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Through Thine Eyes of Gold

Hundreds of years ago, in a time when villages and towns were so small everyone knew each other, one girl struggles to fit in. Poppy has never been known as "good" and has been practically outcasted from her friends. She and her sister are half vampire, which back then was a secret that only the Volturi somewhat knew of. Poppy's older sister, Ava was smarter, kinder, and more beautiful. And, she was murdered. The tiny village of Grimlock is beginning to turn their eyes upon Poppy as a possible murderer, though the words on their lips aren't spoken aloud. Her friends have condemned her by naming her a witch, and Poppy and her aunt and uncle still have to keep the secret of her heritage. All the while, a killer stalks the night, waiting to strike again.

In a nutshell, a story set a long time ago seen through the eyes of a half-vampire whose sister has been killed. Her friends have turned against her despite her innocence, and the real killer is waiting to commit another murder.

1. In The Midst Of The Cornfields

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I had found her. I had found my sister. Dead. Lying on the dry, cracked earth, golden hair spread behind her head like a shimmering halo. She had been wearing the gown I had given her this day, the morning of the Moon Festival, where the people get merry and drunk at night, leaving out offerings of livestock for the bloodsuckers to drink. Bloodsuckers. Vampires. Whatever you wish to call them, they were my people. Ava and I's mother was a human, our father a vampire, who was later disembowled by the Volturi and burned for commiting such a high crime. Our secret was well kept, though there was no disguising the looks we got from a few of the villagers, who recognized our beauty and pale complexion from the ancient paintings on the walls of many ancient caves. We, my aunt, uncle, and I, watched in dreaded silence as the village doctor lifted her cold, bloodless body, and carried her to a cart, where she would be taken to our small home. "Why couldn't they have waited?!" My Aunt Suzette wailed, clutching Uncle Roger's sleeve. "It was the night of the Moon Festival! Why couldn't they have waited until we set out our offerings?! WHY?!" She gave feral scream, muffled by my uncle's shirt, and he and I locked eyes, knowing what would happen now. The balance that had existed since forever had been overturned. For all we, or anybody else, knew, the village of Grimlock was no longer safe.

Docor Fredrick Daws lay my sister's lean fram on our dinging table, which had been cleared off before the arrival of the body. As customary, my uncle and many of our closest friends and other men from the village, left and went to an unknown place which they had never spoken to us about. While the women, on the other hand, came to our small cottage, bearing gifts of fruits, nuts, and dried meat, as that was what was the only thing to eat in this time of year, when the snow was just melting, bearing the parched ground beneath. We first washed her body, and I couldn't help but notice the small bite wounds on her neck. If I hadn't been looking for them, I wouldnt have noticed. The town midwife was there, as well as the wife of the mayor, my aunt, and other family friends. While they all brushed her hair with a brush dipped in the fragrant rosewater, I couldn't look at her face, see the dark lashes brushing the even paler, blood-drained face. Right before she had run off into the cornfields, we had argued over something useless, though I can hardly even remember what was now. The cornfields, the place she had met her ending. I felt guilty, as if it were my fault she had died, in the dress I had purchased with my hard-earned money. Flashing in my mind, I could see her elegant face, stony cold in anger at me. Whatever had been done, it had put her in a fuming rage, something I had only seen the kind girl do only once before. And it was my fault she was dead.

After several hours, my sister had been manicured and polished to where it appeared as if she were only sleeping, dreaming possibly of whoever she had had a crush on, wishing those dreams were reality. The doctor came again, and, with a nod, he took her body in his arms, and placed it once again on his cart. My best friend, Lucia, stood at my side, tears on her cheek. We were polar opposites. She tan, with dark hair and eyes, a soft-spoken voice made for singing, and a sweet smile that made you want to love her. I, on the other hand, had pale skin, dark auburn hair, golden vampire eyes, a sharp tongue, and a never-present smile. "Don't worry about what others think about what happened to her. I know you're innocent, as do the rest of us." She gestured with her hand to the four girls behind us. Marta, Susan, Laurie, and Katrina. Katrina, a girl who I had only really known through the other girls, put a hand on my shoulder, wavy black hair shining as always. She had quite the...reputation with the young men in town, and always had at least one girl angry at her. Marta and Susan hugged me gingerly, both with sad expressions on their faces. Laurie, was the only one standing next to the wall, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as she leaned against the stone wall, looking first at her feet and then to the inside of the house, where the women still lingered. Not long ago, both her alcoholic father and her older brother died, both in the span of only a year, and I knew she felt the same pain I did, though hers had most likely ebbed some. Then, she turned and locked her brown eyes onto mine, an almost warning on her face. I could see the look in her eyes.

She believed I was guilty of killing my sister.