanket over her. I went back through to the kitchen were Emily had gone.

“What’s wrong, Jacob?” She chucked a kitchen towel at me then eyed the dishes. I walked over, filled the sink and started washing the dishes.

“Stuff happened between her and Edward, now she’s running away. Sam had the idea she could stay her in La push, but he said she can’t stay with me because we all know that she won't want Charlie to know. Obviously, if she stays with me Charlie would find out. Sam said that she could stay with you… You don’t mind do you?” I looked at her worriedly.

“No, Jacob. Of course not! It will be nice to have some company when you lot are not here.” She smiled.

“We need to ask her first. She was asleep before I had the change to ask her.” We both laughed. I splatted her with water for a bit of fun, it then ended up and a full blown water fight. Our laughing and screaming must have woke up Bella because she appeared in the doorway, still half asleep. Emily noticed first and went over to her. She hugged her then gave her a dressing gown as she was shivering.

“Hello, Bella. How are you?” Emily asked as she began tidying up the mess we had made. Bella just stood staring at me confused. I decided I had better give her an answer of why she had woken up in a fairly unfamiliar place when her most likely last memory was me leaving her in the woods.

“Sorry, Bella. You fell asleep in the woods, I took you hear because we need to talk about something..” She seemed to relax a little, knowing how she had found herself here.

“Um, okay. What do we need to talk about?” I took her by the hand and led her back to the sofa. I sat her down and sat next to her.

“Sam has said I can leave with you…” Her face lit up with happiness. “But…” He face fell back into a sulk, not liking the sound of ‘but’. “He said he could stay and live in La Push…” She looked at me with a very confused face.

“What do you mean?”

“He doesn’t want me too leave, nor you. So… Why don’t you stay and live here in La Push?” As soon I said ‘live’, her face looked so happy, the happiest I had seen her in the last few hours.

“I want to… I’d love too… But… I can’t..”

“Why?” I thought she’d want this…

“I can’t live with you because Charlie would find out… And, I don’t have money to but a house…” I laughed at her excuses, she looked at me quite moodily.

“Bella… You really are quite silly, you know that? You can live with Sam and Emily. That’s why I brought you here as well.”

“Jacob… I can’t! I can’t just move in with them like this.”

“Yes you can! It was Sam that thought of it anyway. He wants you to stay here, he doesn’t want you to leave.” She looked at me, she was thinking about it…

“What about Emily…?”

“Emily… She want’s you to stay to! She said it will be nice to have some company for when we’re not here! Please, Bella, it’s the best thing for you… Stay…” I looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Okay… but only if you’re sure I won’t be getting in the way…”

“Bella… You could never get in the way…” She laughed at my promise. She got up and went through to the kitchen where Emily was still trying to tidy. She went up behind her and flung her arms around her… smiling…

“Thank you so much, Emily. You don’t know how much this means to me…” Emily knew instantly what Bella was thanking her for. She turned around and returned the hug, she also was smiling…

“It’s fine, honestly. It will be nice to have company and to get to know you a bit better.” She let go of Bella and then turned to me. “Jacob! Get tidying now! I’ve done my half so you finish it!” She and Bella where holding their sides because of the laughter erupting from their chests. I shook my head laughing and started tidy. In the meantime Bella and Emily where sat watching TV. It didn’t take me long to tidy. Once I was finished I went through to join them, it wasn’t long before I was dreaming…