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The Family We choose

Edward leaves the Cullen's at Carlisle's insistence when he is considering reverting back to his old life. This sets off a chain of events where Edward gets into fights, meets new vamps and fights of the advances of the Denali girls. Who are the unexpected visitors to the Cullen house?How does Edward know Bella? All vampire. vampire battles. betrayals, a kidnapping, and plenty of plot twists.

A/N Hey hope you enjoy my first chapter. I’m excited to hear what you think of it. It’s a long one with lots of twists, so bear with me. I will update once a week on a Thursday, maybe more if the inspiration takes me and you guys are liking it. Thanks, much love Gemma xxx Disclaimer: I of course do not own any of twilight. Nor do I make any money from it. The credit all goes to Ms Meyer. Just playing around with her characters.

5. Visions

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Alice POV

Edward has just been driven away from us. He didn’t even look back. Jasper is rubbing circles on my back; trying to soothe me. It isn’t working. I love Jasper dearly but if he doesn’t pack that shit in I will punch him in the face. No joke.

I look around at my family and I honestly don’t recognise them. Everyone looks numb. I lock eyes with Carlisle and don’t even try to hide my disappointment in him. When Jasper and I went to him about Edward, we had expected some kind of intervention to make Edward see sense. But he sent him away; to Denali of all places for fuck sake. If this is just another way to try and set him up with one of those Russian dolls, it’s not going to work. I know Edward. He will walk out if they come on too strong.

I keep trying to see what Edwards future holds, just for my own sanity of course. If he wants me to keep my visions a secret to protect Esme then I will.

His future is just fuzzy though. He doesn’t know what he wants. He can’t make up his mind what he will do. This move to Denali has shaken up his intentions. I am getting scared though. I keep seeing flashes of that same vision; Edward hiding in the shadows waiting for his chance to attack. I can only hope that it changes soon. If it comes true then I don’t know what will become of him.

I move over to the couch and slump down in my seat.

“Hey Ali, wanna play something?” Emmett says with a small smile on his face. It’s not genuine though. He doesn’t show his dimples.

Edward calls me Ali. I don’t like Emmett doing it. Would it be rude to tell him that?

I shake my head no, but he doesn’t look disappointed. He didn’t want to play either.

“Rosie’s going shopping, if you wanted to go with her.” He said looking straight ahead with a blank expression on his face.

I rolled my eyes at him and made a huffing sound. Jasper glanced at me in a concerned way and I gave him a small smile to try and reassure him. There’s no fooling an empath though. He knew how I was feeling.

“I’m coping Jazz” I told him. It wasn’t a lie. I was holding it together. Just about.

He nodded at me and left it alone. He understood that I needed my space. I looked around at my family and sighed. There was something hanging in the air and it wasn’t pleasant. We all missed him. Carlisle was berating himself, he and Edward were more alike than they realised. Jazz was too wrapped up in how I was coping to think about himself but it would hit him later. He would hold it together though; that’s what he did.

Emmett was still acting the same but had no spark and Esme: Poor Esme. She was on the other couch on her own, her knees pulled up to her chest; cradling herself. She was struggling.

“I’m going to lie down for a while dear” Esme said. Although, she directed the statement at no one in particular. She was looking straight ahead. Carlisle tried to touch her arm in comfort. She didn’t shrug him off but she didn’t accept the gesture either. She just drifted past without acknowledging him; like a ghost.

I wanted Edward to come back. I know this has been a long time coming and that he was unhappy. If we had all tried a little harder to include him maybe he would still be here.

I wanted to call him to see how he was doing but it had only been a few hours. He wouldn’t even be in Denali yet. So I laid back, closed my eyes and willed Edward to make a decision so his future would clear.

The next couple of weeks passed in much the same way. Esme retreated further into herself. We barely saw her if I am honest. Emmett was too quiet and clingy with Rose. Carlisle spent all his time in his office researching lord knows what.

As for Jasper; he spent his time getting on my last nerve. Always asking me if I was ok or trying to distract me. I know his heart was in the right place but I couldn’t cope with it much longer. I tried calling Edward for the hundredth time. Jasper looked at me with a sympathetic smile as I left Edward yet another voicemail.

“He will listen to them soon, I have seen it.” I lied. Jasper nodded in response.

Truthfully I had not had any visions of Edward in over a week; the last one marking the return of Tanya to the Denali coven. She should have been back there for 3 or 4 days now. I was anxious to know how Edward was coping in close contact with her. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. We needed him to come home.

“Maybe we should go away for a few days sweet thing?” Jasper phrased it as a question. He was cautious with me now. Since I had thrown a bitch fit so often this past week.

“It might be nice to get away. And I can take my cell if he needs to call me” I agreed. Jasper looked relieved and went off to make plans.

I gasped loudly as I felt the familiar flickering of images at the back of my mind, my eyes rolling back and my eyelids beginning to flutter as a vision came into my focus. It was short but firm; very clear.

“CARLISLE!” I bellowed up the stairs in panic. I hated to break my promise to Edward, but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Emmett, jasper and Rosalie came running into the room.

“what is it darlin’?” Jasper asked concerned. But I didn’t answer.

Carlisle appeared before me with a questioning look in his eyes.

“Edwards going to leave De-“I was interrupted by Carlisle’s cell phone ringing.

He turned to me with a knowing look. I began to pace anxiously as I tried to access further glimpses into Edwards immediate future but all I saw was him running through forest.

“Ok thanks Kate, let me know” Carlisle ended the call quickly. Dragging a hand through his usually tidy hair.

“He had cross words with a friend of Tanya’s and just stormed out. He was fine one minute and gone the next. Kate and Irina are going to go out with Garrett to try and find him. They will bring him back here to us when they do.” He said with a sigh. He looked as sceptical as I felt.

If they do. I don’t see them finding him Carlisle.” I said choking back a sob.

“Don’t you say that Alice. He’s coming back to us I know it.” Esme was up now. She looked so weary. Like she had no fight left in her. It was so out of character. She would always be the perfect housewife, always well turned out. Always have a smile no matter how bad things got. But it felt like she was giving up. I worried for her.

I sifted through mundane visions for hours after that; never seeing anything of importance. I would occasionally see Edward talking to people in the street but I couldn’t see where he was. Nothing ever came of it though. He didn’t hunt, he certainly didn’t kill. He looked stressed but in control. It didn’t make sense. Why would he leave if not to hunt? Why hadn’t he come home? There were dozens of these images for various times in the future. I was about to give up when I got one final shaky vision. It wasn’t solid but it was there. I fell to my knees with the weight of it.

“What is it Alice?” Esme said her eyes wide with concern.

“I see Edward attack…” I was interrupted by Esme’s sobbing and groans of despair ringing throughout the room. Carlisle was about to speak but I silenced him with my hand. I needed to continue while I had the strength.

“It’s not a human. He attacks a vampire” The room fell silent but I didn’t notice as the vision in mind changed. I searched and searched for more but I could find nothing. Edward’s future was blank.

A/N – I just had to get this little pipsqueak of a chapter out of the way. It was irritating me if I’m honest. Kind of necessary filler. Anyway, onwards and upwards… Please let me know what you think.


Gemma xxx