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The Family We choose

Edward leaves the Cullen's at Carlisle's insistence when he is considering reverting back to his old life. This sets off a chain of events where Edward gets into fights, meets new vamps and fights of the advances of the Denali girls. Who are the unexpected visitors to the Cullen house?How does Edward know Bella? All vampire. vampire battles. betrayals, a kidnapping, and plenty of plot twists.

A/N Hey hope you enjoy my first chapter. I’m excited to hear what you think of it. It’s a long one with lots of twists, so bear with me. I will update once a week on a Thursday, maybe more if the inspiration takes me and you guys are liking it. Thanks, much love Gemma xxx Disclaimer: I of course do not own any of twilight. Nor do I make any money from it. The credit all goes to Ms Meyer. Just playing around with her characters.

3. Esme drops the F bomb

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After Jasper left to go and find Alice, I spent a long time in the quiet of the family room. I noticed how quiet it really could be. Of course I could hear the faint murmurings of the thoughts of Jasper, Alice and Esme. But they were more than easy enough to block out. What struck me most was how noticeable the physical absence of my family was to me. This made me wonder: would my absence be as noticeable to them?

I was broken out of my thinking by Esme’s thoughts approaching me.

“Hello son.” Her tone was hesitant in case I started shouting again. “Are you busy?” the tone of her thoughts matched her hopeful facial expression. She missed me too.

“Never too busy for you Esme” I tried to sound sweet but her mind showed me that I just sounded defeated. Another fail.

“Will you walk with me Edward?” I nodded and opened the door for her, allowing her to exit first.

Always such a gentleman. I wonder why he is still alone. Surely he should have found somebody by now. Perhaps he was too young when he was changed and that’s why he has no feelings for any of the women he has met. After all, Tanya was a pretty girl and popular too. She certainly isn’t lacking male company at any rate. Morals yes, virtue definitely, men; not so much…

Esme was chagrined when she caught herself and realised that I had heard her thoughts about me. I wasn’t mad at her though. I had been thinking similar things myself.

“I think that may be the issue with Tanya.” I tried to think of a nice way to say this; I was speaking to my mother after all.

“She is very confident with her err…femininity. And she can come across a little…” scary as hell, desperate… “Intimidating”

“How many times did you edit that statement in your head before you spoke?” she said with a dry chuckle. I shrugged. She knew me well.

“She is different from you. Somewhat brazen just between you and me.” With this it was my turn to chuckle; Esme was trying to be diplomatic but it appeared that we both shared the same opinion about Tanya Denali. I offered her my arm as we set off down the path to our gardens: Esme’s favourite part of our grounds.

“The garden is looking great Esme. Your pride and joy.” I smiled at her, I expected her to grin back but her face was stoic and worry lines were forming on her forehead. Then she scoffed at me softly.

“The damn garden is not my pride and joy Edward. I have a much greater achievement here. Something which brings me much more pride.” Her eyes burned with sincerity as she spoke. “You”

I nodded at her and diverted my eyes quickly. Not because I didn’t believe her but because I just didn’t know what to say really. I didn’t cope well with praise. I didn’t deserve it. We had been walking for a minute or two when I picked up the sound of Carlisle’s and Emmett’s thoughts. Fucking Alice. She wanted me out of the house when Carlisle got home. No doubt so that she, Carlisle and Jasper could talk about me. I doubt Rosalie would give a shit about any drama I could kick up. Esme hadn’t known about this though, I could see in her thoughts that Alice had just suggested some alone time with me and Esme jumped at the chance. They had used her. This made it even worse. I contemplated going back inside and confronting them but instead I placed my left hand over one of Esme’s that was hooked through my right arm and kissed the top of her head as a thank you. I couldn’t help but wonder though. What had Alice seen for me?

Our mother – son moment was ruined by heavy footfall from behind us.

“Dude, I have got to tell you ‘bout this grizzly.” Emmett looked excited and was in a state of complete disarray. “Huge, man, woke him up too so got one hell of a fight out of him!” Emmett chuckled to himself. Although his story was aimed at me, it was Esme who answered him.

“Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen! What the fuck has happened to your clothes?” Emmett and I both gasped.

We didn’t say anything.

We didn’t think anything.

We just gasped.

Esme dropped an F bomb.

After a few minutes a thought finally popped into my head. Thank fuck she didn’t aim it at me. Sucks to be you McCarty.

I listened to Emmett’s thoughts closely, curious to see how he would handle this. He realised he was in trouble. Then he realised he should say something. He also realised Esme was still glaring at him with her hands on her hips waiting for a response. Then as per usual he came out with the last thing I would have expected.

“I got mauled by a bear; it’s not the first time and I’m a little sensitive about it if you don’t mind. And could you watch your language please; my ears are not a toilet.” He just stood there with his chin in the air and his hands on his hips. My mouth was hanging open, I knew this because I could feel it but I didn’t care. Then for the first time, I looked at Emmett properly and I burst out laughing. He was all but naked. His shirt was mostly gone, a thin band around his middle and the left sleeve were all that remained intact. The rest was either completely missing or hanging in strands down his backside. His trousers were gone: completely gone. He was there in raggedy boxers and a barely there shirt. I knew it was wrong on so many levels but I couldn’t help it; I cracked up.

Esme slapped the back of my head and stifled a giggle behind her hand.

“Don’t laugh at your brother.” I muttered an unconvincing apology and smirked at Emmett. Who was now stood before us in all his glory with his arms folded across his chest and a smug look on his face.

“I’m sorry dear” Esme managed to apologise through her smirks.

“S’okay mom. I’ll get through it.” Emmett pressed his lip together as if he was being brave. Then it dawned on me as I composed myself.

“Why didn’t you just get changed?” I laughed.

“What?” Emmett looked confused and Esme was full out laughing now.

“Why didn’t you just get changed before you came out to us. You can dress yourself can’t you, Mummy’s brave little soldier?” he was trying not to laugh now, he sighed before replying.

“Rosie will still be sulking, so she won’t let me get any clothes anyway, so why bother. Here I am baaaaaby.” He gyrated as he said the last word and it disturbed me.

“You can’t go around like that forever Emmett.” Esme looked worried; apparently she wasn’t enjoying the view any more than I was.

“You’re probably right there mom, but Rosie won’t let me in until I back down and this time I’m not going to.” He looked thoughtful for a minute. “Eddie, will you ride to the store with me so I can pick up some new clothes.” My answer was simple and needed no consideration.

“Not a chance in hell” I laughed, Esme was already walking back to the house at this point and I made to follow her, smirking to myself at Emmett’s plight. Emmett barged past me shouting to Esme;

“Mom, tell him to help me out!” as he ran ahead of me I noticed the ass had been ripped out of his boxers. I was disturbed but amused.

“For fuck sake! Come on, you can borrow something of mine.” I barked out a laugh. “That’s fucking disgusting Em”

“Thanks ed.” Again with the nickname.

“Ward, its Edward.” I glared at him and Esme chuckled.

Carlisle POV

I looked at my son in the passenger seat of my Mercedes and chuckled to myself. Emmett was rambling on about the bear he had managed to catch. To be fair, it was pretty impressive and it certainly put up a fair fight. My sweet Esme would not care for the alterations to his outfit though. And Alice. Oh! Alice would probably weep for the destroyed clothes. Emmett looked so proud of himself, he looked strong, and physically he was, but he reminded me of a little boy sometimes.

“It was a big one Em. Congratulations” of all my sons, Emmett was always the most receptive of praise. He revelled in it.

“That’s what she said” he proclaimed with a grin on his face.

Fuck him, he’s an idiot. Emmett’s grin grew wider. I, like any other parent, likes to see their children happy. But it seemed this was happening less and less often lately. Rosalie’s attitude wasn’t helping things, but she knows she can use it to get whatever she wants. Emmett dotes on her; just like I do Esme. Only luckily for me Esme is much more understanding with me than Rosalie is with Emmett. Things were going to change. They had to. Emmett and I had discussed this at length and he had agreed.

Then Edward, I had let that boy down so much in my selfishness. I was the one who dragged him into this life. He was, is, my responsibility but I have neglected him. Sure for the first few years I was there helping him, guiding him. Then I met Esme, and my family started to grow one by one and someone new became the priority. It’s like that with new born vampires though; they need attention, lots of it. That isn’t his fault though and I hadn’t noticed he was being pushed out. Then when I realised the six of us had paired into couples leaving him alone. I can’t describe the anguish I felt.

I had tried to help him find a mate though, over the years. I even tried to set him up with Rosalie at first. Of course he couldn’t tolerate her; he was raised in an era where ladies were different. Rosalie is … high maintenance. Edward could never stand for that, the relationship would have been too volatile. I think that’s why they don’t get on now, Rosalie can’t stand the fact that a man alive could dare to deny her.

Then I had the error in judgment to try and arrange a pairing between him and Tanya Denali. But I’m not supposed to talk about that anymore, it had been a disaster. Esme made me promise not to try and set the two of them up again. She may or may not have called her a hussy; I’m not supposed to say. Esme looks gentle but she can hold her own.

When Edward left us last time, it damn near killed me and Esme; I can’t let anyone drive him to do that again. Although deep down I know if he wants to do it, or even if he just feels he should, nothing will stop him. He may have been young when I changed him but he has a strong head on his shoulders. He knows his own mind. I just pray I’m not too late.

Jasper had texted me asking me to come home to discuss Edward with a matter of urgency, so I was more than a little worried whilst speeding back from our hunting trip. Normally, I would take the time to appreciate the tranquillity of the twilight, but not tonight.

As I pulled up the driveway I noticed Edward and Esme taking a walk in the garden, they looked close. He was kissing her head affectionately; leaving her beaming. I just prayed he was staying. I hadn’t even stopped, when Emmett left the car and ran over to his mother and brother. I barely got in through the front door before I was accosted by yet another of my brood.

Alice POV

“Carlisle! Thank god your home. What took so long? Did you walk it with Emmett on your back?” I shouted to him before Jasper gently shushed me.

“I’m here now Alice. What’s the matter?” he asked calmly. Calmly!

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? You heard this jazz? What’s the matter?” I mumbled to myself mostly, shaking my head in disbelief. Could he really be oblivious to all of this?

“Edward is going to leave!” I didn’t even feel bad about shouting at him.

“Edward is going to leave?” he asked in disbelief.

“Edward is going to leave.” Jasper confirmed with a dead look to his eyes. This would really hurt him. He loves Edward

“Edward is going to leave!” Carlisle said with urgency, bringing his hands up to his face. I was getting pissed off.

“Is there a fucking echo in here or what?” I bellowed at both of them; Eliciting mumbled apologies from them both.

“He spoke to jazz about it today and I’ve had a vision. It’s not good Carlisle. Not good at all.” I needed Edward, we were close. Really close: Like twins. We understood each other. At least I thought we did.

“What did he talk to you about Jasper?” Carlisle asked with a distraught look on his face.

“Erm… well…” Jasper struggled. He felt responsible. “He asked about my bloodlust.” Carlisle winced at this. “And about my time with Maria, he asked if I missed my old life.” Jasper hadn’t told me that part.

“I just hope I haven’t encouraged him Carlisle.” Jasper looked so pained and I wondered what his answer had been.

“Has he said he definitely wants to leave?” Carlisle stood up straighter when he said this. He was getting into father mode; Ready to take action to protect our family.

“No, not really. He is … he said he was just weighing up his options… trying to figure out where he belongs…” Jasper said glancing at me nervously. He better be bloody nervous.

“He belongs here! I hope you told him that jazz. I swear to god if you didn’t …” I was waving my fist at him, fully intent on using it on his face if he hasn’t reassured Edward.

“Of course I did. But you know what Edwards like. He…” I held my hand up to silence him. This was getting us nowhere. He looked sad. Carlisle cleared his throat.

“Your vision Alice?” this was the part I was dreading. I suppressed a shiver as I began to relay my vision to them.

Edward was stalking the man from the shadows, hiding himself from view. He focused on the sound of the man’s steady heartbeat and the pumping of his blood through the pulse point in his neck.

A flash of guilt flashed over Edwards face before he quickly recovered himself by thinking about the scene he had witnessed earlier and the brutal attack the man before him had been part of. The man he had left lying in the gutter. This eased Edward’s conscience slightly. His prey was a monster too. So this was ok.

Edward bit back a growl and approached his prey. He contemplated getting the man’s attention, causing him to turn around so he could truly punish him for his crime then thought better of it. He moved quickly behind the man before he even had time to process what was approaching him. He had no time to fear before Edward tilted his head and prepared to feed…

“Then it starts to fade and jump around. I don’t know whether he kills or not. But he is planning on leaving.” I told Carlisle. He looked devastated.

“Right well, I think it is obvious that we need to speak to him about this but we must tread carefully. If we push him too much he will just retreat into himself. Even if he does leave, we need him to feel like he can still approach us.” Jasper nodded knowingly as Carlisle said this.

“Let him go Carlisle. All he does is skulk around anyway. If he wants to run away sulking then leave him to it. Where the hell is Emmett?” Rosalie demanded. Carlisle sighed.

“We just got back. He is outside talking with Edward and your mother.” Carlisle smiled as he said this, happy to have Edward spending time with any of us at all.

“Got back from where? Why hasn’t he been up to see me?” she looked outraged. Ha, good!

“Because, you self-centred bitch…” Jasper tried to placate me at this point by stroking my arm and guiding me away from Rosalie. But it was too late; this has been a long time coming.

“Not everything is about you” she scoffed at me and I moved closer so I was an inch from her face and her eyes widened. No doubt in shock.

“Girls…” Carlisle’s voice indicated this was a warning but I didn’t care.

“What’s up? Is life not as sweet when Emmett spends time with somebody else rather than bowing at your feet? The dynamic in this house is changing. You are on the verge of losing your brother if you give a shit!” I was seething with her. She didn’t care about anybody but herself.

“Right that’s it! Enough!” The uncharacteristic anger in Jaspers voice snapped me out of my anger and I felt him send a wave of calm my way.

“Don’t speak to me like that. And don’t talk to me about Edward. He will go off and sulk and then come back vying for sympathy. Fuck him!” she sneered and I was just about to pounce when Jasper wrapped his arms around my chest from behind and pinned me to him.

“They are on their way back in.” Carlisle said suddenly. He looked pointedly at Jasper.

“You might want to keep hold of her while she sees what Emmett has done to the clothes she gave him this morning.” My head popped up. That shirt better not be dirty. Vintage Armani: Exquisite. Not easy to find in his size. He is abnormally large.

The door opened and I saw Edward and Esme walk in together. Edward winked at me then smiled. I reciprocated. Then I saw Emmett and felt the growl rumble through my chest.

“For fuck sake McCarty!”

A/N – part two coming up soon. A little angsty but with some fluff to balance it out.

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