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Jacob imprints on Edward. Set around the time New Moon would be taking place, although this doesn't really even follow that timeframe, really. Although, Edward does leave Bella, as in New Moon. Jacob and Bella become friends. But Jake has no romantic inclinations towards her. Bella has slowly-but surely-moved on. She'll have someone farther down the story. I'm not sure who yet. This story is simply about Jacob and Edward's relationship.

I know, my summary was pretty bad. Sorry. This is rated M. This story is not Eclipse or Breaking Dawn compliant. A little bit for New Moon, but not so much. Also, I haven't written in a while, so if my chapters seem short and to the point, that's not only my writing style, but a deficit from lact of practice. Hopefully, it won't be much of a problem. I cannot say for sure what days I will update, and I ask for patience. Otherwise, enjoy(: Disclaimer: I do not-nor will I ever-own Twilight, or it's characters. All rights to Stephanie Meyer.

3. Complications.

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Edward's POV:

When he left Bella on the forest's path, he felt guilty. Guilty because the girl loves him so damn much, and he just broke her fragile little heart to pieces.

He was an asshole. A freaking jerk, and if somebody told him so, he'd say nothing to disprove them. Because they'd be right.

He knew that maybe, to Bella-or any other human/non-vampire, who couldn't understand bloodlust-it seemed as though he was over-reacting. Maybe they were right. But, as of right now, he didn't agree with their view.

He needed to realize that Bella was human, and if it takes his honorary brother almost sucking Bella dry, like someone would their favorite drink, because she had a paper cut (why did you have to be clumsy, Bella? Why?), then that's what it takes.

She was his singer. He needed her blood like nobody's business, and that was difficult enough as it is without adding a crazed new-vegitarian vampire to the mix. He would have had to cut her lose eventually, because if he knew anything, he knew this: he would never have turned Bella. No way could he have held that on his concious. No way could he have done that to somebody he cared for. The mere idea of it was insanity. Didn't Bella realize that to change her would be murder? That he would be killing her? How could she ask that of him? How could she be so desperate for it, so excited that she didn't realize how much the idea repulsed Edward, just on principle?

That's when he realized it: she never would have understood. No matter how many times he said no, no matter the reasons he told her for his denial, she wouldn't have accepted it. She would've done anything she could have to become immortal, he just knew it. Maybe her motives weren't bad, and she really just wanted to spend forever (forever?) with Edward, but the fact is, whether he said no or not, she would have found some other way.

Edward scowled as he walked into his house. Alice would have changed her, he was sure of it. Alice adored Bella, perhaps more than he did himself, which was strange when one thought about it, but Edward just pushed it to the back of his mind, focusing on the facts: Bella would have gone to the next closest vampire (Alice) and they (Alice) would have, no doubt, changed her.

Speaking of the devil...

"Edward!" he heard Alice's musical voice say, along with the more subdued sound of Jasper's voice saying hello.

"Hmmph," Edward grunted, annnoyed at Alice because of his thoughts, annoyed at his thoughts for causing this tension with Alice, and annoyed at Bella for being irritatingly persistant in what she wanted, even though he could vaguely remember once admiring her for that.

"Stupid girls.. stupid Bella.. Idiotic thoughts.." he mumbled to himself. Listening to the thoughts of the occupants of the room, he could hear their concern almost as if they had voiced it aloud:

.. wonder what's bothering him.. must be something serious.. incomprehensible mumbling, he heard. Alice, he thought. Had to be her.

Tension.. annoyance.. needs to relax.. That had to be Jasper, who, at the current moment, was trying to calm him down. Well, that only succeeded in getting him more riled up, so he raced up his sta