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The Family We choose

Edward leaves the Cullen's at Carlisle's insistence when he is considering reverting back to his old life. This sets off a chain of events where Edward gets into fights, meets new vamps and fights of the advances of the Denali girls. Who are the unexpected visitors to the Cullen house?How does Edward know Bella? All vampire. vampire battles. betrayals, a kidnapping, and plenty of plot twists.

A/N Hey hope you enjoy my first chapter. I’m excited to hear what you think of it. It’s a long one with lots of twists, so bear with me. I will update once a week on a Thursday, maybe more if the inspiration takes me and you guys are liking it. Thanks, much love Gemma xxx Disclaimer: I of course do not own any of twilight. Nor do I make any money from it. The credit all goes to Ms Meyer. Just playing around with her characters.

4. Creepy

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The door opened and I saw Edward and Esme walk in together. Edward winked at me then smiled. I reciprocated. Then I saw Emmett and felt the growl rumble through my chest.

“For fuck sake McCarty!”


Alice’s tiny little arms and legs were flailing against jaspers chest, trying to get a hold on Emmett. Esme giggled.

“What the fuck happened?” Jasper had set her down now. She had her hands on her hips and was tapping her little foot in front of her. Emmett didn’t look fazed.

“Bear” was the only explanation he gave. I couldn’t help but notice that he had no shame at all, despite the fact he was nearly FUCKING NAKED!

“Oh great, Rosie’s down. I can go get some clothes now. Saves me borrowing a top hat and waistcoat off of Eddie.” Emmett boomed as he pounded up the stairs after pecking Rosalie on the cheek. I shook my head in his direction.

“So, he’s forgiven now then?” I asked Rosalie with what I hoped was a smug smirk.

“Yeah, well it’s not Emmie’s fault you’re a dick is it?” she sneered at me.

“Besides, I’d be lonely in our room tonight if I was all on my own. Wouldn’t I?” She added in a tone laced with venom. I could see that Esme was about to say something, I lifted my hand up to silence her and turned on my heel to head upstairs; Ignoring my family calling my name behind me. Rosalie knew exactly which buttons to push. Bitch.

I was seething at Rosalie and well everyone really. Although I wasn’t sure what I was angry for. I was just angry. I would normally play at times like this. Take my aggression out on the ivories, but my magnificent baby grand was downstairs and didn’t feel like facing everyone yet. So, I did the only thing I could think of to escape.

Glancing around my room it was easy to feel trapped. It wasn’t the room that led me to feel closed in, but rather the house itself, the voices from my families minds wrapped around me like a bubble. Following me around wherever I went. I needed an escape.

I opened my French windows and stepped off the ledge, relishing the too short three story fall. I had long since perfected the skill off landing into a run seamlessly. So I was off; running towards the cover of the trees again. I picked up speed as I pumped my legs harder. I felt no burn in my calves as a pumped faster and faster: a machine. I loved the fact that nobody could catch me now if they tried, even other vampires like my family. Speed is my only solace in this pathetic existence.

The trees zipped past me in a blur and all too soon I saw the house coming into view again, I had already done a full circuit. I slowed to a jog as I approached the house, with the now near permanent frown plastered on my face.

I sighed and entered. Everyone was stood around the piano looking anxious.

“I’m glad you’re back Edward. I think we need to have a chat, son.” Carlisle said as he moved to place his hand on my shoulder but thought better of it; Worried about my reaction. His thoughts were strange, unusually guarded again. What was he planning?

“Okay, what’s up?” I replied as I eyed him sceptically.

“You don’t need to be scared of me Carlisle, I’m still the same guy I have been for the past nine decades” I added with a dry chuckle to attempt to lighten the obvious tension in the room.

I was overly aware of the entire family observing the exchange. I was about to speak again when a sob erupted through the silence. I had been so focused on Carlisle’s irregular behaviour that I hadn’t been concentrating on anyone else; in particular Alice. Her wracking sobs were muffled against Jasper’s shirt. He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. I knew why, he could feel everything Alice could feel; he was hurting with his wife. Everyone always said Alice and I were exceptionally close, that we had a special connection. Almost like twins, I liked it, the bond made up for my lack of relationship with Rosalie. I enjoyed having a sister.

“Come here Ali” I said as softly as I could manage; so as not to startle her.

You won’t want me near you when you find out what they’re doing.

I shook my head at her gently, a silent signal between us alone. Then mental apologies started coming from all of my family. Well even Rosalie, it was half hearted but still a miracle that anything had drawn her out of her Rosalie time. I focused on Emmett’s thoughts and seeing his intentions, was in front of him holding his arm as it stopped an inch above the piano he had so nearly smashed his fist into.

Sorry man his thoughts were chagrined.

“Will you all pack that shit in? You know I don’t get your secret convo’s and it pisses me off. Alice, please stop crying. Carlisle, get on with it, whatever this is. And why do I get the idea, I am the only one who doesn’t know the whole story here?” he panted out as he dragged a huge palm over his face, the tension evident.

I could see from his mind that he had thought the family were gathering to remind me of the benefits of our current lifestyle, a kind of motivation. I could see from jaspers mind though that they hadn’t told him the full story because they didn’t think he could hide it from me. Whenever the family tried to hide something, apart from the child that is Emmett, Jasper was always the first to slip. Not because of a lack of focus, his years in the military had left him with a strong sense of self discipline. Rather because he was easily overwhelmed by everyone’s emotions so his focus would slip first. Then their intentions hit me.

“You’re sending me away?” I shouted in disbelief.

“No dickhead, we’re trying to stop you from leaving.” Emmett huffed as if it was plainly obvious. Esme joined Alice in her sobbing. I clutched Alice to my side again.

“Emmett please, you’re not helping.” Carlisle was all but mumbling now; not nearly as confident. His guilt shone through.

I shook my head at Carlisle. He had every reason to feel guilty. They intended to ship me off into hiding today. So I didn’t interrupt their carefully ordered little life.

“Tell him Carlisle.” Emmett’s eyes were darting between me and Carlisle.

“We are not sending you away, just giving you a break for a while.” Carlisle added with a hesitant tone.

“A break where?” Emmett demanded slapping his hand on my shoulder in a show of support. I shrugged it off, because I’m a dick like that.

“Emmett…” Carlisle meant this as a warning but his voice was weary, so it came off as a plea.

“WHERE?” Emmett boomed. I saw the answer flash through Carlisle’s mind as Alice sobbed again.

“NO Carlisle. NO! I won’t go” I was furious. I could see Emmett was about to ask, he always got frustrated when he was kept out of the loop.

“Denali, Emmett. They are sending me to Denali.” I said with a hint of disdain.

“No! You’re not shipping him off like some embarrassment. No! Just no!” I had never seen Emmett this upset over anything. His loyalty was touching really.

“Come on Emmie…” Rosalie tried to placate him but to no avail. I could see him shaking.

“No! You’ll love this rose. It’s what you’ve wanted for ages; to send him away. I won’t see this family torn apart. How can you reject him Carlisle?” Emmett’s voice cracked on the last word. He was genuinely upset. Alice and Esme were still sobbing. Their minds full of guilt.

“It’s fine really. Don’t worry about it.” I said; resigning myself to the fact that I would be leaving my family. I could understand Carlisle’s reasoning. After what I discussed with Jasper, he was concerned I would kill near here. Then our cover would be blown, putting the entire family at risk. Denali was miles from civilisation; there was less temptation for me.

“Fuck this!” Emmett shouted as he turned for the door. Rosalie grabbed at his arm but he shrugged it off. He stormed out of the door angrily. I took off after him.

“Em, wait up!” I shouted after him. I checked behind us to make sure no one else had ran after us but they had stayed inside. Carlisle must have warned them off.

“So, what? You’re not going to fight? You’re gonna go?” he demanded. I sighed loudly. He saw everything as a fight.

“Probably” I looked at him then and I swear he would have cried if he could have made the tears flow.

“But, why? What about us? You can’t just leave Ed. I know Rose can be a bitch sometimes, well most of the time but that’s just her thing. You know?” he rambled quickly with a humourless laugh. I rolled my eyes at him and shoved his shoulder with my own.

“I need my brother Ed. I know I’ve got jasper but he’s weird.” He said and scrunched up his face.

“He’s not weird” I laughed at this.

“Don’t fucking lie. You know he’s weird. He knows what I’m feeling all the time.”

“I know what you’re thinking all of the time.” I chuckled

“Yeah, but I generally think about two things: food and sex. I don’t have another level. You don’t have to have a special fucking gift to know what I’m thinking. If my eyes aren’t black I’m thinking about something dirty.” He said with a smirk. “But he knows what I feel, that’s different. It’s weird.” He continued.

“I don’t see why though Em. Surely by your logic you either feel hungry or horny.” I laughed

“You think your funny? I feel other stuff you know” he was picking bark off a tree trunk as he spoke. It hit me in this moment how childlike Emmett was. He looked vulnerable. His thoughts showed me he got scared but felt ashamed of this. I sat down beneath the tree he was deconstructing and looked up at him as he pouted like a child.

“What are you scared of Emmett?” he scoffed as I said this.

“Change I guess. I got so used to none of us changing, you know; frozen in time and all that. The thought of shaking things up freaks me out. What if you don’t come back?” he looked me dead in the eye then and I realised I barely recognised him. Most of the time Emmett messed around and made inappropriate jokes so to see him serious was unsettling. I wanted my brother back.

“I don’t want you to regret anything Edward. I know I joke around and boast about my general awesomeness but I can be serious.” He said with a tight lipped smile, and then continued.

“If you want to, you know… talk. About anything, you know… like if you wanted to confide anything. Or talk about girls…or guys”

My head jerked up at the last word.

“You think I’m acting out cos I’m gay? Always with the gay thing.” I shook my head and laughed at him.

“Well …” he asked hopefully.

“I’m not gay Emmett” I said with a chuckle. He looked deflated; I think he thought he’d solved a mystery.

“OK. Seriously though. I joke about stuff. I don’t think before I make decisions, but I don’t regret anything either. You do. You regret everything. Don’t do anything you will feel bad about later. You beat yourself up enough as it is.” He looked genuinely concerned.

“Em…” I started.

“No, I mean it. You can’t go back to killing Ed. You all think I’m stupid but I’m not. I see things I just don’t talk about crap like you and Jazz do. If you kill again, we will never get you back. So cut the shit. Find yourself a girl and sort your head out. I need you around here man. Jazz is great but he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t get me. You do. He won’t even wrestle with me. I know you could always beat me cos you know what my next move will be, but I still get to kick your scrawny ass so I don’t give a shit. I’m not learning to play chess and turning into a boring shit once you leave, so you better hurry back or ill drag you back to save myself.” He laughed to himself.

“Jasper’s not so bad.” I laughed and surprised myself with the sound. It wasn’t forced, it was light. It felt good.

“He’s even more uptight than you are.” He said with a frown. I shook my head, playfully disagreeing with him and he smirked. The old Emmett was coming back.

“Oh, you don’t agree? What happened when you were on the Xbox with him last week? He spent an hour discussing what?” he said with enthusiasm. I laughed at the memory.

“The entire red dead series is plagued with historical and strategical inaccuracies…”

“What a dick!” for the first time in months we properly laughed together. Should have known it couldn’t last though.

Rosalie approached us cautiously and we abruptly stopped laughing. I waited for the spiteful comment but she looked at me sympathetically.

“Sorry guys, I had to come and let you know. The Denali’s are here.” She hung her head as if ashamed. I sifted through her thoughts for details.

“No Tanya?” I asked in surprise and relief.

“No, she has gone off with a uh… friend. Everyone thought it for the best so it’s not too awkward for you. You’ll be back to us in no time anyway.” Rosalie mumbled without looking at me. It killed her to be nice to me but she was being genuine. I could tell that much. I jumped up and went to make my way to the house, feeling better about the trip knowing I wouldn’t have to fend off Tanya at every turn.

I felt Emmett’s arm on my shoulder. With inhuman speed he pulled me into a hug and not the man kind either; a proper hug.

“You better fuckin’ come back, I swear to God.” He released me and I clapped a hand on his shoulder and nodded. He nodded once and put his arm around Rosalie. She gave me a tight lipped smile. We made our way back to the house slowly. Even for a human pace it was slow. I wasn’t looking forward to the goodbyes but I knew I had to go. Had to decide what I wanted, needed.

Once back at the house, everybody settled into their respective couples in the lounge room. I had to try and block out their minds because their thoughts were all flooding out too fast; merging together. I groaned inwardly and pinched the bridge of my nose to cope with the tension in the room.

“Irina. Kate” I nodded at the Denali sisters and smiled what I hoped looked like a friendly smile and not a grimace.

“Hello Edward” they said in unison: Creepy.

The Denali sisters, including the thankfully absent Tanya, were all very beautiful; all blonde and svelte. All painfully aware of their appeal to the opposite sex; irritatingly so.

“Eleazer and Carmen have gone off somewhere…” Irina giggled.

“…but Garrett waits for us at the house, sweet Edward.” Kate completed her sentence. Once again: creepy.

“Thank you ladies” I nodded my head in their direction to be polite.

“Our pleasure” they replied in unison.

Their thoughts were equally crude upon the last word; images of thousands upon thousands of past lovers flitting through their mind. I looked away to hide my distaste. They were not my idea of ladies. I knew of a few words to describe them but a lady was not one of them. And none could be spoken in polite conversation. They were each aware that I could know what they were thinking and judging from the looks they were giving me they seemed to be mistakenly thinking it was attractive. I looked to Emmett and he waggled his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes; he was back.

“Edward?” it was Carlisle.

“I need you to try and understand why we are doing this son. I don’t want a repeat of the last time you left us. You were hurting so badly after that. I never want to see you carry the burden of such guilt again. I’m just trying to give you the space you need whilst still protecting you.”

He was pleading with his eyes for me to understand. I didn’t feel angry at him though. Only numb at this point. I had accepted my fate. I had no idea what I wanted from this life so I was willing to try anything. I nodded my acceptance to him. I could see his thoughts debating whether I would allow him to embrace me. I opened my arms and stepped towards him.

“This is not goodbye Edward” he said it like a warning.

I didn’t acknowledge it. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to lie to him. I had no idea if I would be returning. Esme turned to me next, she tried to speak but only a strangled sound came out, and her shoulders were shaking with sobs. It reminded me of the last time I had left all those years ago. Our family had been so much smaller then, but yet I could see that Esme’s pain at thinking she was losing me was just as raw. I hated to hurt her. I begged her forgiveness with my eyes because I didn’t trust my own voice to hold out. I mouthed ‘I love you ‘and gave her a gentle squeeze. She cried harder and tightened her hold on me.

When Esme eventually let go, Jasper shook my hand and muttered well wishes for my speedy return and offers of advice over the phone should I need it. He was conservative with his farewell but I could clearly see his love for me. It just wasn’t in his nature to show it publicly. I was grateful for the tact.

Emmett clipped my shoulder again and Rosalie offered me a tight, demure smile. Then abruptly sighed, rolled her eyes and kissed my cheek so quickly I wasn’t sure if it had happened until I saw the looks she had gained from the audience we had gathered. She glared back at them in defiance; challenging them to mention it.

“A-hm!” I looked to the sound of a throat clearing and saw my would-be twin stood at the bottom of the stairs with a suitcase. Arms folded across her chest.

“You wouldn’t leave without saying bye would you?” she asked with the lifting of an eyebrow.

“Wouldn’t dream of it Alice” I replied with a smirk.

I had to look to the floor then, as I couldn’t control the emotion rising up in me. I gave Jasper a pleading look and felt a wave of determination flow through me.

“I packed everything I could for you. I know you’re miles from anywhere but that’s no excuse to go around looking like the littlest hobo out there,” she replied with a smirk, looking pointedly to the suitcase. She was holding something small behind her back; her thoughts were a jumble of fashion magazines, so she was hiding something from me. She sighed and handed it to me.

“Your iPod. I deleted the angst crap off it. We want you to come back to us nice and relaxed; so, no emo Eddie for you anymore.” She giggled, but the smiles weren’t genuine. Her heart was breaking.

“Come here Ali” I held out my arms to her.

“Don’t you forget us either you grumpy bastard. Come back quick, us freaks got to stick together. I’ve got Jazz, but it’s not the same.” She said with a furrowed brow.

“You’re not the first to say that.” I smiled and let her down.

“Call us, Edward.” She demanded.

“I will. Can you keep your visions to yourself?” I said with a slight head tilt towards Esme. Alice understood. I didn’t know what the future held for me and I didn’t want Esme hurt any more than necessary.

I felt a hand on the bottom of my back and quickly stepped away from it, I realised it was Kate and smiled at her slightly.

“Let’s go shall we?” Irina said but she was already at the door.

I didn’t look back as I walked to the car.

I didn’t look back as Irina started up the car and set off down the driveway taking me away from the only home I had ever known.

I didn’t look back when I heard the wracking sobs come from my mother.

I didn’t look back to see the guilt in the eyes of the man who was my father in every way that mattered.

I only allowed myself to look back when I knew I was out of sight. To look back but not regret.