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The Family We choose

Edward leaves the Cullen's at Carlisle's insistence when he is considering reverting back to his old life. This sets off a chain of events where Edward gets into fights, meets new vamps and fights of the advances of the Denali girls. Who are the unexpected visitors to the Cullen house?How does Edward know Bella? All vampire. vampire battles. betrayals, a kidnapping, and plenty of plot twists.

A/N Hey hope you enjoy my first chapter. I’m excited to hear what you think of it. It’s a long one with lots of twists, so bear with me. I will update once a week on a Thursday, maybe more if the inspiration takes me and you guys are liking it. Thanks, much love Gemma xxx Disclaimer: I of course do not own any of twilight. Nor do I make any money from it. The credit all goes to Ms Meyer. Just playing around with her characters.

1. Reverie

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“What do you think Edward?” Alice was looking at me expectantly; a hopeful look on her pixie like face. That look is ever present lately. She refuses to give up. Always hoping that I will snap out of it and she will have her ‘brother’ back. She is harbouring the misapprehension that that side of me even exists anymore. I have no idea what she is talking about so I quickly filter through her thoughts, a gift and a curse permitted to me by this immortal life; Although I use the term life loosely.

He looks so vacant. He wasn’t listening to me. Look at him staring at me, no doubt listening trying to figure out what I am asking him. Well, brother dearest allow me to help you out. I was saying there will be a storm next week. Perfect for a game of baseball; you in?

I couldn’t help but smirk wryly at my sister taking pity on me, her spiky black hair bobbing as she shook her head in amusement. She was always trying to help me; I really should treat her better.

“I don’t know about that Alice” I really didn’t feel like an afternoon of family fun. They always try and do this. I take solace in distancing myself, building up barriers. Then they have to try and knock them down and drag me back in. I know their intentions are honourable and I should really be grateful that I have a family that want me at all but I am just not like them.

Alice has her husband Jasper; he was turned during the civil war when he was part of the military. He is somewhat perfect for my sprite of a sister; she is a tiny waif of a girl, standing under 5 feet tall but with a personality ten times the size. Alice is always optimistic and a real ball of energy. The epitome of hyperactivity, jasper counteracts her perfectly. His time in the confederate army left him calm and level headed. His aptitude as an empath gives him the ability to calm Alice and others around him when necessary. In fact this same gift allows him to inflict onto another, any emotion he chooses. He looked every bit the charismatic leader with shoulder length blonde curls and piercing eyes. The tallest of all of us, he had an air of quiet authority about him; yet he never dictated a need for power or acknowledgement. He was self-assured enough to be content to fade into the background next to Alice.

“I’m not sure it’s such a good idea Ali.” Jasper was trying to pacify his wife and trying to take the heat off me at the same time. He really was a brother to me in many ways.

“But it will be fun jazz; Family time. We’ve not had that in ages.” She didn’t seem perturbed at all. In fact she was almost enthusiastic now. I sighed; loudly.

“Alice.” Jasper chastised gently.

“Alice nothing. I think it’s a great idea. Its family time and baseball is perfect for pulling that stick out of your ass Eddie. It’s America’s favourite pastime right?” Ah Emmett: Nice of you to join us. I feel privileged that he has stopped sucking face with Rosalie long enough to join in with the conversation.

Emmett is my “older” brother. He was older than me in human years when he was dragged into the world of a vampire but he is the most recent one to be changed. Although he does possess the maturity of a five year old, he is huge in stature and personality. Upon first impressions, he can seem intimidating with his imposing frame. But beneath the brawn is a big kid really. He is loyal to those he loves and enjoys life; a trait that shines through in his dimples with every grin. Not that I have been on the receiving end of those dimples lately.

“Don’t bother Emmie; he’s in one of those moods again. Leave him to mope.” Rosalie added. Her voice laced with disdain as she arrogantly flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder. Rosalie was beautiful. But she possessed the worst kind of beauty: The arrogant kind. She thought herself to be the most exquisite in existence and so looked down on everybody. We had never exactly seen eye to eye.

“Shove it Rosalie. Shouldn’t you be admiring your reflection somewhere?” I didn’t try to hide the malice in my voice. I was tiring of this game now.

“Hmff!” Rosalie was always so eloquent. Emmett just grinned, earning him an elbow to the side from Rosalie for not defending her, but his thoughts told me although he didn’t approve of me being rude to Rosalie, he was happy I was joining in at all. In his mind being an ass was better than being catatonic. He was getting his hopes up that I would be participating in family life more often. He was heading for disappointment.

I allowed myself to drift away from the conversation again but regretted it instantly. My mind was bombarded with the mundane thoughts of the students in the high school cafeteria; incessant thoughts of gowns, dates and prom kings and queens. The minds of my fellow students were useless and repetitive and vapid. Oh how I hate this life of a perpetual high school student. I know it is necessary because the younger we pertain to be, the longer we can stay in one place but still it weakens my resolve.

I had had almost a century to get well acquainted with this curse of mine, but the voices seemed to be coming thick and fast today. I had become very well practiced at filtering the crap from the decent thoughts, and by decent I of course mean entertaining. I could feel the panic rise up the back of my neck; I couldn’t cope with this bombardment. I had to get out and I had to do it now. Ignoring the questioning and worried looks from my siblings I rose from the table and stalked off in search of some solace from my inner torment. I walked off towards the woods, to be alone; in every sense of the word.

I could hear Alice and Emmett calling after me but I didn’t care. I had to escape from this hell. I stormed off towards the woods, bustling into other students as I passed. I think I actually knocked one boy over, but again I didn’t care. It didn’t even slow me down, I just grumbled at the inconvenience. As I entered the woods I began to pick up the sounds of the forest, the birds, the leaves and twigs crunching underfoot and a bubbling Brook. These instantly calmed me and I craved more. These sounds were drowning out the vile ramblings of the idiots inside the school. I gravitated towards the soothing tones of the brook and sat myself on a rock at the water face. I was more than used to being alone as I often had to vacate the house when one of the 3 couples I lived with started to feel amorous. They never asked me to leave, but I had to for the sake of my sanity. Lest I see something I wouldn’t want to. But being alone and feeling alone are two different things. Just lately I am becoming very familiar with both.

As I watched the water of the brook, I picked up voices approaching; a woman and a young child, no more than 3 or 4.

I must spring clean the house for when his family come up this weekend. He is so excited to tell his parents: another baby. So exciting!

Her thoughts affected me in a strange way, they were so mundane and simple and yet they encompassed everything I would never have, everything that was stolen from me 90 years ago. This left me with a sinking feeling deep in my gut; envy laced with self-pity and resentment. I was just about to get up and go home to continue my brooding in private, when it hit me like a wrecking ball…

“Ouch mummy!” the voice of the little girl: red hair strewn about her face. “I hurt myself mummy, the tree cutted me.” She had caught her arm on a low branch; drawing blood, the scent full and thick in the air. I allowed myself to sink back into the hedge growth to remain out of sight as I observed them.

“Ooh baby, are you ok? What a naughty tree” the mother cooed making me smile. Chastising the offending tree with a playful smack in a way only a mother could. The blood was only a drop which the woman quickly wiped away but the scent lingered on, weaving its way through my senses.

The mother and child quickly moved along, leaving the brook and me behind. Alone again, my mind soon started wandering; drifting through the darker side of the memories of my immortal life.

The alleyway was dark and dank, with a smell of stale alcohol and musty sweat. Upon the end of the alley was a door to a deadbeat tavern. The patrons within were mostly bums and drunks feeling sorry for themselves. One man however caught my eye; I picked up the sinister tone to his thoughts.

‘That bitch! She’s fucking useless and she thinks she can speak back to me. I’ll show her who runs things round here when I get home; teach her a lesson. She’ll regret not showing me the respect I deserve.’

Visions of his wife: blooded and battered as a result of his previous ‘lessons’ filled his head. I felt sick to my stomach and shook with rage. That is what led to me skulking in this dire alley; awaiting the ‘man’ in there. Although to call him a man is sacrilege as he is barely more human than I am. His wife will not suffer at his hands again, that I am sure of.

The man stumbled outside, making lewd comments to the woman behind the bar as he left. That just fuelled my hatred for him and sealed his fate. The man had no respect for women at all. Not to worry, I intended to teach him that respect. He staggered past me as I hid in the darkness of the shadows. I allowed him to get a couple of feet in front of me, and then followed silently down the alley. I approached him from behind, placing a strong hand on his shoulder to halt him.

“What the f-“he slurred at me, as he spun around halfway to face me; his breath vile with the stench of stale liquor. I growled at him to silence his ramblings. However, this was unnecessary as the fear of me before him was enough to freeze him instantly.

“Wh-Wh-Who are you? WH-what do you want from me?” his eyes; though glazed with alcohol, relayed his fear. I bared my teeth at him once again, and leaned into his neck in one swift, smooth movement; his pulse point was calling to me with a therapeutic rhythm. I opened my mouth and smoothly drew back my lips into a sinister smile, baring my razor sharp teeth as I felt the bitter venom flood my mouth in anticipation of the liquid life that awaited me beneath the paper thin skin.

“No! Wait! Please! I have a wife at home waiting for me. Please!” well, that plea just sealed his fate. Considering that his crimes against said wife are the reason I chose him in the first place. I closed my eyes and relished in the smell of the blood pumping beneath the delicate sheath of skin, inhaling deeply through my nose. Just as he opened his mouth to scream I sunk my teeth into the pulse point; immediately overtaken by the warmth flooding my mouth. I braced the beast to halt his struggling as I swallowed down the bitter sweet blood, like a man perishing of thirst. I groaned as I took in the hot liquid of life as his scream got cut off in his throat with a gurgle. All too soon the blood stopped pumping into my mouth and the man slumped against me, eyes rolled back in his head. I threw him off my body in disgust. It repulsed me now to think I had part of such a beast within my body. Too late now I guess, at least his wife is safe from him now.

It was much later now, I had to hurry before it became light and people started to appear on the streets for the start of the new day. I now had to dispose of the body. After all, a corpse with a bite mark on his neck will always look suspicious; especially in the middle of town where it can’t be blamed on an animal attack. I had to protect the identity of our kind. It is one of the few rules vampires have to adhere to. I carried the body to his car and drove to the highway and hit the gas, I needed speed for this. After a mile or so I steered the car off the road towards a steep, rock littered embankment. As the car began to flip over, I broke through the windshield with ease leaving the body slumped across the two front seats. I tossed a lit match through the window into the car just for good measure to make sure the dead bastard burned.

Then I slinked off into the darkness, allowing the guilt and self-pity to swallow me. The human blood in my tissues left me physically strong and renewed but mentally I was all but dead. I couldn’t help but wonder whether this was all there was. Could a vampire fight against his nature and resist the urge to kill? Or would he be just delaying the inevitable only to be drawn back to the pursuit of human blood eventually anyway?

I was brought out of my morose reverie by the shrill tinkling of my cell phone. I didn’t have to be psychic to guess who it was. That after all, was Alice’s forte.

“Hello?” the boredom was evident in my voice.

“Hey, you coming home today or what?” she already knew the answer of course. She had no doubt seen a vision of me staying out here all night, hence, the prompting. I could tell that she was trying to sound happy but the worry was evident in her voice. My spirit sunk further when I realised she was probably steeling herself for a rebuke; expecting me to shout at her. I had, after all, been a total ass lately. I restrained myself.

“Yeah, sure. I’m heading back now Alice.” I tried to use my friendliest voice but it came out strained.

“Really? That’s great. See you soon.” She hung up. No doubt she didn’t want to give me chance to change my mind. I looked at my phone and saw that I had been sat here for four hours. No wonder Alice was worried I also had a number of messages from Emmett and jasper. I would no doubt be interrogated when I got home.

I set off home, still thinking about that little girl. How sweet her blood smelled. How I missed the taste of blood and the feeling of exhilaration and freedom fresh from a kill. Of course, I would never kill a child. I am a monster but not that level of a monster. Those monsters do exist in our society though. As a matter of fact, they would be the very monsters I pursued.