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When you live your life in the shadows of the rest of the student body; it's only natural that you fall into a routine that leaves you passionless. Violet never seemed to have the motivation to live a better life. After her mother died the distance between her and her father grew wider. But when the Cullen family arrives in town and she lays eyes on him for the first time. A certain spark ignites within her, but little does she know this spark starts a forest fire of life changing events.

This is set in Forks, Washington the Cullen family has returned after twenty years. This story has nothing to do with Bella Swan.

1. Presence

Rating 2/5   Word Count 672   Review this Chapter

The constant humming of gossip and jocks laughing throughout the classroom distracted me from reading the text within my history textbook. A loud chime signaled the end of a brief passing period and the class slowly came to a start.

"Alright everyone listen up, today we are learning about the French Revolution! Exciting I know, now if everyone could just grab a partner and a textbook. Oh," Mr. Ross' voice trailed off as the squeak of the classroom door filled the air. Seconds later two students strolled into the room, the florescent lights practically twinkled off their skin. The first stood straight as an arrow, slowly scanning the room; his blonde hair framed a very attractive face. "You must be the Cullen brothers, Jasper and Edward?" Mr. Ross questioned while handing them each a textbook; it was only then that I'd laid eyes on him. I had been so distracted by his brother but even he didn't compare to him.

"That is correct, my brother and I are transfer students. Unlike myself, Edward is a huge history buff, but perhaps you can persuade me otherwise Mr. Ross." Both laughing for a moment before further discussing the years course schedule, I watched shamelessly from my desk as Edward stood slightly behind his brother staring out the window. Mr. Ross clapped his large meaty hands once.

"Well then Jasper you may sit near Chelsea and Edward please find your seat to the right of Emma." My heart fluttered as I watched Mr. Ross gesture in my direction. Quickly I focused back on my book afraid that if I met eye contact with Edward I'd say something completely foolish. The class murmured lowly as Mr. Ross began to lead a discussionon the French Revolution. The light sixteenth note pattern of my pencil tapping against the glossened page of information screamed nervous. "Why are you so nervous? Just say hello." Sucking in a abnormally large deep breath I straighted out my shoulders, swivled around in my chair, and stared at him head on.

The left corner of his perfectly symmetrical lips raised ever so slightly. The churning of my stomach caused me to slump in my seat. "So you're new to Forks, Washington? That's--interesting." I cleared my throat while directing my attention the sole of my gray flats. A slinder hand rested upon my desk top, its nails were painted a vibrant blue with yellow daisies. Following the trail that lead up the arm, Amanda stood in front of us. Her lavendar button up shirt accidentally thre buttons undone. Her hair was pinned up in a loose bun and her eyes were wide with infactuation. My voice caught in the pit of my throat and came out a little hoarse. "Hey Amanda, what's up." My eyes drifted to the black clock near the classroom doorway we had aproximately twenty seven minutes left.

"Hi Emma," her voice rang out in a way that sent an unpleasant chill down my spine. "Whose you're friend?" Sitting down in the seat in front of him she moved her floppy bangs behind her left ear. Tactfully showing off the recent tattoo she got done of a grasshopper on her neck.

Edward raised an eyebrow as he examened her neck, "Edward Cullen and that is a very interesting tattoo. Is there any meaning behind it?" She wrinkled her nose while shrugging her shoulders; I couldn't help buy roll my eyes in disgust. Realizing that this would go on for several more minutes or so I turned my attention back to my textbook. It was nearly impossible to drown out the nagging nasal sound of her voice. But Edward's sweet melodic tone soothed my ears. Sudeenly it stopped all together, there was no more agaonizing laughter or gentlemen like compliments.

Glancing from the corner of my eye I discovered Edward sitting alone gazing upon me with soft topaz eyes. Amanda was no where to be found and finally I could talk to him without interruption. "What brings your family to Forks?"